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The Quest & The Key

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‘“Prophesied”? How can I be prophesied to “stop the forces of evil” when I don’t even know what they are?’

Jalis smiled grimly. ‘You do, actually; you’ve already met them, it seems.’ The Doctor raised an eyebrow. ‘The Sefra,’ she said. ‘They will stop at nothing to shape our world to their vision, and only a Key from another plane can complete the chain of power needed to stop them.’

The Doctor sighed; it seemed like there were things about this world that made him different, and he was just going to have to accept that.

‘ do you know if I’m a “Key” or not?’ he asked. Jalis smiled, and the Doctor suddenly felt a strange psychic sensation briefly ripple over him, then stop.

‘Oh….it’s rather easy to tell,’ she said, still smiling. ‘You’re a Cleric, aren’t you?’

The Doctor sighed again. ‘That’s what I’ve been told, but I don’t know how . My friend that I’ve lost - Ace - and possibly the TARDIS - I’ve been told they’re my “patrons.”’

‘Are they from another plane?’

The Doctor frowned for a moment. ‘Do you mean another dimension?’ he asked.

‘Dimension….? What is that?’ she asked.

‘It’s….another world; it doesn’t work with the same physics as a different one might.’

‘Ohh….I see….that sounds exactly right.’

The Doctor felt relief. ‘I’d say that they are from another plane, then, seeing as how I don’t know how I got here in the slightest.’

Jalis crooked an eyebrow. ‘How can you not know how you got here?’ she asked.

‘I simply blinked , and then I was here,’ he said.

‘Oh, well that’s strange….’

Jalis thought for a minute, head bowed, then she looked up.

‘Would you like to see your patron? For a quick moment?’

‘I’d like that very much, although I’m not certain how ; last time I tried with my crystal, I - ‘

Without warning, Jalis threw out a hand toward him, there was a flash, then he was….



A bright light flashed above Ace’s head, and she started and looked up.

‘Ace? Is that you?’ came a voice, faintly. She gasped.

‘Professor?! I can’t….I can’t see you fully - you’re like a ghost - ‘

‘It’s the same here, I’m afraid - where are you? Are you all right?’

‘Forget about that - where are you?! Are you phasing back into the TARDIS or something?’

‘I don’t know - I - ‘

There was a flash again, then the Doctor was gone.

Ace gave a cry of frustration.

No! He can’t just disappear like that again!’


The Doctor fell to the earth (no, that wasn’t right; it wasn’t Earth), and immediately Jalis was at his side, making certain he was fine.

‘Did you see them?’ she asked.

‘I did….what was that….’

‘I haven’t quite learned Banishment well enough to effectively send someone permanently to another plane, but I was sure I could send you there for a few minutes, anyhow,’ she said.

‘My head….’

Jalis reached out and put a hand on his head. There was a moment of nothing happening, then the Doctor felt better than he had ever felt, since he had arrived.  She helped him to his feet, then looked at him curiously.

‘Do you need to rest any more, or are you ready to hear about Keys, and all the Sefra are trying to do?’ she asked.

The Doctor nodded. ‘Yes. I’m ready. It’s about time I learned what I’m really in for.’