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No Ordinary Love

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“Who do you belong to baby?” Villanelle asked as she thrust into Eve long and deep with her strap on. Eve was almost out of her mind with pleasure and had lost count of how many times Villanelle had made her come.

“Answer me!” Villanelle commanded as she slapped the side of Eve’s thigh hard, making her moan at the heavenly blend of pleasure and pain. “Who do you belong to my beautiful, perfect little fuck doll?”

Villanelle picked up the specialty wax play candle that was lit beside the bed and let the wax drop in a V shape between Eve’s beautiful breasts causing her to wince but grow even wetter under Villanelle’s fingers. “Be a good girl and answer me or I won’t blow on it……though maybe you don’t want me do. You like it, it’s making you even wetter. Dirty girl”

Still she leant down and blew where the wax had hit Eve’s skin, soothing it with her tongue then twisting her right nipple hard causing Eve to scream.

“You Villanelle” Eve gasped and Villanelle grabbed her chin hard “What did you just say?” Her eyes were threatening and cold and the fear it evoked only aroused even more.

“You Mistress…..I belong to you” Eve said as tears fell from her eyes and she became a completely disintegrating mess as Villanelle began thrusting into her like a woman possessed.

“Good girl, that’s right. You’re mine. You’re mine always! Eve took a chance and slipped her fingers between them and found Villanelle’s clit.

“Oh fuck” Villanelle cried as she continued to thrust into Eve. “You’re lucky that feels so good my precious naughty girl or I’d have to punish you”

As they both reached the bridge of a mind blowing climax Villanelle pressed her hand to Eve’s throat, applying pressure. “Oh god…..” Eve cried as she felt the heady light headedness combined with mind blowing pleasure and came first, Her body shaking uncontrollably and Villanelle was barely a moment behind her.

“Fuck Eve….I’m coming!” The force of Villanelle’s orgasm caused her to grip Eve’s throat. Eve willed herself to stay calm once the seemingly endless tremors of her orgasm faded and she was assaulted with traumatic flashbacks of the attacker who had tried to attack her but she found herself becoming more and more upset and panicked “Stoy! Stoy! Stoy! Please!” she pleaded, using their safe word Villanelle had taught her as she gripped at the wrist on her throat, the word that meant stop in Russian.

Villanelle was aghast and instantly released the hand on Eve’s throat. “It’s okay baby, please don’t get upset you did so well!” she praised Eve as she undid the strap on at lightening speed before tossing it off the bed and moving to cradle Eve in her arms with infinite tenderness. She rocked her gently and placed little kisses all over her face.

“I’ve got you, no one can hurt you, I’m sorry I frightened you, I’m so proud of you for using our word though. I stopped straight away.”

“Roxie?” Eve asked hesitantly, coming out of the world of fear and trauma she’d been trapped in to see no masked attacker. No Mistress Villainelle either though she could still see the heavy sultry makeup on her young lover’s face and feel her thigh high latex boots against her skin but her eyes. Her beautiful green eyes looking back at her with so much pride and understanding and reassurance. They belonged to her beautiful girl.

Villanelle’s face lit up “That’s right. Your Roxie. Just breathe baby and let me hold you”

“You always stop straight away. I can always trust you to stop!” Eve said as she snuggled into Villanelles arms.

“Of course baby. The way you give yourself to me is so beautiful. Such a perfect precious gift. You are the most precious thing to me Eve. I would never hurt you in a way you didn’t want me to. It’s called a safe word for a reason. So that I can keep you safe. I will always keep you safe!”

And Eve did feel very safe. It had been not quite a month since their first sexual encounter but they hadn’t wasted any time learning and exploring one another. Their insatiable lust want and need for each other had seen them spend nearly every night Villanelle wasn’t “On a job” ravaging each other all over Eve’s house. As though she sensed the darkness that had always been lurking inside Eve, Villanelle had nurtured a D/s and mild BDSM angle to their sex life that was building slowly and wasn’t always present. When it was it was only in the bedroom. Though when Eve came home to find a highly stylised Villanelle clad in a leather bondage style teddy with military style fringed shoulder pads, huge Victoria secret hair, more makeup than she had ever seen her wear, a matching military cap and the thigh high boots she had indeed known where things were going.

But as always, even when being “Harsh” even when striking her with a toy or implement or her hand. Even when speaking to her in a much harsher way than she normally did, there was the underlying total connection to Eve’s wellbeing. The terms of affection and endearment mixed with the more shocking words.

It wasn’t all one way though. They very much switched. Though Villanelle was certainly naturally the most dominant of the two they had some amazing sex where Eve had topped her and though it was less formal than when Eve did it simply because she was still learning, Villanelle was so turned on by it and encouraged it.

“Roxie, when we play a little in bed with me in control. Is it good for you? I mean you’re so good and experienced at it and I….you know….I wouldn’t want to let you down and….”

She was cut off by a gentle but passionate kiss from Villanelle. When the kiss broke Villanelle reached for the jar of cream next to the bed and began gently peeling at the wax on Eve’s chest. “Baby you’re perfect. I don’t want you to be like me. I want you to be you. I love your domme style. Because its you. It’s my Eve. It’s organic and…sincere. I know I sometimes have trouble letting go a little but it’s only because I’ve never done it with anyone else before you.”

Eve’s eyes widened “You haven’t”?

Villanelle shook her head. “Nope. Not as the bottom. I’ve only given myself to you that way”

Eve looked at her in utter wonder as Villanelle gently placed the soothing cream on the pink marks the wax left the same as she always did then gently placed some on the nipple she’d pinched roughly enough for it to still be swollen.


“Because you’re special Eve. I knew that the moment I first saw you in that bathroom. There has been nobody like you. There is nobody as special as you.”

Eve took the jar of cream Villanelle was fiddling with and took her face between her hands.

“I’m not so sure about that babe. I happen to think I have competition” she kissed her passionately then slid quickly down Villanelles body and positioning herself between her legs.

“Fuck Evie…..Baby……so good” Villanelle gasped as Eve’s mouth closed around her clit.

Eve felt her centre pulse with want, hearing Villanelle use the nickname she’d given her and often used in bed, the one she’d come to love.

And then there was no more talking.


Villanelle placed her hand on Eve’s shoulder gently shook her lover out of her light sleep before it became a heavier one. She wasn’t surprised Eve was sleepy. She knew she’d really pushed her that night. Then Eve had made her come twice and on the third time she’d dragged her with her, oversensitive and screaming but she’d come for the countless time that night never the less. She made Villanelle so proud “ with me, I’ve run us a bath”

Eve’s eyes fluttered open prettily and all disoriented “Oh I‘m sorry I fell asleep”. Eve attempted to get out of bed but was a little wobbly and smacked straight into Villanelle. “ooof you’re like a giant supermodel tonight” Eve said in a spacey tone before tilting her head up to look at her. In her epic boots she would have to be 6”3 “Why are you so high off the ground?”

Villanelle felt herself completely melt at the cuteness of Eve’s lack of filter and bewildered expression. She bent down and picked her up like she was made of china and Eve wrapped her arms and legs around her neck.

“I’ve got you. Adorable, perfect little doll!” she said affectionately as she kissed Eve’s forehead and carried her into the bathroom.

Eve knelt in front of Villanelle In the bathtub gently removing the many layers of makeup she wore with heavy duty cleanser and a cloth. “My beautiful girl” she began adoringly as she carefully peeled the extremely heavy false lashes off her eyelids. “As amazing as tonight was, would you like to tell me why I came home to find a 32 year old professional dominatrix in what feels like layers of albeit beautifully applied war paint, about 3 cans of hair spray and absolutely no traces of my gorgeous fresh faced 25 year old girlfriend with her luminous skin and little freckles and cute messy top knot.

“I followed a youtube tutorial” Villanelle replied honestly “And I still maintain I looked 35” Eve looked at her like she was delusional “With that gorgeous baby face of yours? In your dreams! 32 was pushing it!”

Villanelle looked down “I wanted to look older tonight. I know that the age difference between us sometimes makes you feel uncomfortable……and tomorrow.

“You go undercover as a 16 year old” Eve finished her sentence. “Yup” Villanelle said with more than a little uncertainty.

They’d been tracking a significant person in the Paedophile and Sex trafficking ring for months. Well before Villanelle came back to town. But for the past month she’d been heavily involved in surveillance missions. He owned a dance studio just outside of London. The perfect lair for unsuspecting teenagers. And two weeks ago when information was released that there would be open call auditions for a prestigious program for gifted and talented dancers they’d been sitting at MI6 when Villanelle had revealed she had a background in ballet, modern dance and gymnastics since she’s Russian so its practically in her blood and she’s kept up with recreational classes when she can since she left prison then joked maybe she should just go in there and try out so they at least had someone on the inside sussing things out.

Carolyn had thought it was absolutely brilliant and plans had been made immediately. When Villanelle hadn’t been completing her two “jobs” out of town for MI6 she’d been training and refining her technique, meeting with stylists. Plotting a plan of attack to Benjamin button almost 10 years. She’d agreed to it because the other mission she was going to be on would have taken her away from Eve for over 4 months. Eve also got the feeling that her loathing for Paedophiles had inspired her to take the gig. And Although Carolyn had told Eve she would be a vital part of the surveillance operation, she had been completely excluded from any of the aesthetic part of it. She hadn’t even seen Villanelle dance. She didn’t know what she was wearing to the audition tomorrow, what song she was doing. It was all a mystery. And then suddenly it clicked.

“Is that why you’ve kept me so in the dark? Why I haven’t seen you dance? Why we always come here and I haven’t been to your place even once? Because that’s where all the preparations for your role are happening? And the reason behind the dress ups tonight? Because you’re worried it will make me uncomfortable?”

Villanelle shrugged “I don’t want you to be turned off or feel creepy and then not want to have sex with me!”

“That will never happen. You just stood in front of me in nothing but thigh high latex boots and you’re like a penthouse centrefold. You are so incredibly sexy and desirable and beautiful. You’ll be playing a role tomorrow. And I’m sure parts of it may make me a little uncomfortable but it’s a role, a job. The same as all the other jobs you’ve had to transform for. The same as you transformed tonight. But what I’m trying to say is I want you. I crave intimacy, sex, passion, all the magical dirty sordid things we get up to with you just as you baby. Even though you’re a baby compared to me. As long as you’re my baby and I’m yours it’s okay. I’m kind of getting used to it”

And she was getting used to it. She didn’t know whether it was because the age difference seem to make Villanelle hang onto every word of the life experience she had but the younger woman didn’t. Or that Villanelle absolutely doted on her so she never felt being the older woman made her the “mummy” in “mummy issues.” Villanelle was forever opening doors for her, carrying her around, taking her coat off and putting it on Eve when she was cold at night. There was no defined caretaker in the relationship which had been what Eve feared. They just took care of each other.

Villanelle threw her arms around Eve’s neck and hugged her tightly. “What was that for?” Eve asked as she held Villanelle and her arms and Villanelle’s voice quivered just a little. “Nobody has ever wanted me just as me before. But you do. You don’t know how much it means to me”

“Oh sweetheart I’ll always want just you!” She gently pulled away and wiped the last of Villanelle’s makeup off. “There! There’s my beautiful girl!”

Villanelle beamed and pulled Eve into her lap. “We will go to my place very soon I promise you!”

“I’m sure Carolyn hasn’t given you an apartment remotely to your expensive tastes!” Eve joked and Villanelle shook her head “She didn’t need to give me an apartment. I have a house here. It was meant to be an investment in my future of sorts. But my Ooshka lives there at the moment. And so do I in the rare moments I’m not with you!”

“Your what?” Eve asked and Villanelle giggled “My Ooshka. Its short for Babushka which is Russian for grandmother. She was my mother’s ballet teacher and the mother to her that she never had. Then she was my teacher and a grandmother of sorts. The one close childhood friend I told you about, Dimitry is her grandson. He’s a professional dancer now. The two of them and by extension his husband are really the only family I have. She had a stroke a little while back so we take turns keeping an eye on her. She’s been living in my house for a while and I need a guardian for this mission since I will be a minor so it works. I introduced Dimitry to his husband Antony. He is of my….professional industry and has even worked with Carolyn.”

Eve as always was touched by Villanelle confiding in her. She’d learned quickly not to fly off the handle that she didn’t know things about the very complex young woman in front of her. Things she wasn’t as forthcoming with as partners normally were. She knew how hard it was for Villanelle to open up to her.

“But I’ve told her all about you and she can’t wait to meet you. She wants to have you over for dinner very soon. The past few weeks though while she helped me prepared has taken it out of her a little I worry. And there has been a lot of yelling and fighting in Russian, sometimes French. She’s a strict teacher. But with love.”

Eve laughed and Villanelle laughed with her. ‘Well yelling and fighting with love sounds about right for family to me! I would love to meet her sometime sweetheart when she’s feeling up to it. And let’s just get through this mission one day at a time. Everything will be okay.”

‘Yeah…of course” Villanelle smiled with a confidence she wasn’t feeling at that moment and turned Eve in her arms so her smaller lover’s back was pressed against her chest and leant back against the tub with her between her legs.

She fought the wave of painful memories she had tried so hard to bury. Memories she thought she was on top of now but had come instantly rushing back with this mission. This was her chance to make a difference for other defenceless kids. This was her chance to end a circle of monsters once and for all. She just prayed she had the strength to pull it off. Everyone was counting on her. Her beautiful perfect Eve was counting on her.

Villanelle buried her face in the haven of Eve’s curls and tried her very best to believe in the words she’d been told only moments earlier.

“Everything will be okay”