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Izuku glared at his phone, swiping through different messages shared between him and his brother hurriedly as he made his way down the street. Despite the fact that he was the one who officially came up with the entire 'industry idea', he was still tasked by Tenko to go and buy supplies for the newest members. His two right-hand men, Todoroki and Kemuri, strode beside him with blank expressions, keeping their mouths shut as they awaited for their boss to say something. The green haired teenager grumbled before perking up and putting on his typical 'happy' facade at the sight of civilians lingering around. He tucked his phone away. He then allowed a sigh to leave his mouth when nobody took notice of his sudden change in personality; he didn't want to deal with a public interaction today.

' Midoriya Izuku! Quirk ; Illusionist! He can made any target of his picking experience a heavy, realistic illusion of the target's worst fear/memory that can both mentally and physically harm the victim. He'll be prone to having a migraine if he uses it too much, though, regardless of how vivid the illusion is! Spooky! '

"Okay, so Shigaraki wants us to buy a few.. supplies. The newest member really needs them, apparently." He glanced up at the two males, who merely nodded soundlessly as the trio entered the baby shop. Todoroki visibly shuddered at the pastel coloring and glanced away, whereas Izuku immediately smiled and began to prance around. Kemuri lit a cigarette casually and flipped it into his canine-filled mouth loosely. "You a-ok, Shouto," he grunted; it sounded more like a command than a question of concern. The dual-haired male immediately flicked his gaze up towards the dragon-quirked male and merely grumbled in retort. Kemuri merely shrugged and went back to watching his boss run around and gather supplies.

' Doragon Kemuri! Quirk ; Smokey! He resembles that of a humanoid drake and can curl up into a ball and roll around up to 90 miles per hour! He can also blow out mass amounts of smoke at a time, but only if he actually inhales the stuff! He gains the typical enhancements of an animal and is more assertive and dominant because of it! Smoking Hot! '

The cashier slid back at how much stuff had been abruptly piled onto the counter, doing the action even more so when Kemuri flicked out a gun and gave them a lopsided smile. "We'll just be taking this. Without charge, please," Midoriya quipped cheerfully, "wouldn't want any accidents happening if you wouldn't allow us to supply one of our friend's baby showers!~" He then swiped the stuff into multiple bags that he typically carried around [sometimes for the disposal of bodies if one of his right-hand men got too upset with the likes of someone] and handed them to Todoroki, who slung them over his shoulder as if they weighed nothing. The cashier yelped when Kemuri spat out his cigar at them; he then pulled the trigger of the gun, snorting when the cashier fell to the ground, now bleeding from the gunshot wound in their nape. They gasped hurriedly for air, but it was in vain. The blood pooled out of their wound and slipped onto the floor, painting the once gleaming tiles with a crimson splatter. He smiled to himself at the sight.

Ah, what a good day to use a silencer, Kemuri thrummed.

The dragon boy tucked the gun away before turning towards the other two vigilantes; Midoriya was checking to see if he had everything they needed whereas Todoroki narrowed his eyes at the dead body of the innocent. "That wasn't needed," he mouthed with a light glare. Kemuri narrowed his eyes right back at the male, signaling that he could care less about if the action was needed or not. He flexed his talons before climbing over the counter, approaching the slightly living body and pulling the wound open, allowing the victim's blood to pool out excessively onto his hands. "Toga and Nada wanted more blood for their little experiments, right?" When Midoriya merely sighed and made a noise indicating that the two bloodlust maniacs did make a request of sorts for blood, the male hoisted the still bleeding body up and stepped over the counter once more. He then dropped them into an opened bag and zipped it up flimsily. Midoriya looked over the little mess that Kemuri managed to make behind the counter; the cashier's blood was now smothered across the wall and a pool of blood was imminent on the tiles. He hummed.

"Thank God you don't have fingerprints," he muttered as Kemuri licked the blood from his sharpened talons. His tail waved back and forth at his boss's words, but his expression remained content and simple. Todoroki's face scrunched up into a disgusted expression, narrowing his eyes at how casual the two seemed. "Well, time to hurry along; I think Tenko and Twice won't hesitate to harass our new member if we're late!" With that being said, Midoriya skittered out of the desolate shop and immediately put on his usual happy expression that managed to fool so many bystanders; Todoroki scowled at Kemuri temporarily before heading after his boss, Kemuri doing the same after glancing around the once happy shop that was now robbed of all products.


Izuku immediately ran through the door of the rather spacious hideout Kurogiri managed to scout for the industry; Dabi sat on the couch with Shigaraki, Bakugou was attempting to make food with Nada, which was a problem in itself, Toga was playing around with the new, yet ultimately young member by handing her tiny knives and telling her to hurl them at a dartboard with a picture of Stain attached to it; nothing exciting, he noted as he dusted off his shirt. Todoroki placed the bag full of child supplies down on the barstool and made a beeline towards the stairwell that led to his room, disappearing shortly afterwards. Kemuri thrummed softly to himself and made his way over towards Toga, who perked up at his presence and excitedly greeted him. Midoriya rummaged through the bag hastily and picked out a small rattle; why did Tenko, of all people, put a damned rattle on the shopping list? He rocked it back and forth lazily, jumping a little when the little recruit scampered up to him and obediently stood before him.

Shigaraki looked over the couch and chuckled a bit dryly at his brother's expression. "Our newest recruit was found by Touya," he gestured towards the lounging villain before looking back down at his Nintendo Switch, "she's around six, if I remember correctly. Another one of Overhaul's little 'experiments' or something. Super loyal and responds to the rattle. Also, we didn't want to leave a child in the streets after last time." Dabi nodded a little in agreement, sipping carefully from his mug filled to the brim with hot chocolate.

Midoriya blinked at his brother and looked back down at the little girl, who was staring up at him expectantly with a small popsicle stick hanging from her mouth. He groaned before glancing up at Nada, who had rushed into the room and was now excessively thanking Kemuri for bringing back a whole corpse. The little girl swayed back and forth before spitting out the stick, finding no interest in it anymore. "Ah; don't mind me. Go back to doing what you were doing, sweetie," Midoriya cooed in a  sickeningly soft voice to the child, causing the girl to nod and run back to Toga. Once the girl was out of hearing range, he murmured a quick curse and made his way over towards Bakugou.

The spikey haired male perked up when Izuku lightly tapped him on the shoulder whilst he was stirring some batter. The rich scent of both cake and blood filled the dining area and Midoriya caught himself being enticed by it. "Oh, boss," he muttered, going back to his original task whilst humming lowly to himself, "you're back from shopping already? What did you even get?" Izuku glanced back at the main room and caught a glimpse of Mina and Kirishima rummaging through the little figurines of themselves and showing them to the child, who immediately reached out for them. He then focused back on Katsuki. 

"Supplies for both Eri and the new child hanging around here. Got food for Nada and blood for Toga, too; Doragon felt frisky around the cashier and wanted to use his new silencer today." Bakugou only nodded at the information as he poured the batter onto a metal plate, sliding said plate into an oven as if it were the simplest thing to be done. To be honest,  He then shut the hatch quietly and rolled his shoulders. Izuku tilted his head a little. "What are you making with Nada? I thought you and Kuro banned her from the kitchen a few weeks ago."

Katsuki groaned at the mention of the cannibalistic villain, who was busy filling a plate with different pieces of the cashier's corpse splayed out across it. She had also rummaged through the mini fridge and snagged a small container of cold tendrils; she then departed without a sound to the couch. "We did. Since she's from a Spanish ethnicity, we can't just say her name without there being confusion. Also, she's the only one who can actually cook Icyhot's cold soba and Dunceface's sweets." Bakugou leaned against the oven and crossed his arms over his chest. "So, did you need something, or did you just want to know why I was cooperating with Needleteeth over there?" Izuku sighed softly at the little insulting name his peer managed to come up with before shaking his head in dismissal; he was only curious about the latter, luckily, and left the explosion quirked male to go back to his normal work in the kitchen. 

"So, Midoriya," the green haired male hummed at the mention of his surname, "what're we supposed to do with the child again? Just play with them and stuff like we do with Eri, Tero, and Kouta?" He craned his head over his shoulder to see Toga bouncing the child from before on her leg, giggling happily whilst the child let out bubbly fits of laughter that seemed to be uncontrollable. He rubbed his temples before nodding a bit at the question, now understanding that it was Toga who had asked it. "Yes, yes; name them first, though. We can't just call them 'child' forever." Despite the fact that he didn't exactly adore the whining noises a child could make, it was nice to know that Overhaul had been making successful and obedient children and leaving them within a locale that at least one of his members would be able to find them.

Speaking of which, he'd need to send Tero to Overhaul sometime this year due to the boy's quirk beginning to manifest; Overhaul would be happy to see what wonders it could do the the slowly dwindling human population. That, and Overhaul was basically the group's medical doctor in both regular medicines and quirks alike, other than Deddo and Nada. But he was proven to be more or less trustworthy than the listed two; Nada was a cannibal who wouldn't hesitate to consume a child when alone whereas Deddo would slowly kill anything she touched. At least Chisaki could remotely control his quirk to an extent.

"Ah, alright, boss!" Toga cradled the little girl, poking at the tiny horns that peeked out of her vibrant orange hair and pinched her yellow cheeks afterwards. The child gurgled in retort to the affections. "How about.. Akachan! Akachan Toga!~" Katsuki popped his head into the room and glanced down at the two females before looking over at Kurogiri, who was currently organizing the supplies that were specifically bought for Eri and Akachan. The wispy man tilted his head slightly at the other's sudden attention before placing two of the rattles on the highest shelf that only he and [possibly] Amajiki could possibly reach. "Kuro, tell Icyhot that there's no more cold soba and he'll have to get up and make it by his damn self; it's either that or have Nada cook it for him, and you know how she gets when she's alone in the kitchen." Kurogiri narrowed hsi eyes before nodding, sinking down into a more fog-like mass and slithering up the stairs with little trouble.

"And what's with giving that brat your last name, Toga?" He grumbled, kneeling down to prod curiously at the small child. Toga snatched her away from him and nuzzled her happily. "She likes me best! She even called me 'mom' once! She's mine, mine, mine!~" Shigaraki peeked over the couch and sighed loosely at the miniature argument between the two younger vigilantes. He then cleared his throat, gaining their attention rather quickly due to him being second-in-charge. "Don't fight over 'Akachan'," he seethed, "just.. share her. Like a potion or a video game." Akachan gurgled at the analogy and pawed at Himiko's palms quietly, sticking out her forked tongue when the girl moved her hand away to avoid getting scratched.

"Whatever," was all Katsuki mumbled as he got back up to check on the sweets being made. Toga silently cheered to herself and went back to playing with her new daughter giddily. Said daughter was perfectly fine with this.

Nada scrambled off of the hardwood floor and propped herself up against a nearby stool. She then clambered atop of it and shimmied around somewhat uncomfortably before flashing a large smile towards her boss; Izuku winced at the sight of her needle-like teeth, but slowly managed to smile back at her when she began to laugh a little at his contorted expression. The woman was at least three (3) years older than he was, but was still holding the features of a normal teenager when you weren't regarding her teeth or her clothing, which was usually tattered due to a victim always struggling against her when she attempted to feast upon them.

' Furōraru Ikari aka Nada! Quirk ; Regrowth! She can cause natural disasters with a chain reaction due to her processing multiple equations at a time, create any organism of her choosing when she knows the internal structure of it, and even control nature itself! Wicked! '

She snagged a wine bottle from one of the shelves and waved it around a bit before reaching over for a can of car gas. She scooped it up and began to pour the raw, liquid oil into the glass until it was filled halfway. Nada shoved the can back into its original setting and chugged down the oil, licking her canines afterwards and accidentally puncturing her tongue. She murmured a small 'ow', hopped off of the stool, then wandered to the bathroom to make sure that she wouldn't get blood absolutely everywhere; wouldn't want Stain trying to lick her tongue whenever he gets back from his 'patrolling'.


Midoriya sighed at the display, already too used to the strange eating habits of everyone within his little 'league' as Tenko called it. He cracked his knuckles to release the tension in them before padding up the stairs that led to the second floor; it was much tidier on the second floor than it was on the first, the vacuumed carpet feeling soft against his feet as he removed his shoes and set them aside. He then walked through the widened hallway until he found his room at the end of it. The mess of green hair pushed the door open and shut it behind him upon entrance, letting out another sigh as he began to scan his room; Twice and Nada often times wandered into his room by mistake, but never made an effort to show any accountability for their crime. Luckily for him, Tamaki would always inform him on the current situation with the two, allowing him to give them proper lectures and even a few death threats if he felt up to it.

Izuku plopped himself down upon his bedside, stretching out his arms as he glared at the stack of newspapers laying upon his dresser. He snagged the one on the top of it and rummaged through it; a smile sprouted across his face at the sight of a blurred picture of either Kemuri or his sister, Airoma hovering over a massacred scenery. The two looked similar in the picture, for it wasn't too recent and was back when Kemuri had de-horned himself out of spite that they were growing too large for him to properly carry. Airoma never had horns in the first place, and the two shared a similar clothing style with both their uniforms and casual wear. Mina would always comment on how they had the same schedules, too, so it wasn't really surprising to the vigilante leader.

Izuku leaned back against his headboard and propped himself up on his elbows, purring quietly to himself at the feeling of relaxing his strained muscles. He never fared well with standing around in a space for too long, so it was obvious that he was in some sort of bliss now that he could finally rest.


He didn't know how long he had been laying in his bed, but he did know that he couldn't sleep for the life of him. It was close to finally occurring when Mirio phased his face through the door, nearly giving the poor boss a heart attack if he hadn't been so used to the strong male coming to check up on him every hour or so. "Sir! Ah, sorry if I happened to wake you up, but Nada has attempted to; how do I put this; devour Shinsou's gear."

Izuku's eye twitched.

He then launched himself off of the bed and fixed his tie, readying himself to use his quirk on the troublemaker that was messing with one of his strongest member's possessions. "Make sure she can't run away from this punishment," he hissed, his mood suddenly at an all time low as he pulled his sleeves down to his elbows and buttoned up his vest, "we're going to have to knock some sense into her. Get Todoroki and Kemuri, too." Mirio nodded and disappeared, allowing Midoriya to rummage through his cabinets hurriedly in order to withdraw a weapon he usually used for these specific punishments.

He flicked out an empty, yet blunt handgun and shoved it into his belt, growling to himself as he marched out of his room and down the stairs.


Ah, yes; the vigilante leader of one of the most feared groups; Midoriya Izuku.

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Kemuri was tired.

Not only was he tired, but he was allowing his thoughts to consume him like an epidemic.

That was a given for his current situation, for he had woken up at precisely 3 in the morning and refused to go back to sleep. His claws dug into the mattress beneath him as he rolled about, aching to fall asleep but still allowing it to dance out of his reach. It would flow towards him then disperse, like a moth drawn to a flame, slowly allowing itself to disappear from existence but not from thought. His quirk may be one of the better ones in the league, hell, it could be ranked in the Top 10, but that meant nothing when he couldn't even handle it enough to control the tendencies that acquainted it. Nocturnal instincts, the fear of hurting someone he cares deeply about, the fear of becoming so distraught and pulled from society that he just..


Laying in bed wouldn't help the sickening feeling that was beginning to bile in the back of his mind at the hundreds of possibilities of hurting people growing. That was something he was sure that he knew; and if he didn't, to hell with all of his beliefs. To hell with everything he used to pour his heart into; being a heroine, saving his sister, loving someone; to hell with it all! He chorused the thought in his head before raising his hand to his face, examining it as lights flickered outside to signal that the police were on watch for one of his comrades once again.

His hand disgusted him sometimes. It disgusted him to know that he killed people; and for what cause? To feed those unfortunate enough to get caught up in a whirlwind of barbaric tendencies and a smoldering hatred for humanity? To cleanse his palette of the sins he had already committed by putting them through another's body? To dangle the corpse in the air with a triumphant smile, saying 'I killed them?' He clenched his claws together and folded them across his chest, heaving out a solemn sigh as he glared at the ceiling.

He needed to take a walk.

Maybe even smoke a cigarette or two to drain his worries.

Anything that'd make him focus on the good things he had here, if he could even find anything or anyone worth his time anymore.

Snatching his jacket off of his scratch-covered headrest and pushing his muzzle-like mask over his jaw, he pushed the door open slowly; he didn't want to wake anyone up, for he already had a few bad ideas in mind about how his night could go about. Maybe he'd run into a hero, kill someone, even. Hell, he might be able to meet up with that kind Uravity girl or Froppy again. It was a slim change due to them changing their patrolling schedules to be more so around 4am and 4pm [they announced it on the news once upon a time, and he refuses to forget it], but he was hopeful that at least one of the two pro heroes could accompany him. Of course, they were unaware of his status as a vigilante, but they'd probably understand; just.. leave out all of the parts of murdering people, feeding living people to both Noumus and cannibals alike, once trying to eat someone because they resented him..

They wouldn't understand, he realized as he slid down the stairwell soundlessly.

As usual, the living area was dimmed down to almost complete darkness had it not been for the white and sky blue lights being draped alongside the sides of every wall. They were solar powered so they'd only come on during the nighttime, so the area was decently illuminated to the nocturnal male. An orange light hung over Kurogiri's little bartender area, perfectly giving off a vibe that only fireflies could give Kemuri; a sign of docility, peace, and maybe just a little content. The light illuminated other things, too, such as the sleeping figures of entities laying around and sleeping peacefully. 

Nada laid on her side in a dog bed, degraded to said animal to the point that she chose to sleep like one as well. Her legs were held close to her chest as she held a bone from the cashier she devoured a few days before in her jaw firmly, gnawing on it in her sleep. Believe Kemuri or not, she looked oddly at ease; her body bent itself in a way that actually looked nice, although the thought of sleeping in a dog bed was off-putting for anyone who had a speck of dignity. Nada, however, had none due to her being a product of an experiment, so nobody really could bring themselves to care how she chose to sleep.

Kemuri, to a curious measure, pitied her. He pitied the idea of being forced to become something the opposite of what you wanted to become; much like himself, maybe. His tail swept the floor as he stared at the sleeping figure of Nada for a moment longer. Just another moment, he sighed to himself at the thought, where someone ends up getting hurt. Nothing new, nothing old. It's always been like this.

Unfortunately, he added to his final thought as he finally seated himself at the bar's counter. The seat croaked under the added weight of his scales and his regular body weight, but stood tall nonetheless. The cushion was absolutely tattered and smothered at this point; it was probably used as a chew-toy by one of Glimmer's Noumus she managed to give some sort of childish conscience to. It marveled him to no extent that those things were once living people, but it was as surprising as it was to him when Nada was confirmed to be a 16 year old girl all those years ago.

His eyes flickered over towards the assortment of wine bottles laid out across numerous shelves. The different textures of each bottle enticed him, but he knew he wasn't allowed to drink anything. No, he wasn't a lightweight, nor was he a drunken maniac whenever he managed to get his hands on whiskey or the such. He merely malfunctioned with his quirk whenever he allowed the acids to enter his system, so he'd just be in a world of pain. As if he wasn't already in one, he remarked thoughtfully as he glanced down at the many deep scars that trailed up from his wrist to his elbow. He traced them with a singular claw before shaking his head. "Can't do anything without overthinking the entire damn predicament, can I?" He shoved a hand into his jacket's pocket and rummaged through it for his prized pack of cigarettes.

He never expected anyone to come down the stairs and into the main room, but life just hates him that much, doesn't it?

"Ah.. you're awake," a voice grumbled from the stairwell.

Kemuri grumbled to himself at the tone of the person's voice; he knew who it was already and was already counting off the multiple possibilities of how this interaction would end. Most of his results indicated that it would end badly, but he could only pray that it wouldn't. He thrashed his hand around through hi pocket again, snarling when it had finally been obtained and yanking it out to pull one out hurriedly. He then popped it between his canines and searched for his lighter. He could hear the bane of his existence step closer when he refused to look in their direction, so he merely allowed his body to slouch over as he began to get to work on lighting his cigar. He raised a hand to keep the fire from going anywhere but the cigar.

"I see you haven't let up on that nasty habit of yours," Todoroki hummed. His expression was blank, but Kemuri knew what he was trying to do; he was aiming to annoy the other now that the two were alone. According to Todoroki's mindset, the two shared a silent rivalry and neither of them were willing to let up on it. Well, in Todoroki's eyes it was a rivalry. Kemuri could honestly care less for the male hadn't he antagonized him on every little thing, pointing out every slip-up subtly in hopes of getting Midoriya to act upon it. It was quite annoying, and Kemuri didn't know how much more he could take without snapping on the dual haired male. He clenched his jaw, but said nothing in retort to Todoroki's comment. Todoroki frowned at the lack of reaction.

"Even when you never you your quirk; I've never seen you do anything; you still hang onto the idea of smoking to recharge it. It would be admirable if it wasn't useless. Or maybe it wouldn't; it's probably useless all in itself anyways."

He leaned forward on one hand, now sitting beside the scaled male. Kemuri finally glanced over towards Todoroki, his green pupils highlighting a nonverbal warning towards the other's advances. He never really had to say anything in order to warn someone; all he needed to do was look at them, concerning the idea that he always seemed to have a prominent glare etched into his features. Todoroki's frown slowly shifted into a smirk, mischief brewing in his own eyes as he shifted his weight on the stool. Kemuri tore his gaze away from the scarred male, but heavily regretted doing so due to him allowing his facade to slowly deplete in the process of turning.

"You're useless, y'know?"

He froze at Todoroki's words, his anger beginning to boil up. He had hidden it so well all those other times, so what made this different? Maybe it was because they were alone, not regarding the sleeping cannibal laying in her bed nearby. He didn't want to yell due to Nada sleeping in the locale, but he also knew he didn't really have to hesitate if he wanted to smack some sense into the other right hand man since Nada was clarified to be a very deep sleeper by Twice and Toga. It was both a blessing and a curse, the former in this situation. Todoroki took notice of his falter and leaned forward even more, his eyes narrowed to indicate that he was just dying to break the usually calm and collect male.

"You can only ever use a gun. Just a gun. I don't even know why the boss thought it was a good idea to even remotely allow you to breathe the same air as all of us; I never thought that he'd find something interesting in someone with no use other than killing innocent people. You really are-"

"Shut the fuck up, Shouto," he interjected without turning to look at the male, "I'm not taking this shit from the likes of you. You know very well that you have no right to be antagonizing me." Kemuri straightened up, turned, and glared at Todoroki, who had gone silent at being able to finally make the other talk, but also out of surprise. Kemuri was, more or less, the most chill person within the vicinity. He never got angry with anyone and rarely ever told someone else what to do, debarring many from actually being able to get on his nerves; to be honest, it scared Todoroki, but he was far too gone to properly show it and fix his mistake. The dual haired male inhaled before seething, his gaze challenging. "And what if I don't shut up, huh? What if I keep talking about how horrid you are, Doragon?"

Kemuri's eye twitched at being called by his surname; when he had first arrived, you see, he immediately told everyone to call him 'Kemuri' strictly because of how he loathed his family and how they believed he'd be the next All Might.

We all know how that went South, especially when Kemuri found out that All Might was a villain.

His mom wanted him to be like him, so why was she so upset when he became what he is now? Maybe that's why he hit her. Maybe that's why he liked the taste of blood, loved watching it slide down his keratin claws and onto the tiled floor. Maybe that's why he liked to hurt innocent people.

He couldn't take the pressure anymore.

He swiftly lifted his hand, the lighter long forgotten by now, and swiped it across Todoroki's face.

Kemuri slapped Todoroki.

The slap itself left a deep gnash that ranged from the victim's cheek all the way to his nose ridge. Blood immediately began to pour from it, and Todoroki futilely lifted his hands to try and make it stop. It throbbed at his touch and only worsened the pain as he winced harshly. Kemuri's pupils dilated at the scene, temporarily feeling guilty for harming Todoroki before his expression hardened. He bared his teeth and flicked Todoroki's blood from his claws, for once not wanting to clean it off with his sandpaper tongue. He then scoffed at the other right hand man, who was clutching his wound as if it were fatal.

It might as well be, Kemuri found himself thinking as he scowled.

"You, of all fucking people, can't try and talk me down when your parents didn't even want you in the first place. If anything, you were the mistake here, unplanned pregnancy." Todoroki's voice caught in his throat at the mention of how he was birthed," And don't call me by my surname, Todoroki, because I'm pretty sure that you don't want me to hurt you again, eh?" When Todoroki stayed silent, he growled lowly to assert whatever dominance he managed to have over the other, digging his claws into the counter. He then pushed himself out of the chair and blew smoke out of his mouth. Todoroki felt a shudder chorus down his body at the sound of growling, but it was out of mere fear; Kemuri was much stronger than most of the vigilantes here, including Todoroki. He had been raised in a household that held him up to expectations higher than Todoroki could ever even think of, and even began killing people at a younger age.

Kemuri snapped the cigarette in half and allowed the lit part of it to drop to the ground.

"Exactly," the scale covered male spat, "so watch yourself. If you think I'll forget this, you're wrong. You've been a pain in my ass for too long, Todoroki, so do me a favor and leave me alone. I was trying to get over something that was much more important than any goal you've achieved, so I'd appreciate it if you'd just.." Kemuri sucked in a breath, pressing a hand to his temple as he attempted to calm down. Todoroki was still in shock; why he was, he had no idea; and couldn't even argue with the male, so he just sat there, his mouth agape as the other ranted at him. Kemuri sighed before brushing past the male silently, clambering up the stairs.

Before he disappeared, however, he finally finished his sentence, and Todoroki felt something break inside of him at his words.

"Don't speak to me ever again."

He snapped.

Just like he feared he would. 

Kemuri had rolled up into a ball and sped into his room, immediately clambering out of his outer shell to shut the door behind him. He sunk down to the floor, his breathing slightly labored now that he managed to get all of his anger out; it felt wonderful to finally speak his mind, but horrible to know that nothing was going to go right today. he clambered back into bed and clung to the sheets, visibly shaking out of fright for himself. He then collapsed onto the mattress, words still on his tongue as he tried to calm down.

He muffled an angered scream with his pillow, wrapping himself up in his blankets and attempting to force himself back to sleep as his thoughts began to antagonize him once again. He bit down into the fabric as his vision glazed over to blur everything too far from his reach; he couldn't even see anything clearly anymore. Just.. red. He hated it. He hated everything about it, and all he wanted was for it to stop. This is all he saw when he hurt his mother, when he agreed to help Stain, when he came here.

He wanted it all to stop. That's all he wanted to happen now; maybe he was being over-dramatic, but he felt as if he could die at any time and be content with it now.

But he knew it wouldn't stop.

Kemuri was having a bad day, wasn't he? He was surely the victim of that situation; no, he wasn't, the whirling thoughts would taunt, Todoroki didn't deserve that.

But he did. Oh, Todoroki deserved every little word that was spoken to him. He deserved to be hurt. He deserved to be deserted like that, hanging onto a string and being snapped loose.

"And to think I liked that guy," he murmured, closing his eyes and curling into himself as his thoughts took over once again, as they did every other night. "Why does it always end like this," he sighed to himself, his lidded eyes now containing regret mixed with his undeniable anger that still stung his tongue every time he spoke, "someone always gets hurt because of me." He bit down onto his pillow again to muffle his ranting and sucked in harsh breaths through his nose.

As all of this unfolded, Todoroki stayed stationed on the stool, his hands still cradling the deep wound Kemuri managed to inflict upon him. It hurt like hell, yes, but his chest ached as his brain began to banter him. He did want to annoy the other, yes, but now he feared the person Midoriya told him to see as an equal. He never wanted this. He never wanted the one person he managed to feel something for slip away like that; he never knew how to express himself in a way that wasn't harsh or aggressive, so of course this didn't go his way. He never wanted to drive Kemuri away. If anything, he wanted to be closer to the male. Maybe even mend the broken friendship that they used to have back when this entire group started.

And yet, even though he tried so hard, he didn't.

Maybe he just wanted to do something right for once and not go breaking it.

Maybe he wanted to tell Kemuri that he was sorry.

Alas, some things were never meant to be, for both of them were fatigued mentally and physically because of the other's words.

"I'm sorry," Todoroki muttered to himself, but nobody heard him. Of course nobody heard him. The lights flickered in the dark environment as he sat, motionless and lacking any sleep in the living area, regretting his own actions. What was there not to regret? He wanted to tell Kemuri something of a higher importance, but now he probably would never even be able to look his way because of how he had acted unjustly. This was his fault, and he loathed himself for making such a horrendous decision. It's not like he never loathed himself in the first place; he always messed things up, just like he did when his mother told him that he was a disgrace to his bloodline and that he'd end up like the infamous Hero Killer: Stain. Or when his sister told him that his scar never looked pretty, and would always keep him from doing his absolute best.

Of course they were right. They were always right.

"I'm so, so sorry, Kemuri," he muttered again in a more hushed tone, blood dripping down onto the once stainless counter and painting it crimson. It then slid across the slightly slanted counter and onto the floor, seeping through the floorboards over and over again until he pressed his forehead against his arm. It pained him to do so, but he could care less; his heart ached even more so than it used to, for he couldn't deny that he had felt something for the other right hand man. No matter how many times he tried, it only made it worst, for both their depleting relationship and how he fell deeper and deeper until there was nothing. Todoroki cradled his head, loathing every little word he had said for this to happen. The blood never seemed to stop dripping, and it soon mixed in with his pellucid tears.

It didn't need to happen, and yet it did. Oh, how resentful they felt for the other, but how deeply heartbreaking that moment was for the both of them. A reminder that no matter what they do, they'll just fall apart anyways.

A lesson well learnt, they both recalled faintly in the back of their heads, that they were both horrible.

The two right hand men; Kemuri and Todoroki; neck and neck and only wishing that they'd see each other in a better light.

Chapter Text

"So, Hawks," the winged 'pro-hero' took a long sip from his glass of whiskey and glanced over at the source of the voice, almost immediately smiling at the sight of Midoriya. He then bowed a bit to his boss before going back to sipping his drink coyly. The younger leader narrowed his eyes a little at the action before continuing. "What did Overhaul say about bringing Nada along?" Hawks swirled the glass about a little before smirking a little to himself, seemingly lost in thought for a few moments as he stood still. He then sneered a bit. Midoriya, however, was patient enough to await his answer, leaning on the counter of Kurogiri's bar and signalling for the misty man to give him a whiskey as well. Said male hummed in acknowledgement before going to fetch the same bottle he had gifted upon Hawks.

"Me and Tokoyami managed to bargain with him." Hawks finally replied. He gulped down the rest of his drink and set it down, waving a hand absentmindedly towards Kurogiri to silently ask for more. The bartender merely huffed in retort, now pouring a separate glass of the whiskey for the winged male. Midoriya quirked a brow in interest, a rare smirk etching itself into his facial features. Hawks took that as a sign to continue as Kurogiri placed their glasses in front of them casually before going back to cleaning the other discarded objects and whatnot. "For as long as we manage to feed her at the same time on the mission, we'll be able to take her; that shouldn't be much of a problem, right? Stain and Umi already scouted out the locale beforehand and said that there would be a lot of enemies to deal with." The boss took a short swig of his drink, slightly narrowing his eyes at how strong it was before huffing lowly in a bemused sort of way. He then licked his lips quietly and hummed in approval.

"Yeah, they did mention something along the lines of that, didn't they?" Midoriya crooned lowly to himself, leaning on a palm as he drank subtly from the glass that was filled to the brim in whiskey; somehow, and to no surprise to anyone who worked beneath him, he never got any stains on any of his clothing. It was something he was intent on keeping up, to be honest. Hawks chuckled a little at the somewhat aloof manner he was displaying, which completely contrasted the usual way he acted. "Anyways, you really sure about bringing Nada along for this one? We can barely control her on a regular basis without Overhaul's help," he took a long swig of his drink and twirled the glass between his index and middle finger curtly. "Even To-do-rookie over there got a nasty scar from her."

Midoriya blinked a few times before glancing over at his lounging members; Todoroki was getting patched up by Glimmer, their local healer that Shigaraki decided to kidnap at least several years ago. She seemed to be okay with everyone [not regarding Nada nor Stain, for those two could be considered to be scary over everyone else] and even allowed herself to become the one who also 'tamed' the Noumus when need be. The bi-colored male seemed to be having a great time sitting still, his nose scrunching up whenever she pressed a skin-colored band-aid across the gnash. Toga and Akachan were toying with the knives in the kitchen whilst being lectured by Iida, who probably forgot that said objects were the things the two loved overall. Bakugou, of course, was cooking in order to let off steam; Midoriya faintly remembered his childhood friend having a run-in with the 'Pro-Hero Duo' Gunhead and Uravity and just being extremely pissed off at them when they noticed him and attempted to converse in a docile manner; but nothing really caught his eye afterwards.

"You know she complies when she gets food," he slowly retorted, his brow creased as he sipped solemnly from his drink. Hawks nodded at his statement. He then began to drink from his glass, which slowly emptied out due to his high alcohol tolerance. He licked his lips afterwards and set the empty glass down, allowing Kurogiri to take it and clean it elsewhere. "All we have to tell her is that she'll get food out of it. We tell her that, she'll comply no problem. If she doesn't, we resort to either choosing different candidates for the mission or the shock collar." Hawks winced at the mention of the shock collar, scrunching up his face a little. He glanced over at Nada, who was residing in her dog bed and pawing at the fabric whilst chewing on the severed arm of an unfortunate somebody who probably crossed either Midoriya or Kemuri. "You know she despises that thing, right?" Midoriya smiled, feigning innocence for a split second before his eyes went dark. 

"That's the point, isn't it?"

Hawks stiffened up a little before forcing himself to brush off his boss's dark demeanor. It wasn't like it was something new; it was just surprising to see how he wouldn't hesitate to further degrade the woman who was metaphorically akin to a feral mutt. He swallowed down a witty response, deciding against it due to Midoriya's rather deceptive Quirk. Instead he opted on fluttering his wings a tad and pulling them close to his spinal chord.

He coughed into his hand abruptly. "Ahem. Yeah, uh, right. Right, right, right." Midoriya casually sipped from his drink whilst staring at Hawks. He never seemed to blink during the duration of it. "Who's going to accompany Nada, anyways? Last time I checked, literally nobody here; even Stain and Yagi; want absolutely nothing to do with her!" Midoriya traced the rim of his glass before setting it down, watching absentmindedly as Kurogiri went to clean it almost immediately. He then leaned on the counter with a single elbow and smiled grimly. "Regardless of how they feel about her, I've decided to send both Amajiki and Tetsutetsu to accompany her. Those two have some sort of control over her cannibalistic instincts; possibly due to them retaining her the most in hostile situations, such as when she attempted to kill Shouta's little 'son'." He gestured nonchalantly towards the silent boy with a small mask wrapped around his jaw, who was sitting on the floor whilst pulling apart a Chargebolt figurine excitedly.

Hawks stifled yet another wince; damn, these children would probably grow up on the edge of a cliff if their hideout was found by some 'false-hero' or something.

"They've already given me their consent to send them off with her in tow, so we can only await for the clock to strike 5 to push the mission into full effect." Hawks nodded absentmindedly before leaning on his palm, sighing under his breath and beginning to fiddle with his gloves. Midoriya tilted his head a tad before chuckling softly to himself. "If it makes you feel any better, I won't use the collar on her; maybe just stimulate her with some endorphins to keep her loyal. In place of the shock collar, I might as well try out the scopolamine samples if she tries to harm another ally." Hawks swallowed; the scopolamine samples were better known as 'Devil's Breath', for it made the victim carry out horrid things that he just refused to recall after witnessing Midoriya dosing Todoroki and Monoma with it when they weren't compliant with one of his plans at one point. The effects were probably still prominent, but not enough to physically nor mentally put a toll of them; the aftermath seemed to be horrible, though, concerning the fact that they had no idea what happened.

He twiddled his fingers together before managing a half-assed smile. "Yeah; thanks, boss. I appreciate the thought-"

"Hawks, call me Izuku for the fifth time."

"Sorry, Izuku."

Much to everyone's liking, time passed quite quickly. Whenever Nada was given permission to go outside and do what she pleased, it was much calmer and most of the tension within the hideout would immediately disperse; nobody really bothered to fight about anything, be it verbally or physically. Even the obvious tension between Todoroki and Kemuri seemed to die down a tad, not regarding the fact that they still didn't talk to one another on behalf of Kemuri's command the previous night. Hawks was probably the only one who was actually concerned about Nada's absence, especially since it was darker out and if the guards lost her, it would probably be hell frozen over in the locale until they found her. Midoriya or Hoppu would often skitter by and attempt to reassure him, although it was futile due to the male honestly caring for the cannibal, as uncanny as it was; the two had bonded over Hawks having to constantly feed her, so she showed him some sort of loyalty and even listened to him. That, and he knew she was still a human, despite the idea that she was nothing better than a mere guard dog and a scent-hound.

Unlike everyone else, Amajiki and Tetsutetsu could be having a better day.

No, they didn't lose the cannibal; at least, not yet; but they were having a difficult time keeping her away from the butcher shop nearby. Not only was it clearly closed, but allowing a cannibal to enter a place filled to the brim with raw meat? Not the best idea, to be honest. Nada had been fed at least several times beforehand, therefore meaning that her instincts were merely starting to flare up even more so than they typically did. Tetsutetsu yanked on her collar, scrunching up his face a bit when she let out some sort of choking noise before going back to hissing and snarling; Amajiki glanced around skeptically, suddenly glad that nobody was out during this time. Attention was the last thing they needed at this point.

"Food! Food!" Nada chanted, but stopped short when Tetsu pressed a finger to her forehead and flicked her. She yowled a bit and shrunk down a bit in submission. The silver haired male glanced over at Amajiki, who was now intently watching his surroundings. He reached out to tap the male's shoulder before pointing at the silently complaining cannibal they had to drag to another locale. "She's been yelling 'food' for several minutes, Tamaki," he muttered lowly as Nada slowly began to open her mouth again, only to shut it when Tetsu's arm hardened into iron in warning. She immediately focused on the ground, twitching whenever they walked past a shop that had even one piece of meat in it. Tetsutetsu grimaced a little before huffing, which made Amajiki finally turn to face him.

"I'm very close to resorting to breaking her jaw right now, I hope you know that." Amajiki swallowed shallowly. "If you break her jaw, Overhaul will probably kill you," he reasoned, placing a hand atop of Nada's head and lightly rubbing her scalp; she immediately leaned into his hand, purring lowly with lidded eyes at the contact. He hummed a bit at the positive reaction before continuing in his reasoning on why Nada's jaw shouldn't be snapped 'right this instant'. "And if he doesn't, Midoriya will." The somewhat younger male sneered a bit, but reverted his arm back to normal and went back to scanning the environment lazily. The woman fidgeted between the two, only stopping whenever her chin was scratched or her scalp was rubbed.

The walk was now silent, much to the two guards' joy. With the crisis averted, Nada seemed to be more intent on getting the mission over with, which was another relief.

It took them no time at all to get to the needed location with Nada's scent tracking skills in their prime; since there were no other prominent scents other than the one that belonged to their primary target, she had no problem finding out where they had to go. She clicked her tongue and grunted when Tetsutetsu lightly shoved her towards the towering facility. Amajiki pulled at his sleeves before letting out a low sigh.

"Good girl," he uttered, thus causing Nada to perk up and smile widely. It was an unsettling sight overall and Tamaki forced himself to look away from the dangerous unit. He then decided that it would be best to completely change the subject at hand, for Nada was beginning to mutter as she typically did when she got excited; the result would be annoying for Tetsutetsu and Amajiki alike. He cleared his throat.

"Tetsu, what's the plan? We can't just stroll in like we own the place-" The younger male sighed softly before pressing a thumb to his chest, smirking proudly; Amajiki stifled another sigh of concern at the display, opting to fiddle with his attire as he prepared himself for Tetsutetsu's reply. The male seemingly beamed at the opportunity, whereas Nada made a noise similar to a groan before focusing on him intently. "One; this place will soon belong to us, so cool your jets," he lifted two fingers, "And two; the plan is simple. I managed to get someone else in on this, so they'll be the insider of this entire situation. They'll notify us on any activity due to their social status." Nada clicked her teeth together and hissed when she punctured the tip of her tongue, lifting her slightly ashy elbow and wiping the wound against it vigorously. Amajiki grimaced at the sight before nodding at Tetsutetsu, who merely dropped his wide smile for a more serious demeanor.

"Okay, Nada," said female perked up, her ears twitching a little beneath her unkempt hair that seemed to stick up in all the wrong places, "you remember the smell we're after, right?" She nodded a bit too excitedly, clicking her teeth together rapidly whilst making sure she didn't completely close them; if she did, the sharp, needle-like teeth would probably pierce right through her bottom and top lips. Tetsutetsu crouched down to her level [a sitting position] and searched through his pockets before pulling out a small piece of what seemed to be stale steak. Nada straightened up at the sight of the probably non-edible-to-a-normal-human snack and tilted her head at Tetsu, urging silently for him to go on with what he was attempting to bargain. He swung the meat around a little before holding it to her nose; she quickly sniffed it before hissing, sliding away from it a bit with no interest in being near it anymore.

"Follow that scent and you'll get your food, got it?" Her ears twitched in a way similar to an animal's and she grumbled lowly. She then nodded, turning on her heels and beginning to scamper away from the duo. Amajiki watched in confusion as she disappeared into the rather large facility before going to look at Tetsutetsu. Said male turned to the older guard with a smug look. "Okay, where did you get that and why do you know that the smell belongs to our target?" Tetsutetsu threw the item aside and rubbed his hand on the side of his pants leg lazily before smirking at Amajiki's questions. "I got it from his pocket, duh," he retorted, "everyone still thinks that I'm apart of the pro-hero community and whatnot, so people like our target want to chat with me sometimes. Anyways, we should be looking out for Nada; I did just send her off on her lonesome."

A moment of silence was shared between the two before they made a mad dash to catch up with Nada.

Hawks fiddled with his gloves, sliding them on and off consistently whilst awaiting the return of the trio; several hours had past and it was almost 8PM now, which was the exact time they were supposed to come back lest they wished for Midoriya to use his Quirk to punish them 'accordingly.' Then again, nobody within the League would even think about not coming back on time due to their boss' horrific Quirk that could even rival a combination of Aizawa and Kemuri's own. He let out a sigh, sipping quaintly from a glass of whiskey as Tero drank up his milk, courtesy of Glimmer and Hoppu's knowledge on how to get around without being noticed. Said child peered up at the distressed male and lightly tugged on his sleeve. Hawks glanced down at the kid and managed a somewhat reassuring smile when the child tilted his head at him in confusion. He waved a hand, knowing good and well that the young boy was both deaf and mute; that seemed to be enough for him, for he skittered away to go find someone else to bother.

The winged traitor was close to returning to his pitiful drinking session when the entry doors were slammed open and the sound of 'nom nom' filled his ears briefly.

Ah, they're back.

He spun around in his seat, but was met with the sight of Nada gnawing on more than enough bones to keep her fed for at least a couple of hours. Amajiki slowly broke off the leash that had been wrapped tightly around her neck, allowing her to scamper up to Midoriya and drop the bones at his feet with a wide smile.

"I'm sorry, Zuku, but I couldn't bring all of the remains back; but I have most of them!!"

Hawks swore he never saw Midoriya look so disgruntled by a couple of words and a pile of bones.


Chapter Text

"Shota? You're still awake? You usually aren't.. well, active. Something wrong?"

Midoriya peeked over the counter to grab himself something to drink, only to find a yellow sleeping bag that held an aged man within it. His eyes were, as usual, bloodshot and bags were apparent beneath them as he rustled around. He then grunted in response to the question. Aizawa shuffled around in place, attempting to crawl out of the sleeping bag temporarily before deciding to just stay in place. Meanwhile, the green-haired male continued to try and grab at the bottles perched on the shelves above the traitor's head.

Said traitor yawned drowsily. "Kemuri has been experiencing some sort of temper-tantrum, and I can't sleep because of how loud he's been in that training room of his," he muttered in reply, blinking rapidly to try and calm the sting of his eyes. The boss hummed in thought at the statement, managing to reach over Aizawa's head and drag a small bottle of wine from the shelves before attempting to pop it open with his thumb. Of course, concerning the fact that Midoriya more so depended on blunt weapons and his Quirk, that was easier said than done; Bakugou was known for shoving the corks down the midsection of the opening so harshly that only he and Nada could actually open it.

"He's having a temper-tantrum?" Izuku questioned with a light tilt of his head. He grit his teeth afterwards when he attempted to pop the cork off, only resulting in a slightly sore appendage from putting too much pressure on the object. He retracted his hand and grumbled to himself. Aizawa merely nodded slightly, bowing his head a little as he forced himself to stay awake to focus on the conversation. "As uncanny as it sounds, yeah; he's been breaking all of the punching bags ever since Todoroki got that new scar from Nada. Pent up anger from a mission, I suppose." Midoriya narrowed his eyes at the suggestion and swirled the wine bottle around, glaring at the cork before peering over at the feeding cannibal that was seated within her bed. He glanced down at the cork once again before huffing.

"Hm. Why don't you tell him to keep it down, then? You have more power over him than me, anyways," he opted on bashing the cork on the side of the counter, humming as he did it several times before Bakugou yelled at him from the dining area. Of course, the hot-headed male didn't fear having his head cleaved clean off his shoulders, so he could yell at anyone as loud as he pleased; that included Midoriya himself, unfortunately. The leader of the league grit his teeth, shook his head, then attempted to pry the cork off by hand once again. Aizawa grunted a little; at the display or the suggestion was left unknown; before leaning his head back and closing his eyes as the green-haired male's Quirk slowly began to go haywire from pure frustration.

"I don't like the way he looks at me when he's upset," he commented finally, catching the struggling boss' attention once again. He tilted his head, gesturing silently for him to go on with his sentence. The older male merely sighed and opened his lidded eyes once again when he was sure that Midoriya's Quirk had died down considerably. "He's usually so lax and chill. It's not normal for him to have a scowl on his face all the time, especially if it's something as small as a mission or even a run-in with an old friend of his." The boss managed to finally pull the cork out, watching as it flew somewhere behind him before immediately going to snag a wine glass. Reaching over the man that was wrapped up in a sleeping bag once again, he hummed out a sound of acknowledgement and searched the shelves once again for a suitable glass for his well-deserved drink.

"Regardless, I think you should just talk to him." He snatched a finely engraved glass and traced the rim of it in a bored manner. He then used his free-hand to handle the large wine bottle he had triumphantly managed to open after a good 10 minutes; it was a pretty impressive feat, to be honest. That was probably the first time anyone else had actually pushed themselves to open a container that had been closed by Bakugou, but then there's the fact that Bakugou rarely lets anyone touch his things.

Moving on.

Aizawa narrowed his already burning eyes, leaning his head back slowly as to not smash it against the glass ornaments behind him. He then shuffled about before peering up at his younger boss lazily, his tired expression rivaling Midoriya's content one. He then sneered, although it cancelled out due to the gruffness of his drowsy voice. "That's easier said than done," he commented, closing his eyes and letting out a low sigh when a distant thump rang through the living area.

Everyone temporarily halted their own activities, listening to the onslaught of thuds ringing through the atmosphere for a long moment before it abruptly ended; it was then that everyone calmed themselves and returned to their previous activities, Midoriya included. Aizawa shifted around even more, his expression contorting in a tight grimace as Izuku went to put away the wine bottle he had managed to open at least 12 minutes ago now.

"Ah; so that's why it's hard for you to sleep," Midoriya commented shortly after hearing the rather loud noises of another punching bag being thrown against the second floor. He then took a long gulp of his wine, nearly dropping the drink but managing not to get anything anywhere when another arsenal of thuds began to start up again. They were similar to a giant's rampaging stomps [or, in this case, a giant-transformation quirk]; hurried and uncoordinated, but still alarming enough to make people jump. He grit his teeth soon afterwards. His eyes had began to twitch erratically, signalling his slowly dissolving temper was beginning to reach the bottom of it's meter. However, he calmed down right before he could push himself to accidentally activate his Quirk, instead taking an even longer gulp of his drink and glaring at the ceiling that led to the second floor above them. Aizawa blinked tiredly.

"You didn't hear him last night, did you." It seemed like it was supposed to be a question, but the needed feeling to make it sound like one was long gone due to the older, more grizzled male having not even an ounce of sleep. He seemed to fair well with the insomnia that racked him before the incident even occurred but now seemed to be even worse than beforehand. The boss blinked a few times, confirming Aizawa's belief that he hadn't heard anything from the night before; it had been awfully noisy, especially since the male's room was located right next to their little training area that was filled to the brim with punching bags and whatnot. "That's a given, though. I sleep right next to the training room, so I hear everything that goes down in there." The male grunted as he managed to shimmy out of his sleeping bag, folding it and tucking it beneath his arm as Midoriya pondered over a solution for his right hand's temper tantrum issue. He came back to the same conclusion he had already shared; "Talk to him," he uttered once more, downing the rest of his wine and huffing when he realized that he had poured a smaller amount of the liquid than he actually wanted. 

Aizawa hummed. He passed the still open wine bottle back to his boss and began to stretch out his stiff limbs; he had been opting to try and sleep behind the counter ever since Nada had come back from her mission with Tetsutetsu and Amajiki because of the angry smoker that suddenly erupted into emotion. Now that he mentioned it, he was also being much more expressive than he typically was, voicing his disapproval on things he'd typically have no problem doing. Almost as if something had pushed him in a way, be it physical or not. The male then heaved out a sigh, cradling his temple as Midoriya began pouring another sitting of wine to pass the time. "Alright, alright; I'll try talking to him." Midoriya sent him a lopsided smile, obviously smug with the fact that he had some control over the former pro-hero's actions when it came to his own men. He then sipped at his wine once again, watching through lidded eyes as the older male picked himself off of the floor and began to drag himself upstairs.

"Oh, and don't forget; don't call him by his last name when he's in a mood! He'll probably attempt murder! Again!" The green mess of hair called after him, gulping down another hefty amount of wine as Aizawa merely sighed and continued his trek up the stairs of impending doom and then some.

It hadn't taken a long time to reach the second-floor, but the noises coming from several of the rooms perched on said floor were.. questionable. Of course, there were the average sounds; yelling, playful cursing, and hysterical bouts of laughter erupting at random from choice rooms that housed people along the lines of Shigaraki, Present Mic, and even Twice. The other noises, however, were more or less uncommon, such as the sound of what Aizawa deemed to be bawling, or perhaps sobbing. Accompanying the sobbing were angry snarls and growls, aggressive bouts of screaming [the screaming was usually coming from the ground floor, where they'd keep hostages when need be, but it was never aggressive], and the sound of items breaking. The breaking items sounded like glass valuables mixed with items that were filled with softer materials, like pillows or the such. Nonetheless, it was hellishly chaotic upstairs and the sleep-deprived male believed it had something to do with the all-too-obvious tension growing between the two right hand men. 

He knew it would be a bad idea to have two right hand men when there was typically only one, but no; both of them had great potential, Midoriya had said when questioned upon it. And now this situation, which has never happened before, was now occurring and was growing on others whom lingered around the tension for too long [read; literally everyone who befriended either Todoroki or Kemuri]. So, of course, the tension also managed to affect the drowsy man who lacked sleep for most of his life.

Go figure.

He maneuvered through the hallways soundlessly, his sleeping bag tucked neatly beneath the gap of his arm and his feet occasionally dragging across the ground from mere lack of energy. He shouldn't have been walking about, anyways; sleeping was needed as of right, for he hadn't slept in at least two days after the tension first drew over the horizon with Todoroki's new scar. Aizawa halted for a moment. The new gnash on Todoroki's face wasn't something that just anyone could inflict upon him. His reflexes were sharp enough to evade anything too sharp nearing his face. He then faltered in his thoughts.

The scar didn't look familiar to anything Nada had caused, actually. Her teeth only left gaping holes, if not worse in her victim's bodies; if she had attacked Todoroki, why wasn't he in the medical bay locale? There were no holes in his body, only that single deep gnash that ran from his left cheek to his nose ridge. Aizawa blinked a few times and lifted a hand to wipe his lidded eyes. It burned to do so, but he was more in shock of what was occurring in his mindset. Kemuri was acting up and throwing tantrums like a child, Todoroki had a nasty gnash he claimed to have obtained from when he went downstairs to the bar-area at night, Kemuri is nocturnal and stays up at night smoking at the bar counter, Kemuri has those sharp-ass talons that he uses to gut open his victims, and the two have a known history of bickering [mostly on Todoroki's end].

Kemuri gave Todoroki that damn scar, he concluded.

He let out a low groan, slapping himself awake at the revelation before trying to get back to the task at hand. Okay, so Todoroki probably aggravated Kemuri past his breaking point, thus leading to a droop in character; the male was always obedient and willing to do anything that needed to be done, especially when it included violence or the such, but had been lacking in the energy to do anything ever since Todoroki gained that gnash. It was becoming clear to why he wasn't putting his all into anything anymore now. He was trying to release pent up anger or maybe even worse, concerning the fact that he was typically expressionless to the point where he barely showed any concern for his teammates. Well, excluding Midoriya, Todoroki, and [surprisingly] Toga. He never really showed any other emotion than concern and his occasional lusting after blood, now that he thought about it, and it was more than likely that this was a result of him never showing those extra emotions, therefore leading to him going on a raging tantrum that was mildly annoying to quite a few residents within the league.

Aizawa reluctantly trudged into the training area, his eyes widening a tad before falling back to their lidded positioning at the state of the room; emptied sacks laid strewn across the floor's mats whereas any punching bags that managed to stay hanging were either deflated and oozing out their contents or were dented to an extent. The dents had claw marks engraved into the middles, signalling that it had been Kemuri's doing. He was practically the only person who could make those markings, anyways, and he was also the only person within the training room.

He was positioned in the middle of the room, meekly punching a bag about before jabbing it hard enough for the metal latch holding it up to snap and allow the heavy item to thud against the ground limply. The male then craned his head over his shoulder to peer at Aizawa, who was still looking around the destruction of the room. He heaved out a low grunt. "What brings you here, old man?" He crooned softly. Said elder perked up and focused on the scaled male, knitting his brows together a tad when Kemuri began to lift up the defeated punching bag and attempted to hook it back onto the metal latch attached to the post hanging above him; in the end, he jabbed a small hole into the top with his talons and shoved the latch into it lazily.

"I need my sleep and I've come to the conclusion that you're the one who gave Todoroki that scar of his," he stated bluntly. There was no use beating around the bush for this. The two had always seemed to be at each others' necks ever since this whole villainy gist started. The male flicked his ears before snorting a tad and scrunching up his nose as he began to get back into a fighting stance. "Yeah, I did." He jabbed at the punching bag, immediately going to steady it when it looked like it was about to lurch off of the latch again. Aizawa quirked a brow at the straightforwardness; was that all he really needed to do?

"Guy's been a real bastard for a while now, really."

Another jab.

"Don't really think he and I got along very well anyways, though."

Yet another jab.

"But that's fine, I guess."

The punching bag flopped onto the floor, leaving Kemuri to stand still for a moment before growling under his breath. He then peered over at Aizawa, who had been listening intently the entire time and was kneading the scarf he had around his neck. The younger male then got up from his hunched position and cracked his back before clicking his teeth at him. "So, you want to sleep? I'll quiet down then; the punching bags have already been ruined."

'Well, fuck. Okay. Guess that solves one problem today.' Aizawa thought to himself as the other male bounded out the room, acting as if he hadn't left it trashed.

Speaking of which..

"Midoriya is going to skin someone today," he muttered.