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Killing Demons

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Akame and Leone wish upon a star, and in a world devoid of hope - that. Is. Everything.
Landing in a world of Magic – Earthland – they are left stranded where they find two women, Erza Scarlet and Mirajane Strauss, who are stranded in their own way.
Pulled by strands of scarlet and silver, the four women are then shoved into the world of Remnant in which they discover, along with team RWBY, that everything they had ever known, was at risk and that the sting of a new hurts more than they thought.

Through aches both mental and physical, eight teenagers must find their ways to salvation.


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Akame sat on the branches of the oak tree, comfortably hiding in its leaves. Tatsumi was...dead. For so long she had seen death, and she had learned to, continue. But it hurt, it hurt so much. She had no idea who was alive, and whilst, she had no chance with Tatsumi (Mine and Esdeath made sure of that) that didn't stop the dull ache of her heart. Akame, for one moment, allowed her eyes to close, allowed the world to slip away, to lower her senses, and pretend everything was alright. The water that fell from the tree in the process, salty nourishment to the dirt below, as Akame allowed her emotions to show. A sob ripping through her throat, through her body - she allowed herself to fall. Hoping, just hoping, that the pain in her bleeding heart would subside if only for an instant. When arms enclosed around her, she let herself slip away. Let the warmth seep into her body, and let the fear melt away.


Leone had managed to stumble her way to a vacant room in an inn the following dreary hours after the battle. Chelsea, Lubbock, Mine, Susanoo, everyone. Leone hated that she was still breathing. She had seen the enemy, seen how so many of them were brainwashed, twisted, warped since birth. Instead of hate, she had been overcome with nothing but pity for them all. Now, Leone was lost. She felt, empty, bare...and without Lionel...weak.

Not long after recovering, she had set out to travel, using her natural ability to hunt and protect. Her wounds, as a result, reopening multiple times over. Leone had travelled longer than she was aware, and it had been longer than she was aware when the final war had taken place. She had walked to a forest in the middle of nowhere, where she had seen a familiar face. Akame.

Leone was about to call out to her, when her friend slipped from the branch she was sitting on. Leone rushed forward, reaching out her arms and encircling it around Akame's childish form. Akame snuggled closer into Leone, Leone smiling at the unconscious action. "I have you".


Akame awoke to a warm feeling all around her. Dazedly looking at her form, she saw that she was being held in someone’s arms, a woollen blanket pulled around the both of them. A fire was blazing in front of them, making the blonde strands of the stranger luminate in the glowing light. Looking up, Akame saw that it wasn't a stranger at all (which, now that she thought about it, made complete sense as she hadn't attempted to raise her guard once more in the slightest).

"Hey, Akame." Leone grinned down at her, her dimples glowing in the firelight.

"Hey." Akame looked back at her, a small smile on her face. "What are you-"

"Don't know. Just staggering through a forest until I found you falling from a tree. And as to where we are, no idea. How long it's been?" Leone pushed a strand free from Akame's face and behind her ear, "No idea. Sorry."

"Alright." Akame nodded in reply, grateful that Leone made it so she hadn't the need to speak more. Akame glanced towards the fire once more, watching the strands of flames lick at the darkness of the night sky. Shaking her head, Akame looked back at Leone who was watching the stars.

"Do you ever, wish for a second chance?"

Akame thought it over. Yes. It was an obvious answer. She wanted a second chance, of course. She just knew she didn't deserve it.

"I wish for a second chance at life."

Akame looked towards Leone in surprise, who was already staring back at her, their eyes locked together. The crackling fire beside them, the shooting stars above them, and the water that meandered through the forest not far off in a freshwater stream.


"Well what?"

Leone laughed loudly, as though it were obvious, "wish for a second chance. I want to have it with you."

Akame smiled gently, hearing what she was too proud to say, hidden in her words, 'I don't want to be alone.' "I wish…for a second chance at life."


Leone awoke the next day feeling, misplaced. It was an odd description she knew, but it had felt right. Akame was still in her arms but the world around them felt, different, off.

"It's thrumming with untapped energy."

Akame's voice startled Leone – so she had been awake? Leone wondered for how long, but quickly put that off to the side, they had more pressing matters.

Letting go of the girl, Leone stood up and made her way to the edge of the forest, the edge that was much closer than she had remembered. In fact, she couldn't hear the stream that she was sure was there before. Turning to Akame, she saw the confusion and apprehension she felt mirrored in her eyes, her expression otherwise blank.

"Who's there?!" A voice called out. Akame reached for her sword, sheathed, that had been resting on the ground near where they had slept (where Leone had left it). The voice was feminine, but hard, strong, confident. It set both women on edge. It was the voice of a warrior.

"Please come out. We won't hurt you." This voice was different, softer, kinder, more maternal. At least that's what Leone felt a motherly voice would sound like – she didn't have much experience in that matter. "We sensed you. Are you a friend?"

"Or a foe?" The first voice spoke again, somehow managing to slip poison into three simple words. Akame moved to withdraw her sword, but Leone held out her arm, halting her movements.

"Friend!" Leone shouted back, watching as the bushes around them moved for a moment as silence reigned, before two feminine figures walked out from the opposing side.

Whilst one smiled, the other glowered, giving off contradictory kindness and hostility.

"If you're truly friendly, then why is that one of you is about to un-sheave her sword?" The woman with scarlet red hair, and a rigid posture, which Leone recognised as the first voice questioned.

"It's her time of month." Leone replied with a smirk, Akame immediately faltering in her movements, her sword clicking back in place, as she almost tripped over her feet at the sudden comment.

"So, she's paranoid?" The scarlet haired woman continued. "And you're comedy relief?"

"Spot on Scarlet."

"My name is Erza."

The woman on the right with snowy white hair with almost silver strands intertwined, giggled airily. "Erza Scarlet is her full name. So, you were half right." The other woman – Erza – blushed red like her hair at the information her companion gave but her complaints were futile as Snow White pretended not to hear them.

"I'm Leone. No last name. And yours, Snow White?" Leone smirked slightly at the woman who giggled and blushed at the nickname, Erza seething at her side.

"Mirajane Strauss. Please, call me Mira." She walked forward, extending a hand.

Leone smiled, genuinely at the politeness, and walked forward whilst extending her won, meeting Mira half way. Erza walked forward holding out her hand and Leone shook her also, ignoring the way Erza said 'pleasure' in a way that said 'die'.

Behind them there was a growl and then a crash. Erza and Mira both became alert, before relaxing completely with looks that said they had seen this situation before.

Akame sat with both hands rubbing her growling stomach, her sword waiting at her side, as she looked up at both women with pleading, hungry eyes.

Mira giggled once more, moving forward (Leone thought, oddly enough, that this woman giggled too much, but she figured that was her own paranoia coming into play. Not everyone had a dark side). "And what's you name little one?"

Around this point was when Leone began to pay attention to their ages. She was 26, and, by the looks of it, so were Erza and Mira. Akame was 19 now (although she looked 14-16), which made her the youngest of the four. Speaking of which, Akame just sat staring at Mira.

"Sorry." Leone apologised on Akame's behalf, walking back to her and squatting with her back to Akame's front. Akame easily hopped on, using her sheathed sword as a way of hooking around Leone without having to hold her waist with her arms only. "This is Akame. Like me, no last name."

Mira smiled, turning to Erza and gesturing for all three to follow her out of the woods. "It's nice to meet the both of you. I hope we can help."

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Erza had never seen someone scoff so much down at once in her entire life (and that was saying something because she knew Natsu). Akame, the little girl who still refused to speak, sat on a bench with all of Mira’s best food piled on a table. Leone, her blonde companion, wouldn’t stop talking and was currently telling Mira about who knows what after explaining how they had ended up here in the first place (they had no idea. So helpful). Other guild members were staring in awe, others in disgust and some just in curiosity-

“Excuse me.” Akame, the silent black-haired girl who had yet to let her sword out of her sight, finally spoke, interrupting Erza’s train of thought. “But the forest you found us in, what was it called?”

Erza raised an eyebrow but answered nonetheless. “Sasayaki Forest”.

Akame, paused in her eating, humming to herself. “Naishoubanashi Forest”.


Akame turned to fully look at Erza, catching the attention of Leone, Mira and a few eavesdroppers. “Sasayaki Forest, Naishoubanashi Forest. The names are too similar. Or rather, they’re the exact same place, that simple exist in different planes of existence.”

“You’re from another world.” Erza said, making it clear to everyone where Akame was going with this.

“Really?!” Lucy (a busty blonde) and Lisanna (Mira’s thought to originally be dead little sister) asked in excitement, joining the table.

“My name’s Lucy, Celestial Wizard.” ‘Because they’ll definitely know what that means’ Erza thought to herself.

“I’m Lisanna, Mira’s little sis. I lived in another world for a short while.”

Akame nodded to them both, smiling slightly at their excitement. “Any idea how we got here?”

“Well,” Lisanna hummed to herself thoughtfully, “A few others and I travelled via a magical portal but I’m guessing it isn’t the same for you all. We would’ve sensed the shift in magic.”

“Ooh, I know!” Lucy smiled. “Levy, come here a sec!”

Levy, who was hugging Pantherlily as Gajeel held her book for her, left the two males, taking her book, and walked over. Cana, who had been listening by the bar, decided to follow also.

“What is it Lu?”

“Leone, Akame. This is Levy and this is Cana.”

“Nice to meet you.” Both Leone and Akame replied.

“Lev, you remember the stories about the Whispering Forest, right?”

Levy fiddled slightly with her glasses, “the one’s about where if you whisper your truest desires there, they will come true?”

Lucy smiled brightly at her BFF, “that’s the one!” Turning back to the visitors in Fairy Tail’s guild hall, she shone with glee. “So, what did you wish for?”

“Don’t you think that’s a bit personal Lucy?” Mira interrupted with a slight frown. “Whatever it was they’d been through, it has too have not been pleasant for them to have ended up in an alternate world.” Mira’s eyes flickered to Akame’s sword, signifying to Erza that she wasn’t the only one who had been feeling the immense power radiating from the blade from the very beginning.

“Oh, I’m sorry. I didn’t even think about that.” Lucy apologised, bowing a little before each of them.

“Well, whatever it was”, Cana spoke up, throwing five cards on the table. “It isn’t over yet. There are more gateways open. They weren’t the only ones out there wishing.”

On the clear side of the table were the five cards Cana had thrown. The Knight. The Demon. The Sword. The Animal. And the number 2.

Erza was a little confused. Was she the knight or the sword? She supposed knight since she wore armour and Akame had been holding her sword the entire time. No matter how much darkness radiated from the blade, Erza knew Mira’s darkness ran deeper, into her very blood – she was the demon. Which left, Leone, as the animal. She supposed that did make sense if her name held any indication. Perhaps Leone possessed some sort of animal, feline, abilities. Thing was, she had no clue what the two was meant to indicate. As for the other four cards however, if Erza could figure it out then so could others. She could feel their eyes on her back, waiting for an answer.


The morning before, Mira had woken to panicked banging on her door. She had shot out of bed, alert, and had cautiously made her way to the source of the noise. Through the various colour stained glass she could make out all too familiar red strands. Sighing, she opened the door, bracing herself to catch the hurried and sobbing ball of Erza that had become an almost daily occurrence in her life since Crime Sorcière had been publicly legalised and magic council recommended for specialised jobs (the number of s-class jobs on Fairy Tail’s guild board had begun to drop as a result).  So, yeah, Mira expected this.

Erza immediately latched onto Mira with a grip that could be considered deadly if it weren’t for her being rather strong herself despite her dainty appearance. Closing the door skilfully with her left leg and locking it with the little telekinesis she had mastered, she wound her hand through scarlet locks as she placed a kiss on the owner’s head.

Mira hummed a peaceful tune for Erza, allowing both of them to dissolve to the floor. Mira was both guilty and glad that Elfman was never there when Erza came to her crying (he would spout misguided nonsense about being a man. Erza was also smart enough to avoid him even when in distraught) and that Lisanna either stayed out of it or helped set up movies and ice-cream depending on the point of Erza’s state. See, for the past 7 months Mira had been memorising the four stages Erza would go through. The honeymoon phase, when Jellal was lovey-dovey. The shocked phase – when Jellal would inevitably break up with her because he ‘walked a different path’. The sobbing mess phase – Erza was basically dazed and confused whilst crying out of her left eye (the novelty of Jellal being able to make her tear up in both eyes having worn off long ago) as she clung to Mira. And, lastly, the ‘should I or should I not get back together with him?’ stage (Mira had started saying should not after the first two months but was ignored each time.) She hated stage 4 the most, because, in her opinion, Erza always chose wrong. After that, it was simply ‘wash, rinse, repeat’.

Mira waited patiently until Erza’s heaviest of sobs subsided, before she looked down at the beautiful red-head in her arms who stared up at her with a teary eye.

“His next mission…it’s too difficult to take me on. It lasts an entire month.”

Mira wanted to point out the obvious – Erza was stronger than Jellal. If anything, Jellal was the one who would find the mission too hard. But Mira didn't say this, it wasn't what Erza needed nor wanted to hear. “What would you like to do with me instead?”

Ezra pulled away slightly. “I’m sorry, Mira. I've been treating you like a second option, expecting you to just lick my wounds. I've just been a burden, haven’t I?”

Mira smiled, standing up and pulling Erza up with her, “never think like that. You are not and never will be a burden. You are worth every second of my time.”

Erza leaned into Mira once more, placing her lips near her neck and whispering a sweet thank you. Mira tried hard to suppress the giddy feeling rising in her chest. She needed to support her friend, not capitalise on her misery (not that it hadn’t crossed her mind before; especially the nights where they would end up in the same bed, Erza's chest rising and falling under the moonlight streaming through the window. Her red hair fanning around her on the white pillow and her red lips bloody against her white skin. She was so beautiful. So amazing. And Mira was such a useless lesbian.).

“Can we go somewhere?” Erza asked out of the blue (or was that just because Mira was staring?)

Mira shook herself out of her daydream, “anywhere you want.”


Mira and Erza had ended up taking a leisurely stroll in Sasayaki Forest. They walked far in, towards the oasis they knew hid at its core, laying down on the blanket that Lisanna had gotten them and Mira placed the picnic basket Lisanna had also prepared between them.

“Tell me about it.” Mira said, turning on her side to look at her best friend and formal rival who was looking dreamily at the clouds, no doubt trying to see if she can spot anything that will make her happy.

“He's always trying to protect me. So much so that it feels like he’s trying to suffocate me in bubble wrap. I…love him. But…”

Mira reassuringly, asking her silently to continue. Erza turned away from the clouds above, mimicking Mira’s position.

“There's something missing. It's almost like…” Erza pauses, unsure where she's going with this. She finds her words moments later but what feels like an eternity for both women. “…it isn't real. A, fairy tale.”

Both women laughed at Erza’s ill-timed joke.

“If it doesn’t feel right,” Mira reached out, taking one of Erza’s hands in her own, her thumb gently caressing the palm, “then don’t try to force it.”

Erza smiled gratefully, her attention then taken by something else. Reaching out with her unoccupied hand, Erza picked a dandelion from a patch that wasn’t growing too far off from where they had chosen to lay. She brought it between them, smiling. “Make a wish. Whisper it so I don’t hear.”

Mira smiled, closing her eyes and whispering, “I wish for Erza’s happiness, even if it can’t be with me.”

The two women stayed there all night; eventually relocating to the secret cave behind the waterfall that they had long since claimed as their own; decorated with a bookshelf of various genres to one side, a dining table and two chairs located towards the centre, a large king sized bed towards the back and a fluffy off-white carpet on the cave floor to name the least.

It was in the morning as they were heading for the guild that they had stumbled across the other-worldly visitors.


Erza smiled to herself despite the stares, happiness radiating through her with the memory.

“I wish for Mira to find happiness, because she always makes me happy.”

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Akame liked the guild they had found themselves in – Fairy Tail. It was, lively. It reminded her of the good days of Night Raid, the ones that made her smile, made her feel at home. But Fairy Tail, it loved to be generous and loud and lively. All who got close found themselves sucked into their happiness. They had allowed both Akame and Leone to stay with Mirajane, a beautiful and smiling woman who had gladly agreed to take them in. Originally, they had arrangements to stay at the Fairy Hills; the girls’ dorm for Fairy Tail guild members; however, Erza suggested otherwise as many of them were annoyingly curious so they would never have a moment’s peace. Mira had immediately offered, explaining that herself and her siblings had two spare rooms and an extra suite that they could use for as long as they needed.

Akame loved this place: white walls, extra fluffy beds and mountains upon mountains of food. They had a lot of food to give and were very happy sharing it, although Elfman (Mira’s brother) was constantly shouting about how she ate like a man. Akame had to pause in her eating too many times for her own liking to hold Leone back from smashing a fist into his face.

“Come on, talk to big sis, tell her what’s wrong.” Leone spoke up from across the room they were currently in, the one Akame was meant to stay in, lounging on the plush bed covers with her eye closed to the light.

“What’s wrong?” Akame stood up from the desk she sat at, moving to the double bed that Leone was relaxing on. Sitting on the edge of the bed, Akame looked at Leone who hadn’t yet opened her eyes, her arms behind her head. “There are so many things that are wrong.”

Leone peered one eye open, looking the girl before her over. “At least we’re together.”

Akame smiled slightly before she shoved at Leone’s legs. “Get. This is my room.”

Leone laughed, standing. Reaching out her hand, she ruffled Akame’s hair. Akame attempted to bat her hand away. “I’m right next door. If you need me.”

Akame placed a hand on her head, feeling the ghost of Leone’s touch as the older woman walked out the room with a skip in her step. Smiling, Akame placed her sword under her covers before lying on top of the white sheets. They felt, looked, odd against Akame’s skin. Ashen hair and ashen and bloody clothing. She felt as though the colours of her clothing might actually rub off on the sheets with the distasteful appearance. Feeling tears reach her eyes, Akame’s turned on her side, burying her face in the pillows.


Leone rested her tired form against Akame’s door, listening to her friend’s sorrow with shadowed eyes. The shadow of who they were, still clear for anyone to see.

“This way. I’d like to speak to you privately for a moment.” Mira’s voice wafted through the corridor to Leone’s ears, gently and reassuring. Looking towards the white-haired woman, Leone decided to follow her.

They arrived in her room, a table and three chairs set beneath a window and across from a bed. Mira gestured for Leone to take a seat on one of the chairs.

“What did you want to know?” Leone asked, getting straight to the point.

“How much death have you faced?” Mira asked bluntly, pouring a tea into two fine china teacups and placing one before Leone, the other before herself as she took a seat across from her.

Leone looked her over. Mira was the one who had reprimanded the blonde from before for asking personal questions insensitively.

As if reading her mind, Mira smiled, continuing, “10 questions each.”

Leone thought it over, looking down at the green swirling liquid in the cup, before smiling wryly as she looked back up to Mira. “It’s stained my ledger. And you?”

Humming, Mira nodded, accepting easily that Leone had killed before, then she replied. “I…think it’s normal.”

Leone understood the deeper meaning behind that. To see death as normal, truly, means that you have to had seen many, especially close deaths. “Why are you helping us?”

Mira giggled, shaking her head. “My turn. Is Akame all you have left?”

“Yes.” Leone sipped at her teas, watching the woman before her warily who had twinkling blue eyes. “Same question as before.”

“We like to help. Fairy Tail, we bring happiness and hope and…family, to those we need it. Personally though, Akame reminds me of Erza.” Mira laughed, eyes twinkling further. Suddenly, the atmosphere changed. “Akame’s sword, why do I feel such intense darkness radiating from it? I hear screams of agony.”

This surprised Leone, after all, only Akame was supposed to be able to hear the screams. Thinking over her reply and next question carefully, Leone spoke, cautious not to give too much away. “Souls live inside. Why can you hear them? What is your association with the dead?”

“That’s too questions, but I’ll answer nonetheless.” Mira sipped at her own tea, looking out towards the dark night beyond the glass, as though it offered her comfort. Leone figured that was most likely the case. “I’m guessing; I can hear them because I too have souls living within me. I takeover demon lives, I have their blood running through my veins. I am a demon.”

The blonde could tell that Mira was being genuine, although perhaps demons in this world were actually angels because Leone had seen true demons, and Mira was nothing like that. “By choice?”

“No.” Mira replied solemnly, giving Leone her full attention once more. “My three questions. What age are the both of you? What were the wishes you made? Were you aware this would happen whilst you were making them?”

“She’s 19, I’m 26. We both wished…for second chances. And, no, we didn’t know this would happen.” Leone frowned to herself before shaking her head, turning back to the woman patiently waiting. “What were your wishes?”

“My own was for, Erza’s happiness.” She says Erza’s name like it’s a prayer, as though she yearns for Erza to say her name in the same way. Leone knows then. Knows how Mira feels and feels a wave of pity towards her. Mira senses it and continues, hoping to change the subject. “I don’t know Erza’s. When did you first kill someone?”

“Too early to really remember.” But Leone doesn’t let her previous thought go to waste. “What does Erza mean to you?”

Mira sighs, finishing her tea and Leone follows suit. “She’s…everything. But you can’t tell her that.”

Leone laughs, grinning at the white-haired woman. “I expect nothing we’ve said to be shared.”

Mirajane smiles also, understanding, as she giggles, realising it was a stupid and unnecessary thought. “What is Akame to you?”

Leone considers it fully before she speaks. Akame’s is now all she has left. “By best friend. All the family I have left.”

Mira smiles, reaching out her hand to place it atop Leone’s gently, comfortingly. “Not anymore.”

Leone gives her a thankful smile, before she too feels herself shaking her head, dismissing the thoughts that attempt to cloud her mind. “Number eight. How do we get home?”

Frowning sympathetically, Mira shook her head sadly. “I’m afraid, I don’t know the answer to that.”

Leone nodded in understanding. “Do you think you can help us?” She was hopeful for assistance. Honestly, Leone had no idea what she was doing, and she doubted Akame did either, any help was a godsend.

“Of course, we’ll all help. The question is though, do you really want to go home?” Mira released Leone’s hand, standing and collecting both cups to rest them once more on her desk beside the teapot. Mira knew Leone would need time to think this over, she didn’t expect an answer.

Leone was puzzled. Of course, she wanted to go home, it was…her home, right? But, Akame was here with her, and everyone else was dead. So, what would she be going back to? “I don’t…I don’t know.”

“I think I’ll save my last question for later.” Mira gave her a knowing smile.

“…As will I.” Leone stood, smiling and thankful. Mira was already helping.