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Bounty Hunters - COMMISSION

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There was nothing, then the two men awoke with a haze, vision blurring into existence. After a moment, the two were painfully aware of their bindings, arms tied high above their heads, feet dangling just above metal flooring. In front of them stood two women, both of whom were equally attractive.
“Ah, Katie, look at them. Pathetic, right?” spoke the first woman, dressed quite plain in white sneakers and an outfit you'd expect on a teenager almost. Baggy jeans, a grey tshirt, and nothing else very impressive.
“Definitely, Swan. Truly sad.” It was the other woman – Katie – who spoke. She was dressed quite more to impress than her partner, Swan. She stood tall, a tight black, simple dress, sharp high heels with no socks. Red lipstick dressed her lips, and she smiled at the two men with an aura that oozed pride.
“Let's show them how sad they really are,” Swan said, getting to her knees and removing the shoes of the first male. She did so slowly, then pulled off his socks, tossing them beside her.
“What are you doing?” the man asked nervously, shaking his legs to protest.
“Keep quiet, Yo. This is what you get,” Swan demanded. “Katie, take over our good friend San. Let him know what's up.”
“Of course,” Katie smiled, following Swan's suit with Swan.
Swan let her fingers slide over the heel of Yo's foot, slowly, trailing right at her fingertips. Yo tensed, muscles clenching under the feeling. He bit his lip.
“S-stop that!” he griped, a heaping mess.
She continued though, fingers dancing over his heels, arch and between his toes. Once, she skittered her fingers up his legs, but went right back to his feet. He kept tensing, groaning, until finally he began to laugh uncontrollably. The sound was loud, and the two girls seemed to love it.
“That didn't take long, you loser,” Swan scoffed, tickling his feet far past the breaking point.
Next to him, San was in the same predicament, being tickled by Katie, more voraciously than Swan tickled Yo. However, he did not give up as easily as his partner. He bit his lip so hard it nearly bled, tensing his muscles at each one of Katie's movements, grunting quietly, but making no real sound.
“You really think you're tough, don't you?” Katie sighed, stepping back just a moment, looking at San with disdain. “Not sure where you get off being so prideful. You really aren't anything special, San. You know that, right?”
He scowled at her, but said nothing.
“Don't know? Well, I'll show you,” she smirked, stepping back over, moving her fingers quickly between his toes, over his heels and up his ankles. This seemed to be working, even if slowly, but Katie had the stamina to back it up. She kept moving, grinning,, taking enjoyment as he began to laugh – quietly, though, - until it slowly became loud laughter with a bit of anxiety in his yelling. Katie could not hide the pride on her face.
“Please, stop!” San begged. Yo echoed his feelings, but the women continued a bit longer.
“This is just great! Two grown men broken so easily! What pathetic morons!” Katie laughed, and Swan followed her in laughing.
“I love a good joke,” Swan agreed.
The women stepped back, taking in the view of the two broken men, whispering among themselves. As his laughter and nerves died, San noticed his ropes seemed a tad loose. He figured his movement from the laughter had loosened them, and as the two women seemed distracted, he took his chance, wriggling hard at the wrists until the ropes untied and he fell to the ground hard.
“What the Hell?” Katie sniffed, both of the woman looking at San with disgust.
“Looks like you all are the pathetic ones, girls,” San said happily, sliding over to untie Yo. Just as he loosened his ropes, the women made their move, quickly.
Katie went to the end of the room where a cabinet rested, opening it and staring in thoughtfully but moving without hesitation.
“I know what to get!” she then shouted, plucking two large stun guns from the cabinet. She shut it with her foot, stepping back to Swan and the men with a huge smile.
“I can't wait to watch you two squirm,” Swan sung, taking her stun gun from Katie. The two women started them, a loud crackling noise stinging the air
“No, wait! I will do anything!” Yo begged, picking himself up from the floor where he had fallen from his bindings. “Please! Anything! No more!”
“Oh, really?” Swan asked, stepping over to him, teasing the stun gun by his face. He jumped back, kicking his legs.
“Anything! Please! Let me know what you want!”
“Help us torture your friend here,” she asked, pointing to San.
San gasped, brow furrowing at the idea of the guy he had just saved betraying him so quickly.
“You wouldn't do that to me?! After I just saved you?” San asked, but Yo ignored him, dusting himself off and stepping over to his friend. He seemed confused, a bit ashamed, looking over at the women for approval. He couldn't believe he was going to do this, but he wanted desperately to be free. Freedom was worth more than friendship to him,
“Make sure his bindings are nice and tight, San,” Swan instructed, smile glistening with evil.
“As tight as he can handle,” Katie added, a gleam in her eye.
San stepped back to fight his friend, gritting his teeth in anger, but the sound of the crackling stun guns brought him to his senses, and he didn't move again. He knew his place by now.
Reluctantly, Yo took San's bindings off the ground and tied them around his chest and hands. He squeezed them, pulling the ropes tightly. The other side of the ropes were thrown over the hook on the ceiling, and with a heave, Yo pulled San in the air again. San yelled out in pain and was lifted higher, and the two women laughed loudly in unison.
“I love it!” Katie said, patting Yo on the back. The stun guns cackled quietly by their sides, and Yo winced at the sound.
“But it's just not enough, is it?” Katie asked.
“No, not at all. On your knees, traitor,” Swan said, her tone sharp, waving the stun gun near Yo. Again he winced, breathing hard.
“You said---” he began to protest, but she shook the stun gun violently.
“On your damn knees!”
Yo bit his lip, but agreed, getting to his knees in front of the two women while San said nothing. Together, the two women tied him up, tightly and quickly, and them tossed him next to where San hung.
“Traitor,” San muttered under his exhausted breath, wishing that the women would do far worse to him.
Katie dropped San back to the ground with a violent thud, taking the breath from him, then stood in front of his face, lightly shoving her heeled shoe in front of him and his nose.
“Go ahead, loser. Smell it. Tell me what it smells like,” she smiled.
San refused at first, holding his breath. He wouldn't break for these monsters. He was better than them. Better than Yo. Better than all three of them!
“Either smell it or die. Your choice!” she said happily.
“Go to Hell!” he spat.
Katie sneered, pulling the trigger on her gun, putting it inches from his head. He yelped at the sound, curling up tightly.
So with more reluctance, he did so, taking a large sniff, loud enough for them all to hear. Swan stepped near him, and slipped her foot out of her shoe, tipping the opening to him.
“Like it?” she then teased, putting her whole socked foot onto his face. She sat down next to him, keeping her feet near his face, letting her fingers dance around his own feet again. He began to laugh, not taking much to break this time. Katie followed suit with Yo, tickling him until he could hardly breath.
Swan stopped on San for a moment, removing her sock and balling it up before trying to shove it into his mouth. With a shove, it was in his mouth. He tried to gag, but Swan wagged her finger at him, a stern look across her face.
“Nope. Keep it there or you die,” she said, back to skittering her fingers around his toes and feet. He tried to laugh, but was muffled by the sock. Katie came over, leaving Yo for a break, and let her feet dance in front of his face. She took her foot out of her shoe and let it fall over his lips and nose, the two girls laughing.
Once satisfied, Swan nodded.
“Alright, spit it out, loser,” she said, and he quickly did so.
“I'll do whatever you want! Please! Stop!” San begged heavily.
“I will, too!” Yo added, dangling in his tight ropes.
“You will, ah?” Swan asked. “What do you think, Katie?”
“Hm,” was all Katie said, getting down to San's feet and leaning over them. She played between his toes, and he laughed a bit again.
“Just stop it! Anything!” he laughed.
She knelt down, letting her wet tongue slide over his toes, between them, and down the arch of his foot. Swan held him down as she did this, both girls smiling wickedly.
“You can work for us, but you do whatever we say, or you're dead!” Katie finally said, stepping back, chin glistening with spit.
“Really?” Yo asked, as San was still laughing some.
“Of course. But don't fuck up,” Swan said, and the two men were set free, both aware of their humility.

Katie and San were pushed hard towards the car, the dark night air swirling around them. Once at the car, one of the men popped the trunk open and shoved them into it. They tried to resist, both obviously uncomfortable in the tight space, but the men fought harder, shoving them down hard.
The trunk slammed shut, and the two bundled up in scared horror as the car started.
“Well, fuck, what do we do?” Katie then asked in a hushed breath, listening to the car's engine hum.
“I don't know. Maybe you should've been more careful, and we wouldn't be here,” San argued.
“Right. Because you were doing such a damn good job back there yourself. You're just the unstoppable here and nothing is your fault!”
“Quit running your mouth and maybe think a little harder, or else we're going to be killed,” San demanded.
“Yeah, I guess,” Katie sighed, and the both of them lay in silence, thinking of their next move.
Katie began thrashing in her ropes, her elbows hitting San.
“Watch out!” he hissed at her, and she looked over at him, the two aware of their faces being inches apart in the tight space.
“I can't stand this!” she groaned.
San sighed.
“Move over, I'll try to get your ropes with my mouth,” he said, and so the Katie moved on her elbows until her binded hands were at his mouth. She tried to stay still, though the moving car made it hard.
He worked at them for a minute but couldn't do it.
“Sorry, but I can't. Try mine,” he asked, and the two switch positions. The woman worked at his bindings as well, but in the end, just tired her jaw. Giving up, the two got to their normal positions next to each other, eyes lost in the dark.
The car turned sharply, tossing the man to nearly be on top of the woman.
“S-sorry!” he said, but was unable to move off of her immediately because of his tied arms. She tried to wriggle free of him this time, but it still didn't work, as he was pushed off just for the car's movements to throw him right back on top of her.
“Augh, I'm sorry,” he said again.
“N-no, it's okay. Not your fault,” the woman replied, feeling his breath inches from her face. Her heart raced some, and she could hear the man's breathing was as shaky as hers.
Abruptly, the car hit a large speed bump, and Katie's head moved up towards Sans, their lips meeting harshly. They pulled away quickly, but both were unable to ignore the feeling they just had in that moment.
“Well...want to make the best of this?” the man asked hesitantly, shuffling awkwardly on top of her.
“Uh...sure,” the woman agreed, the man leaning down to kiss her. It was simple at first, but quickly became heated, the two of them working their tongues together in a mess of hot breath and saliva.
She could feel he was hard through his tight leather pants, and desperately wished her hands could touch him all over, still struggling to move her ropes again. He tried as well, both of them wiggling in the tight trunk, grinding their hips across each other, but they couldn't do it.
They shared another kiss still, and Katie wrapped her legs around his, San grinding her hips through the pants for just a moment. He then pulled away.
“I promise I'll get you out of here, no matter what it takes. These fuckers won't do anything to us. I promise you, Katie.”
“I hope so.”
“I'll make all this up to you when we're free,” the man said, managing to kiss her jawline, his tongue flicking over her neck.
She laughed quietly, kissing him back, and the two kissed a while longer, taking in the moment they had while they were still binded.
After a while, the car stopped, and the two held their breath as the trunk opened and too lackeys drug them out, blindfolding them. It felt like they had walked forever, until they were abruptly stopped. The blindfolds were ripped off, revealing who they both knew it would be.
“Tommy!” San hissed,
“Hello! Good to see you two, really. Can't believe you were stupid enough to get caught, but here we are,” Tommy nodded, motioning for his lackeys to leave. His girlfriend was behind him, arms crossed, a smile across her pretty face.
“You're a fucking monster, man,” San said.
“You have no idea,” Tommy replied, stepping over to Katie. His girlfriend followed, holding back San as Tommy drug Katie over to a large wooden post, taller than both of them. It had hooks for her ropes, and with a heave, Tommy hung her up by her arms, her feet just above the ground. Meanwhile, his girlfriend tied San to a chair in similar fashion, having to force him to sit. His legs were spread, tied to the chair's legs.
Tommy looked over Katie and grinned.
“Fine specimen,” he admired, walking around her on the post. Once back in front of her, he began to tickle had, starting at her armpits and going up and down her sides and arms, sometimes teasing her hips and legs. In the midst of tickling, he would grope her breasts, playing softly with them with one hand and tickling her with his free hand.
“Like that?” he asked.
She began to laugh, a large sound into the room, squealing and nearly crying from the feeling.
“S-stop!” she begged him, but he refused, enjoying himself too much.
Tommy laughed to himself quietly, pleased with what he had done finally.
He looked over to San next, slowly pacing over to him, then kneeling in front of him. Next, he let his hands fall under his feet and began to tickle them, slowly speeding up. For a while, San remained strong, giving them no hint of a sound. Tommy worked hard though, moving his fingers were San's muscles twitched most. After a while, San tried to protest and kick, but couldn't. He didn't want to laugh, but did, cursing alongside it. Tommy nodded to his girlfriend, who pulled a cloth from her pocket and tied it around his mouth, muffling his laughter and curses.
“Why are you doing this?” Katie asked between breaths as she breathed heavily from her torture.
Tommy nor his girlfriend answered, having too much fun with San. After a moment, his pants began to darken at the crotch. San tried to cross his legs instinctively to cover his embarrassment, but he couldn't, his legs immobilized. He tilted his head down in shame, as it was obvious what had just happened.
“Pathetic,” Tommy sighed. “In front of your girlfriend, too.” San could say nothing, as he were gagged. Tommy slid off San's pants, then the wet underwear, leaving him bare and naked.
“Darling,” he began to his girlfriend. “Let's humiliate him as much as we can.”
His girlfriend nodded, removing the original gag. San began to protest hard, but was quickly shut up as his wet underwear was shoved into his mouth, held in place by the original cloth Tommy's girlfriend had used.
Tommy went one more time over to Katie, who was begging him to stop, groping and tickling her. She was laughing again, crying, and satisfied Tommy went back to San again, tickling him as well.
“Beg me to stop and I'll stop,” Tommy sung, teasing his toes. San tried to beg through his gag, but it was difficult, as he was also laughing hard. He went between trying to be strong, stoic, and then being turned into nothing but a laughing loser. He slowly began to have enough, and through it, Tommy could hear him begging, asking him to please stop.
“Beg harder in front of your girlfriend, go ahead,” Tommy continued. San begged harder, tensing under Tommy's touch. Katie only watched in mute horror.
“That's how I like to hear it,” Tommy said, his girlfriend laughing alongside him. “I love winning, I do.”
“Darling, I need a break. Let's go grab a drink, then come back and have some more fun,” Tommy said. His girlfriend nodded, and the two left the room without another word.
“San, I think I can get down,” Katie whispered, wiggling against her binds. After a moment, the rope ripped, and she fell hard against the floor. Without hesitation, she went over to San and removed his gag. He spit out his soaked underwear and said nothing about it, Katie freeing him from the chair and helping him get his pants on.
“Are you okay?” she asked him.
“Yeah. Sorry you had to see that,” he solemnly said, embarrassed hard.
“As long as you're okay,” she said, and the two snuck to the door. They listened quietly, and when they heard nothing, went out. They felt lost forever, and knew they were going to be noticed being gone. As they looked for the exit to the large building, an alarm went off, and they knew they had to hurry.
A door labeled 'EXIT' appeared in front of them, and they both ran through it. The car they had been kidnapped in rested in the parking lot, unlocked. They hopped in, San trying to hot wire it. Tommy and his girlfriend appeared around the corner.
“Hurry up!” Katie shouted. San furiously tried, and finally, the car started. As Tommy and his girlfriend closed in, he put it in drive and hit the gas, the two speeding away from the alarms and their enemies, into the night, exhausted, embarrassed but just pleased to be free.