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scared but soft

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When he got up that day, he was excited like how many times do you get to walk through the U.A. gates! ‘hopefully he will be walking through them for the next 3 years.’ He got up had breakfast when for a jog to join Hitoshi on his way to U.A.

What he wasn’t expecting was to trip over his own feet the second he stepped inside, but he did meet a girl with a brown bob cut with round rosy cheeks and bright brown eyes, she saved him from eating dirt as Hitoshi stood back and watched.

He went to speak wit her but her scent caught him of guard because yes it was human but there was more something  that normally lives on the outskirts of small towns or villages, and then she left to go get a seat, “did you smell her?” I asked as Hitoshi came closer “yeah a half breed witch, she most likely has no idea, she doesn’t smell like she’s unlocked her power yet.”

“most likely, well we should head in before we run out of time.” I grin as I start to run “race you.”


Now if I thought tripping in front of a small group was bad well, I was wrong I ended up sitting next to Kacchan and I was called out for mumbling by a guy with blue hair and glasses at least 12 rows away how could he hear me? And then I found out Hitoshi and I aren’t even in the same battle zone.

Trying to forget about it as we changed to go out on the field, I put on a black jacket with the inside of the hoddie being acid green on top of a plain whit shirt and black jeans along side the mint green scarf Hitoshi gave me.

I walked out onto the prep area and done some stretches as others continued to flood out of the changing rooms when I smelt it, the half witch, looking up I could see her doing some breathing exercises when I felt someone getting closer and then a hand on my shoulder.

“you shouldn’t be wearing a jacket your going to overheat, did you even bring the right sports wear?” the tall glasses wearing boy who called me out earlier said, “well maybe my quirk effects my body temperature and I need to were it.” I stated getting the boy to step back at how blunt I was.

My quirk doesn’t effect my body temperature after all it not a quirk so it doesn’t have side effects like a quirk would, no it just take quite a bit of mental power to make sure I effect the temperature in the right way to get the effect I want.

The boy went to retort but I was moving before he could, running inside the fake city I hear the pro hero present Mic yell at the other to get going there is no start in a real battle, suckers, finding my first 2 point robot I run past it as it yells die only to have ice stab out of it like a porcupine, reminds me of someone else I know that yells die.


U.A. control room

“look that kid just turned that 2 pointer into an ice cube.” said a lady with raver revealing clothing named midnight.

“look at the purple haired one just using sneak attacks and brute strength to get the buttons or rip the cords.” Said a man with no shirt and machinery on his head and hands aka power loader.

“that blonds just exploding everything before the others can even get close.” Said the cement block cementoss.

“Greeny just iced some more.” midnight

“the iida boys doing good.” The buff form of a man with silver hair and a scar on his face, vlad king commented

“look at the red head.” Present mic aka banana hair.

“what the heck greeny just covered himself in green lightning and it electrocuting the robots I thought his quirk was ice?” midnight.

the teachers committed as they watched the battle fields from the control room “ah, hu.” Principle Nezu who could be a mouse, a bear or a dog but that doesn’t matter because he’s the principle gaining the attention of the teachers.

“it seems the green haired boy is Izuku Midoriya age 14 quirk temperature manipulation, quite the interesting quirk I must say.”

“temperature. . . control?” present mic.

“but, how did he?” midnight.

“it’s simple my dear teachers, by manipulating the air molecules he can freeze the vapor in the air to make the ice and by switching the temperature or making it so hot it turns to plasma he can make lightning, he must be quite smart to work that out.” Nezu clarifies.

“that is quite stro- holly shit water as well!?” power loader.

“why yes he should be able to control water, air, ice, fire and lightning.” Nezu announced like it was nothing.

“there is no way he can’t get in with a quirk like that.” A cowboy themed man called snipe announced.

“purple hair just saved some sort of purple grape rat from a three pointer.” Midnight.

“what purples quirk?” the full-bodied creepy costume of ectoplasm questioned.

“let’s see, Hitoshi Shinsou age 15 quirk brainwashing, his quirks not helpful in this and yet its only been 3 minutes and he already has 17 points, at this point if he continues like this, he will most likely get in.”

“ha! he remines me of you Shota!” Mic yelled as he finger gunned toward a man with long black hair and tired eyes who laid in a bright yellow sleeping bag, “I’ve met them before and I can agree that they have potential, but they are stupid at the same time.” He huffed

“now, now Aizawa I think they are quite smart! Both of them managed to get a perfect score on the entrance test as well as have near perfect record.” Comments as he jumps of Vlad’s shoulder and walks over to the caterpillar.

“but what I want to know is why you think they have potential?” the rat asked, “what did you see in them?”

The tired man sighed “they are both illogical, wandering the streets at night, they go out every single night, yet I’ve only been able to find them a couple of times and even then, I somehow lose track of them, they would make good hunters.”

“but?” the rat asked as he turned away to face the screens.

“there’s something off about them, like there body language screams power but at the same time its hidden like there trying to hide something.”

“well why don’t we see if we can force it out of them?” the rat grinned as he walked up to the front and pressed the big red button earning a protestive grunt from mic how had been eying the button the entire time.

“we still had 4 more minutes till we had to let it loose, and it was my turn this time!!” mic grumbled


Hitoshi’s test ground

He had just finished of another 3 pointer in one of the fake city’s back alleys when he felt it or well heard it, about 2 blocks down something large had turned on if the sound of gears grinding meant anything, and the tiny vibrations that humans wouldn’t be able to feel coming from under the road just added to his thought.

‘well this can’t be good’ he climbed up to the top of one of the buildings that make the alley and watched to see what happened after all he had 38 points and still had another 7 minutes.

He cursed when he saw the road basically explode outwards as a large robot ripped itself from the ground if the scent of fear was strong before well now it was overwhelming but so was the scent of blood.

“his eyes quickly zoned in on a boy with a bird head struggling to keep some sort of large shadow bird under control as he panicked to get out from under some of the rubble that came from the explosion.

Blood dripped down the boy’s right arm clearly dislocated, and jacket ripped from were some of the rubble must have flown by cutting him, sniffing the air the fear had gone down and moved to the outskirts of the town.

Sighing he ran along the rooftops before climbing down the fire escape to the alley closest to the boy who was curling in on himself as the shadow bird grew in size relentlessly wiping around destroying the surrounding road and parts of buildings.

the shadow bird was most likely feeding of the humans feeling so if he wanted to help, he had to calm the boy and then the shadow would calm to a point the boy had control, taking a deep breath he stepped out of the alley.

The bird screeched lunging for him as the boy cred for him to go that he didn’t want to hurt him.

The shadows claws dug into the road cracking it on impact “its fine you just have to calm down.” He yelled as he dodged the shadow leaping from side to side as the shadow continued to attack “please just ru-“

“take deep breaths, your safe, no one is going to get hurt, just calm down.” He commanded as he took control of the boy, yet the shadow continued to attack slowly getting smaller but its screeches continued as it got slower before it stopped all together with one last screech.

The shadow looked around confused before it turned and rushed to the boy “Fumikage!?” it yelled  sounded scratchy and seemed to eco when it got to the boy before screaming again for the boy when he didn’t respond, “don’t worry I’ve got him under my control to make sure he doesn’t panic and have you lose control again.”

He told the bird as he approached “but we should be quick getting him some help I don’t know how long I can keep him under before the pain from his injury will brake him out,” he said as he picked up the boy placing him on his back making sure to watch the arm.

The bird nodded before disappearing, leaving him alone to carry the boy to the gate.


Izuku’s test ground

He wasn’t surprised when the ground erupted, he had heard it coming watched as people passed as the earth shook seen some of them get hit by the rubble.

What he didn’t expect was for everyone to run even though they could see people trapped and hurt, the kids would be fine the robots won’t hurt them when their down.

A scream rung out across the city, triggered something in him because in one second he was watching down the street assessing the situation and then he was running the air below his feet rapidly cooling then heating boosting him as he ran.

‘the robots work by tracking heat signatures and with the fire and smoke the zero pointer won’t be able to see the kids closest to it’ hi thought as he got closer seeing the girl from earlier trapped and looking sick as she watched the zero pointer get closer.

He might be able to get the girl out and get away but it would be close but then the others would still be in danger, he could try to destroy it but his powers are weaker when he’s in his human form and showing his true form is a big no so what.

The robot grabbed onto part of a building turning what it grabbed to rubble that was falling down in a shower of stone, he placed an arm above his head the air pulsing as it bounced all the rubble that fell towards him away.

He grinned as he finally got to the girl crouching down next to her, he had an idea “it’s going to be ok.” He assured as he braced himself placing his arms out Infront of him, she watched as water seamed to appear out of no were making domes around her and the others scattered around the street.

The wind bellowed outside the domes flinging the rubble around as excess water froze before it slammed like a wave towards the robot, she screamed as the rubble and ice hit the water but never piercing on its way towards the robot.

And then she heard the crack, and then it flashed a large bolt of lightning zoomed past lighting up the smoke revealing the zero-pointer pined by the ice and rubble before the ice exploded and the robot fell backwards with a groan.

The ground shook and the fires went out at the force of the air of the explosion dust coloured the air grey making it hard to see the boy next to her the dust set showing the boy shaking slightly before he stood and turned to her.

“I said you would be ok.”

The water around her and the others parted before turning to ice lifting rubble of examines and covering any not open injury in a fin layer of ice.

The boy offered his hand to help her up “come on let’s get you some help, I’ll help you to the gate your legs broken.” She took his hand and he pulled her up she yelped as he put her in a princess hold “you ok.” He asked as she looked away from him.

“y-yeah, just fine.” he grinned before walking toward the gate.

 “thank you.” She said as she could feel the way his muscles twitched and strained.

“it’s no problem, I did what any hero should do.” He said a little louder so the others at the gate could hear, as he walked past the he said one last thing, “hero’s help people even after the danger has past, so why don’t you act like a hero instead of running like a coward when you can help.” With that he had past the examinees and exited the city just as the alarm for the end of the test went off.

“those are some wise words young, why don’t you place the young lady down here.” A kind old voice chirped, Izuku turned around to see an elderly lady with a needle shaped cane walking towards them, the fan boy in him was screaming to get her signature and ask question but on the out side he tried to stay calm but his smile grew the fold.

“ah- of course recovery girl.” He said carefully placing the girl down, “now you be off the exam is over.”

“ah, but.”

“she will be fine of with you now.”

“my names Izuku Midoriya hopefully I see you at U.A.” he told the girl as he walked away waving.

“my names Ochako Uraraka I hope you get in.” she yelled back


“So how did you do?” Izuku asked as he met up with Hitoshi at the gate, “I got 46 points in the end I losing some time saving a bird headed boy named Tokoyami from his own quirk but it didn’t take too long, so I still had some time, how about you?”

“I got 67 points, but I ended up having to give up the last 7 minutes to save a bunch of the students from the zero pointer.”

“seriously you got 67 points and still gave up 7 of the 15 mins to save some of the contestants, how’d you save them actually, because the worst the robot are able to do is sting you with their lazes.”

“the smoke and fire were covering the students trapped under the rubbles signatures, so I ended up putting shields up around them before exploding the zero pointers legs using some of the rubble to push it over away from the contestants.”

“well that explains why your twitching, you over did it Izu.”

“I know but I had to do something to help no one else was going to they just ran away.” He defends while waving his hands about like crazy.

“ok, ok I get it, let’s just get home I want to take a nap.” He stretched his arms above his head until he heard a pop.

“you’re such a cat.”

“I’m not a cat I’m a panther.”

“keep telling your self that while you have your CAT nap.”

“I said I was taking a nap not a cat nap.”

“oh, and how the one who ran towards a bird.”

“he had a bird HEAD; he wasn’t a bird.”

“what ever you say kitty cat.”