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No Ordinary Love

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“Hello baby!” Villanelle called out cheerfully from the roof as Eve walked in the front gate and Eve felt her heart in her throat “Jesus get down from there now Oksana! I mean it!”

“Ooohh calling me by my full name. I must be in big trouble!” Villanelle teased as she casually sat down and slid down to where the ladder was propped up. She turned and stepped down a few rungs then jumped the rest to the ground causing Eve to cry out.

“Eve you do realise that I literally have to run across roof tops and jump onto another one sometimes don’t you and that I’ve been trained to do it! Besides I’ve just finished fixing the roof!”

“I know sweetheart but me knowing that and seeing you do crazy matrix shit in the flesh are two completely different things!” Eve reasoned and Villanelle giggled as she approached Eve and threw her over her shoulder bag and all, carrying her into the house

“You worry too much Cherie!” she ribbed her as Eve cried out for the incorrigible young woman to put her down but ended up collapsing in a fit of giggles.

When Villanelle placed Eve delicately on her feet inside the kitchen she placed a gentle kiss on her forehead “How was work?”

Eve shrugged “Good, Same old. Will be nice to have you back soon!” Villanelle nodded “It will be nice to be back. But I don’t know, I’ve kind of liked this time. I think I needed it.”

Eve wrapped her arms around Villanelle’s waist and looked around her home. In the almost two weeks Villanelle had off from MI6 on mental health leave she’d almost finished repainting the outside of the house, fixed the roof now apparently, done a whole lot of handy jobs around the exterior and interior of her house and even some redecorating. It really couldn’t have been restful for her at all but she’d assured Eve she would go crazy if she didn’t keep busy. And yet as she looked at her beautiful girl she’d lost that gaunt look she’d had. She’d filled out a little and there was colour in her face again.

Every day Villanelle had made them breakfast and packed Eve the kind of lunch that had everyone in the office, even Carolyn. So she’d made an extra one that day which Carolyn had absolutely loved. She then drove Eve to work, used the MI6 gym to stay in shape as she was still allowed to do this despite being on leave and every night Eve came home to an amazing home cooked meal.

‘What is that incredible smell?” Eve asked and Villanelle smiled ‘Dinner! BBQ pork and vegetable skewers with home-made sticky date pudding and vanilla bean ice cream for dessert!”

“Oh my god you’re going to make me get fat with all this amazing food!” Villanelle shrugged “You’ll never be able to convince me that having even more Eve to kiss and hold is a bad thing. Besides. I’m glad you’re eating better. You needed someone to take better care of you than you were taking of yourself”

Eve felt herself melt at her beautiful girl’s sweet sincerity. “Sweet baby” she said as she cupped the side of Villanelle’s face. ‘How did I get so lucky?” Eve gently kissed her ‘And when did we get a BBQ?”

“Yesterday!” Villanelle said with a giggle as she tugged on one of Eve’s curls. “I’m going to go clean up for dinner. You are not allowed to attempt to do anything that remotely resembles cooking without my supervision! I haven’t given you enough lessons yet!” She then laughed as she walked away.

“Ouch that hurts baby!” Eve called after her and Villanelle playfully turned to flip her off before heading up the stairs.

Eve smiled contentedly. They hadn’t had sex since things came to a stand-still after the panic attack Villanelle had but she had relaxed more and had stopped wearing all the baggy clothes to intentionally hide her body. Her beautiful girl was growing more comfortable around her again and when she kissed her passionately she no longer froze or pulled away. But every night she wore full length silk pyjamas to bed and she looked heavenly in them as she did in everything but Eve had never seen her in them before.

Villanelle had been seeing the amazing therapist she had spoken to in the past and Eve had even gone to a session with her the day before. It had been hard watching her beautiful girl break down over her past pain but Dr Richards had given her some excellent tips, including letting Villanelle have her domestic projects because it grounded her and made her feel like she had a home that was a safe place to fall. And now Villanelle was about to have her 26th birthday the following day. Her makeshift family had wanted to do something and Dimitry and Antony had decided on booking out a fabulous little eatery and cocktail bar Villanelle loved. Villanelle however had demanded that at Midnight when her birthday officially began a significant portion of the evening would be just her and Eve so they’d settled for an early start and an early finish.

It was hard not to feel hopeful when the sun was coming out again.

Villanelle sat on the floor at Eve’s feet as the older woman brushed out the tangles in her hair in front of a movie after dinner. They were the very picture of domestic bliss and Villanelle couldn’t remember a time when she had been so happy. Either could Eve.

“Sweetheart thank you for everything you have done to make the house look so lovely. Inside and out. Since we’ve been together you have made it feel more like a home than it ever has before.”

Villanelle considered what Eve had said carefully then quietly said ‘Is that what this feeling is? Being so excited to wake up with you here, when you walk through the door. Making the house nice, cooking in the kitchen. Painting. Feeling happy and safe. Is that what home feels like?”

“Well yes that’s a pretty spot on description!” Eve said as she kissed Villanelle’s head and she looked up at Eve from the floor with huge eyes full of wonder. “I didn’t really know. I’ve never had anything like this before. I’ve never really had a proper home. But I know that I really like it.”

Eve bit back tears. Of course she wouldn’t know. Look at what she’d endured, what she’d come from. The life she had led.

“Roxie come here baby” Eve commanded firmly but lovingly as she held her hand out and Villanelle compliantly got off the floor and picked Eve up, sitting back down with her on her lap.

“Yes, that’s what home feels like. This is your home. This is our home. I mean I know you have your house here that is full of people you love at the moment and that you had some happy times with Tony and….”

Villanelle gently kissed Eve, cutting her off. “No Eve it was never like this. It never felt like this. It was like only doing things at 80%, never quite being whole. With you, being here with you. It feels 110%.”

Eve felt a lump in her throat. How very similar they were “That’s how it was for me with Niko. Sometimes it was like I was sleeping through my life. But with you I’m wide awake.For the first time in my life I am wide awake.”

“Oh Eve!” Villanelle gasped as she kissed Eve deeply and Eve gasped at the intensity. Villanelle hadn’t kissed her like that since before her attack. Maybe now was the chance to try again.

She slipped out of Villanelle’s lap and held out her hand “Come upstairs with me sweetheart!” Villanelle saw the unmistakable look of desire in Eve’s eyes and felt a knot form in her stomach but still she placed her hand in Eve’s and followed her up to the bedroom. She could do this. This was home. She finally had a home and when she had something so perfect, something she never dreamed she would have, she couldn’t fuck it up. She just had to bluff her way through this. It was just sex right? She’d done it a hundred times before. Gone through the motions. Never ever with Eve but if she could just catch her off guard.

Eve cried out in surprise as Villanelle managed to lift her, toss her onto the bed on her back and start pulling her sweat pants down in virtually a split second. ‘Roxie what are you doing?” she asked in surprise and Villanelle removed the pants before kneeling down in front of the bed and pulling Eve’s legs to rest on her shoulders ‘Kissing your thigh baby” Villanelle said cheekily and Eve willed herself not to get carried away.

“Sweetheart there’s no rush!” Eve said as she tried to wriggle away but Villanelle had her in an iron cast grip ‘Oh but I think there is darling Eve as I haven’t tasted you for almost two weeks!” Villanelle said teasingly and Eve looked at her pleadingly.

“You know why that is sweetheart. When you’re ready to make love with me we will do that, until then I honestly just wanted to hold you and kiss you and do anything you felt comfortable doing.” Eve said gently and Villanelle rolled her eyes.

‘Well I feel comfortable making my amazing girlfriend come till she screams” she said defiantly and Eve’s voice harshened “Well I don’t now let me go!”

Villanelle sighed in frustration but still she let Eve go. She could feel it, feel the bravado word vomit rising inside her, feel the panic that she wasn’t good enough because she was scared, scared of making love, still reeling from things that had happened to her, scared that she wasn’t worthy of a home. She should have stopped it but she didn’t.

“Boooooooooorrrrriiiiing!” Villanelle cried out exaggeratedly.

Eve took a deep breath and willed herself to be patient and got her pants on “Roxie come on baby just get on the bed with me, let me hold you. You’ve got nothing to be scared of I promise!”

“I am not scared!” Villanelle spat and Eve walked over to her and stood directly in front of her. “Then let me touch you! Or undress you sweetheart” She went to slip her hand into Villanelle’s pants and the younger woman sprang back like she’d been stabbed.

“See you’re not ready!” Eve said gently and Villanelle’s temper flared “Oh I suppose you think you’re so clever Eve Polastri. Is that what this was about? proving your point? I’m the fuck up who isn’t ready, who won’t do what you want, who won’t fuck exactly as you expect me to like your good obedient girl so I’m not allowed to touch you?”

“Come on Roxie you know that’s not what I’m…..”

“MY NAME IS VILLANELLE!” she snapped loudly and Eve’s eyes blazed “Not to me it isn’t. We’re way past that Oksana and you know it!”

Villanelle pushed Eve towards the wall and picked her up under the arms, lifting her so their faces were level and pinning her against it.

“You know I could snap you like a twig!” Villanelle said but her face was full of torment.

“But you won’t” Eve said confidently.

“But I could!” Villanelle challenged her once more and Eve brought her hands up to cup Villanelle’s face “Then why are you holding me like I’m made of china?”

Villanelle let out a groan and slammed Eve down on the bed in frustration.

“Or throwing me on a pile of pillows with my head and neck supported?” Eve questioned her further.


Eve looked at Villanelle with every ounce of love she felt for her. “You might want to work on your delivery of the whole “I can snap you like a twig” threat my beautiful girl. I’m not convinced.

“Argh!” Villanelle cried out in frustration “This is bullshit. I’m not staying here. I’m going home. Goodbye Eve!”

She stormed out and Eve ran after her. “Roxie wait!” but then she stopped. She knew some time to calm down would do Villanelle good. How she would like to just slap her out of sheer frustration though sometimes. Her fear was clear as day. But she had so much pride and would rather have pointless fights than admit it.

“She is such a little shit!!” Eve said aloud in frustration. But she remembered back to a time when she was about the same age trying to heal herself. And she couldn’t imagine anyone wanting or loving her. So she’d chosen Niko because he was safe. He’d ended up being too safe. She wouldn’t allow Villanelle to cut herself off from the life she should have just because she was scared and she thought shutting everyone and everything out was safe.
She lay on her bed willing herself to calm down and after a while she went downstairs and picked up her phone. She didn’t want to ring and risk Villanelle answering and ending up even more upset while she was driving. So instead she typed.

“Goodnight beautiful girl. I love you very much. All the much. I will see you at your therapy session tomorrow. This is still your home. And you’re still my good girl always xxx.

Heading back upstairs she stripped off her pants and climbed into bed in her panties and T shirt, feeling rather tired.

Villanelle walked away from Eve’s house as a panic attack took over. She thought she would feel better but the further she got from Eve’s the worst she got. She thought a walk might calm her down and then she’d call a cab to take her the rest of the way because she felt a bit too light headed to drive but she felt like she was walking away from the only place she wanted to be. She felt her phone buzz again and took it out. When she read Eve’s message she whimpered through her laboured breaths and stopped in the middle of the street trying to steady herself. She had just been awful. Eve was right, she didn’t feel ready in that moment to make love and she had been vile to her beautiful precious Eve and all she had done in return was show her unconditional love and reassurance.

She’d been so overwhelmed by the concept of home, of losing it just as she grasped it, of not being enough, of letting Eve down and the traumatic memories that she had just freaked out. The tears began to fall faster as she turned and walked back to Eve’s house but the closer she got, the more the feeling that she was about to pass out began to fade. She opened the front door and threw her things on the side table. Walking up the stairs she stood in the bedroom doorway.

“I’m sorry!” she gasped and Eve flew up in bed at the sight of a very overwhelmed looking Villanelle standing in the bedroom once more, her beautiful tear streaked face twisted in anguish as she gasped for breath.

“You were right. I wasn’t ready. I was scared and instead of admitting it I was an asshole to you. And I know I didn’t let you undress me or touch me but when I am not being stupid like I was before, I am trying and this is what I can do right now”

Villanelle took her top off and slipped her pants off to reveal a black Calvin Klein pair of man style trunks with the signature white waist band and a matching black fitted tank singlet.

“And I know it’s not much…….” Villanelle trailed off as her voice cracked and she fought to breathe while fresh tears coursed down her face and Eve had tears in her own eyes. She could see how hard it was for her beautiful girl to strip down to her underwear in front of her and be so vulnerable.

“Not much? It is everything. You are everything!” Eve said vehemently. “You’re having a panic attack Roxie, come here baby!” she said as she held out her arms and this time Villanelle ran to the bed and got in with Eve, snuggling into her arms.

“Good girl. You’re such a good girl. You’re my beautiful girl and you’re trying so hard. I see that. I see you Roxie”

‘I know. And its magical and completely fucking terrifying all at the same time” Villanelle gasped while her eyes remained closed and Eve was shocked at how fast her young lovers heart was pounding.

“Shhhhh I know my love” Eve said empathetically as she rocked Villanelle in her arms and wiped her tears away. “Slow steady breaths my beautiful girl, that’s the way! You’re safe. I’ve got you” Eve encouraged her and Villanelle’s breathing began to slow. When it was almost back to normal Villanelle opened her eyes to look at Eve with so much love and trust and adoration….and was that realization? That it almost rendered the older woman breathless.

“I used to be so good at running. I could feel the attack coming on and I thought going home would make it better. But the further I got from you the worse I felt. Because my home is right here. My home is wherever you are Eve. You’re my home. And the closer I got back to you the more my attack faded.”

“Sweet baby” Eve whispered as she placed featherlight kisses all over Villanelle’s face “You’re my home too. I would have given you space but you don’t know how it means to me that you came back to me on your own and so quickly. You’re going to stay right here in my arms for the rest of the night. I’m not taking no for an answer alright?”

Her tone was loving but very authoritative and Villanelle felt everything going quiet and feeling so much simpler and bearable the way it always did of late when Eve took control.

“Yes baby” she said obediently and as she looked up at Eve with big green eyes so full of trust and utter submission Eve felt almost unworthy. Her complex little love was so completely and utterly precious. Such a gift.

“My beautiful girl. Such a good girl for me. I love you so very much. And I know you love me. Even when you’re having an off moment. You prove it over and over everyday so I know. Even when you’re angry you love me…what was it? “Bitch because you’re the most precious thing in the world to me!”

Villanelle covered her mouth in horror and cringed but her eyes danced with amusement as Eve burst into giggles and she soon found herself laughing. ‘I am awful” Villanelle said self- deprecatingly and Eve shrugged ‘I don’t know, there was a certain Villanelle charm to it. It was very you baby. I can honestly say know no one has ever stated their love for me in quite that manner or while threatening to snap me!”

Villanelle looked serious for a moment “Oh god Eve I was terrible, the things I said to you!”

Eve dropped a little kiss on her forehead, her lips pursed trying not to laugh at the memory her fiery young lover having an explosive meltdown that was very much all smoke mirrors and no real fire. “Like I said sweetheart if you want me to take you seriously you might want to refrain from declarations of devotion and cradling me in your arms during acts of aggression.”

Villanelle cracked up laughing and soon the room resounded with the giggles of two very different women who were very much the same in many ways and had finally found their home in one another.


“Going back to Eve’s last night and realising her significance to you was a big step for you Villanelle. Has something changed?” Dr Richards asked as Villanelle sat next to Eve on the couch. She’d had her solo session and then Eve had joined her for their couple’s session.

Villanelle turned and smiled at Eve. ‘She already knew what I do for work and wasn’t disgusted. But now it’s like the very worst things of my past, the very worst behaviour inside of me. She’s seen it all. And she is still here. She still loves me. I guess I just wanted to go home!”

Hannah Richards couldn’t help but smile. Her young client had come such a long way in the past 7 years. Villanelle had hit on her many times and she could honestly say that she’d likely come the closest she’d ever come to unethical sexual behaviour with her. But Antony Martinelli senior had been very good to her so when his lovely son brought his young partner to her as a damaged broken 19 year old she felt compelled to help her. She’d also been about the same amount of years her senior as Eve though she knew now that Villanelle definitely liked older women. Despite her better judgement she’d actually become quite fond of the stunning young blonde in front of her.

And Eve Polastri fascinated her. She had been so good for Villanelle. She seemed on some levels as dark and twisted yet more mature and grounded. She knew Eve was hiding things. She was exceptional at her job. But she just didn’t know what.

“And this new job at MI6. You’re enjoying it? What about it is it that you enjoy” She questioned Villanelle further and the young woman looked thoughtful. “It stops me from being bored. I get to do what I’m good at but the people are less annoying. I like the boss Carolyn. She’s a real lady boss. I get to see Eve at work and it’s kind of like consultancy work. Sometimes I go to work and sometimes I don’t. It’s not like I really need the money so I don’t have to work in between ‘missions’ and I get to look after our home. I’ve never had a real one before like this. Never really had someone to come home to the way I have Eve. It’s nice to be able to focus on that”

Villanelle took Eve’s hand and beamed at her, a smile that Eve returned.

“Eve, has it been surprising for you that Villanelle revels in what some would consider a ‘dated’ role for women. The role of home maker?”

Eve chuckled “I’ve learned that nothing should surprise me about this girl. I don’t know how many traditional home makers climb on roofs to retile them while their sticky date pudding cooks either!” Villanelle and Dr Richards laughed.

“She’s young. I don’t want her to feel like she has to limit herself. But she’s been through so much. In many ways she’s so much older than her years. If she wants to stay home sometimes and paint the house and cook and decorate and it brings her fulfillment then that’s what she should do. And she’ll have my full support and gratitude for everything she does. I don’t for a second take for granted how well she takes care of me. Of us!” Eve said honestly and Villanelle nodded ‘I think Eve and I take care of each other!” Dr Richards smiled. They were certainly a very remarkable and engaging couple. There were a lot of issues but it was rather lovely to have a pair so loved up in front of her instead of tearing each other to shreds.

“I think you do too. So Eve, Villanelle has said that you explore D/s and though you switch, since the paedophile investigation and subsequent dragging up of her trauma, you tend to top and even though you’re currently not sexually involved in the traditional sense that element to your relationship has still been present. How does it make you feel, topping Villanelle?”

Eve took a deep breath. This was a question she didn’t expect. “Ahhh….It’s not something I set out to do. I was just trying to take care of her and we were in times where I felt I could do that better than she would take care of herself. The way she gives herself to me in her graceful submission, so full of love and devotion is I think likely the most precious gift I’ve ever been given. It needs to be treated as such . But at the same time, often I am so terrified of breaking her. Dominance is a powerful thing when someone is young, vulnerable and placing all their trust in you. In someone broken it can be used against someone to hurt them further. I would never want to do that to my beautiful girl. She is my world”

“Interesting” Dr Richards thought to herself as she processed Eve’s heartfelt sincere response that was more telling than she seemed to realise.

“Have you ever been dominant with a partner before?”

“No I haven’t. Oksana is the first” Eve replied honestly and Dr Richards was very tempted to ask her if she’d been a submissive but she stopped herself.

“And Villanelle, what is it like when Eve tops you? How does it feel submitting to her?”

Villanelle took Eve’s hand and intertwined her fingers with her lovers. “It feels safe and right. Everything just becomes quiet and simple. Easier somehow. I don’t have to fight or plan or make decisions. In that moment I’m just hers. And I’m so thankful and proud that I get to be hers so I feel lucky. As long as she lets me open doors for her and spoil her and pick up the tab when we go out I feel like we still have a really good balance. And when I get a bit better and we resume our usual bedroom activities I top a lot of the time anyway. But I like…..I like being her good girl.” Villanelle gave Eve a shy little smile and Eve gently kissed her forehead.

‘What do you like about it?” Dr Richards asked and Villanelle looked at Eve with so much conviction she felt unworthy. “I’ve never been one before. But with her no matter how bad I am I’m still her good girl!”

‘Always!” Eve said vehemently as she kissed her hand.

“And Eve, you help foster this balance?” Dr Richards probed and Eve nodded “I Love that we belong to each other. I love that she belongs to me. But I want her to belong to herself first before she belongs to me. As long as she does that, she can’t be crushed.”

“Bingo!” Dr Richards thought as she looked at Eve carefully.

“Villanelle tell me something wonderful that Eve has done this week. Something special that helps you trust her.”

Villanelle pondered the question. ‘She looks after me when I have anxiety attacks. And she brushes knots out my hair and puts lip balm on my lips when she puts it on hers. And she’s been excited about my birthday. More than me. For me it’s the little things that mean the most!”

‘And Eve what about you? Something Villanelle has done?”

Eve looked down and smiled. “She’s teaching me to cook. Slowly. And I’m still awful. But its something I have long been ribbed for mercilessly and I learned from a young age that I was beyond help. That’s what I was told. And my inadequacy in the kitchen somehow became the symbol of all my failings as a human and even though I laugh when people tease me its always kind of been a scar for me. Oksana is the most amazing cook but she is so patient with me. And she’s not condescending in the way she teaches me, she still teases me but it’s done with so much love and affection. She’s so patient with me and instead of it being something I dread, its actually kind of fun. And I love her for that!”

Dr Richards felt herself understanding more of Eve’s story. “Well I have to say, you two certainly have your own personal dysfunctions as individuals and a couple. But I honestly think you’re pretty good for each other. And you birthday girl have party prep to attend to so we best leave it there!” she gave Villanelle a big smile and Villanelle stood ‘Okay, I’ll just pop to the bathroom!”

When she was gone Eve grabbed her bag as well as Villanelles and Dr Richard’s took her chance.

‘Who was she?” Dr Richards asked and Eve looked confused ‘I’m sorry?”

“The dominant, your dominant. The one who taught you your cooking symbolised all your failures. Who was she?”

Eve went pale and began to twist her hands as she looked down. “It was a he!”

“He broke you didn’t he?” Dr Richards said gently and Eve’s lip quivered as she fought memories she’d worked so hard to overcome.

‘Eve if you ever want to come in for a session on your own my door is open and Villanelle doesn’t have to know. I think you are amazing for her but she is very smart and though she’s reeling now and working through her own recovery she won’t always be and if you’re hiding things you won’t be able to hide them forever.

‘It was another girl and another life. I’d really rather just leave it!” Eve pleaded and Dr Richards nodded ‘Alright. Well if you change your mind you know where to find me. I’m going to head out to lunch. I’ll leave you to compose yourself” she said kindly. “Please tell Villanelle I said goodbye and I will see her at her party tonight!”

“Okay I will!” Eve said softly and Dr Richards gently squeezed her shoulder as she left.

Villanelle came out of the bathroom a few minutes later and Eve stood “Dr Richards went to lunch and said she’d see you tonight. You ready sweetheart?”

Villanelle kissed Eve’s nose “Yes baby let’s go!”

Eve and Villanelle walked down the street after getting some lunch and Villanelle squealed as she saw a beautiful floral kite in the window of a designer toy shop. “Amelie would love that! I have to get it. Would you come to the park and fly it with us when she comes to visit in a couple of weeks?”

Eve melted at her lover’s excited expression. Villanelle had told her a few nights ago of the little girl Antony had conceived on a one night stand during their open marriage. The little girl he had done the right thing by and become a father to and Villanelle by extension had become close to her in the process even after she ended the marriage. A year earlier Eve never would have been able to picture her with a child but after seeing photos of and hearing about Katya and the fact that Villanelle had essentially raised her, after seeing how soft and sweet her beautiful girl really was when she was comfortable it didn’t surprise her. And when she’d seen the picture of the adorable little girl wearing oversized designer sunglasses and wrapped in one of Villanelle’s glamorous coats playing dress ups she certainly did look adorable.

“I would love that sweetheart. I’m looking forward to meeting her.” Eve said as Villanelle took her hand and excitedly dragged her into the toy shop.

And she was looking forward to meeting the little girl, if not a bit nervous. She’d told herself she wasn’t a kid person. She’d told Niko she wasn’t. She’d told the same story to herself and others so often that she could almost believe it…..almost. It had been easier than the truth. Than the reality. Than the pain. Was it possible to be looking forward to meeting the child and dreading it all at the same time?

“Argh that stupid therapy session” Eve groaned inwardly. It had her all messed up. Why now, why were all those memories popping up at that time of all times when things were so good with her beautiful girl and the future seemed bright. She stood in a daze and didn’t even register Villanelle coming back to her.

“Eve? Cherie are you alright? I got the kite” Villanelle asked attentively and Eve shook herself out of it. “Sweet baby, always looking out for me!” she said adoringly as she snuggled into Villanelle’s side and they walked out of the shop.

“So you have hair and make-up soon. I’m so excited to celebrate your birthday with you Roxie.” Eve said genuinely and Villanelle gently kissed her.

“I’m so excited to have you there. I’ve laid out an outfit on the bed for you!”

Eve laughed ‘Of course you have my beautiful girl! You know that people see me now and can’t believe how stylish I look?”

“But not in that sweater right?” Villanelle teased her and Eve slapped her “Cheeky girl”

Villanelle laughed and threw her arms around Eve “I love you my Evie. You’d tell me if something was wrong wouldn’t you?” she asked, getting a feeling something wasn’t right with her love.

Eve took a deep breath, touched by Villanelle’s concern and determined to control her emotions. “Of course I would sweetheart. Now you don’t want to be late. Give me your ridiculously expensive kite and Off you go!” Eve pulled back from Villanelle and kissed her nose.

“Okay!” Villanelle said as she handed Eve the kite. “I love you baby!” Eve cupped her young lovers face. ‘I love you too!”

As Villanelle walked away Eve called out to her “Roxie!”

Villanelle turned around and Eve smiled at her sassily ‘Bitch you’re the most precious thing in the world to me!”

Villanelle broke into a smile of absolute delight and chuckled as she called out “Bitch so are you!”

Eve watched her beautiful girl walk away and threaded her hands through her hair in frustration silently cursing herself. “Get your shit together Eve!”