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“I’m in love with you, Bakugou.”




“I love you, Blasty!”




“Aw, you’re so sweet to me, babe. I love you.”


“Hah?! Sweet?! I’ll kill you!”


“H-ah, ah, I l-love you, Katsuki.”


“S-shut up, Shitty Hair.”


There was only so much Kirishima could take. He knew Bakugou loved him, he did, he swears! But. It would be nice to actually hear him say it. Just once.


When Kirishima confessed, all those months ago, he noticed that Bakugou never actually said the words back to him. Which was fine, at the time. Kirishima knew Bakugou wasn’t good with words, and he respected that, and he knew he was being overly sensitive; but was it so bad that he wanted his boyfriend of 10 months to actually say the words? Was it so bad that he wanted confirmation that his boyfriend loved him back?


He doesn’t. An ugly part of Kirishima mind sneered. He shook his head, stuffing his face back into Bakugou’s pillow, his alpha scent relaxing him somewhat. Despite his best efforts, the past few weeks took a toll on his emotional state, and he hoped and prayed that Bakugou didn’t notice how downtrodden he actually was.


There was no need for Bakugou to realize just how pathetic he really is.

There was something wrong with Kirishima.


Bakugou wasn’t stupid. These past few weeks his boyfriend wasn’t as... bright as he usually was. His scent was tinged with distress, and it was making Bakugou’s alpha aggravated. He didn’t like seeing his omega in distress and him not knowing what was wrong. Something was weighing on Kirishima’s mind, and Bakugou was going to get to the fucking bottom of it it. Currently, they were in Bakugou’s room, with Bakugou on his back and his little omega snuggled into his chest, the latter finally relaxed and breathing softly. It was the most peaceful Bakugou had seen his boyfriend in weeks .


“The fuck is wrong with you?”



So maybe that wasn’t the best way to ask, but. Bakugou never was one for tact.


Kirishima startled at the harsh tone and Bakugou felt him tense against his chest. He made a move to pull away from him but Bakugou tightened his grip on his boyfriend’s shoulders and pulled him closer. “ No , no, stop it, fucking talk to me, asshole.”


Kirishima made a small noise of protest, but gave in and relaxed again, shielding his eyes from his alpha’s view with his hair. “Nothing’s wrong, Blasty.”


“Bull-fucking-shit, Eijirou.” For some reason the use of his given name made Kirishima tear up a bit. He shoved his face in Bakugou’s neck to avoid dealing with why the hell his name coming out of Bakugou’s mouth was making him fucking cry . “Don’t lie to me. I’m your fucking boyfriend, I know when something’s bothering you. Out with it.”


In spite of the panic welling in Kirishima’s chest, he couldn’t help but grin a little at Bakugou’s attempts to get him to open up. “You’re going to think I’m stupid.”


“Fucking obviously.” Bakugou rolled his eyes. “I already think you’re stupid.”


“Hey, don’t be mean!” Kirishima pouted, finally raising his head to look up at his boyfriend.


Bakugou smirked, and in complete contrast to his harsh words, ran a gentle hand through Kirishima’s loose hair, acting as a balm to Kirishima’s ruffled feathers. “Got you to finally look at me, didn’t it? And I’m always fucking mean. ‘S’what you signed up for.”


Kirishima sighed, gaze darting away as he bit his lip. He really, really , didn’t want to have this conversation but he also knew that if he didn't, his mental health and his relationship with Bakugou could suffer from it.


Communication is important. Kirishima reminded himself, then steeled his nerves.


“I.. I don’t. I don’t know how to say it.” Kirishima could feel that panic set in again, and Bakugou was quick to pick up on it, pulling Kirishima impossibly closer and rubbing his shoulder soothingly. “It’s fucking fine, Ei, just tell me. I don’t like seeing you so damn sad if I can’t blast it out of existence.”


Kirishima gave a wet chuckle. “Do you love me?” He blurted out, flushing instantly at his own words. He sounded so fucking stupid .


“Hah?!” Bakugou snapped, making Kirishima flinch back at the volume. Seeing his boyfriend’s reaction made Bakugou calm down instantly, the last thing he wanted to do was to frighten him. “Why the fuck would you ask that?”


“Because!” Kirishima finally pulled himself away from Bakugou and sat up, hugging his knees to his chest and avoiding Bakugou’s incredulous gaze. “You’ve never actually said it, Katsuki! Every time I do, you always either tell me to shut up or you just say ‘same’!” Kirishima could feel the tears he had kept at bay finally spill over his pinkened cheeks. He hiccuped, furiously rubbing them away. “I-I know affection is hard for you, and the last thing I want to do is pressure you into saying something you’re not ready to say, but.” Kirishima bit his lip harshly, puncturing the soft flesh with his canines and drawing blood. “But, I just wanted to hear it once . I just want to know you actually love me. I just need reassurance.”


Bakugou stared, slightly open-mouthed at his quietly crying boyfriend. What the fuck . He was the worst alpha ever . How could he let his sweet omega think he didn’t even fucking love him?


“I- I never noticed.” Bakugou frowned, sitting up and shifting so he could face Kirishima. “I’m sorry, Ei, I never noticed that I didn’t say it back. Fuck, of course, I love you. You’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me.”


Kirishima looked back at his boyfriend with wide, wet eyes. It hurt Bakugou to know he was that cause of it. “W-what?”


Bakugou grabbed Kirishima by the waist and pulled him onto his lap, squeezing his hips hard enough to leave bruises in his desperation, and pulled his omega into a tight hug. Kirishima squeaked in surprise, but his arms eagerly snaked around his neck to hug him back. “I said I fucking love you, dumbass. God, how could you possibly not know that? Would I stick my tongue in just anyone’s fucking ass?”


“Oh my god, Katsuki!” That startled a laugh out of Kirishima, which was Bakugou’s goal, making him grin smugly down at his pretty little omega. “You’re the worst.’” Kirishima giggles, staring fondly at his alpha.


“Fuck you, I’m a goddamn delight.”


Kirishima smiled, the hurt he had been feeling melting away at his alpha’s words. He leaned in to kiss Bakugou softly, humming lightly when Bakugou’s hands left his waist to gently cup his face, tilting his head just so their lips slotted together perfectly. Kirishima let Bakugou take the lead in the kiss, and Bakugou kept it unusually tender, like Kirishima was something precious he didn’t want to break. It made Kirishima feel loved .


“Thank you, Katsuki.” Kirishima said quietly when they disconnected, giving his alpha a small smile that made Bakugou’s chest rumble in satisfaction at having made his omega happy.


“You don’t have to thank me, Ei.” Bakugou said, smoothing his thumb over the bite mark on Kirishima’s bottom lip. “I’m sorry I made you feel that way.” He continued, brows furrowed in thought. “I should’ve realized I was hurting you.”


Kirishima shook his head and leaned in to hug Bakugou again, his nose pressing into his alpha’s neck and inhaling his strong scent. “Apology accepted, alpha. I love you.” He said shyly.


“I love you, too.” Bakugo said, pressing a kiss to Kirishima head. “Needy omega.” He teased, making Kirishima laugh.


“Rude alpha.” Kirishima countered, snorting when Bakugou bit down on his ear playfully.


“Speaking of needy…” Kirishima continued, looking up at his alpha coyly through his thick lashes.


Bakugou growled.