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Payback and Pouting

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"Was it worth it?" Toshinori asked, a bubbly laugh creeping out of his chest.

"Oh, hell yes," Hizashi responded. He was outright cackling, despite being covered head to toe in paint. "It was so worth it. Plus, I think I won in the end."

"You had more paint than me," Shouta grumbled, stamping into the room. He had taken a shower, but some paint lingered in his hair. "Plus, you kissed me until I let my guard down. That's cheating."

"That's winning."

Toshinori snorted. "Love, are you pouting?"

"It wasn't fair!" He growled, blushing. "My payback should at least lead to a tie seeing as how it was a surprise attack and how well I managed to get you back!"

"Toshi," Hizashi faux-whispered. He was trying not to laugh. "I think he's a terrible loser while simultaneously being embarrassed about me seducing him."

He nodded back at him with a fake seriousness.

Shouta turned red. "I hate both of you."

"We're literally moving in together and you can't handle that you loveeeeeee me."

Toshinori was still laughing into his fist, but he took pity on the man. "Come here and let me get the paint out of your hair." He kissed him on his flushed cheek.

"Oh, it's okay, Shy Shou," Hizashi added a moment later. He was watching him fume in Toshinori's lap, sending him a sweet smile. "We all get flustered. Accept it!"

"Both of your necks are so sensitive, I think I could turn you into permanent tomatoes if I kissed you long enough."

Shouta flicked him.

"Says the most sensitive one here!"

"Okay, we're all sensitive in different ways!" Toshinori argued.

"Are you Victoria Justice-ing us right now?" Hizashi dissolved into giggles, snorting loudly. Shouta snickered along with him.

"I don't get the reference, but I know that I should be offended."

Which led them to an hour of watching memes.

Shouta went to pat Hizashi, freezing at the hardness of paint. "I think your hair is going to fall out if you don't take a shower right now."

He squawked loudly, dropping the phone playing a LazyTown remix and feeling his hair anxiously. "Shit! I forgot!"




"Shou, domestic looks great on you," Hizashi praised, eyeing him up and down as he painted a wall.

He pinkened, sliding his roller through the paint to avoid his gaze. "Okay," he mumbled awkwardly. He jumped at the hands landing on his hips.

Hizashi slid one hand up to his hair, brushing it back until his neck was revealed. He pressed a kiss to his neck. Grazing his teeth lightly at the sensitive skin, he smirked at the shiver he received in response.

Shouta fumbled with the paint roller. He was struggling to remember to keep it in his hand as he got distracted by the sensations. "We have to finish painting."

Hizashi hummed with his quirk until Shouta was putty in his hands. "Just a second."

And he meant it.

He paused. Grinned. And then dumped the whole can of paint over his head.

"I. Am going to fucking. Kill you."

"But this green looks so good on you!"

"Well let's see how good it looks on you."




"Your hair is fine, Zashi, stop fretting," Shouta chided, trying and failing to get comfortable on top of said boyfriend's wiggling body.

"Now that we had to wash you off for an hour until you were clean," Toshinori started with a teasing smirk, "was it worth it?"

"Maybe I just did it to get you to wash me off."

Shouta smacked his pec. "Liar! You've been screeching about it for hours."

"Okay, but it was a benefit."

"Oh my god."




"You know…Toshinori never got paint on himself," Hizashi mused.

He huffed. "That's because I'm smart enough to not get in between you two."

Shouta and Hizashi exchanged a look.

"He deserves something."


Toshinori squirmed away from their hands, letting out a yelp as Shouta got a good squeeze on his side.

"St-stop! I didn't do anything, this isn't fair!" His voice got higher on the last word as he lost the fight against the incoming tickles.

Hizashi huffed out a laugh. "Life isn't fair. Why are you laughing, Toshinori? Aren't you being attacked?" He squeezed at his shaking thighs.

Shouta had Toshi straddled at the waist, playing with his ribs. "I can't tell if he's turning pink from laughter or embarrassment."

Toshi threw a hand over his mouth, reduced into a pile of giggles at the teasing.

He knew should not have encouraged Hizashi to throw paint at Shouta! It was decidedly not worth it. For him.