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Don't Follow Me (Shark #1)

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cover photoPart One.

There were rumors of how the family never admits a crime. For many years the family been on the top of the elites, it’s easy to hold everyone with a single note.

Everyone had tried but no one came close to even an inch.
They never incorporate such power but they had a dominant energy on their gestures. It’s hard to make alibi and fake news cause they can make you believe that they can see through you.

They are the one of the old families from Incheon that comes from the old money, it dates back to 1700’s.

The Jung Family can cause a big chaos but it’ll only pass by like a wind.


She watch as he patiently dwell on a good match to his grey pants. Some clothes are thrown around the floor and some are neatly laid on the bed.

He placed his forefinger to his lower lip and smack his lips, “Do you think this would be a good choice?” He turn to her and she wanted to turn around and he’s using the gazes again.

“Well I think, it’s the best choice among the rest.”

He nodded, “You think?”

She nodded her head. “Yes.”

He smiled, “I thought so too.” He picked up the black shirt and went to dress.

When he gone to the closet she shook her head and went to the bed and pick up the clothes one by one. They’re all black anyway.
He came out ten minutes later with his bag and went passed her to exit the room.

She is his personal assistant but she is eight years older. She didn’t know how she was chosen but she loved her job and she earn much money than when she did three part-time jobs.

After putting away the clothes back to the closet, she went out of the room and to the lobby where she have to wait for him as he finished breakfast.

It took a little more than ten minutes when he emerge again and they proceed outside to go to school. He is currently on his last year in high school and he is in talks for passing a university in London.

It took a fifteen minutes ride to his school and on the way she simply check on schedules he gave to her and some reminders.

They stopped at the back of the school where lesser students goes in on mornings. She didn’t get out of the car and they leave as soon as he enters the school.

She wanted to be called Yoon Hyesoo. She came to tell a story.


He wasn’t able to finished his meal cause he was already drag by his younger sister who is excited on her new school.

His family moved Sinchon to Seoul, his father extended their restaurant business that was started by their grandparents. It took them a while to get used to cause he always miss the rural setting. The concrete jungle is nothing but intimidating, even if it has it’s own sad alleys.

He hates walking on busy streets or bump on to people when he walks. He never like close spaces. He was used to be left alone and it never worked on to be more sociable cause people don’t have to know him.

New places are scary, especially school, he’ll be here more often than he’d like. Schools are strict and got high standards. It never cares if someone wants to be the best or doing their best. Schools are just creating a jungle for future animals.

The walk to the new school was less than ten minutes and his sister discovered a path that was far from the road and much closer to the campus.

When they reach the school, almost half of the school population are already there. No one seems to be looking at then as they walk but some notice his unfamiliar face and stared at him from head to toe.


They went to the counselor office so she can assign the class they belong to. His sister was the first to go out and he waited for his homeroom to come and collect him.

A woman came in and smiled to her, “Kang Yeosang?”

He nodded and answered, “Yes, teacher.”

She smiled and open the door to him, “I’ll be your homeroom teacher as well as in grammar. I’m in the first class, so I’ll be introducing you to everyone.”

They went two floors up and to a room. The teacher was the first one to go in and asked everyone to settle down.

He stood a little but far from the door so he wouldn’t be notice by everyone.

“We have a new student in the class today.” She said to the class before she turn to him , “You can come in now.”

He felt his heart beating a bit faster than he expected as he walks inside the room. He don’t remember what he did as he entered. He only remembered that his homeroom teacher was smiling at him as he stood beside her.

“Introduce yourself.” She said.

“Hello. My name is Kang Yeosang. I’m from Incheon. I’m pleased to meet everyone. Please take care of me.” He finished with a bow and everyone give him an applause.

“You can sit at any empty seat that you like.” He heard his teacher said.

As he scan the room he notice three empty seats, two from the back and one beside the window. He would prefer that than the one from the back.

He is already walking to the seat when he notice someone stand from the side of the room and he found a tall guy walking to the empty seat by the window. He was left standing as he look the guy who stood and the now empty seat.

“You can seat beside Mr. Jang.” His teacher said.

He found her smiling and he found it welcoming so he moved and took the seat. He bowed to his seat mate and turn about-face as she start to have a roll call.

Two more classes came after and a break. The rest of the class stood up and headed outside. He stood up as well and followed the others. He ended up in cafeteria bigger than the school he used to go to.

He stood there contemplating if he should line up like others or he should ask someone.

“You’re new, right?” A girl asked him.

He nodded and she took his hand and they lined up.

“You can just line up and take one of these.” She gestured for the trays. Someone else is giving it to everyone. The rest are empty except for a bowl of rice.

She gave him one and one for herself. They moved through the line till they were in front.

“There is always a vegetables, soup, meat, milk or juice and rice cake.” Said, “On Wednesdays and Fridays, there are spicy rice cakes for everyone.”

She lead him on an empty table and they start to eat. As they eat, he can’t help but look at her. She was pretty and her cheeks is one of the most noticeable part of her face.

“I haven’t introduce myself to you didn’t I?” She asked and he nodded. She laughed through her hand and give him her other hand, “I’m Lee Gahyeon. Class 3-3.”

“Kang Yeosang, Class 3-1.” They shook hands and laughed together.

“Let’s eat again.” Gahyeon said and they continue eating while having small talks in between.

As they finished, someone else sat by their table with his own tray of food. Nothing has been touched.

When he look up it was his seatmate and seems to be having a bad time.

“Too bad, I’m just starting. You don’t mind if I sit here and eat?”

He looked at Gahyeon and she just shrugged and he looked at him again and nodded.

He smiled a little and start putting foods in his mouth. He pushed his tray in front of him and leaned closer.

He looked at Gahyeon and she just shrugged again.

“You don’t mind if I share some of my food to you, right?”

He nodded a little and start putting pieces of meat and vegetable on his tray. He lift his milk cartoon and found it half empty.

“You should finish this.” He gestured for the milk and he nodded.
He eat the food that he put on his plate.

“Did you just came in?” He asked.

“Yes, I had to be somewhere.” He said but he wasn’t looking at him.

He turn around and found almost half in the people in the room are looking at their table. He look at his seat mate and his eyes are burning that he have to look away.

When he was finish he waited for him to finished before he ask for Gahyeon to leave.

“Alright, see you in class.” He said to him.

“You’re leaving?” He said as he leaned back to the chair.
“We’re finished.”

He nodded. “I can see that.”

“Are we going to wash our own trays too?” He asked Gahyeon.
She shook her head.

“Can we leave now.” He asked again.

He let out a sigh, “Alright. Alright.” He said and gestured them go.
They arrive at one of the empty benches near the hallway and sat there.

“Do you know who's that?” He asked Gahyeon.

“I thought you knew him.”

“We are at the same class but I don’t recall his name.”

“I knew some things about him but not that much, only things that’s going around school secretly. Some says he’s not someone you don’t want to get close to.”

“Why not?”

“He owns this school. He can do anything he likes and I think everyone like him which I never really understand.” She replied quietly.

“He is not a bully, right?”

“I don’t know.” She shrugged, “But be careful.”


“You’re good-looking. He thinks he’s god.”

“I’m not.”

“The last time someone named Park Seonghwa was accused of being a bully and taking some materials for school just because he was liked by many juniors.”

“Is it really that bad.”

“They’re just rumors. Someone else might have done it but we never knew. He already graduated.”


The next went smoothly like the rest of the month. March came and White day came and everyone has an excuse for so much cavities.

He came with his sister and her sister already one even before they entered the campus.

“You know that boy?”

“I don’t.” She answered as she scan the chocolate.

He glared at the chocolate, “Don’t eat to much of that.”
“I won’t.”
They arrive in school without another interruption and found Gahyeon just near the gate with another student.

“Yeosang.” She called him and they walk to them. “Is this your sister?”

“Yes, this is Yeojin.” He introduced his sister. “This is Gahyeon.”

“Oh, nice to meet you, senior.” Yeojin smiled at her.

“You already got one?” She’s looking at chocolate on her hand. “As expected, nice-looking kids.”

“She’s just supposed to look ordinary.” Yeosang replied.

“You can’t hide natural beauty but don’t let them into you, school’s more important.” Gahyeon patted Yeojin's head.

“I know. Thank you, Gahyeon.” Yeojin replied.

She smiled softly and turn to her friend.

“This is Hana. We are in the same class.” She introduced her. “This is Yeosang and Yeojin.”

Hana step forward. “Nice to meet you.” They shook hands and she placed something in front of him. “This is for you.”

He looked at the offered sweets and he took it. “Thank you.”

He took a few from his pocket and give some to both of them before they head to their class.

When they reach second floor he went to his room. Some greeted him as he made his way to his table. As he took a seat he notice that his seat mate’s table are full of sweets which is probably offered by half of the school population. He would be worried how he’ll consume everything.

He took some of his books from his bag and put on his table's drawer. But as he open it, it wasn’t empty. Pile of sweets was placed at every corner. Did they mistook his table for other’s. Was this for Yunho. He used to sit here.

He looked around and found them carrying at least one on their hands.

“Is this for Yunho?” He asked Seheun.

“I don’t think so.”

He nodded and took a handful for Seheun. “This is for me?”

He nodded again and she took it with her both hands. “Thank you.”

He was able to put half of the sweet in a resealable plastic that he felt needed to bring today.

His seat mate arrived with a big smile on his face. He hold three roses on his hands and greeted everyone on the room.

He patted his shoulder as he sat down and scan the sweets he received. He asked for his two friends who put everything in a big Eco bag. When his table was empty he put the roses on the table and lay his head sideways.

He was looking for someone and when he followed his vision, he was looking at Seheun. He wondered if he likes her.
He looked at Seheun and found her looking at the sweets that he gave.

“Who gave those to you, I thought you already dispose the others.” Her friend asked.

“It’s from Yeo.” She said almost quietly but he can still hear it.

“Yeo? Yeo. Uh, Yeo.” She said as if it’s a secret code or something.
“You don’t have to be so loud about it.”

“Why not, cause he’s just there?”

A loud tap resonated from beside him and found his seat mate glaring at something.

“You gave that to her?” He asked.

Yeosang nodded.

He turn to him and leaned forward. “Do you like her?”

“No.” He replied nonchalantly.

“Cause she might.” He whispered.

“Is that wrong?”

He heard him laugh. “If you choose it to be.”

Yeosang glared at him. “You’re weird.”

He met Gahyeon by the entrance when class ended and gave her half of the sweets that he received.

“That is more than enough to last me a year.”

Gahyeon look at the bag and put it in her bag. “My sweet tooth is fueled. Thank you very much.”


For the next few weeks he found Seheun keeps looking at him and sometimes he would catch her and they would smile. She would sit with them sometimes on the cafeteria and give him extra milk.

They exchanged number one afternoon and they’ve been talking on phone a lot. They would go out together to buy new books or paint materials. They would go together or with Yeojin or with just Gahyeon.

They don’t know how it started but those days were filled with something more. He was the first to confess and she said she have been waiting.

No one knew from school that they’re together. Except Gahyeon but they both trust her.

They celebrated their 100th day anniversary in an amusement park and they gave each other a promise ring.

“Hello, beautiful.” She greeted him when she arrived at the back garden.

“You’re more beautiful. My beautiful.” He replied as he pat her cheeks.

“You’re being corny.” She jested and placed a kiss on his head. “Why does your hair smells so good.” She said as she buried her head on the his hair.

“Your nose is taking it all away.”

“But I want to live here.”

“My hair is a mansion, you'll be too lonely to live there alone.” Yeosang said

“Uh, stop the nonsense.”

Yeosang laughed. “Alright. Alright.”

“Guys. Guys!” They could hear Gahyeon from a distance and Yeosang went on the way to see her.

She found Gahyeon near a bush with a panic-stricken face.

“Here.” She gestured for her to follow.

They walk the close distance to the center of the garden and found Seheun on the same spot.

“Gahyeon, what– is wrong.”

“Seheun.” Gahyeon started. “He just expelled someone from 2nd year who said he likes you.”

“Who.” Yeosang asked.

“Jung Wooyoung.”

“Does he knows something?” Seheun asked. “Did anyone saw us together?”

Yeosang looked at Seheun for a second then to the sky. “Do you know that he’ll do that to anyone?”

Seheun shook her head. “I have no idea. We knew each other since 4th grade and I’ve been on many fights with him but he never been really serious about it. He was always nice with my friends. I don’t want to think that he’s trying to claim me.”

“Who’s the 2nd grade?”

“Kim Dongbin.” Gahyeon answered. “Apparently, he accidentally said that he likes you when his friends notice that he keeps looking at you. The word slips off his tongue and it just spreads like a plague.”

“Poor him.” Seheun said.

“You guys should really be careful.” Gahyeon reminded them.

“I know.”


The next few days. He became more wary of him and always looks back at their encounters.

He seems pretty normal on most days but sometimes he would give him the coldest shoulder like he’s about to plot a murder.

He decided not to dwell on it too much cause it only give him so much to think about.

A week before Chuseok, he was doing a grocery shopping when someone jump on his back and giggled beside his ears.

He turn around and found Seheun with her parents.

“Hello.” He greeted her parents.

“Mom. Dad. This is Kang Yeosang. The one I’ve been talking about.”

“Nice to meet you, Mr. and Mrs. Lee.”

“Nice to meet you, young man.” Mr. Lee said. “You’re not shopping alone I assume.”

“I could say I am.”

Mrs. Lee look at the contents of his cart, “Do you cook?”

“I always offer to help.” Yeosang replied with a smile.

“That’s a humble thing to say.” Mrs. Lee said.

He was about to reply when someone came from behind them.
“Auntie. Uncle. I didn’t know I’d see you here.” He greeted them with ease. “Seheun.”

He can see that Seheun became a bit uncomfortable and he expected the next thing that would happen.

“Yeosang?” His tone was unsure but he figured out that it’s really him.

“You guys knows each other.” Mr. Lee asked.

“We are all on the same class.” Seheun replied.

He turn to Yeosang and saw him carrying a cart. “You do the groceries alone?”

He nodded, “It’s not really a heavy chore.”

“Come on. I can help you with the rest.” He offered and he really can’t say noon.

“Okay, this way.” Yeosang gestured to another way. He looked back at Seheun and her waving at him. He just nodded and gave her a finger heart.

The rest of the shopping went smoothly than he expected and he leave as soon as he entered the checkout.

His father was outside the car when he went out with the groceries.

“It took you quiet long.” His father asked as he load everything on the trunk.

“I bumped with someone I know.” He answered.
“Yeosang.” He Seheun called him.

He turn and saw her go with her parents.

He waved at her and she run towards him. He Bowes to his father when she saw him.

“I’m Lee Seheun. Nice to meet you.”

“Nice to meet you too. I’m Yeosang’s father.”

“This are my parents.”

“Nice to meet all of you.” Mr. Kang said to everyone.

“We’ll get going. Nice to meet you again. Yeosang. Mr. Kang.” Mrs. Lee said.

“Take care guys.” Yeosang said to them.

Seheun shoot a finger heart to him before running to her parents.

“Is that your girlfriend?” He asked while smiling.


“You guys looked almost perfect together.”

“Why almost?”

“Someone is going to hate both of you but you the most.” His father said. “Never show your weakness cause it’ll bring you down.”

“Alright.” He replied.

His father can sense aura of people and half of the time he’s accurate. He don’t want to think of just anyone but his image always come out.


Seheun and him became more careful on public especially anywhere at school. Though it feels likes they’re seat mate’s they barely look at each other cause it’ll cost so many things that that want to avoid.

He always notice him looking at her. It seems to be like he knows something but haven’t decided not he should act on it.

He learned to love Seheun because of small things and despite many obstacles that may come their way, he’s ready to them wrong.

They maybe young and clueless about the real rollercoaster ride of life, they’re prepared enjoy every bit of it.

He made a goodbye dinner to Seheun when they went to New York to celebrate Christmas.

They’re able to dance for the first time and share a short kiss.
They’ve given each other a gift that they promise to use every day while they’re away.

She given him Light Essence by Ferrari and brand of body wash that she always use. Pairs of socks, books and photo album.

He given her a Orange Blossom by Jo Malone and sweet flavoured shower gels. Shoes and sneakers, an autograph album of BOL4 and scarfs that he knitted.

“I didn’t put much efforts on my gifts to you.”

“It’s okay. Your happiness is what I always think about.”

“Do think I’m not thinking about yours?”

“You are enough to bring all the happiness in me.”

“You’re saying nonsense again.” Seheun punch his shoulder lightly.

They both laugh and continue watching the city lights on the wall.
“Do you think Seoul is for us?”

“Anywhere in the world as long as you’re with me.”

“It’s you and I against the world.”

“Yes.” He said as she lay her head on his heart. “I hope you’ll be here for me even when everything come down to me.”

“Stop being cryptic cause I wouldn’t let the anyone break us. Okay.”

“Merry Christmas.”

“Merry Christmas.” Seheun replied “Though it’s still in a week.”

“I love you.” Yeosang whispered through her hair.

“Me too. I love you.”