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Pink Panties

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Jeon Jungkook knew how to control himself well. Jeon Jungkook was the definition and epitome of alpha control.

He followed a strict, healthy diet which can shamefully admit to breaking once or twice. Sue him, the mochi ice cream from two weeks ago was simply too hard to resist. Although mochi ice cream tended to be low in calories, it still didn't fit in his strict diet.

Jungkook also exercised practically religiously. He liked to keep himself nice and toned. Jungkook scheduled his days to the very last second and kept his workspace organized.

Jeon Jungkook was always in complete control of himself. At least he used to be. Control now seemed to be a foreign concept. He could barely maintain control. His new omega secretary was the one to blame.

Who could blame him though? Jimin had to be the most stunning omega Jungkook has ever had the pleasure of meeting. Soft brown eyes, silky blonde hair, a lean dancer's body with sharp hips and thick thighs. His voice was warm and soft. It reminded him of melted chocolate. Sometimes Jungkook wondered how rough and deep Jimin's voice could get it if Jungkook fucked his mouth regularly.

Just the thought of it had a shudder going down Jungkook's spine.

Those plump pink lips wrapped around Jungkook's cock, soft sounds of content coming from his throat, those brown eyes shiny with pearly tears. Again, Jungkook couldn't help but shudder.

This wasn't like him. Jungkook was the perfect CEO, and a messy office romance would completely ruin that. He would become the boss that fucked his employees. But this innocent, cute, little secretary had him seriously straining to control himself. He didn't know how much longer he could keep himself from touching.

For seven long months, Jungkook had suffered in agonizing silence. He tried to ignore everything Jimin did. Every little thing only increasing his desire to break the omega apart in his hands. The way Jimin called him 'sir' or demurely lowered his long lashes to rest on top of sweet cheekbones had Jungkook straining to control himself. He fought the urge to run his large veiny hands over Jimin's peach like ass, beautifully framed by those tight dress pants he always wore.

Seven months of wet dreams, hiding his uncomfortable boner, masturbating until his right hand burned and he had to use his left hand. Until now.

Because Jimin, the seemingly innocent omega, was wearing cute little panties. Pink, soft lace panties that peeked out slightly over the top of the black dress pants when he bent over to load paper in the copy machine. Panties that were made a bit obvious by the slightly too tight dress pants the secretary love to wear to work. Panties that had been taunting and tempting Jungkook for hours when he finally snapped. Consequences, be damn.

"Jimin? We have a few things to finish up. Do you mind staying late tonight?" Jungkook asked the composed omega.

"Of course not, sir," Jimin replied quickly.

So obedient, Jungkook thought mindlessly.

Jimin said his goodbyes to his co-workers Hoseok and Taehyung before following his boss into his spacious office.

"Lock the door," Jungkook commanded, his voice becoming progressively deep and rough.

Jungkook slid up casually behind Jimin as he flipped the lock. He had Jimin almost completely cornered into the cream colored wall of his office.

"I saw something today Jimin-ssi. Something that has perked my interest. Something that made me re-evaluate you. I had the impression that you were the most perfect innocent secretary anyone could wish for, only here to do your job and then go home." Jungkook said as a smirk slowly painted his face.

" aren't innocent at all, are you baby?" He continued to drawl out in a seductive tone.

Jungkook's breath was hot on Jimin's neck. If Jungkook looked closely, he could see every little hair stand up straight on Jimin's sweet smelling neck.

"I-I don't understand, Mr. Jeon." Jimin stuttered out looking so close to full-on whimpering.

"I'm sure you don't understand baby. I'm sure it's 100% work appropriate for a man to be wearing women's panties, as well as flashing them at any man who might spare them a glance." Jungkook chuckled out darkly and somewhat sarcastically.

Liquid heat pooled low in Jimin's stomach. He could feel heat spreading across his cheeks and chest. Slick sliding from his pink entrance onto said pink panties.

"Mr. Jeon!" Jimin whispered-screamed out looking so alarmed at Jungkook's accusation.

"Shh, it's alright, Jiminie. I've been thinking about fucking that tight ass for months. I know you have been teasing me for just as long. And now cute little panties. I know what you really are." Jungkook leaned forward to whisper into Jimin's flushed red ear. "You're a needy slut."

A whimper finally escaped Jimin's pink plump lips. He was steadily leaking slick in his panties and had an erection to match. He rubbed his ass back against Jungkook, feeling the Alpha's hard cock through both of their slacks. So close, yet so far away.

"I'm not... not a slut sir." Jimin whimpered out.

"Are you sure you aren't a slut? Because I could really use a slut right now." Jungkook prompted with a deceivingly innocent expression.

Another whimper spilled from Jimin's soft petal pink lips, "M-mr. Jeon..."

"Call me Jungkook, baby." Jungkook said as he licked a stripe up the side of Jimin's slender neck.

"J-jungkook, please!" Jimin begged at him so cutely.

Jimin was turned around before he could fully comprehend what was happening. Jungkook claimed Jimin's lips in a brutal, intense kiss. Jimin became soft and pliant in his embrace, just like Jungkook always imagined. Jungkook's tongue slid into Jimin's mouth boldly trying to taste every crook and cranny. Jungkook kissed Jimin liked he owned him completely.

Both men were moaning into the passionate kiss. They broke apart only to breathe, Jungkook proceeded to kiss down Jimin's soft neck. He couldn't stop touching Jimin, he didn't want to stop.

"Been staring at you for months. So pretty, Jimin." Jungkook sucked a dark bruise on Jimin's neck, drawing a whimper from him.

"Please, please, please." Jimin pleaded, his hips thrusting forwards instinctively.

Jungkook made quick work of Jimin's clothes, leaving only the cute little panties. Jungkook made to keep on his clothes, he wanted to fuck Jimin in his suit. He wanted to make his wet dreams a reality.

Jungkook knelt down and pressed his lips over Jimin's panties clad cock before gently pulling it out. Jimin blushed shyly at the size of his small cute cock. Jungkook nearly cooed at the adorable sight.

"You've got a pretty little dick, baby. Perfect for a little needy slut like you." Jungkook said with a sly smirk on his face.

Jimin keened at the praise and gasped loudly when Jungkook took the entirety of it into his mouth easily. Jimin was having a hard time standing as his knees wobbled.

Slick was starting to leak steadily from his entrance, a stain spreading on his pink panties. Jungkook simply pulled them to side to expose his cute little hole. Jungkook groaned at the sight of it, very soon he was going to have that hole gaping because of his cock.

Jungkook abruptly stood up and pulled away from Jimin.

"You want to be my good boy? Good boys get rewards." Jungkook asked Jimin as he moved further away from him.

Jimin nodded obediently, "I'll be good, wanna be good for you. Sir."

The words sent a rush of arousal through Jungkook's veins. He finally reached his desk chair and sat down comfortably on it. Jimin was still standing against the door, panting and disheveled and so gorgeous. Jungkook unzipped his trousers and shoved down his boxer briefs. He started to stroke himself lazily as Jimin watched with wide eyes. He gave himself a few lazy pumps to his hard cock.

All Jungkook did is raise an eyebrow in question for Jimin to understand.

Jimin was as red as a tomato. He started moving forward to Jungkook, but he was stopped before he got far.

"No, crawl for me." Jungkook growled roughly.

Warmth flooded Jimin's cheeks as a wave of embarrassment swallowed him. He slowly sank to his knees and crawled over to Jungkook. Jimin could feel the alpha oozing dominance and satisfaction at his immediate response.

The closer Jimin got, the better he could smell the alpha's thick, heady musk. His mouth watered at the prospect of having that cock in his mouth, but something stopped him from simply lunging for it. Jimin couldn't bring himself to just lunge at his cock. He wanted to be a good boy, just like Jungkook wanted.

"M-may I suck your cock, sir?" Jimin asked innocently with a slight tilt of his head.

Jungkook could only numbly nod as Jimin proceeded to wrap his plump lips around the thick head.

Jungkook bit his lip to keep in the grunt of pleasure. His eyes were locked on the Omega's pink lips stretched tight and thin around his cock. It aroused Jungkook to no end to see Jimin's usually plump lips stretched thin because of his cock.

"Fuck! Such a little slut for my cock," Jungkook grunted out as Jimin took more down his throat.

Jimin could only moan deep in his throat. His hole ached with need. He moved to rub his own dick, only to have Jungkook grab his hair and growl at him.

"Don't. Touch." Jungkook stared Jimin down. "Good boys don't touch themselves, okay?"

Jimin nodded in obedience.The desire to please the handsome alpha and be a good boy overrode his own need. Jimin's hole fluttered eagerly when Jungkook slapped his right cheek lightly.

Jungkook kept his hand tight in the Jimin's hair to hold him in place. He started slow, thrusting shallowly. Jungkook saw Jimin close his eyes, sinking into a more relaxed pose.

Oh no, we can't have that, Jungkook thought.

Jungkook proceeded to shove his cock in deep and held it there. Jimin's eyes flew open at the sudden change. Jimin's pupils were blown wide that Jungkook could barely see any of the soft brown iris.

"That's it, baby. Let me fuck your tight throat, nice and hard." Jungkook growled once again sounding more like an animal than a human each time.

With no more warning, Jungkook began to thrust his hips hard and fast. Jungkook threw his head back on the couch in pleasure. The pleasure was threatening to swallow him whole.

Drool started to fall down Jimin's chin. His beautiful eyes shined with unshed tears. After a particularly vicious thrust, Jungkook held the omega's head and kept his cock deep in his mouth.

Jimin's throat spasmed around it as he started to choke. His eyes threatened to roll back as the amount of oxygen going to his brain lessened with every passing second. Reluctantly, Jungkook withdrew after a few more seconds.

"I think that's enough for now." Jungkook said as pulled Jimin up and pushed him towards the desk.

Jimin quickly adjusted himself on the cold desk and arched his slender back to push his ass out more. Jungkook groaned at the beautiful sight before smacking Jimin's ass hard one time. Jimin jolted on the table as he let out a loud moan.

Jungkook grabbed a letter opener and tore a perfectly sized hole into the pink panties. He knelt behind Jimin and pulled his ass cheeks apart, exposing the pink leaking little hole. It had to be the most sexist thing Jungkook has ever seen.

"Naughty little boy. Look at how wet you are from sucking my dick." Jungkook prompted with a huge smirk on his face.

Jimin simply whined at the humiliating words. Jungkook licked up the slick, licking his way to his hole. He groaned at the exquisite taste. Jungkook would gladly change his diet to Jimin's slick only. He couldn't get enough and he just started.

Jimin kept making high needy whimpers, as Jungkook ate him out. Jimin couldn't stop the noises even if someone told him with a gun pointed to his head. Jungkook kept this up until Jimin was shaking and about to come. He wanted Jimin to come until he was inside of him. Jungkook pulled away to slip the panties back up over his hips and centered the hole.

"I'm gonna fuck you so good in your sweet little panties. Nice and hard until you come all over the desk. Then I'm going to fill you up with my come. Do you want that baby?" Jungkook whispered into Jimin's flushed ear.

"Yes! Yes, please, alpha," Jimin cried out.

Jungkook lifted him and slid him down on his cock effortlessly. They both groaned in unison. Jungkook held Jimin up and walked to the glass window, pushing Jimin's back against it. Jimin shivered as the cool glass touched the skin of his back.

"Everyone can probably see how greedy you are for my cock. How you tight little hole clenches around me. Do you like that Jiminie? The thought of people watching you bounce on my cock?" Jungkook rasped hoarsely into the sweaty crook of Jimin's neck.

"Y-yes!" Jimin stuttered out, he couldn't say or do much else.

The sound of skin slapping against skin became louder as the talking ceased. Moans and gasps came from both men as they drove each other to the point of insanity.

Jungkook's cock was repeatedly hitting Jimin's prostate without any mercy causing for the omega to scream. Luckily, no one was at the office anymore to hear him.

All it took was a few more hard thrusts into Jimin's sensitive prostate for Jimin to come into the pink panties, staining them beyond repair. His ass gripped Jungkook's cock as his orgasm rushed through him in intense waves. Jimin just need one more thing to be completely satisfied. He needed Jungkook's knot and he needed it now.

"Come inside of me please. Uh..knot me Jungkook. I need it s-so bad." Jimin sobbed out at this point as he was pushed into the point of over sensitivity.

That was all Jungkook need. He came hard and deep inside of Jimin. White hot ribbons painted Jimin's insides as a large, thick knot pushed inside roughly.

Jimin screamed, his voice cracking mid-way from over use as he came again. It was too much, yet not enough.

Tired beyond belief, they both worked their way down to the floor, practically sliding down. As Jimin settled comfortably on Jungkook's lap, Jungkook started to think. He couldn't quite believe what he'd done. He felt vaguely ashamed of himself. Not just for losing control like that, but the way he'd treated Jimin, the things he said. Jungkook's heart felt heavy and he didn't know what to say.

The tense silence was broken by Jimin.

"Took you long enough, Mr. Jeon," Jimin said cheekily with a coy expression painted on his face.

"Huh?" Jungkook uttered in confusion.

"You were right. I have been intentionally teasing you for months. I've been trying to get your attention sir." Jimin said with a uncharacteristic smirked.

A short flustered laugh escaped Jungkook at that. He just shook his head at a loss of words due to Jimin's confession. Jimin wasn't as innocent as he seemed.

"What a little slut!" Jungkook growled with no real angry behind it.

"Your little slut right?" Jimin innocently asked.

A wave of possessiveness went through Jungkook at the question.

"Yes. My little slut." was all that Jungkook had to say.