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 The guy is hot.

The guy—Jeongguk—who is babysitting Yoongi and Taehyung’s kids is very hot. His hair is falling just a little over his eyes and he’s got a solid chest and arms and he’s holding two babies and Namjoon is staring. He knows he’s staring, and he knows the guy is staring back, and he can’t quite do anything about it.

He has to cycle back through the events that led him to this moment. So small. So unassuming. Just a message from Yoongi:

you can pick up the usb tonight if you want. tae and i are going out, but jeongguk is babysitting, he can let you in

It took Namjoon a second to remember the name. Jeongguk—Taehyung’s friend from when he was in university.

He didn’t think much of it. So he’s cursing himself now, standing in front of the open door of Yoongi and Taehyung’s apartment, staring at this hot guy.

He has dark hair, a little messy, and under the sleeves of his black t-shirt Namjoon can see his biceps bulging. He’s got Yeojin on one hip and Beomgyu on the other. It’s gotten late, later than Namjoon meant to come over. He was probably about to put them to bed. “Hey,” he says. “You must be Namjoon.”

Namjoon stares. “Ah,” he says after a moment too long. “You must be Jeongguk.” He’s got to be, right? But Jeongguk, Taehyung’s little university friend, is not supposed to be this big. Or this hot.

“Come in.” Jeongguk turns away and steps back inside.

Namjoon follows, into the living room of the apartment until Jeongguk turns to face him again. Without meaning to, Namjoon trails his eyes over his chest. His shirt is tight enough that Namjoon can see the definition of his pecs. Beomgyu is clearly half asleep on Jeongguk, wispy tendrils of black hair falling over his forehead. So Namjoon’s quiet. “I just need to grab something,” he says.

“Yeah, Yoongi said.” Jeongguk’s voice is low and just a little growly with the effort of being quiet. Something drops in Namjoon’s stomach. “One second.” He looks from one baby to the other, eyebrows drawn together like he’s figuring out a puzzle. Then he huffs and looks back at Namjoon. “It’s in my back pocket. The flash drive, I mean.”

Namjoon stares at him for a second. “Okay,” he says slowly. “Can I help you get it?”

Jeongguk raises his eyebrows.

“I mean,” Namjoon exclaims in a hasty whisper. “I don’t mean, like, put my hand on your butt. In your pocket! Just—god.” He presses a hand to his cheek.

Jeongguk’s lips press together and curl in to keep back a smile. “Here.” He moves a shoulder in Namjoon’s direction, and after an embarrassing second Namjoon realizes Jeongguk wants him to take Beomgyu.

“Oh,” he breathes, and takes him carefully. His tiny lips smack like he’s going to wake up, and Namjoon winces. He settles him in his arms and bounces a little, instinctively.

Jeongguk gives him a little smile, and he shifts Yeojin so she can lay her head on his shoulder, then reaches behind himself into his back pocket. He pulls out the flash drive and hands it over to Namjoon. “There you go.” He blinks at him. His eyelashes are dark and thick.

“Thanks.” Namjoon puts it in his inside jacket pocket. He’s ready to hand Beomgyu back to Jeongguk and get out of here, escaping both his past and imminent embarrassment, when Yeojin starts to cry.

“Damn it,” Jeongguk breathes. “I thought they were finally calmed down enough to go to sleep. She was crawling everywhere. She should be worn out by now.” He reaches out like he’s going to take Beomgyu back anyway.

Namjoon shakes his head. “I got it. This is my fault, anyway. Plus, two-on-two, that’s a little more fair, isn’t it?”

Jeongguk cracks a little smile at him. “Thanks.” He pats Yeojin’s back and nods in the direction of the living room, beckoning Namjoon to follow him. He sits down on the couch, soothing the baby against his shoulder.

Namjoon isn’t sure what it is. The legs, the chest, the arms. The face. The babies. The general air of shy competence. His eyes can’t stop darting toward Jeongguk as he sits.

“You ever babysit?” Jeongguk asks quietly. “Taehyung told me you’re around a lot.”

“Not on my own,” says Namjoon. “Takes a braver one than I to babysit these two alone. Asleep, sure. But awake? Yikes.”

“Fair enough,” Jeongguk laughs. “Takes a lot of multitasking.”

“Sometimes it scares me how good Tae and Yoongi are at that.” Namjoon shakes his head. Beomgyu is already asleep on his chest.

“How did you do that?” Jeongguk whispers. He’s still patting Yeojin’s back. She’s making fussy little sounds. She doesn’t say words yet, but it’s obvious she’s going to be a talker once she starts.

“I don’t know,” Namjoon says. He’s never been that great with babies.

Jeongguk leans closer to him. He inhales. Namjoon’s pulse picks up. “Are you wearing... baby lotion?”

“What?” Namjoon huffs a laugh. “No? Oh.” He blushes a little. “I’m wearing some lavender scented lotion.”

“Oh.” Jeongguk nods. “Makes sense. You smell really nice.” He leans in toward Namjoon’s neck again. Just a couple inches and his nose will be touching Namjoon’s pulse point. Then he’ll know how fast Namjoon’s heart rate is, and he’ll realize how attracted Namjoon is to him—not that he was subtle in the first place—and then who knows what will happen.

But Jeongguk pulls back. “Sorry,” he says. “That was weird.”

Namjoon tries to brush it off, even though he’s blushing. “No worries. I smell my hands all the time when I wear this stuff. Sometimes I catch myself and I’m like, Namjoon, people are going to think you’re weird.”

Jeongguk gives him a little smile. “I kind of have a thing about smells,” he says. His voice is soft and low. “I’m really sensitive to them, so I avoid anything really strong or that doesn’t smell very clean. Where did you get this?” He leans in again like he can’t help it.

Namjoon shivers. “Uh, I.” He tries to remember, tries to answer, but one of Jeongguk’s breaths hits his neck and makes him feel all tingly. “I don’t remember, I’d—I’d have to check the brand—”

Jeongguk lifts his head. “I’ll give you my number,” he says, just barely too quick to be casual. Namjoon’s lips part in surprise. “You can send me a picture.”

“Right, yeah, okay,” Namjoon agrees. “So you can... smell like lavender too.” Why is that idea so overwhelming? Jeongguk is a lot as it is. He’s already this horrible mixture of ridiculously hot and unexpectedly soft. He doesn’t need to smell all sweet and soothing on top of things.

“Mhm.” Jeongguk has stopped patting Yeojin’s back; she’s clearly almost asleep. But he scoots farther down on the couch anyway. His head is right by Namjoon’s shoulder. Namjoon can’t tell if he thinks he’s being subtle about smelling him, or if he’s acting like he’s trying to be subtle because he thinks it’s cute. (If that is the case, it’s working.) Namjoon hadn’t given the lotion much thought when he put it on earlier. He’d just gotten out of the shower and he was relaxing, and he thought, what is more relaxing than lavender lotion?

Now he’s paying for that decision. Cursing himself a little, with a really cute boy trying to smell him.

“Why haven’t we met before?” Namjoon wonders out loud before he can stop himself.

Jeongguk shakes his head. “I don’t know. I’m busy. You’re a different kind of busy. I guess.”


“Terrible of Yoongi and Tae not to make me aware of you sooner,” Jeongguk murmurs.

Is that flirting? It feels like flirting, but Namjoon has never been that great at putting his finger on when he’s being flirted with. A big part of him hopes this is it, but at the same time it feels kind of impossible. Someone this hot, flirting with him out of nowhere? How likely is that?

They’re both quiet for a second, and then Namjoon realizes he didn’t respond. He hopes he hasn’t embarrassed Jeongguk. But when he looks over, Jeongguk’s head is tipped onto the back of the couch and his eyes are closed. His hair brushes Namjoon’s shoulder.

Namjoon lets out a long breath. This is a situation he really did not anticipate ending up in when he came over here tonight. A baby on his chest, and a really hot, really cute guy just about falling asleep on him.

He’s not sure if he should stir Jeongguk or not. He decides against it, thinking he has probably had a lot on his plate all evening. He just sits for a while longer, then gets up to take Beomgyu to bed. He sets him carefully in his crib and makes sure he’s going to stay asleep, then he goes back out to the living room.

Jeongguk hasn’t stirred. Part of Namjoon had doubted he was really asleep, but he must be. Namjoon moves Jeongguk’s hand from Yeojin’s back so he can pick her up. He takes her into the nursery too. She’s bigger than Beomgyu, so it’s a little harder to move her without jostling her, but he makes it without waking her up. He closes the blinds and brings the baby monitor out with him.

When he comes back to the living room this time, Jeongguk is sitting up. “Sorry,” he says, and his voice is deeper now, messy hair falling over his eyes. “Didn’t mean to fall asleep on you.”

“You weren’t on me,” Namjoon says without thinking.

Jeongguk gives him a funny look, but smiles. “Didn’t mean to rope you into babysitting with me,” he says, stretching his arms out with a soft noise. Namjoon stares at the skin of his stomach where his shirt rides up.

“It’s fine,” Namjoon says, dragging his eyes back to Jeongguk’s face. “I’ve got what I came for.”

Jeongguk nods. “Well. If you’re not in a hurry to get out of here. Yoongi and Taehyung left me a bottle of wine as a thank you. Share it with me?” He asks it softly, like he’s afraid Namjoon is going to reject him.

“Okay,” Namjoon agrees. He feels a little frazzled. He doesn’t know this guy at all, not except for his arm muscles and his sweet smile and his endearing body language and his sparkling eyes,

and okay, Namjoon is already a little enamored. He isn’t sure what Jeongguk wants, but a big part of him hopes he wants to make out.

Jeongguk gets up, rubs at his face and squeezes his eyes shut sleepily, then goes to grab the bottle of wine and two glasses. When Jeongguk joins him, he pours the wine, but he leaves it on the coffee table and turns to look at Namjoon.

“So,” he says, with a little smile playing at his mouth.

“So,” Namjoon repeats. He’s distracted by Jeongguk’s... general, everything.

“Thanks for keeping me company. It’s nice to have another big person around.” Jeongguk says it like Namjoon did him a favor, which doesn’t make any sense at all. His eyes are twinkling, and he’s sitting very close, leaning in Namjoon’s direction. His eyes flicker from Namjoon’s face to his chest—lower, then back up. He’s smiling, just barely, with his tongue between his teeth.

Namjoon hopes they’re signs, hopes he’s reading them right, because he takes them and runs: he leans the rest of the way in and kisses Jeongguk.

They must have been signs, and he must have read them right, because as soon as their lips touch Jeongguk is smiling against him. His hand comes to Namjoon’s shoulder and slides to where it meets his neck, fingers curling over the tiny bit of exposed skin.

It feels like they’re just testing the waters, soft little kisses to each other’s lips. Jeongguk slides his hand to the back of Namjoon’s neck and pulls him closer, draws him in until he has to brace a hand against the back of the couch to stay upright.

Namjoon pulls back just a bit. “Okay,” he breathes. “I didn’t know if—”

“Yeah,” says Jeongguk and kisses him again. “You are ridiculously good looking. And you smell great.” He says this earnestly, looking into Namjoon’s eyes.

Namjoon laughs. “Thank you. You’re. Really hot.”

Jeongguk grins, his eyes scrunching up, then he pulls Namjoon back in.

This time Namjoon doesn’t get to brace himself. Jeongguk falls back against the corner of the couch, tugging him along. Namjoon goes, lets himself be pulled to hover over Jeongguk, whose chest is strong and hard against his and whose lips are soft, small but soft and wet and insistent.

Namjoon almost wants the wine. He almost wants to take a break and drink a little so he has an excuse for how lost he gets in this, but he can’t bring himself to pull back.

Jeongguk moves his hand to Namjoon’s side, where he’s sensitive and maybe a little ticklish. He jerks away from it, and Jeongguk tightens his fingers and smiles against him. He pulls away just enough to speak.

“Hang on,” he says. “Let me sit up. Your knee is digging into my hip.”

Namjoon moves back with a breathy apology. Jeongguk sits up, moves back, tugs at Namjoon’s shirt until he moves closer. Then one of his legs is thrown over Namjoon’s lap and their bodies are pressed close, and Jeongguk is kissing him again. Namjoon holds to his waist and squeezes a little. It makes a low noise sound in Jeongguk’s throat, so Namjoon does it again, then runs his hands up and down his sides. Jeongguk is so warm, and a really good kisser, and Namjoon is probably a little infatuated.

“I’m really glad you came by tonight,” Jeongguk says, moving his head to press little kisses to Namjoon’s neck. Namjoon’s breath catches. “Tae told me you were my type.”

“What?” Namjoon squawks without meaning to, a little offended to have been left out of this.

Jeongguk huffs a laugh. “Mhm. He was right. And judging by the way you’ve been checking me out all evening—” he cuts off when Namjoon pulls him into another kiss.

“Yeah, yeah, you’re my type too,” Namjoon agrees, and doesn’t give Jeongguk a chance to do more than just laugh in response before he tangles his fingers in his hair and kisses him.

They kiss for so long Namjoon loses track of time. He doesn’t mind. He loves kissing, and it’s been a while since he’s just made out with someone, and Jeongguk is so good at it. At the same time, he’s getting stiff in his pants when Jeongguk starts to push him into the back of the couch and climb on top of him—

The front door opens.

There’s a simultaneous “What the hell?” from Yoongi and “Oh my god!” from Taehyung. Taehyung marches into the living room with a heated look on his face.

“What is this?” He points at Jeongguk. “How dare you perform this... this smut when you’re in charge of my children!”

“Shh, Tae, they’re in bed,” says Yoongi, taking Taehyung’s hand. “And we,” he shoots Namjoon and Jeongguk a significant look. “Are also going to bed.”

Taehyung lets go of his hand, shoots a disapproving look in the direction of the couch, then heads off for their bedroom.

As soon as he’s gone, Jeongguk lets out a little giggle.

Yoongi rolls his eyes. “Get off his lap, Jeon Jeongguk.”

Jeongguk does. He wrinkles his nose up at Yoongi. “Sorry, hyung.”

“Sorry, hyung,” Namjoon echoes automatically, feeling warm and embarrassed having been caught with Yoongi and Taehyung’s friend on his lap.

“What? Don’t worry about him, he’s just putting on a performance” Yoongi says. “You, thank you.” He leans down to kiss Jeongguk’s cheek, then slips some cash into his pocket. He points at Namjoon. “And you. Continue this outside, please, Tae and I are going to bed.” His significant expression leaves no question what he means.

“But we haven’t even started on the wine,” Jeongguk says, giving Yoongi a cheeky look. He stands up, and Namjoon sees him sneak the cash into the back pocket of Yoongi’s own jeans.

“You brat,” Yoongi huffs. “Do whatever you want. Goodnight.”

Yoongi might have caved to Jeongguk’s teasing petulance, but both of them have enough of a sense of self-preservation to get out of the apartment. Jeongguk brings the bottle of wine with him.

“So,” he says when they’re outside. “I said I’d give you my number.”

Namjoon blinks. “Oh,” he says after a moment. “For the lotion.”

“Right.” Jeongguk grins. “I want to smell good, too.”

“Sure.” Namjoon isn’t sure why he feels so nervous; they already made out for something like half an hour, already know they’re attracted to each other. He pulls his phone out and hands it to Jeongguk so he can put his number in.

When he hands it back, Jeongguk studies his face like he’s trying to ask without asking, if Namjoon is really okay with this. So Namjoon leans forward and pecks his lips.

Jeongguk kisses him back, then smiles. “Can I walk you to the bus station?”

“If I can take you on a date,” Namjoon says, without thinking. Who does that? He hardly knows a single thing about Jeongguk.

But I want to, he thinks, and Jeongguk smiles huge at him and says, “Yeah, okay,” and they start walking toward the bus station. Jeongguk slips his hand into Namjoon’s.