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Wei Ying soothed a hand on the mark on his neck. He could barely believe what happened last night; he coupled with Lan Zhan in the wet grass, fast and rough like animals, and Lan Zhan dug his teeth into his scent gland even before Wei Ying could have begged for his mark. Their minds were all clouded by instincts and their newly found love.

It hurt, but seeing the mark everyone knew he belonged to Lan Zhan. He was Hanguang-jun’s omega. Nobody who wanted to live another day would dare to approach him with ill intentions, seeing his neck and smelling Lan Zhan on him.

Mo Xuanyu’s secondary gender came as a surprise; he mistook him for a beta for a few days, and even wondered why an unusual sweet scent was following him around.

Being an omega had its benefits. He knew from experience that most alphas were naturally protective over omegas, and so was Lan Zhan. It was fun to tease him with his scent, pretending that he wasn’t able to control it. And for a while he really couldn’t because this omega body was different than his original alpha one. The gleaming in Lan Zhan’s eyes told him that there were times when he could barely hold himself back from pinning him to the ground and putting his mark on his neck. Yesterday was both of their breakpoints, and neither of them regretted taking the final step now that they were aware of the other’s feelings.

Wei Ying couldn’t help but touch the tender skin of the wound. After they had made love, Lan Zhan collected herbs that would ease the pain and stop the bleeding. The alpha was so excited to put his mark on him that he bit him deeper than needed.

It was surprising to experience how easily he came to offer his neck. These were the instincts of an omega to bare it for his chosen alpha to mark … and Wei Ying realized he didn’t mind it as long as it was for Lan Zhan. If it was for him, he never minded being submissive. And he knew that Lan Zhan would never look at any other omega this way, no matter how pretty they were.

When Wei Ying woke up the morning after their first mating, he felt content and warm. His alpha was nuzzling the tender bite until it became too much and Wei Ying had to chase him off. They bickered playfully until Wei Ying allowed Lan Zhan to cuddle him again.

By now the throbbing of the mark had eased. The wound would heal faster than a regular one because his scent gland was made to receive a mark. If Lan Zhan would leave it heal, but knowing his tendency to bite, Wei Ying was sure that his neck would be bitten raw soon enough.

And a part of him was looking forward for it. It was so hot when Lan Zhan looked at him with such eyes, burning from desire; as if he would feast on him any minute.

Little Apple bounced which made Wei Ying almost fall off from its back. He hissed; he was still sore from last night. As he leaned on the donkey’s neck, Little Apple didn’t approve the change of position, kicking up its hind legs. Wei Ying clang tightly onto it, whining.

“Lan Zhan!” he yelped as Little Apple sprinted, only to be stopped by the leash the alpha was holding.

“What are you two doing?”

“Little Apple is abusing me!”

Lan Zhan’s face remained motionless at this, but Wei Ying could read from his posture. Is it really Little Apple’s fault?

“Lan Zhan! You should carry me,” he purred, taking a different approach of the situation. Little Apple was all cranky from carrying him all day, and Wei Ying was getting uncomfortable from having to sit properly. Lan Zhan hummed; he didn’t seem to be affected by the order. Wei Ying however didn’t give up on this easily and reached out to caress his arm. “Little Apple is mean with me today, and I’m so sore from last night! It’s your fault anyway so it’s only fair if you take me on your back. My strong alpha could surely carry his weak omega until we get in the village…”

“You can walk.”

“So cruel,” Wei Ying pouted. “In this case I’ll be surely too tired to dote on my mate tonight…”

Lan Zhan huffed, the tip of his ears turning red. “Fine.”

Wei Ying had to wait a few minutes until Lan Zhan put their package on Little Apple’s back and he could climb on his back. The donkey wasn’t too happy about the change even if this was lighter than a grown up man. However, Wei Ying stuffed its mouth full with apples so it couldn’t protest. Lan Zhan knelt in front of him (what would the members of his clan say if they saw the great Hanguang-jun kneeling in front of a mere omega of low birth!) so that Wei Ying could comfortably climb on him. Once he felt secure on his alpha’s board back, Lan Zhan stood up, holding him tightly under his thighs. His touch sent sparks through Wei Ying’s body. With a happy sigh, he leant his head to his neck and nuzzled the sandalwood smelling gland. There was something really deep and sensual in his mate’s scent that he could recognize anywhere even in his previous life. And even if Wei Ying was scented properly, the source himself was the best.

“Behave,” Lan Zhan said when Wei Ying licked his neck after a few minutes of sniffling and nuzzling.

“Or what?” the omega asked. He was fully aware of playing with fire as he pulled the sensitive skin between his teeth. The warning growl made him laugh. Wei Ying sucked the alpha’s skin until he was sure that it would bruise, wondering if Lan Zhan would allow him to mark him as well.

Wei Ying yelped when Lan Zhan pinched his flesh.

“You’ll see.”

“Oh, I’m looking forward for it.”

Little Apple was so scandalized by their behaviour that it refused to look at them even when its favourite food was offered.


A few days later Wei Ying wondered why was that that ever since he started making love to Lan Zhan, he felt like he could never have enough of his alpha’s scent. Was it because he scrubbed his skin clean every given chance? But Lan Zhan had always made sure to scent him properly after bathing until Wei Ying was a purring mess…

Why was he suddenly addicted to him so badly?

There was no way he wouldn’t bath that much when he felt so hot and sticky all the time. Sometimes, all he could smell was himself; he was anxious it would be too much for his mate after all the teasing.

His barely gained control over his omega scent was slipping away – and he had no idea why.

Wei Ying splashed in the water until Lan Zhan returned to their rented room, the tip of his ears pink. Wei Ying felt an unknown feeling rising up in his chest as if something squeezed his insides. Who could it be beside himself who would embarrass his Lan Zhan into blushing?

What if Lan Zhan had found a better, more proper and suitable omega to mate? This thought made his throat tighten. He couldn’t make a sound until Lan Zhan walked to the tub and knelt down, putting his hand in the water. Wei Ying lanced their fingers; he needed to touch him.

“What is it, Lan Zhan? Who made you blush, hm?”

“The innkeeper.”

“The innkeeper?” Wei Ying frowned. As much he could remember the man was a beta, a not particularly pretty one. “What business did he have with you?”

“He asked if we would stay for your heat.”

“For my… what?!”

“So you didn’t notice.”

“Oh, shit…” Wei Ying muttered. This all made sense now – his constant need to be surrounded by his alpha’s scent, that he felt uncomfortable no matter what he did, his jealousy for unknown omegas… he had made Mo Xuanyu’s body strong enough to deal with a heat. Or was it the bonding? He previously assumed his new body was infertile, but the regular eating and coupling must have kicked in his reproductive system.

Even if this felt uncomfortable, Wei Ying could gain benefits from this. He had heard people complaining Lan Zhan didn’t have an heir… suddenly the image of a little one with him on the donkey didn’t seem so unreachable. He considered Sizhui, his A-Yuan, their son, but he grew up so fast, without Wei Ying seeing him.

He could see themselves having a baby.

“What do you want?” Lan Zhan asked, twisting a long strand of hair around his index finger. He tugged it to get Wei Ying’s attention.

“How far are we from the Cloud Recesses?”

“A day or two.”

“Take me back there then,” Wei Ying decided. The Cloud Recesses might be the most prudish place on earth, but Wei Ying knew it at least. It was full of familiar scents and most importantly, he could gather all of Lan Zhan’s clothes for a nest.

He might have been an omega only for a short while, but he would build the best nest!


By the time they arrived to Gusu, Wei Ying had regretted his previous request to return there. Pre-heat had hit him full force, and he had no idea how to deal with it or make the symptoms more bearable. Lan Zhan had tried to help him in his own way, but when his hands wandered to his intimate parts, Wei Ying hissed and slapped him.

And this made him feel only worse because Lan Zhan looked at him like a kicked puppy. Wei Ying got anxious; what if his alpha wouldn’t spend his heat with him after he didn’t let him touch him? If he needed his alpha’s scent this badly in pre-heat, he surely wouldn’t be able to deal with the heat alone…

Fortunately, Lan Zhan didn’t seem to be too offended by his crankiness. He helped Wei Ying to look for materials for his nest. Wei Ying’s only experience with nests was from porn, but his enthusiasm made up for his lacking knowledge.

And what a nest Wei Ying made! He rearranged the room until there was enough space in the corner, and he piled there all of Lan Zhan’s used clothes he could get his hands on. He pulled out a folding screen with drifting clouds to give them privacy. As shameless he was according to his alpha, he didn’t want people peaking in the windows.

He worked until he was satisfied with everything.

Lan Zhan got the hint that he wasn’t allowed in the nest until it was finished because he waited for Wei Ying’s desperate call to come. Even if the omega wasn’t ready for mating yet, he needed his mate’s scent there. And Lan Zhan turned out to be the perfect alpha; he made sure nobody would bother them, got him his favourite food and some light wine. He gave him back rubs when his belly was in knots from cramps, playing their song if Wei Ying wished to break the silence. Lan Zhan would cuddle him even if his erection was obviously pressing to Wei Ying’s ass, he caressed his back and hips but wasn’t pushy. He listened to Wei Ying whining about how he wasn’t sure if Mo Xuanyu’s body was fertile with all the abuse he lived through in his life. His alpha told him then how amazing he smelled; that he thought he would go crazy for want the first time he smelled him. That Wei Ying’s scent was almost like in his first life even if theoretically that wasn’t possible. Wei Ying was sure those compliments came only to flatter him into mating, but he didn’t mind.

He was truly pampered.


Wei Ying was sleeping in their nest when the first wave of fever came. He had zero experience with heats, and his readings didn’t mention that he would feel this miserable and cold without his mate present. It was nothing like a rut that made him restless and easily irritated. The heat made him feel vulnerable and he hated that. He didn’t like to depend on others and now he couldn’t be without his alpha. Being alone in the nest was an agony, and deeply buried instincts started to kick in. He was pumping the air full with his scent, drowning everything in that overly sweet heat smell.

He whimpered and turned on his belly to rut into the sheets, his face pressed into a pillow.

Some of the fabrics still held Lan Zhan’s scent. Faintly, it was on his wrists and in his hair from their last scenting session. His rational self told him that his alpha would soon come back. He was a man who kept his promises after all. Lan Zhan was probably taking care of last-minute preparations: Wei Ying could imagine his figure standing in the hallway and setting up talismans that wouldn’t allow their scent and voice get out of the room.

Thinking of his mate made Wei Ying’s body react by his hole getting wet. It was still an unfamiliar feeling, but it turned out to be quite useful. To think that Lan Zhan knew how to make love even if it was the first time for both of them… Wei Ying whined from desire, sliding his fingers into his hole as he heard the door opening. He pushed up his ass shamelessly to present himself for his alpha. Nobody told him that the heat would make him feel this gapingly empty, that his mate’s scent would make him wanton beyond saving.

“Lan Zhan!” he whined. He couldn’t help but drown the room in his scent. At this point he had completely lost control over his body; it was easier to let his instincts take over. Turning his head to the side, he saw Lan Zhan’s eyes going wide; he stared at him mouth open to get more of his sweet heat scent. Wei Ying wiggled his butt, trying to take control over the desperate sounds he was making to sound at least alluring. “Lan Zhan, will you fuck me?”

He heard a low growl as the alpha rushed to him. Lan Zhan put his hand on his back and pushed him down, making Wei Ying even hornier. He was weak for Lan Zhan being able to manhandle him at any given time. His face pressed into the softest pillow he could find at such a strict place, Wei Ying listened to fabric rustling. But nothing fell on the floor.

“Your pretty clothes will get dirty… ah!” His giggling turned into a moan as Lan Zhan thrust into him. He had done some preparing before, trying to imitate what his mate did to him, but his thin fingers were no match for the thickness entering and splitting him open. The omega in him still keened; he was running now on pure instincts. He rolled his hips, meeting the rough thrusts until Lan Zhan grabbed his waist firmly and took over the control completely. Wei Ying screamed, hoping he could be louder than what the talismans could hold back. To let those people know what they were up to.

Mating outside of marriage was unacceptable here, and they broke several other rules written on the mountain. Wei Ying laughed when he could get air in his lungs until a deeper thrust took away his breath and made him come. His whole body was shaking, but Lan Zhan held him secure, still slamming in him with full force until Wei Ying could feel warm rush inside and the growing knot. He gasped from overstimulation, trying to get away, but Lan Zhan collapsed on him, keeping him pinned. The fabric of his clothing felt too rough on his skin, too much after all of this. He wanted skin to skin contact; his alpha filled him so well after all.

“Clothes… off,” he groaned, but Lan Zhan wasn’t willing to move from his back. Wei Ying’s brain was jelly from mating, but he didn’t want to give up this easily. “Lan Zhaaan…”

Lan Zhan huffed into his neck, biting down. Wei Ying cried out for surprise as the teeth broke skin, renewing their recent bonding. Lan Zhan growled, deepening his bite and moving his hips as little as he could. Wei Ying felt him coming again and it made him wonder if this all would fit in him. Lan Zhan let go of his neck and licked the wound as if he was apologizing. Wei Ying chuckled. He was sure that by the end of his heat, his neck would be full of marks, but he didn’t mind it.

Right when his mate’s weight became too much, Lan Zhan turned them on their sides, a hand sliding on Wei Ying’s stomach. He caressed it with such gentleness that made the omega tear up. He covered his hand. He thought of all the daydreaming he did on the back of the donkey, how wonderful it would be to have a little one on their own… Wei Ying was so embarrassed by them then that Lan Zhan caught him purring from the thought. Now he purred because his daydream would come true if Mo Xuanyu’s body was fertile.

Lan Zhan’s grip tightened around him as he nuzzled his neck.

“You will take good care of me won’t you Lan Zhan?” he purred.  “Pumping me full of your seed…”

“I will,” Lan Zhan promised, capturing his lips.

Wei Ying was excited what more could his heat store for them.


The soreness Wei Ying felt after the heat wasn’t similar to anything. His instincts were deeply satisfied with the long mating session and the knots; despite having no experience, Lan Zhan took good care of him. He was the perfect alpha, always knowing his mate’s needs even before Wei Ying could voice them. He kept him coated in his scent and full with his knot.

Overall it was a good kind of soreness. Wei Ying wasn’t complaining.

He stretched and turned in the ruined nest. Lan Zhan left, but that wasn’t too surprising given how late into the day it was. He was probably catching up with his work. Wei Ying missed him. The neediness for his alpha didn’t quite stop after the heat had ended.

Right when he tested if he could get up without much pain, the door opened and Lan Zhan stepped in with a steaming bowl of food in his hands. Wei Ying’s stomach growled. He couldn’t remember the last time he ate. Lan Zhan sat on the edge of the bed, and Wei Ying crawled to him, leaning his head on his groin. Lan Zhan let him nuzzle him through the fabric then gently forced him to sit up.

“Eat,” he ordered, already shoving a spoon of food in his mouth. Wei Ying swallowed; he was starving.

“This is pretty good,” Wei Ying remarked. He wasn’t sure if it was his hunger talking or the Lan clan had learned to use spices in the past thirteen years, but the good wasn’t as band as he remembered.

“I made it for you.”

“Oh, really?” Wei Ying blinked. “I could take more spice.”

“Not now,” Lan Zhan said, squeezing his waist. Wei Ying patted his filled stomach, fingers sliding lower. If their mating brought fruit, they would surely keep him from eating anything that had taste. Wei Ying still hadn’t read all the new rules carved on the mountain, but he was pretty sure they had something against pregnant people having fun.

Lan Zhan followed his hand. His palm was a firm cover above Wei Ying’s. The heat of it made him feel safe.

“We’re going to marry next week,” Lan Zhan said suddenly.

“I don’t even get asked?” Wei Ying pouted, playing offended. As if he didn’t know the Lans would want to deal with their mating outside of marriage as soon as possible to avoid staining their precious reputation.

Lan Zhan hummed and leaned down to kiss his lips. “I have now.”

“Lan Zhan, this is not how it goes,” Wei Ying whined. “Do I even have a say in this?”


“Seems not like it.”

“You can say yes,” Lan Zhan said firmly. Wei Ying couldn’t help but laugh, sharp and joyful, that kind of voice that was prohibited at the Cloud Recesses. He turned in the alpha’s arms as if he attempted to escape. Lan Zhan didn’t let him slip away, pulling him to sit in his lap as Wei Ying was still giggling. He sat naked on his snow-white robes, still sticky from their shared heat despite Lan Zhan’s best attempts to keep him clean.

“Lan Zhan, Lan Zhan, I will make your pretty clothes filthy again.”

“It washes out with water.”

“And how do you know such a thing?” Wei Ying gasped. They could make love in all kind of extreme way, but Lan Zhan saying such things with such a blank face made him always blush the hardest. He hid his burning face in the alpha’s neck, breathing in his sandalwood scent to calm himself.

Lan Zhan patted his back.

“Really, Lan Zhan, we can’t marry next week. I want Sizhui… A-Yuan to be here for it. And Wen Ning too. It’s not that I don’t want to marry you, I really do, but they’re the only family left who don’t hate me.”

“Two weeks,” Lan Zhan agreed, kissing the crown of his head. Wei Ying grinned and wiggled in his lap excitedly until it hurt and a hiss left his lips. Lan Zhan grabbed his waist to keep him from moving too much and hurting himself.

“I would show my gratefulness, but you broke me my dearest alpha,” Wei Ying laughed. He could smell his mate’s desire even after all the fucking they had done. Lan Zhan coaxed him into laying, slipping under the cover with him. Wei Ying couldn’t let the chance to tease slip away; he reached down and palmed the alpha’s erection through the fabric. Lan Zhan caught his wrist.

“No need to start something you can’t finish,” he muttered. He brought his hand to his face and kissed into his palm. As Lan Zhan licked over the scent gland on his wrist, and Wei Ying felt yet again as if fire was lit in his veins. He gulped.

“You’re sending mixed signals.”

“Rest,” Lan Zhan ordered, pushing Wei Ying’s head to his neck. The omega chuckled and curled to his side. There was no use to oppose his mate after he got everything he ever wanted.


The bunny sitting on Wei Ying’s stomach was completely relaxed. The omega held his breath steady to not alarm the animal as it sniffled his clothes, trying to find the most comfortable spot for laying.

Having a round belly slowed down Wei Ying in most of his mischief, but his husband’s bunnies loved him ever since he got pregnant, willing to hop in his lap to snuggle him. It was probably because Wei Ying wasn’t flexible enough anymore to catch them if they had enough of him. And A-Yuan wouldn’t chase them for him as much as Wei Ying plead.

Well, his biggest mischief was done anyway, and he pulled Lan Zhan in it. After scratching the bunny under its jaw, he soothed a hand on his belly. The baby had been suspiciously well behaved that morning; Wei Ying’s poor abused insides could be relieved for a few hours. The baby was sure strong, some of their kicks took his breath away so badly that he whined for minutes, needing to hold onto something.

The steps and rocks at the Cloud Recesses were slippery. This was why Lan Zhan tried to get someone accompany Wei Ying if he went out – usually it was A-Yuan.

Omegas sure weren’t weak, but Wei Ying had been one only for a short while. By the time he could get used to the functioning of his new body, he was thrown out of balance by the pregnancy. Not that he regretted making their tiny bun. That was his best decision after mating Lan Zhan.

The bunny on his belly decided he was safe and laid down, making A-Yuan smile. Wei Ying grinned, getting an idea.

“A-Yuan, catch me more bunnies!” he demanded. He might have sounded like a maniac because their adopted son wasn’t keen on fulfilling his request.

“Senior Wei, what are you planning on doing with them?” A-Yuan asked, his voice full of suspicion. As if he thought Wei Ying suddenly wanted bunny stew!

“I want them to snuggle my baby!”

A-Yuan was still suspicious, but he fulfilled his request after seeing him pout. Lan Zhan would give anybody, even their adopted son and model student A-Yuan, punishment if he saw him making his precious omega cry. And Wei Ying wasn’t even ashamed to take advantage of this. So A-Yuan got him two more bunnies and carrots to bride them into staying.

“You know I was the one who gave Hanguang-jun his first bunny pair,” Wei Ying chatted, petting their soft fur. The bunnies stayed for the food. When all the carrots were gone, they put their little pink noses between Wei Ying’s robes as if they were looking for more snacks. The omega squeaked in surprise when their whiskers tickled the sensitive skin of his stomach. As if they knew it, one of them slipped under his robes, making Wei Ying squirm.

“Ahaha, don’t do that you little… I will eat you!”

“Senior Wei, not Hanguang-jun’s bunnies!” A-Yuan scolded him. Wei Ying asked him to call him by something less formal, but Gusu did a good job at making him into a perfect Lan, always proper and polite.

“I was the one who gave them to him, I get to decide what happens to them!”

“Wei Ying,” they heard a distant call. Wei Ying looked up from fighting the bunny, and noticing his husband, he grinned and let go of the animal.

“Lan Zhan!” he exclaimed happily, opening his arms in his direction. “Lan Zhan, come quickly and love me, your bunnies are mean!”

“Isn’t it you being mean?” his husband asked, stepping closer. Wei Ying pouted, lifting his chin to demand a hiss. From the corner of his eyes, he saw A-Yuan turning away and pretending to collect the left-over carrots from the grass to give them privacy. Lan Zhan leaned down, putting his hands on his shoulders for balance. Wei Ying clang into his elbow as they kissed. Then he felt a strong kick right into his ribs and hissed from pain.

“Great, they woke up,” he muttered, rubbing the place of the kick. Lan Zhan’s expression didn’t change, but Wei Ying could feel from their bond that he was smug. “Don’t look that satisfied, it hurts a lot!”

Lan Zhan hummed. Wei Ying had to take revenge; he quickly grabbed the robes hanging from his arms and pulled him down. He could success only because Lan Zhan didn’t expect the attack.

“Wei Ying!” he yelped, trying to not fall on the omega. Wei Ying laughed at his irritated expression, caught between his arms.

“Lan Zhan, if you grimace this much, your pretty face will stay like this,” Wei Ying chuckled, pinching his cheeks. Lan Zhan let him have his way.

“I don’t want to hurt you.”

“Aw, don’t worry, I was only checking on your reflexes,” Wei Ying cooed. His mate settled next to him in the grass. It was an oddly satisfying feeling that his husband’s white robes would be stained with green too. The bunnies who fled at their little game, now gathered around his alpha. No matter how good and trustworthy Wei Ying smelled while pregnant, their master was still Lan Zhan.

A-Yuan seemed to be relieved that Lan Zhan joined them – the responsibility of keeping Wei Ying out of trouble was lifted from his shoulders.

A bunny hopped in Lan Zhan’s lap and he scratched it by the ears. Wei Ying melted. It was nice to see how gentle his husband could be around such fragile beings. He imagined him handling their baby with the same care and excitement spread through his body. He couldn’t wait to meet their baby!

“Lan Zhan, give me your hand!” he demanded. When his husband wasn’t quick enough, he grabbed his hand to pull it on his round belly. The baby shifted, feeling the excitement of his omega father. Lan Zhan didn’t need much encouragement to map the roundness under the fabrics. Wei Ying sighed and leaned back on his hands. He wished there was no fabric between them, but he has to wait with that until night. For now, he was content with this as Lan Zhan played with their baby by following their movements and guessing what part he had touched.

A-Yuan stared at their game from some distance as if he wasn’t sure if he could be included this scene.

“Come here, A-Yuan,” Wei Ying waved. “Give your old Brother Poor a hug.”

And because A-Yuan was a good boy, he came and hugged the other side of Wei Ying, burying his head into his shoulder. While in some aspects he was as mature as Lan Zhan in his age, Wei Ying could bring the passionate Wen out of him at any given time. He patted his head and tugged at his forehead ribbon playfully. A-Yuan cuddled closer as if he was still a small child, looking for a parent’s shelter. Wei Ying was ready to be that shelter.

Purring, he said, “you would help us around the baby, right? Bury your sibling in bunnies…”

“I don’t think that’s a healthy thing to do…”

“You’ve been buried in ground and bunnies, and look how well you’ve grown up!”

“Senior Wei, don’t embarrass me,” A-Yuan muttered, ears red.

“I’d never!” he laughed. The baby gave an agreeing kick into Lan Zhan’s palm. “Lan Zhan, tell him he grew up so well from all the dirt he got as a kid!”

The alpha hummed; Wei Ying had a feeling that he was actually laughing at him.

They sat cuddled together for a long while until Wei Ying got too cramped, sandwiched between his family. A-Yuan left with the scent of both of them on his clothes and skin, not minding that people would talk behind his back that he was spoiled with love.