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Diamonds Aren't Forever - But They Get Close

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"We are gathered here together to reaffirm and celebrate the marriage of S'chn T'gai Spock and Nyota Uhura. Seventy-five years is a notable length of time, and therefore praiseworthy. Marriage is an admirable estate, and therefore it is fitting and right that we. . ."

Slowly, Nyota stood from her place, and took hold of Spock's hand. It was only the second time in their lives they had ever held hands in public. He held back a smile, and she did smile, lovingly, at the officiant. Seventy-five years ago it had been T'Pau, standing before the altar, in formal robes, and pronouncing a Christian wedding ceremony in very Vulcan tones. But this time, it was their daughter, T'Ashal. The dear girl was nearly seventy herself - older, in fact, than Sarek had been when he married Amanda all those years ago.

How proud Amanda would have been today, do you not agree, Adun?

To see her son's marriage being celebrated by her Vulcan priestess granddaughter? Yes, Adun'a, she would. . .