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I'll be there

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Hoseok couldn’t fall asleep. tossing and turning, he thought back to the last couple of hours of his crazy day.


He had worked on this new bike all day long and despite the absolute tiredness, he decided to celebrate his finished work with a meal from his favorite restaurant. Due to the traffic, he’d changed routes and because of that, he had seen hyunwoo, shivering and curled up into himself at the side of the shady alley. at first, it hadn’t crossed his mind that the boy’s conditions could be that bad so his first instinct had been to buy him food. but that escalated fast when he reached out and the boy was barely breathing. he had been so cold that hoseok had thought he’d died, that he’d been late.

he should’ve first helped him into his car to get him warmed up while he waited for the food to get ready. because of his dumb brain, the poor soul had almost died.


sighing, he decided to go check on his guest. hyunwoo had been too ashamed that hoseok hadn’t found it in himself to push the topic further. why he was in that shady alley on the verge of freezing to death?..he didn’t know and it didn’t really matter. if hyunwoo didn’t have any place to go, he’d let him stay there. his house was too big for only one person anyway and his mother always bought him more food than he could eat.

crossing the hallway ever so careful not to make a single sound, he peeked through the crack of the guest room’s door. hyunwoo’s back was facing him and from what he could see, the boy was sound asleep. good. he needed to rest.


Hoseok turned on his heel to go back to bed but a sound stopped him on his track. at first, he thought he heard wrong but then when it happened again he was sure it was real and not a production of his ears. the boy was whimpering.

opening the door slowly, he took careful steps toward the bed and circled it so he could see the sleeping boy’s face. he was probably having a nightmare which would be understandable after the horrible things he’d gone through if the state he found him in was of an example.


turning the bedside lamp on, the sight broke his heart. hyunwoo was covered in sweat. his face scrunched up, whimpering continuously as he curled his body into himself further and further.


hoseok bent down a bit and shook him gently. “ hyunwoo “ nothing happened.

he sat on the edge of the bed and decided to push the wet bangs out of his face as he called him again. but when his fingers came in contact with the boy’s skin, it was so hot that he pulled his hand back subconsciously.

“ Hyunwoo “ he kept calling his name as he shook him with more force each time but the boy didn’t react to him at all. hoseok was losing his shit.

getting up and running to his bedroom, he dialed his older brother’s number with shaky hands.

“ seokki it’s 4 AM man! “ his brother’s voice was so hoarse it was obvious he had been asleep.

“ hyung, can you..can you come here please? “ he didn’t know the first thing about taking care of a sick person. but his brother was a doctor and he lived nearby. and he was hoseok’s hero so he’d definitely know what to do.

“ what’s wrong seokki? did you get hurt? “ his brother’s voice was now fully awake. he heard shuffling sounds through the phone.

“ no, i’m fine. just hurry. “ he hung up and ran back to hyunwoo. the fever was even worse now. he didn’t know if he was to put ice cubes on his forehead for the temperature or put more blankets on him for the shivering. hoseok felt absolutely helpless as he waited for his brother to arrive.



“ wook, you have to help him! “ he dragged his brother to the guest room by the grip he had on the older’s wrist.

“ help who? why are you so pale? are you okay? “ were the endless questions that were thrown at him but never got processed in his panicked state.


getting inside the room, changwook didn’t question anything further as his eyes landed on the sick boy on the bed. his brother ran to the bed and started examining hyunwoo while hoseok himself stood behind him and not knowing if the boy was gonna be okay.

“ call an ambulance. “

hoseok, call an ambulance. now. “

he must’ve zoned out for his brother to have to yell at him like that but it certainly worked at bringing back to his senses.






“ is he gonna be okay? “ hoseok stood up and ran to his brother the moment he saw him coming out of the room.

“ he’s gonna be fine. sit. i’m gonna get you chocolate. “ he did as asked and waited for him to return.

“ so? wanna tell me who he is? “ changwook waited for him to eat a couple of bites from the chocolate bar before asking.

“ his name’s hyunwoo. i..found him in the alley next to grandma’s restaurant. “ she wasn’t their actual grandma but both of them called her that since their childhood.

“ i thought he was dead wooki. i was terrified. “ a shiver ran through his spine at the memory. the older started caressing his back in soothing patterns.

“ he’s okay now. there’s no need to panic anymore. his body is covered in bruises all over and there are a few damages but there’s nothing crucial. you saved him. “ ever since their childhood, wook had always known how to calm him down. and now wasn’t any exception.

" after almost having him die on me twice in one night. " he snorted bitterly and shook his head, playing with the chocolate wrapper.

" hey, it wasn't your fault. " his brother paused. " i've never seen you stressed out like that before and you're a motocross rider so that has to say something! "

" well, i've never had a boy almost dying in my house before.... i wonder who did this to him…why was he left alone to die like that..? he’s so young.. “ hoseok said deep in thought as his head hung low.

“ what are you talking about! you’re 22 yourself! “ changwook chuckled and nudged him on the side. that brought a smile to him as well but it was short-lived as his mind flew right back at the boy laying on the hospital bed.