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Busty Broken-Hearted Gals

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Two gals walking through the streets at night would have attracted attention from any lonely, horny man. Two gals who looked like them, even moreso. They were both from the local high school. One of them was a regular around these parts, the other had never been seen before, though there were rumors about her from the neighborhood. With those proportions, there was no way she wouldn’t be at least an urban legend.

The first was Ranko Honjo. A tanned gal with hefty, F-cup breasts who was always exposing her stomach, she was known for her incredible blowjob technique. She would take men or women, and while her prices were on the high side for someone her age, her reputation had earned it. She only let men use her pussy if they brought a condom, but if not, she would allow them to masturbate to the sight of her playing with it. There were rumors that she’d slept with over 30 men, but the numbers were likely highly exaggerated. Her standards were too picky otherwise.

The second was Nene Fujinoki. She had only become a gal recently, in an attempt to win the heart of her childhood friend. He was already in a relationship, and not even Nene breaking into his room naked was enough to get him to consider. Still, that experience had sparked something in Nene. Being naked with another person, and having sex, was something she wanted. It would be easy enough to convince someone to do that, as she was known as a “shortstack.” A small frame, with the exception of her gigantic I-cup breasts. Ranko had taken her under her wing, showing her how to use them properly.

They went out to dinner together, looking at the men walking in front of the window. There was a love hotel or three not far from here, and Ranko knew all the best ones. She was looking for someone who ran in the same groups as her, while Nene was looking for someone who reminded her of Junichi. Ranko scoffed, knowing that Junichi was average and plain, which made the pool of potential men much wider than Nene knew. When they’d finished eating, their bellies stuffed and their bodies ready for sex, they found two men, neither of whom knew each other, waiting outside a seedy downtown movie theater.

“Hey boys,” said Ranko. “Looking for a few hours of fun? I’m experienced, and this shorty here is looking for her first time. Why waste money on a movie when you could spend it on an experience? This pussy won’t be on DVD.”

“Um... I know men like big boobs. Mine are really soft!” said Nene.

The playboy, with tanned skin and a look similar to Ranko’s, told them he was named Seiki, while the average looking boy was named Komaru. Ranko wrapped her breasts around Seiki’s arm, letting him get a feel for just how stacked she was. She never wore a bra when she went man-hunting, so he could see how her nipples were getting stiff talking to him. He could see their shape, those small nubs forming underneath her shirt as a sign of arousal.

“We’re much cheaper than those escorts,” said Ranko. “We’ll even let you go all the way.”

“My back aches from carrying these heavy boobs around. If only someone like you could rub them and help me feel better,” said Nene, looking up at Komaru with a coy glance. “Thinking about your hands on my boobs is getting my nipples hard.”

The two of them instantly agreed. Ranko led them downtown to Love Hotel Destination, one of the nicer love hotels in the area. The four of them checked into one room, where Ranko and Nene told the boys to wait. Nene wanted to take a shower before the sex started, still being unsure about losing her virginity to someone who wasn’t Junichi. Ranko, on the other hand, told Seiki that she was not going to shower. If he wanted to do her, he had to take everything she was offering, including her sweaty, ripe body odor.

Nene stripped down to her underwear. When she removed it, she lowered her hands to cover her pussy, while Ranko moved her hands over Nene’s breasts, rubbing them from behind while pressing her own chest into Nene’s back. Nene let out a little yelp. She could tell that Ranko’s nipples were really hard, pressing into her with a force and confidence that showed just how turned on Ranko was right now.

“Take a look, boys,” said Ranko. “You won’t find first-rate tits like these anywhere else! Not a single hair on her smooth pussy, either!”

Komaru’s boxers were straining the limits of their elastic. Seeing Nene before him like this got him hard, eager to explore Nene’s body with his hands and cock. Seiki was also hard, but, like Ranko, he knew how the script for these encounters usually went. He had never been with a girl like Ranko. Normally, he tried to pick up girls who saw him as exotic, but having someone who went in the same circles felt like a challenge.

As Nene headed into the shower, her heavy tits swinging and jiggling as she walked, Ranko sat between the two boys, both of whom were dressed in only their boxers. Seiki was a first year college student, while Komaru was in the same grade as Nene. Sitting between the two of them, naked, she eyed their cocks with a carnivorous grin, eager to watch them squirm about in her hands.

“Komaru, this your first time too?” Ranko asked.

“Yeah...” he said. “I wasn’t able to confess to this girl at my school and...”

“I don’t care about your life story. Nene wants to fuck you, embrace that chance. She can do things with her tits you’ve only dreamed about,” said Ranko. “For a price, of course.”

“How much will you do?” asked Seiki.

“I swallow and let you put it in me with a condom for free. Raw and anal will cost you,” said Ranko. She spread her legs apart, showing her undyed pubic hair to the two boys. It stood out against her tanned skin. However, her nipples were tanned, making them a seductive shade of coffee brown. She noticed that Seiki was staring at her chest. “Yeah, I’m tanned all over. You’re picturing me sunbathing naked. Went to a private beach with Yukana. We both got naked, and I rubbed sunscreen over her and tanning oil over me. Our breasts jiggling wildly as we ran through the waves, the salty breeze blowing through our pubes. Your dicks are twitching listening to my story, how cute.”

The shower water stopped running. Nene tied her hair back into the twintails she had been wearing before, knowing they made her look cuter. She walked back into the main room, one of the hotel towels wrapped around her body. It was just barely able to hold in her massive breasts, the shape of her body visible to Komaru when she entered. Nene stood in front of Komaru, and dropped the towel, revealing her bare pussy and perky, pink nipples. Her areolae were larger than expected, to compensate for the massive amounts of breast flesh that dangled over the hotel carpet.

“Nene... you’re so cute! So erotic! So ero-cute! Your tits are enormous!” said Komaru. “A real busty loli!”

“Thank you,” said Nene. “I’ll try my best.”

Ranko and Nene embraced each other in the middle of the room. Their hands were on each others’ butts, four hands grabbing tightly onto four round ass cheeks. They pressed their breasts together, with Ranko’s resting comfortably on top of Nene’s. They swayed their bodies back and forth, putting on a show to turn their customers on, to let them reach a full erection before the fun could begin.

“You’ve seen enough of us,” said Ranko. “Drop your pants and show us your cocks.”

Two pairs of underwear hit the floor. Komaru’s cock reminded Nene a lot of Junichi’s. It was, in all respects, an average cock for a Japanese boy, but the balls were slightly larger and plumper than Junichi’s. As for Seiki, his was thicker than Ranko was expecting, but slightly shorter than even Junichi’s. Seiki had done some trimming around his shaft, while Komaru’s looked wild and unshaven. Both of them were fully erect and aroused, twitching in anticipation of the girls getting near.

“Penises are amazing,” said Nene.

“You’ve seen one, you’ve seen most of ‘em,” said Ranko. “Stay right there. Nene, do you know how to give a titfuck?”

Nene held her arms to the sides of her breasts, squeezing them inward. Komaru watched with rapt attention at Nene’s breasts moving to the motion of her arms, the position of her nipples changing. “Squeeze it between the boobs!”

“Good girl. Go give him one with those sweater puppies,” said Ranko.

Ranko was on her knees. She wrapped her breasts around Seiki’s dick, closing him in on both sides with her soft, sweaty breasts. Their warmth enveloped him, keeping his dick stiff as Ranko rubbed them up and down, coaxing the tip of his cock out of her cleavage. When it got close enough, she lowered her head and wrapped her lips around his glans. All of Seiki’s dick had surrendered to Ranko’s flesh, becoming coated in her saliva as she got to work on her well-honed titfuck-blowjob.

“Ranko... this is the best titfuck I’ve ever had!” said Seiki.

Nene placed her hands under her heavy breasts, lifting them up. Without her bra, she was aware of just how much these things weighed. When the soft pressure of her breasts closed in around Komaru’s cock, he was overcome with a transcendental lust. To have his member warmly squeezed in by a cute, big-boobed loli like Nene was something that had only existed in his fantasies, and now, her soft, heavy breasts were rubbing up and down on him, awkwardly yet pleasantly.

“Nene, your tits are amazing!” said Komaru.

“They’re my best feature,” said Nene.

“I could cum from this squeezing alone,” said Komaru. “The pressure is so tight, it feels like an actual pussy! Nene, can you use your mouth? Like Ranko’s doing?”

Nene looked at the other bed. Ranko was loudly slurping on Seiki’s cock, while moving one of her hands underneath her breasts so she could massage his balls. Compared to Nene, Ranko’s techniques were refined, learned from many years of fucking men and women alike for the fun of it. For Komaru, Nene’s inexperience was another part of her charm. Even when she stumbled about in dealing with his cock, it still felt good.

Looking down, Nene saw the tip of his glans start to release drops of clear precum. Being enclosed by her breasts had made his cock like that. She felt proud of herself, and licked the drop off the tip. She took the whole glans into her mouth, quickly sucking down the rest of the shaft. The texture and flavor were unlike anything she was used to, but it wasn’t unpleasant either. The raw cock smell went to her nose, turning her on even more. It hadn’t taken Nene very long to get used to cock. She had a natural talent for being a gal.

Komaru and Seiki grunted. Four oversized, soft breasts went up and down two cocks, the room filled with nothing but groans and slurping sounds. This was merely a teaser. Ranko planned to keep them here until midnight, giving them several hours more to play around with each others’ bodies. Komaru, being a virgin, didn’t have the stamina for anything more than a masturbation session, and Nene’s enormous breasts were almost too much to handle for his first time.

“Cumming!” said Komaru.

Nene held her lips around the glans. Sticky, creamy globs of cum spurted from his balls, emptying into her mouth. Nene pulled her mouth away from his cock, while keeping it inside her chest. More semen continued to empty onto her breasts while she swished around his first load of the day in her mouth. The flavor was bitter and salty, not quite what Nene was expecting. Still, she swallowed it, reveling in its warmth as it traveled down her throat.

“You swallowed it...” said Komaru. He could feel his erection returning at the sight of Nene happily drinking his seed.

“Like, yeah. That’s what a good gal does,” said Nene. “I don’t know how to describe the taste, but it got me so wet.”

At the other bed, Ranko licked her lips, swallowing Seiki’s load. “Not bad. You came a lot,” said Ranko. “I can’t wait to stuff your fat cock in my other holes. Hope you’ve got enough cum to satisfy all of them.”

Komaru was resting on the bed, waiting for what the girls wanted to do next. Ranko approached Nene and bent down, licking the freshly-squeezed cum out of her cleavage. Nene shivered as Ranko’s tongue ran across her sensitive breast flesh, leaving a trail of sparkling saliva where she went. When she was finished, Ranko placed her hands on the side of one of Nene’s breasts, and began sucking her nipple, tugging the breast towards her.

“Ranko! What are you doing?” asked Nene.

“Your tits are so sexy even I want to suck ‘em,” said Ranko. “Hey, virgin. If you want her other tit, get it while it’s open.”

Komaru grabbed onto Nene’s other breast, taking her nipple into his mouth. It was stiff and slightly sweaty. He almost didn’t care about the flavor. Having Nene’s massive bosom before his eyes, being able to grope and stretch it as he pleased, was more than he could’ve wished for. Nene moaned as Ranko’s tongue traced across her areolae, while Komaru sucked like a baby trying to draw milk out from her breast.

“My nipples! This feels so good!” said Nene. “They’re so hard!”

Komaru stopped sucking for a moment, and directed Nene’s hand onto his hard cock. Nene felt it throbbing in her hand, surprised at how stiff and raw it felt. His foreskin had already been peeled back by her titfuck, exposing the bright red glans that had been in her mouth only a moment ago. She moved her hand up and down his shaft, making him suck harder on her tit.

“A breastfeeding handjob from a girl like Nene! I’ve always wanted this!” thought Komaru.

“Ran, give me a handy, too,” said Seiki. “I can’t wait to stain your brown skin white with my jizz.”

Ranko, without hesitation, grabbed onto his dick and continued sucking Nene’s nipples. It was still slippery and sticky with his cum and her saliva, so there was plenty of lubrication for her to stroke him. Ranko and Nene’s hands moved across the sensitive cocks, still raw from cumming in their mouths. Nene moaned, the tingling sensation in her nipples spreading all the way down to her clit. Her breasts flopped back and forth as Ranko and Komaru vied for attention, their saliva running down the curves of her breasts.

“My nipples... too good... can’t hold on...” said Nene.

Nene fell back onto the floor, spreading her legs. Ranko and Komaru released themselves from her nipples. Ranko lay down beside her, groping one of Nene’s breasts in her hands. She lifted it and squeezed it, providing one last bit of stimulation for the boys before they reached their second orgasm.

“Ever gotten a facial?” asked Ranko.

“A what?” Nene asked.

The boys pointed their cockheads at Ranko and Nene’s faces. Following some vigorous stroking, more spurts of hot, sticky cum shot from their tips, dripping down Ranko and Nene’s foreheads. The girls smiled while licking their lips to get at the semen, that which they couldn’t reach drying on their faces.

“No more sharing. I want to suck on those tits all to myself,” said Komaru.

“You’ve got a pretty nice rack too, Ranko,” said Seiki. “How about I give those brown tips a good sucking?”

Nene rested Komaru’s head on her lap, while Ranko dangled her breasts over Seiki’s face. Ranko had scooped up his cum out of her cleavage earlier, leaving her breasts sparkling clean and ready for more licking. Neither of the girls had been wearing a bra when they went to this part of town, so their nipples had been rubbing against their clothes all evening, making them stiff and eager to be pleasured by the boys’ tongues.

With his lips wrapped around her nipple, Nene was moaning once again. Her nipples were wet and tingling, her breasts being shaken as Komaru kept sucking and lapping at her nipple, tugging on her breast with enough light pressure to make her feel it in her clit. From underneath her, Komaru looked into Nene’s eyes and asked.

“Can you suck your own boobs?” he asked.

“I’ve been able to do it since middle school,” said Nene.

She picked up her other breast with her hand, sucking on her engorged pink tip. For her, it was nothing special. It gave her an extra boost of pleasure when she fingered herself, but it was never enough to get her off on its own. Nene sucked on her own nipple, the same one that Ranko had been sucking on earlier. She relished the familiar taste, the hardness of her own flesh.

“That is so hot,” said Komaru. “Everything you do is so cute and sexy, Nene. You’re keeping me hard all night!”

Seiki was sucking on Ranko’s brown nipple, licking around her areolae before taking the entire tip into his mouth. He pulled at Ranko’s breast, dragging her closer to him on the bed. Ranko saw what Nene was doing, and wanted to show off. Her bosom was more than large enough for her to suck herself. It was a surefire way to get men hard. Ranko let her breast, dripping with saliva, fall from her mouth. It swung back and forth, dripping her drool onto Seiki’s head.

“An indirect nipple kiss for my favorite customer,” said Ranko. “Suck both of my tits. It’ll get me really wet.”

“Can I suck both of your tits, too?” asked Komaru to Nene.

Nene grunted, pushing both of her heavy breasts together. Her pink nipples rubbed up against each other, where she dropped both of them into Komaru’s mouth. More nipple sucking followed, with Ranko and Nene starting to feel wet. They had been pleasuring the boys for so long that they were getting horny, ready to feel some pleasure of their own.

“All this tit sucking has gotten me really wet,” said Ranko. “If you let me tease your cock again, you can lap up that wetness for yourself. When my pussy smells this ripe, you know the flavor’s delicious.”

“I want to give my boobs a break,” said Nene. “Lick my pussy, too.”

The boys lay down on the bed as the girls climbed on top of them. Ranko pushed her pussy into Seiki’s face, letting her slit and pubic hair brush against his lips. She licked at his glans, teasing his cock to keep it at full hardness. He’d only come twice, but Ranko wanted him to go for several more rounds. Her pink slit, standing out against her brown skin, drew in Seiki with its sharp color. He grabbed onto Ranko’s butt, spreading her pussy and starting to lick at her snatch.

Juices fell from her lower lips, gathering on his tongue. The flavor was lightly salty, with a unique flavor that tasted like Ranko’s strong feminine odor. Seiki had licked many girls’ pussies in his time, but Ranko’s was more delicious than most. She had taken good care of it, and clearly masturbated frequently. She was dripping so much that it felt like he would drown in her pussy juices.

“Stick your tongue in there,” said Ranko. “Get your mouth on my clit. You’re not going to find a pussy like this anywhere else.”

Nene rested her chest on Komaru’s body. She was shorter than he was, so she could only barely reach his dick when lying down. Yet her enormous breasts, which squished and spread out underneath her body, could still rub the edges of his dick with her stiff nipples. At this angle, Komaru realized that Nene had a cute, perky butt to go with her breasts, and her hairless pussy was dripping with a sweet-smelling love juice, which he was eager to lap up.

“Your upper half is so sexy, but I love your lower half, too,” said Komaru. “This squishy pussy is so cute! I want to knock you up so badly!”

“Knock me up?” asked Nene. She had thought about having Junichi’s baby before. Teasing her nipples and pussy, while imagining her belly swelling with his child, had been a fantasy of hers on many lonely nights before she moved back into town. Now that she had given up on Junichi, the fantasy hadn’t gone away. She wasn’t certain if she wanted Junichi’s baby, or a baby in general. Her breasts would grow even bigger, and start producing milk that she could nourish her lover with. Her milk.

Nene’s pussy got even wetter from those words. She was lost in thought, only noticing when Komaru started licking her pussy. She pressed her nipples against his cock, teasing the underside of his glans with quick, hard rubs. Her overflowing pussy emptied into his mouth, lines of sticky, transparent juices rolling down his chin.

Ranko and Nene’s moans appeared to almost synchronize. The boys were going at their pussies with clear intent to make them cum. Seiki had found Ranko’s clit, and Komaru was burying his tongue deep in Nene’s snatch. Nene had as much sexual stamina as her partner, and came when he reached around and grabbed her nipples, pinching her pink nubs. The feeling traveled down to her clit, where Nene came all over his face. Ranko squirted moments later, her clit still buzzing as lines of sticky love juice coated her thighs in a mixture of sweat and secretions.

“My head is fuzzy...” said Nene.

“Fuck, I love being eaten out,” said Ranko. “Good work. You’ve got a ways to go to catch up to Yukana’s cuntlicking.”

His dick was rock hard and throbbing. Seiki looked up at Ranko’s loins, and asked a question, his voice dripping with lust. Getting a taste of her pussy was not enough to satisfy him.

“Are you two gals going to let us stick it in already?” he asked.

“Since we’re not with any delivery health, it’s special,” said Ranko. “Nene and I are going to let you fuck us in the ass!”

“You have a sweet-looking ass,” said Seiki.

“You can do it in the butt?” asked Nene.

“It feels good,” said Ranko. “Like taking a huge, fat dump that keeps building up until he cums in you. I think your tush can handle it.”

“I’ll do my best,” said Nene.

“Nene’s letting me stick it in her cute ass?” said Komaru. “This is such a lucky first time.”

Ranko had some lubricated condoms in her clothes for such a purpose. After strapping them onto Komaru’s and Seiki’s dicks, she and Nene laid down on the bed with their asses raised in the air. Even from behind, Komaru was pleased that he could see the edges of Nene’s soft breasts. Ranko’s were large enough to barely be visible as well. For now, the focus was on their ass. Other than their height and bust, Ranko and Nene had fairly similar proportions, so both of their asses were big and juicy-looking, ready to welcome the cocks.

Nene now understood why Ranko had taken her to the toilet at the restaurant, to make absolutely sure that she emptied her bowels. She had been wanting to do this all evening.

Seiki pushed his cock against the ring of Ranko’s anus, slowly nudging his head inside her. Ranko had done anal before, so her ass was already somewhat used to this. Once the underside of his glans made it past the entrance, the rest of it was swallowed into her butt immediately. Ranko’s tight, hot ass that clamped down around his cock, squeezing all of his sensitive parts to give him an unrivaled pleasure.

“You’re lucky I’m letting you pound my ass,” said Ranko. “But it’ll cost you.”

“I’ll pay whatever it costs, Ran,” Seiki answered.

He held onto Ranko’s buttcheeks and began humping her ass with a primal, animalistic pleasure. Ranko let out a loud, ecstatic moan as her ass was wrenched open by his cock, his length plunging into the depths of her bowels. She could feel every inch of it, tunneling down into her backdoor. Her pussy continued to drip as he fucked her from behind, her breasts swaying and spraying drops of saliva everywhere. Ranko’s face twisted into a delighted expression that surprised Nene.

“She’s so lewd,” said Nene.

“Nene, I’m going to put my cock in,” said Komaru.

“Be gentle. My butt isn’t as loose as Ranko’s,” she said.

“That makes it better,” Komaru replied.

Komaru spread apart Nene’s buttcheeks, exposing her pink anus. Nene had only been lightly fingered by Ranko in her ass before. She wasn’t expecting how thick Komaru’s cock would feel when it slid past her asshole, plunging into the depths of her hot rectum. It was a strange feeling, but as the heat began to become one with her body, she started to find it pleasurable. Ranko’s comparison had eased her into it.

“You have a really nice butthole, Nene,” said Komaru. “I’m gonna start moving.”

“You’re so thick inside me,” said Nene.

Ranko clenched her butt, squeezing down on the most sensitive parts of Seiki’s cock. He stopped thrusting for a moment, only to resume it even harder. Even through the condom, Ranko could feel the warmth of his cock widening her asshole. The thickness was quite good. She’d chosen someone good for tonight. She kept clenching her butt, getting him closer to climax, and looked over at Nene.

“You holding up over there?”

“My butt feels so hot!” Nene said. “I can’t stand it much longer! It feels weird, but it’s so good!”

“Me neither, Nene!” said Komaru.

Komaru plunged his dick as far as it could go inside Nene’s ass, and reached around to grab onto her breasts. As he massaged those big, soft tits, his cock unloaded inside the condom resting in Nene’s rear. She felt it balloon inside her ass, and let her face fall into the bedsheets, covered in sweat and exhausted. A sense of great relief came when Komaru pulled out of her.

Ranko was overcome by a similar feeling moments later. While normally, she would have been okay with accepting a raw dick in her ass, she wanted to do something extra special tonight. She looked at the condom, the end dripping with cum, and looked at Seiki’s dick with a satisfied gloat.

“Alright boys. Go drop those in the trash. The real fun part is coming up next,” said Ranko.

“We’re not done?” Nene asked.

“We’re going to give something no delivery health service can provide. Up front, anyway,” said Ranko.

Ranko looked at the pillows in the hotel. She had chosen this love hotel because it had a collaboration going on with Venery Chocolates. Venery was a company that was said to specialize in aphrodisiacs. It may have been a placebo effect, but Ranko knew that, even if they didn’t increase love, the chocolates here actually did make the sex drive of humans go into overdrive.

“Any guy would be exhausted after draining his balls three times,” said Ranko. “But once they have these, their sacks will have enough cum to give us an experience you can’t get anywhere else.”

“Can I take one of these home for Junichi?” asked Nene.

“If you want, but you know he might end up using with Yukana,” said Ranko. “I’ve tried. These things work for girls, too, but a gal’s pussy is wet enough that she can take anything thrown at her.”

“I’m, like, so down for that,” said Nene, once again trying to affect gal-slang.

When the boys returned from the bathrooms, their dicks clean even after going inside a pair of tight, hot asses, Ranko gave them the chocolate mint hard candies, saying they were a gift from the hotel. After they had completely dissolved inside their mouths, Komaru and Seiki’s cocks sprung back to life, their balls drooping from the excessive amount of semen the chocolate had given them.

“I don’t know if today’s my safe day or not, and I don’t care,” said Ranko, spreading open her pussy with her fingers, showing off the pink insides. “Unload everything you have in your balls into my dripping high school cunt.”

“I’m going to give you my first time,” said Nene. “My pussy’s even better than my ass.”

Compared to the tightness of their anuses, Ranko and Nene had been massively turned on by the night’s events. Their pussies were so wet that the two dicks slid right in easily, going up to the balls inside the two of them. Ranko and Nene were on top this time, letting the boys get a good view of the underside of their breasts. As they bounced up and down on their cocks, their breasts bounced more freely than they had all evening.

Ranko’s were perkier, while Nene’s had begun to droop very slightly from their size. They flopped and jiggled around, bouncing with every thrust into their pussies. The boys held tight onto their butts, giving some grounding as they saw the point where they connected with Ranko and Nene slide in and out, humping them on top of the sheets with a renewed intensity from the chocolate mints.

“Your pussy is the best, Ranko,” said Seiki. “Can we start dating?”

“I don’t date,” said Ranko.

“Wow, I didn’t even notice your hymen,” said Komaru. “Your pussy’s so tight. Thanks for letting me take your virginity, Nene.”

“I... don’t mind,” said Nene. “I just like feeling good.”

Ranko had embraced Seiki’s cock inside her, having already figured out his weak spots when he was inside her ass. She looked down at him with a lusty gaze, bouncing her ass up and down on his cock at an increasingly quicker pace. The moment she had been waiting for was approaching.

“Ranko! I’m gonna cum!” said Seiki.

“Do it!” Ranko cheered him on.

His balls drew close to Ranko’s body, and released a massive amount of semen. There was no flowback, as all of it pushed its way into Ranko’s womb. Her stomach, which was mostly flat before, began to swell up as Seiki’s balls drained inside her pussy, filling Ranko up until she looked like she was three months pregnant. Ranko rubbed her hand across her newly swollen stomach, getting a feel for all the warm, lively sperm swimming around inside her. It was all thanks to those chocolates.

“Fuck, this feels so good,” said Ranko. “Look at my belly. That’s all you.”

Seconds later, Nene felt Komaru’s cock release a steady, unstopping stream of semen into her pussy. Her little stomach expanded outward until it was half the size of her breasts, giving them something to rest on. Nene looked past her cleavage, staring at her newly puffed out belly in amazement.

“I wanted to knock you up, Nene, and this is even better!” said Komaru. “You look so cute with a big, swollen belly!”

“Are we pregnant, Ranko?” Nene asked.

“Nah, it’s more like our wombs filled up way more than normal,” said Ranko. “I’ve got stuff that can prevent pregnancy. But the guys love this. It feels so warm and sticky inside me. I know you’ve got more in your balls, keep pumping!”

As the boys continued thrusting, their cocks never became limp. The Venery Chocolates were potent, giving them longer erections and enough cum to fill Ranko and Nene well beyond full. Seeing not only their huge and heavy breasts, but now their cum-swollen bellies jiggling around as the girls bounced on top of them, kept them stiff. Ranko was only feeling better, and even Nene was starting to talk dirty.

“My pussy feels so full!” Nene said. “I love fucking big dicks!”

“It’s always the innocent ones,” Ranko said. “Ooooh, here it comes again.”

A second load was pumped into Ranko’s pussy, expanding her stomach even further. Her belly button had popped out from the sheer size of her swollen belly, which was now equal to her breasts in prominence. For Nene, her second load made her stomach only slightly smaller than her massive tits. Nene moaned from the pleasurable spurting of Komaru’s cock inside her. Every rope of cum that landed in her womb filled her body with a warmth that spread to the rest of her. All she could continue doing was bouncing up and down on his cock, wanting to keep going until he became soft.

“What was in those mints?” asked Komaru. “I’ve never been able to do this before.”

“Now you see why I chose this place,” Ranko said. “Getting my belly pumped full of jizz feels so good. I love stuffing myself with food, but stuffing myself with cum is a luxury. You boys are lucky I chose your dicks.”

“Is this what it would be like if I had Junichi’s baby?” asked Nene, stroking her belly, her fingers going past the protruding navel. “This little sperm-baby is... turning me on... even more. Go harder, Komaru!”

Ranko and Nene bent down, leaning in to give the boys a kiss. As their lips met, their lower lips clamped down on their dicks even more. Now hunched over, Ranko could feel the air conditioning blowing past her asshole. Nene’s nipples were tingling, feeling so stiff and hot that she thought she’d start lactating if she stimulated them any further. With a final push, the girls slammed their wet pussies onto the pair of hard cocks, which launched two more thick, overflowing spurts of cum into their wombs.

Nene’s belly now far eclipsed her breasts, looking almost obesely swollen with cum. Ranko’s was the same. The boys pulled their limp cocks out, sweaty and drained from cumming more than they had in any masturbation session, with any girl. Ranko and Nene were heavily panting, their bellies and breasts heaving from the weight of everything that final sex session had imposed on them.

“Bring that cock over here,” said Ranko. “A cleanup blowjob is free.”

“I am hungry for more semen,” said Nene.

Sloppy, slurping sounds echoed as the clock changed over to midnight. Ranko and Nene got dressed. Nene was unable to get her suspenders over her heavily pregnant-looking cum belly, leaving them down. Ranko calculated the cost of their evening. It was still a hefty sum, but far less than a professional service would have cost.

“Thanks for the fun time,” said Ranko.

“I can’t wait to do this again,” said Nene.

Komaru and Seiki didn’t want to leave. They pooled together their money, which came to just enough to pay both Nene and Ranko for their sexual fun. The boys kept rubbing their cum bellies, not wanting to leave them. Thinking that it was their freshly squeezed sperm swimming around in those stomachs helped them leave the love hotel with an erection and a pleasant memory of the evening.

Ranko and Nene walked down the streets at midnight, unable to hide their bellies beneath their skimpy outfits. They got attention from onlookers, but Ranko loved it. Nene was less certain about it, but slowly coming around to the idea. Ranko reached into her cleavage, and produced a pair of morning after pills. She handed one to Nene, telling her to take it as soon as she got back home.

“One of these, and even all this semen won’t stand a chance at getting us pregnant. We can keep doing this as much as you like,” said Ranko. “Maybe I’ll pick up a girl next time.”

“Thanks, Ranko,” said Nene. “I had no idea sex was so fun! These big boobs are still a pain in my back sometimes, but the attention lavished on them was really exciting.”

“I knew you had it in you,” said Ranko. “See you at school.”

Ranko couldn’t wait to get home and take a bath, watching her belly floating on the water. She wanted to lie back in the water, think of having sex, and masturbate. It couldn’t replace her affections for Yukana, but it was pretty damn good on its own. Pleasure for pleasure’s sake. That was the way she lived.