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Twilight of Shepherd and Calamity

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A strange, so-called cold-blooded seraph, Ophelia, hidden in the dark is following the team of Sorey. As everyone knows, this woman just left Mayvin to leave himself......such a bad woman. ......Well, although to put it more accurately, it is indeed two-way. Just to say, these two people are really like a pair of bad friends. Nevertheless, the seraph is kind of the mentor to the Mayvin in this generation, you just can't link her image to a master of something.


It is not wrong to say her creed is “Everything doesn't matter to me.”. No one will understand her true nature but to see their frustrated face. By such so-called creed, she won't interfere with anything basically but to wait and observe like those Empyreans.


Someone will claim that the Empyrean who only smile and watch is heartless, but it cannot be helped. Since the Empyrean holds their power by an oath, they can't violate the oath, they can't interfere things on earth to a large extent. To give power in the shrines of trial and give blessing will be the things they can do but they can't directly attack the enemy. Therefore, you can't expect the Empyrean can help that much. Different from the Empyrean, Ophelia doesn't interfere just out of her hobbies.


What? Cold-blooded? It is hard to define it you know? Would you say the same things to the journalist? They just stand beside the fight or the victim, record and report. They are necessary in the world and various kinds of people are living in the world, it is something you can't change or say it is wrong.


So seraph Ophelia with such personality traced Sorey's team with her sneaking skills, then she finds an 'interesting' scene.
“Oops, this is bad. Never thought that they just encounter him directly in this early......Well, it's can't be helped, I will just have to report it to the President.” She sighed as it looks like she won't be able to continue to trace them directly. She goes back to the Village Magiland while talking to herself, it may be the time for her to visit her old friend Mayvin.


Underneath the Crimson Moon, her shadow is lengthened and merging with the shadow of the trees beside, she supposes, this night will be a nightmare to someone.
Velvet Pov


Without any warning, I suddenly opened my eyes as if I was awakened by a nightmare.
The blurred vision slowly recovered from my wake. I saw a wooden ceiling with timber beam structure as support. The ceiling I saw just felt a little nostalgic, and I felt like my home.
It’s so funny, it’s clear that my home has existed nowhere now. What is the meaning of this feeling now, there is no place in the world where I can stop. And it is not like I am controlling my head and body to move.


I changed my position from laying and see a familiar furniture layout, I am in my old home.
“Why am I in my home??” I asked without expecting any answer.
I look up at the window beside my bed. The blood moon is hanging in the sky.


“Scarlet night? Why?..... Is that a dream?” I want to test if it is a dream with pain but I can’t control my body in this dream, so I can only watch. I watched Laphicet’s comb held in my hand, it is still not broken, I knew, it is a dream in the past. I rarely have the chance to see such a dream, but this memory is something I will never forget. How can I forget it? This is the night when my little brother died.

I ran out of my house, no surprise, I see a pack of werewolf outside my house. Coming up with a howling, they chase me with an attack intention. The collapse of the villagers I once knew is everywhere on my way of escape.
Scarlet moon hang in the sky, I see the bloody sky in the gap form by the mountain in the Tranquil Woods. I rush towards the Innominat’s Shrine. I was here at the instincts because Laphicet often ran here, he liked the flowers here and the sea here, imagining the world he could not touch in the distance.

As I expected, everything is following the trajectory in my memory. The tragedy is reappearing.
Ah, even a memory that cannot be changed in a dream, the world is boring, but even if I change it in my dreams, I know that the facts cannot be changed... So accurately I am the boring person here.


As happened before, Artorius said his aims is to save the world. He then pierced Laphicet before my very eyes while I was fixed on the ground by Seres, which was recognized as an unknown magical power I too busy to care at that moment. He then fell Laphi into the endless pit in the shrine. I can still remember what will happen next, and my memory replays in the dream.


I managed to break free from Seres’s artes by my power from rampaged emotion and jump into the deep shine to hold Laphicet from falling down. Even I knew there is no turn back if a human is pierced, they soon die, my rampaged emotion blocked my logical thinking. I had believed there is hope and I wanted to believed there is hope. Laphicet has become the meaning of my life at that time, so I did everything to save him even if he refuses for it.


I managed to hang onto the shrine’s edge while holding Laphicet’s hand. My left hand is the only hand grabbing the edge of the pit, there Arthur walked slowly up to the edge, staring me from the top, like those eyes no longer belong to the one I knew. As I knew in the end, Arthur died in the day he lost his wife, in the day my sister died.

Why didn't I realize that my brother-in-law had already become another person? Just because I don't want to believe it? I always persuaded myself that my brother-in-law to say and do better for us. In fact, what he said is not wrong. If I can't become ruthless, I will be defeated on the battlefield because of my sudden emotions. The little carelessness by emotion will lead to death in the end.

He tried to teach me to be rational. I didn't notice the one who teaches me to be indifferent and rational has long been not a gentle person I know. And there is no trace of temperature at the end of reason.


“Let him go. This offering is too important to the world.” He coldly commented. Arthur lost hope to humanity, so he could view human no different to an object which could be used. He built his value to the weight of life and decided who to be sacrificed for the world.


I had been watching him yet I never noticed his eyes are long gone, only his back is always left in the field of vision. So calm and clear that his eyes only reflect my own being, I finally realized the horror of the eyes at this moment.
I was scared by his eyes and his cold sentence but I told myself to believe him once more in that time. Yet, I was wrong. Yes, this person in front of me is a lie for seven years. So what have I always believed? I was just living around a lie.


I asked him for reasons but I only got those unacceptable answers from him. So icy that the rationality in the answer is biting cold. He once said that my emotions are too hot, yes, it was impossible for me to accept his answer when I was emotional. Even now I can say that I am cold-blooded, I will still deny this answer. If the saved world does not have my important people, I will not save this world.

I denied his answer, there must be a way to save Laphicet.


“Ever a slave to emotion.” He again coldly stated the comment. It is because of his severe emotional damage from Celica’s death, he thought emotion should be something disappeared from the world so that no one will be hurt and no more malevolence in the world. He denied the existence of emotion and the core of humanity.


He raised his sword, sharply cut my left arm through the bone, without any hesitation. I fall down from the edge.


I was shocked, my eyes widened to glare him unbelievably, but what respond me was still those cold eyes, there was not even a waver in his eyes. The shock even blocks my sensation of pain to the new wound.
I still feel the pain of betrayal.
How could he do this?! Without any hesitation, to hurt and kill his family. I thought we were family!
Ah, why can't, he died inside a long time ago. I noticed too late and I realized too late......I am too stupid.
I was despair at once when I thought: “Whatever…...I was falling…...and it’s not like I could a way to go up again.”


Then I see Laphicet eaten by a golden dragon with numerous heads, I couldn’t help but felt unforgiving to Arthur. The anger and my unforgiving feeling exceeded and canceled my despair.

From the deep and unmeasurable abyss of the forgotten Empyrean, in the darkness without daylight, I stretched out my lost left hand to the only the hole of the Crimson moonlight.
Even though there is no hope left in my world, I want to catch that man and kill him.

My vision is engulfed into light while I was eaten by the dragon of light.


I wake with my vision slowly recovered from blurred. I noticed I am extending my left arm with bandages, like I want to catch something. The ceiling is supported by a concrete beam. I pinch my cheek with my fingers. It’s hurt, so I am sure that I am in reality now.

Now, why am I still dreaming something like this? It is already a piece of memory that can't even be called a nightmare.


I look up to the steel-framed window next to my bed. It is a Scarlet Night. I wonder what’s happening.


Worrying if I wake someone in the same room with the talking in my sleep, I watched to other beds. I found all empty apart from the bed of Bienfu. The room door left unlatched, so they went out, and I don't know why. In the night now Scarlet Night has fallen again, I can't help but feel uneasy and dangerous. I immediately put on the bad clothes I used to wear, no matter how ragged it is, I find comfort in the clothes I used to wear.

I walk out to the reception in the hostel, no one is there but an opened door.


Someone gets out in this time? I wonder who is it and why is it.


Unlike my time, some shops still open in midnight now, I ask if they see anyone come out from the hostel before me. Although I want to ask about the Scarlet night, I have no enough time to find out who left the hostel then.
“A boy with white cape came out and a girl with a white umbrella followed after a while.” Finally, I find some answer, in such a description, I may guess they are Sorey and Edna. indeed, who else could be, including me, there are only 4 members in the team.


“Where did they go?” I am growing my worry to lose any of them, things turn to have a deja vu to the dream I just had.


“I see they leave the town and go to the west direction.” The shopkeeper answered.


“Thank you.” I didn’t ask more question and go. I go in the way as described and try to follow then, There is a ruin nearby as I heard. Sorey is a ruin maniac, but I doubt he would risk his life to explore ruins. After all, he had saved the world once, he should know what is the right time for things.


My mind cannot stop but thinking of bad things happened on both Edna and Sorey, I am feared of losing them. The time being with them was short, but both of them treat me sincerely even after knowing my past identity, knowing my committed sin. Despite the feeling of guilty, I actually have a similar feeling to my past companion on them. I could not keep the relationship tightly as I knew I was going to die at the end of the journey, but things are different now, this time I want to go the way with them, without a regret. Thus I am going to do anything to keep them safe.


In a place around a cliff, I find both Sorey and Edna fell on the ground and a Shadow-like man is standing there not far away from the two.


I guess he defeated Sorey and Edna and I can feel his strength by his casted domain.
“I have been waiting for you, the first Lord of Calamity.” The shadow said.


“How do you know that?!” I extended my sword out to attack him.
“Don’t be short-tempered. I am asking you to join me.” He said in free and unconstrained tone.


“You are not answering my question, and what if I say no.” I continued to slash him in high speed but he dodged all attack carefreely.


“Then these two people will be in a dangerous condition.” He snickered, like knowing my weakness.
“I will save them by power.” Even I felt his extreme strength, I try to fight him for the people I want to protect.
“You are powerless, in front of me.” He slightly swing his arm, then I felt an intangible power shackled me to the ground.
Unlike Seres’s shackle, I can’t even struggle under the force. I feel like my body is too heavy to move. It is a gravity shackle. He is walking towards me and lean over his body. I can’t move and he pinched my chin to make me look at him. I can’t clearly catch his facial expression but I feel like he has a grimace and he looked at me with frivolous eyes.


“Have you forgotten that you are only a human now?” He snickered at my foolish behavior.


I want to curse him but I can’t even make a sound. Things just have gone similar to the past, as the events happened in the dream, I am always powerless to save someone important to me. Again they left me one by one in the Scarlet Night.


I grind my teeth and curse my powerless, curse him and curse the fate deep down my heart.
I hate this world.

Are we all born to suffer? I had this question again in my mind.
“Oh, the malevolence has already come out, you are really a potential Lord of Calamity.” Listened to his statement, I realized that he may want me to be tainted by malevolence and become a hellion again. I try to calm down to search for solutions.


“If success was guaranteed, we'd never get anything done. Uncertainty is what spurs us onward.
Forward we move, if only by one step at a time, toward somewhere different than here, through sadness and anger and joy alike. Life is about that journey.” I remembered that Magilou gave me a piece of practical advice before the last battle in the last journey. Be patient and try to overcome the obstacle, even for the one strong like the man in front of me. Thinking of her words, I managed to calm myself down. I hate to admit, but she helps me this time.


“.......And constrain it so well too. Tch” He displayed a displeased tone, all the more proof of his aim to make me a hellion again.
“But you will have to obey me anyway.” He soon snickers again with an unpleasant tone, seems to cast an arte on me.
I feel dizzy to make my vision out of focus, I fainted.
I wake from my faint. My blurred vision slowly recovered and I see dark steel ceiling. I sense a shackle to my neck.


“Good morning, my dear hound.” It is that unpleasant voice from the man.
I feel and recognize there is a cold metal collar on the neck with the word ‘hound’ and I know that he is not treating me as a human.


“You must obey my order, now.” He shows Sorey and Edna images on the screen, seems they are locked up in separate rooms.


“Also a bomb is attached to your neck, as a nice reminder.” He complimented more information before I ask any question to argue.
“But just wait for your fodder today.” The screen disappeared and no more sound I hear but my curse.
“You bastard!”


It is like me back to the time in Titania and I will have to do the works I hate to do. I wonder whether I will lose myself again in the end.