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Tutoring Session Gone Okay?

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Warren tapped his pencil against his desk, groaning. English? Not his strong suit. Never was.
Sure, he made good grades, hell, he had one of the highest GPA's at Blackwell! But his lowest grade was English.
Maybe he needed a tutor, as much as he hated to admit it. He had seen a flyer outside of the library with the same hastily scribbled phone numbers.
After arguing with himself repeatedly, he trudged to the library. Tearing a small slip of pre-cut and folded paper off of the flyer, he squinted as he headed back to his dorm.
Why did this number seem so.. familiar?
Whatever. He dialed the numbers on his phone, letting it ring as he unlocked his door.
"Hello? What do you want?"
Warren nearly dropped his phone, hanging up immediately.

That voice.

It was Nathan Prescott's.

Dialing the number again, Warren shakes his head.
"Is this some kind of sick joke? Who the hell keeps calling?" Nathan's voice rang out like a bell on the other end.

"Nathan? It's Warren. Warren Graham. I um. I need a tutor.. for English." The brunette could feel himself inwardly cringe.
A pause dried the air as Warren flopped on his bed.
"Warren Graham?! Needing a TUTOR? Oh my fucking god! That's RICH!" Nathan's wheezy, quiet laughter came from the phone, and Warren inwardly groaned.
"You're sure it's not some excuse to confess your gay ass crush on me? See my uh... Pretty face?" More laughing.
"Nathan, I mean this in the nicest way possible but what the FUCK?" Warren sputters, holding the phone away from his face. Dead silence.
"Come ON, Gayhram. I'm joking. I'll be over at 6. Dress pretty, we're going out to study." With that, Prescott hung up.
A bewildered Warren stared at his phone, blinking once, twice, three times.
Looking at the clock, he nearly yells. "I only have 10 minutes!! What the fuck, Prescott!!!!"

Rushing to get dressed, he pulled on a simple white button-up shirt and some skinny jeans. That was about as nice as you were getting from Warren. Hell, he never dressed this nice. Not even for funerals.
Not that he had been to any recently.

10 minutes passed by quickly, and in that time Warren had managed to brush his hair into a soft fluff, turn his teeth pearly-white, and put his shoes on the wrong feet, get them off, and put them back on correctly. At 6, Nathan was at his door, books in hand. "Let's go, Gayhram." Warren practically follows Nathan to his vehicle like a lost puppy. "Where are we going?" Silence. Warren took note of the smirk on Nathan's face.

Warren huffed as Nathan started his car. "Curiosity killed the cat, Graham. I don't want to hear that 'and satisfaction brought it back' bullshit, either."
"Come ooon, Pressie. For all I know, you could be trying to fucking kill me!" Nathan's grip on the wheel tightened as a flash of anger steeled his features. "Now, why would I do such a thing? Shut up and let me drive."
The drive to wherever they were going felt like forever, but it must've been a few minutes because Nathan was parking in front of the Two Whales. What looked like Chloe's beat up car was parked on the side, and Nathan cursed under his breath. "Change of plans, Gayhram. Back to the fucking dorms it is, I guess. I'm not dealing with Bitchtits McGee and her lapdog."
Warren scowled at Nathan's name for Max. "It cannot be that bad."
"Warren, last time her and I were in there together she ended up throwing a plate at me."
"A plate? Come o-"
"A porcelain plate. It shattered. I was pulling that shit out of my stomach and hands for weeks."
"Oh-kay. Your place it is."
"My pl-?! Whatthefuckever, Let's just fucking go before Blue Jizzberry comes out."

The drive back to the dorms felt tense, at least to Warren. He really hoped Nathan wasn't going to be that much of a dick helping him with this paper. He looked over at Nathan, and he could see his right eye twitching on occasion. "Nathan, take a deep breath. Your eye is twitching."
"Is it? Is it really now, Warren? Please shut the fuck up, I want to get you out of my sight as quick as fucking possible." Silence. Warren shifted uncomfortably in his seat, glancing out the window as Nathan swung into the lot. "You can go ahead in, Bitchboy. I need to calm down." Warren hung back instead, watching as Nathan dug an orange medication bottle out of his pocket, dumping 2 pills into his hand and swallowing them dry. He watched as Nathan clenched and unclenched his fist, running his thumb across his hands. "Okay. Yeah I should be good now. Sorry about that or whatever."
"I just want to know why you got so mad?" Warren blurts, looking down at the ground.
"It doesn't matter, you're here for tutoring and help not my life's story."
The air felt dry after that, as Nathan swung his room door open, gesturing to his bed. Warren obliged and sat down, pulling out his notebook and flipping to his essay. "So the essay is about fictional stories and why they benefit and encourage creativity. I need at least one more paragraph and I need someone to revise it."
"That's why I'm here, y'know." Nathan spits out, flopping on the bed beside him. "Let me see what you have so far."
"Uh.. Alright." He shoves the paper to Nathan, and the dirty blond scans the paper. "This is just a rough draft, correct?"
"No, it's my final."
"Let me see your rough draft for a sec."
"I don't have one."
"You mean you don't draft your fucking essays? No wonder you have a C in class!"
"Why, is something wrong with the way I write?"
"Yeah." Nathan steals a red pen from Warren, much to his protest. "You have a run-on sentence here, you forgot to indent here, and there's a typo here. Your usage of the word 'and' can easily be discarded and replaced with much better wording with some of these sentences, Warren." He rambles, circling and underlining across the paper.
"I refuse to write that all over again!" Warren grumbles, crossing his arms in protest. Nathan's fist clenches around the pen. "This isn't a run on sentence, my usage of commas and punctuation is perfectly fine. I don't know if you know this, but an indentation on paper is about 2 fingers wide. I can easily save space by not skipping a line on the paper, as well. I don't know if you've ever read a dictionary before, but that's how exemplify is supposed to be spelled. You need to rethink your tutoring, Nathan."
Nathan feels his fist clench tighter around the pen. He hoped it would break and bust red ink all over Warren's stupid face.
"You might need to go back to your teacher and ask for lessons on tutoring for English, because there are waaay better ways to educate than what you're doing right now. Like for example, you could-" Warren's words after that were white noise, static. Ringing filled his ears as he swung at the brunette, missing.
"Don't fucking tell me how to tutor! I'm the one teaching /you/! I'm the one taking time out of my day to /help/ you! /you/ don't tell /me what to do! /I'm/ in control here!" Nathan says lowly, teeth gritted. He watches as Warren shrinks against the bed hoping, praying to become smaller. Nathan crawls angrily towards Warren, hovering atop of him. "The least you could fucking do is /listen/ to me!" Warren holds his hands out in front of him, as if he was expecting to be hit, and believe me, Nathan was considering it. He grabs Warren's wrists, yanking them upwards against the bed. "I told you, I call the shots, not you."
Warren's throat bobs as he swallows, fighting a blush off of his face. "Nathan."
Nathan doesn't listen to Warren, he simply leans closer to his face. "I said, I call the shots, not you. Do you hear me?"
Warren could feel Nathan's breath on his face as he wriggled his wrists. The blond's grip tightens. Taking a deep breath, Warren looks Prescott in the eyes. "Yes sir."
Nathan's body goes rigid as a heated blush spreads across his face. "What did you say?"
"I said yes sir, can you let go of me now?"
Nathan hesitates, squinting at Warren.
"Why the fuck not?!"
"Because I don't want to."
"This is so childish of you!"
"That's what you get for talking back to me, bitch."
Warren honestly didn't want to admit he was enjoying it, staring anywhere else but Nathan. The blond shifted above him and something ground against his leg.
Was the rich kid hard?
Giving a half lidded glance at Nathan, Warren's face reddens.
Yeah, he was hard.
"I fucking rule this school-"
"I'll destroy your fucking life, Gayhram-"
Nathan shuts his mouth, angrily looking down at Warren. "What."
"Y. You um. You're fucking hard." Warren hisses out. Nathan looks from Warren down to his crotch, then Warren again.
"Oh my fucking god. What the fuck. God it's not even because of you, maybe you're just seeing shit, faggot-"
Warren cocks an eyebrow, visibly confused.
"Get out." The blond sneers.
"I said get OUT!" Nathan yanks Warren up, shoving him off of the bed and out the door, much to Warren's protest. Clinging onto the doorframe, Warren struggles to keep a firm grip.
"Nathan! Nathan." He stops.
"What the fuck do you want NOW?"
"I...I'd like to uh... help you with.. with that." The brunet sputters, nearly choking on his own spit.
Dead silence follows. A beat of hesitance. After a few moments, Nathan grabs Warren by the collar. "Fine. But if you fucking tell ANYONE, I'll destroy your entire fucking life. Got it, Gayhram?"
Warren nods slowly, giving Nathan a look as the Prescott's pale hand tangled itself in his hair, forcing him down to his knees. "Now, are you gonna be a good boy and suck me off? I'd love to see what my cock would look like shoved down that pretty little throat of yours."
Warren lets out an involuntary groan, face reddening as he undoes Nathan's pants, breathing heavily as the dirty blond's boxers visibly tented. "Nathan. I feel like I won't be good at this."
"You could let me fuck your face like the dirty little whore you are." Prescott sneers, and Warren's insides turn to mush as he feels his dick twitch in his pants. "Fuck, yes please." Warren mumbles, peeling Nathan's boxers off of him. Nathan grabs his dick, pushing Warren's hair out of his face as he gives a few quick jerks. He guides the tip of his dick to Warren's mouth, brushing it against the nerd's lips and smearing pre-cum against them before Warren got the hint to open his mouth. Nathan slides into Warren's mouth, the brunet taking a good majority of his length well before Nathan yanks on Warren's hair, forcing his cock down Warren's throat. The brunet gags in surprise, tears welling in his eyes as Nathan pulls out, and then jerks himself back in repeatedly.
Spit and drool coats Nathan's dick as he buries himself into Warren's mouth, moaning loudly. Warren places a hand on Nathan's thigh, hoping to have some sense of control over this but to no avail. Nathan finally pulls his cock all the way out of Warren's mouth, allowing him to breathe. The taste of the Prescott's dick was nothing pleasant but there was something arousing about being fucked so dirtily.

Drool dribbles down Warren's mouth as he breathes heavily, Nathan yanking the brunet up by his hair and kissing him, tongue and teeth and all. Warren kisses back, clutching at Nathan's jacket and planting sloppy kisses against his mouth. The blond pushes Warren up against the dorm room door, grinding himself against the fabric of the nerd's jeans as he unbuttons Warren's shirt just enough to expose a shoulder, and bit hard. Warren couldn't help the strangled moan that escaped him as he tilted his head back against the door with a 'thud'. "Fuck, Nathan."
"Ohhhh my fucking god-" Another bite but on Warren's neck. "Shut up, slut. Someone might hear you. Or is that what you want? Do you want the entire boys' dorm to know Warren Graham got his brains fucked out by a guy like the faggot he is?" Nathan grabs Warren's thigh, hitching his leg up as he grinds against him. "If you don't want to get the shit beat out of you, I suggest you keep it down."
Warren quietly groans in Nathan's ear as a response, and Nathan has to stop himself from letting out an involuntary moan. At this point bruises and bites were scattered around Warren's neck at places a bit too high for him to cover up. "You're such a fucking whore, Warren." Nathan spits. The brunet's eyes glaze over as he looks at the blond.
"I want to ride you."
Nathan stops grinding against Warren for a second to move over to the bed, yanking him along. He lays down, pulling Graham on top of him. "Jesus fucking christ, dumbass. Take your pants off. Shit's uncomfortable." Warren complies, face turning red as he slides his sonic boxers off too. Nathan has to suppress a snort, looking away from Warren as he clumsily straddles him. "You look kinda hot on top of me."
Warren sputters out something along the lines of "Shut up" before he gently grinds against him, an elongated gasp coming from him as skin met skin. Nathan grabs Warren's hips bruisingly, and the brunet jerks forward, face inches away from Nathan's. "Are you trying to fucking bareback? You really are a whore." Prescott hisses. Warren visibly shudders. "At least let me prepare you, goddamn. There's no way in hell you're going to take me dry. Unless you want that? A slut like you totally would."
Warren shakes his head. "I can take it."
Nathan gives him a look, and Warren's face hardens. "I said I can take it."
Nathan snorts, rubbing his cock against Warren's ass. "Alright, but-" He slides a hand to the nape of Warren's neck, yanking him down. "Don't complain when I fucking wreck that ass of yours."
Warren's breath hitches as Nathan slowly pushes inside of him, shoulders tensing up as he arches his back. "Fuck!"
Nathan smirks triumphantly, pushing in further. "You're so damn tight, baby boy. Fuck." Warren jerks his hips downwards in response, pushing Nathan's cock further into him. A loud moan escapes Warren's mouth and Nathan scowls. "I told you not to be so fucking loud, slut. Do you want me to shut you up? I can do that. You probably like being choked, don't you? You want me to choke you as I fucking destroy you? Hm?" Nathan starts to slide in and out of Warren slowly, as Warren shakes at the feeling and nods.
"Tell me what you want, whore. You want to be my slut? My fucking cumdumpster?"
"Y-yeah!- fuck! Yeah I do!"
"Say it, sweetcheeks." Nathan starts moving a bit faster, the wet sounds of skin against skin more apparent.
"I want to be your fucking whore, Nathan- ah. Your slut, please, fuck me however you want- mmn! Please!"
"God, you're so fucking good, Warren. So fucking tight, I can't wait to leave you dripping with my cum." A moan escapes his lips as he thrusts harder, Warren bouncing against his dick. Nathan sits up, Warren almost immediately wrapping his legs around Nathan's waist as he shoves Warren down on the bed, pushing inside of him, and pounding relentlessly. Warren lets out broken whines and moans and Nathan clasps a hand around the brunet's throat, squeezing as he reaches his orgasm. "God fuck- baby boy, you're so good. So fucking good. You're mine, got that? My little slut, my fucking whore. I'm going to make everyone know you're mine, including you. Say it." He presses his lips against Warren's sloppily, pulling away and repeating the action.
"Nathan- mmn!"
"Say it, Whorren." Another kiss.
"I'm yours, Nathan." Warren chokes out.
"That's right, slut. Mine and mine only." Nathan shudders as he cums, shoulders relaxing as he kisses Warren, the brunet wrapping a hand around his dick and jerking himself off until cum falls on his stomach. Warren lets out a quiet, content moan as Nathan pulls out of him, the kissing coming to a stop. He flops beside Warren, wrapping his arms around him lazily. "We don't fucking talk about this, or the cuddling. Got it, Gayhram?" Warren hums quietly.
He supposed the tutoring session went well.