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The day started off like any other school day. They had training at Ground Beta and today it was team battles 10 against 10. "We'll be doing heroes vs villains today I'll name off the people on the hero side. Midoriya, Iida, Kamanari, Asui, Shoji, Shinsou, Tokoyami, Todoroki, Mina, Hagakure. The villains' side, Bakugou, Kirishima, Sero, Uraraka, Momo, Jirou, Ojiro, Koda, Sato, and Aoyama." Aizawa announced, "Whoever can capture all of the members of the opposite side wins." With that Aizawa headed up to the box where the other teachers were watching. The match was to start in 5 mins to give each team time to prepare.

When the time was up, Kirishima leads the attack with Momo following close behind she built a canon and directed it towards the building the heroes were in. Instead of shooting for them she aimed for the poles holding the structure up. As she and Kirishima distract them Bakugou, Sero, Jirou, Koda, and Ojiro come up from the back. Aoyama comes from the west side leading a bunch of different animals to support Momo and Kirishima. As this was happening they had Uraraka move any big pieces of the building that has collapsed from Momo. As they were going through they finally caught sight of Kamanari, Shoji, Tokoyami, and Asui talking. "Oi, sound girl what are they saying," Bakugou asked. Jirou plugged her jack into the wall. "You think it's a diversion?" Kamanari asked. "Probably but it doesn't make sense why they wouldn't use Bakugou for it," Tokoyami said with Dark Shadow nodding its' head. "We have to get moving. Ribbit. We need to get out of here. Ribbit." Asui said. With that, they started running to the exits but before they could get far Sero came up and tied them up with his rope. "Kamanari, Shoji, Tokoyami, and Asui out," Mic said over the intercom. They untied them so they will be able to get out. The building was really starting to get unsteady. "Hurry up! We need to find the rest of them, if you can't find them within 3 mins get the fuck out of the building. I don't care if you did find them and are engaged at 3 mins get out of the fucking building!" Bakugou yelled at them. They all gave a nod of there head and went in teams of 2 to different floors. Bakugou and Jirou went up the stairs. As they were looking for the heroes, they saw the battle outside and we're all proud of the way Kirishima, Momo and Aoyama were keeping them distracted. Iida, Mina a, d Shinsou were out there fighting and holding them off. As they were looking through the building looking for the other heroes. "Yo earjack how much time we have left." He said. "We have a minute." She replied. He nodded his head and they continued on. They turned a corner and came face to face with Todoroki, Midoriya, and Hagakure. Just as he was about to engage Jirou yelled out. "It's time to go Bakugou!" The heroes were confused but they didn't have a chance to explain before Bakugou and Jirou were jumping out the window. "Yo Ponytail create a net to catch us!" Bakugou yelled. Momo looked up and started creating a net that she handed to the rest of her team to hold to catch them. They landed on the net and were safely put on the floor. "Hold the net up. Deku, IcyHot and Invisgirl get your asses down here!" He screamed. Holding on to another part of the net. Deku didn't think twice and jumped out of the window quickly followed by Todoroki and Hagakure. When they landed safely they got up. "Yo Bakugou how come you told us to get out of the building?" Sero asked. The others were looking confused too. "Hey listeners, what are you guys doing standing around?" Mic asked from the intercom. The teachers were looking confused as to why they all left the building like that. Instead of answering Bakugou turned around and walked away from the building. "Hey Bakubro where you go-" before Kirishima could finish the building started collapsing. The teachers and students could only stand there and watch as the building that they were just in collapse. If Bakugou didn't warn them some of them would've been severely hurt or worse dead.

"We'll end the battle and give it to the villains' team," Mic announced. The teachers came down and came to stand in front of the class. "Young Bakugou how did you know the building was going to collapse?" All Might asked. Bakugou gave them a bored stare. "The building is already unsteady from all the years before. With Momo using her canons and aiming at the supports to scare them. It ended up dealing more damage to the building than I planned. When we got inside if you were to listen you can hear some of the creaking. It was starting to have trouble supporting itself. So I told them to get out if they didn't find the others. The building wasn't going to last long. Luckily Soundgirl and I ran into those three our they would've been hurt." They could just sit there shocked before the Bakusquad jumped on top of Bakugou. He started yelling and telling them he will kill them. "Ah bro you do care about us!" Kamanari exclaimed with a big smile on his face. The other's looked on with joy on their faces. Happy to see the way Bakugou has improved compared to there first year.

"Yeah, nice going Katsu-kun." An unknown voice said from behind them. The teachers and students immediately turned around and got in a fighting position. There stood a tall man at the very least 7 feet tall if not taller. "Who're you and how did you get in here?" Aizawa asked his quirk already active. "Oh me? I just came to say hello to someone I know and I got in the same way as everyone else I came in through the front door. I mean it's not like they could notice me." He laughed out. The teachers looked at each other and started moving around. "If you came to say hello to someone I can take you to the principle and they can get you to meet with whoever it is you need," Aizawa said not once taking his eyes off of the man. "It's fine, I already saw who I came to see. Isn't that right Katsuki." The man said. Everyone except for Aizawa turned to look at Bakugou but he wasn't looking at them. He was staring at the man in front and he looked scared. "Jake..." Katsuki whispered out. "Aww, it looks like you do remember me!" Jake said with a great big smile. Then what sounded like a timer went off. "Ah looks like it's already time to go. I just came to say hello," than his smile turned into something dark. "I will be back for you Katsuki and this time I'm not gonna give you a chance to escape." He said then he was gone. "Check the surrounding area's now!" Aizawa yelled out. The teachers immediately went to check the surrounding area. Aizawa turned to look towards his class and saw Bakugou there shaking. "Hey, Bakugou are you okay?" Mina asked putting her hand on his shoulder. Bakugou immediately pulled away from it and started screaming. "Please stop no more!" He screamed out. He then collapsed on the floor tucking his head into his knees. He couldn't breathe he was remembering all the horrible things Jake put him through. It was getting hard to breathe. Was someone calling his name? He didn't know all he can feel his hands all over him. One of them came up to wrap around his throat. He couldn't breathe plz just let me breathe. Everything turned black.

They panicked when Bakugou suddenly passed out. "Kacchan!" Deku screamed running over to him. Aizawa quickly went over and picked him up bridal style and started running to Recovery Girl. He barged in. "Who is barging into the office like that!" She said looking up to see a very distressed Aizawa and a limp Bakugou in his arms. "Put him on the bed." Aizawa lied him down on the bed and recovery girl quickly looked him over. "I can't see anything physically wrong. He might have just passed out, but you should probably call his parents." Aizawa nodded his head and pulled out his phone quickly dialing them. He quickly spoke to them and told them they would be there in about 10 mins.

Not even 5 mins later Bakugou's parent barged into the nurses' office. Damn, they most of broke a lot of speeding laws to get here that fast, Aizawa thought."What happened to my fucking son!" Mitsuki yelled glaring at everyone in the room. Everyone in the room took a step back. They understood were Bakugou got his looks and personality from. Masura was calming his wife down before he turned towards Aizawa and gave him a worried look. "You said something happened to Katsuki. Is he hurt? Did he get kidnapped again?" Masura getting more and more worried. "No, your son is fine, kind of. After coming into contact with whom we assume is a villain. This villain seemed to know Bakugou and Bakugou knew him. But after the villain disappeared Bakugou went into a panic attack and he is now resting." Aizawa explained. He moved from where he was standing n front of Bakugou's bed. They both immediately rushed over and sat down beside the bed. They stayed that way for about 10 mins than Bakugou stirred.

Bakugou came to consciousness slowly. Wondering why he was in a bed. Why was he in a bed? He knows for a fact that they were at school. Then they had hero training. It was 10 vs 10. The building collapsed. Than Jake showed up. Bakugou sat up quickly and started screaming. There were people calling out his name but he couldn't tell who it was. "ki.. suki! Katsuki!" Mitsuki screamed out panicking when her son started screaming. "Katsuki come on sweetie it's us your parents." she pleaded. She was rubbing her hand through his hair and tucking him under her chin and started rocking them. Masura joined them, slowly Bakugou's screams got quieter and all that was heard were quiet sobs coming from him. The class could only stand there shocked at seeing the naturally fearless boy breakdown. Damn, even Aizawa was worried, seeing him in such a vulnerable position. "Mom?" Bakugou aked he wasn't sure if this was real. Didn't know if this was all just an illusion. "Yes sweetie I'm here," Mitsuki said hugging him closer. Bakugou tightened his hold on his mother afraid if he let go all this will disappear.

They stayed that way for about 30 mins. Letting Bakugou calm down. No one left the room all to worried about there classmate. "I know this may be hard right now sweetie, but can you tell me why you went into a panic attack?" Mitsuki quietly asked. Bakugou was silent for a moment before whimpering quietly. "Jake came back." It was said quietly but everyone in the silent room heard it like it was screamed. Apparently, Masura and Mitsuki knew who this was because there faced turned from shock to anger. "That son of a bitch! He was supposed to be locked up for life! How the fuck did he escape! Why weren't we informed got damn it!" Mitsuki yelled. Masura didn't even try to calm her. He himself looked like he wanted to scream, but what scared them the most was he looked like he was going to kill someone. "He'll never get you again Katsuki we won't let it happen. Not again." Masura said.

The class looked on at the small family wondering what was going on. It seemed like Bakugou had fallen asleep. Probably exhausting himself from the screaming and crying. Mitsuki laid him down and gave one more brush of her hand through his hair. Then she stood up and turned towards them. It was Aizawa that broke the tense silence first."You don't have to tell us anything if you don't want to. I just want to know who this Jake is and how he is related to Bakugou." He asked. He can tell it was a very bad subject to touch from the way they had acted when Bakugou said the name. Mitsuki and Masura looked at each other and what looked to be a silent conversation going on between them. After a tense few moments that felt like hours to the others in the room. Mitsuki let out a sigh before turning and facing them again. "What I'm about to say is to never leave this room or so help me if I ever hear a word of this spoken again outside of here I will murder you all." She growled out. They all nodded their heads knowing she will act on that promise, cause a Bakugou never lies. "It was 7 years ago..." (They are 15 here)

The Bakugou's lived in a nice cozy 2 story house. They were able to afford it cause of Masura job as a fashion designer and Mitsuki being a model. With that meant that they were always on the move and leaving for days. They couldn't always take Katsuki with them or he would miss to much school. They couldn't always rely on Inko she had her own son and was busy with work. Which left there neighbor's. Their neighbor was a nice couple in there late 20's Jake and Cynthia Jackson. They were Americans that moved here after Jake's parents passed away and left them the house. They have been close friends and would even hang out.

"I'm so sorry for the suddenness but some issues have popped up in Paris and we really need to get there," Mitsuki explained to them. "It's fine Mitsuki you know we would always take care of little Katsuki he's such a delight to have!" Cynthia said happily. Mitsuki smiled before getting down and giving Katsuki one more hug. "Now you behave for Aunt Cynthia and Uncle Jake okay?" "Yes mom," Katsuki said. Mitsuki smiled before giving him one more kiss and getting up handing a bag to Jake. "We should be back in two days." She said hurriedly. She then got up and quickly walked out the gate to were Masura was waiting in the car. They gave one last wave before they were off.

They entered into the house were Cynthia went back into the kitchen to finish up lunch. Jake and Katsuki went to the living room were Jake turned on All Might so Katsuki could watch. Katsuki was so invested into the show that he didn't realize that Jake was just looking up and down his body. It was like that until Cynthia called them in for lunch. It was some curry that she made. They sat down and enjoyed. "Auntie Cynthia do you have hot sauce?" Bakugou asked he liked the curry but it wasn't hot enough. She let out a giggle before getting up and moving to one of her counters and pulling out a bottle of hot sauce they brought just for him. "Here you go sweetie, we brought it just for you," she said handing it to him. He smiled happily and put some of it on his curry. The rest of lunch passed in peace with Cynthia asking him how school was going. "Deku's still getting bullied for being quirkless, it doesn't matter cause I will be there to protect him from all the bad guys!" Katsuki exclaimed. "I'm proud of you for helping him. You will make an excellent hero Katsuki!" She said. Katsuki blushed at the praise which she found cute and started pinching his cheeks.

After they did that Katsuki and her went out into the garden to plant some new flowers. They planted a rose bush, some sunflowers, tulips, and lavender. They ended up having a water fight when Bakugou sprayed her with the water. They roped in Jake who also joined in. This went on for about an hour and they were laying in the puddles laughing. "Well, looks like we have to get up and change." She said getting up and started wringing out as much water as possible from her dress. The other two quickly following.

They entered the house and they went to the bathrooms to get cleaned up. Bakugou in one and Cynthia and Jake in the other. After 10 mins passed they all came down into the living room where they sat down and watched an All Might movie. When it ended they got up and stretched. "Now who wants to help me cook dinner?" She asked. Bakugou jumped up and followed her into the kitchen. Bakugou has always loved to cook with his mom and Auntie Inko, they were good but Auntie Cynthia was better. She could make all kinds of dishes. "Well, what do you want to make today?" She asked. Putting on her apron than helping him get his on, then helping him on to the stool. "I want to make Katsudon! It's Deku's favorite!" He said happily. She nodded her head and they set to work making the dish.

An hour later they had just finished eating and were now getting ready for bed. They laid down Bakugou who was tired from everything they did today. As soon as he hit the bed he passed out. Cynthia and Jake quietly left the room and left it open a crack just in case. They then went to go get ready for bed. "Aww, he's such a sweetheart. Hey Jake have you ever thought of wanting kids?" She asked laying down on the bed and pulling out a book. "I don't know if we're ready yet. I mean we are still trying to get settled in. Maybe once we have become more stable than we can." He responded. She smiled at him before continuing her book. While he finished up some paperwork. Cynthia was the one who fell asleep first. Jake watched her making sure she was asleep before silently getting up and heading to Bakugous' room. He crept into his bedroom and saw Bakugou sprawled out on the bed and the blanket on the floor. He walked up to him and sat down on the bed. He looked over Bakugou, looking at the softness of his skin, the plush pink lips, and the beautiful thighs. He reached over his hand slowly going up the smooth thighs than up over his stomach to his nipple which he gave a little pinch. Bakugou let out a little whine but was otherwise silent. He continued going up until it settled on the plush lips. He played with it for a little before bending down to place a kiss on them. After he was done he slowly rearranged everything and quickly went back to his room. Where he laid in bed thinking of the stuff he will do later.

It was the next day and Bakugou's parent told them they should arrive in about 12 hours. It was now 9 in the morning and they had just finished breakfast. "So Katsuki what do you want to do today?" She asked putting the last of the dishes up. "Can we go to the park with Deku?" He asked looking up at her with puppy dog eyes. "Fine, we'll go see if Inko and Izuku can go to the park. You want to help me make a picnic?" She asked. He quickly nodded his head and they went off to make some sandwiches. They left the house at 10 and headed to the Midoriya's. Bakugou knocked on the door and Inko opened up. "Oh, Katsuki how nice to see you. Are you here to play with Izuku?" She asked. He nodded his head. "We came to ask if you guys want to come to the park with us." He said. "Sure We would love to come. Come on in let me go get Izuku and get ready then we can go." Inko said letting them enter. They went to the living room where they sat on the couch waiting for them to get down. 10 mins later you can hear footsteps running down the stairs than an excited shout of "Kacchan!" Deku said launching himself onto his friend who tried to catch him but ended up falling. The adults laughed. Inko went to go pack some drinks and then they were off.

As they were walking the adults listened to children talk about All Might and how he has the best quirk, and how they were going to be the best hero duo ever! When they arrived the boys immediately went off to go play on the playground while the adults sat on one of the benches in the shade. Inko and Cynthia started discussing different recipes and plans about there futures. They dragged in Jake to the conversation. It was about 2 when the 2 kids came back looking for food. They laid out the blanket and all sat down to eat. When they finished eating they wanted to go to town cause the new All Might movie was being released today. Of course, the adults couldn't say no when they both gave them the puppy dog eyes. So after sitting through a 2-hour movie they got dinner and headed home. When they arrived back to there house Bakugou was asleep and was being carried by Jake. When they entered Jake went up to the room and placed Bakugou down before heading down and helping Cynthia put everything away.

They had finally entered the bedroom when Jake turned off the light and used his quirk to disappear. "Jake?" Cynthia called out. She started looking around the room hoping to find the light switch. When she was about to reach for the light switch something ended up piercing her through her stomach. She looked down to see a knife coming through. It was pulled out and she fell on to her knees clutching her stomach trying to stop the bleeding. Jake came to stand in front of her and she looked up confusion all over her face. Wondering how the guy she fell for and trusted with her laugh could do this. "W-why?" She gasped out. "Don't take it personally Cyn. I loved you I really did. It's just that I can't do a dedicated relationship. If I end up getting a divorce with you I will lose most of my money and half of my business. That was the agreement that was made between our families. If you were to die from I don't know.An unfortunate accident? I can take all the money and have your business. Also with all this talk about children I couldn't do it if we were to get divorced, I would get nothing and it would all go to the god damn brat." He said. "Your a fucking disgusting man Jake." She gritted out. "Well yes, sadly not everything in life can go right. Plus I already have another wife in mind. Did you know Katsuki's a bearer?" Cynthia's eyes widen before glaring at him. "How dare you Jake he's a child! What is wrong with you! How could you do this! I will not let you land a hand on him!" Cynthia yelled. Jake glared down at her before stabbing the knife through her hand. She let out a scream but smothered it hoping to not wake up Bakugou. He brought the knife up to bring it down again when they heard the door creak open.

There stood Bakugou with fear all over his face. "Get out of here run Katsuki!" Cynthia yelled. Jake kicked her and she ended up rolling into the wall hard. She let out a cough of blood before she collapsed onto the floor. When those words left her mouth Bakugou immediately headed for the front door. He opened the door and just as he was about to make it out he was pushed to the floor and the door was slammed shut. "Now now Katsuki we can either do this the easy way or the hard way. If you get up and follow me back to the bedroom, and can make this as painless as possible. Of course, we can always do it the hard way." He laughed out. Bakugou stopped his struggling not wanting to end up how Auntie did. "That's a good boy." He picked him up and headed to the bedroom. He laid him on the bed and immediately took off his clothes. (Like I said I'm not going into details so were skipping this part but you know what happened)

"You were such a good boy Katsuki. Now you stay here I need to get some stuff ready for our trip to America." Jake said getting up and leaving the room. Cynthia came to consciousness slowly. She knew she didn't have a chance of surviving if she didn't get help soon. "She immediately pulled out her phone and called Mitsuki."Hello?" "M-Mitsuki how far are you guys?" she coughed out. "Cynthia are you okay is everything alright?" She asked worried seeping into her voice. "You need to hurry I'm not sure how long it will take Jake to get back. You need to call the police I will be sending Bakugou outside through the plants. When you get him to make sure you run and wait for the cops." She finished out of breath. She put her phone down not realizing she forgot to hang up and started channeling her quirk to call up vines to cover Bakugou and pull him under. She slowly got up and walked over to the bed were Bakugou was whimpering in the middle. "She quickly got onto the bed and pulled him to her chest and started calming him. "I know sweetie, I'll make sure I get you to your parents." She said softly. "What about you auntie?" He asked quietly looking up at her. She gave him a little smile. "I will follow right behind you ok?" Making a promise she knows she probably wouldn't be able to keep. She finally gathered enough strength to summon her quirk she picked up his discarded clothes and put them on him. Then she had the vines wrap around Bakugou and take him to the outside. As soon as she used her quirk she collapsed from the exhaustion. Jake came into the room happy before he spotted the bed where his 'dead' wife was and Bakugou was gone. His face turned from happiness to extreme anger in seconds. "Where is he!" He yelled out. "Far away from here!" She screamed back. He pulled her up by her hair and threw her across the room. Her back slammed into the wall where she coughed up blood and collapsed to the floor. Jake went to go for her but before he can the bedroom barged open and several policemen came storming in. "On the floor now!" One of them screamed. He turned towards them and pulled out something from his pocket, but before he can use it one of the police officers tackled him to the ground. "I need medical now!" one of them yelled racing over to the woman who was bleeding very badly. A medical team immediately came in and took her away in the ambulance.

As they rushed Cynthia out of the house the Bakugous were off in a corner trying to calm their son done. When he saw his Auntie rush by he tried to follow but was held back by his parents. "No Auntie! She's hurt I want to see her! She needs help!" He cried out in distress. "I know Katsuki. I know Katsuki. She will be fine they have her the heroes will help her." Mitsuki said crying holding her son tightly not wanting to let go. Katsuki clung to his mom screaming and crying into his mom shirt.

~Flashback end~

"He was convicted of the crime and he should've been in prison for life with no parole. Luckily Cynthia had made it but as of right now she's been in a coma since then. Her family is thinking of pulling the plug soon." Mitsuki finished tears streaming down her face. Masura came up to her and hugged her. "I think it was after this incident that Katsuki changed. Izuku I'm pretty sure you experienced his change the most especially with you hanging with him the most. He started putting up walls started acting out. He kept anybody new out. He didn't want to trust anyone outside of the small group he made." Masura explained. The class could only stand there in shock. Digesting all they have heard. It was something hard to swallow hearing what one of your classmates went through that no one should've gone through, Especially that young. They all knew one thing though they wouldn't let that man get close to Bakugou. Aizawa looked over and saw the anger and determination in their eyes. He knew the teachers are especially feeling it and knows there will be more security added and more surveillance on Bakugou. If what Jake said was true he will come back and he will take Bakugou. Now that he thought of it while she was explaining she mentioned Bakugou was a bearer they were extremely rare. They had the ability to bear some powerful children and the children had a higher chance of having a quirk that may have been lost in the bloodline. For example, if a family line had a strong healing quirk that just required you to touch someone to heal all wounds, but it disappeared down the land or the effect got lessened. A bearer had a chance to give birth to a child that has the ability of healing with only touch. That's why they are usually protected by the government. "How come you never reported Bakugou to the government?" He asked. They looked up and gave a shake of there heads. "I didn't want to let my baby go," Mitsuki said.

They all sat around in silence. None of them wanting to leave the room and leave Bakugou by himself. Of course, their stomachs had other ideas. "I know were all worried but we can't do much if we're all here hungry. Let's go to the cafeteria, Mic and Midnight will stay guard here." Aizawa said. The students looked reluctant but they slowly got up and followed Aizawa and All Might. Mitsuki and Masura gave Katsuki one more kiss to his head before following. Midnight and Mic took post outside of the nurses' office.

The class was sitting in the lunch room, but none of them made a move to eat their food. It was just a quiet no one speaking all just lost inside their head. Izuku was having the most intense debate in his head. How could he not know? He should have been there for his friend. If only he had paid attention more. A hand landed on his shoulder and he looked up to see Mitsuki looking down at him with a sad look. "It's not your fault Izuku. Don't blame yourself for this. It's my fault for leaving him there." Mitsuki said quietly. Just as she was about to respond the alarm went off that intruders had entered the building. It wasn't a coincidence they were here for Bakugou.

They all rushed to the nurse's office to find Midnight and Mic fighting against some villains. They quickly joined in and took them in before barging into the room to find Bakugou missing and the window open. They immediately got into action and headed out. He couldn't have gotten far. They were right up ahead they found Jake to be carrying Bakugou. He would've woken up from all the movement so he must have been drugged. Iida went ahead with Todoroki following right behind him on his ice. As they were closing in suddenly a bunch of villains popped out. They immediately engaged and as they were distracted Jake made his getaway. "Aizawa take Kirishima, Todoroki, and Midoriya! We'll clear a path for you!" Midnight screamed. They gave her a nod and resumed there chase after Jake. The students made a path for them to get through and they were able to catch up quickly. As they were about to reach him. Aizawa saw movement something was heading straight for Midoriya. Just as he got in front of him he was blown away from a strong attack. He flew into 5 trees before slowing and hitting the floor. "Sensei!" They screamed out, heading straight for him. "You need to go follow him!" Aizawa yelled. "But sen-" Midoriya tried to say but was cut off. "Now! You guys can't handle it! He has the fucking League backing him. They gave him a Noumu!" He yelled. They hesitated before starting to follow after him. "Bring it on," Aizawa said getting up and dragging the creature's attention.

They raced after Jake hoping they will make it. As they got closer Shouto sent out his ice to try to trap him but he dodged. Midoriya was able to catch up and started attacking. Jake was dodging him but he could see he was growing tired. Jake let out a growl and pulled something out of his pocket and pulled it. A gas of some sort came out and they quickly held there breathes. When the gas cleared Jake and Bakugou was nowhere to be seen. "Fuck! We let him get away!" Kirishima screamed out in anger. Midoriya and Todoroki weren't handling well either. They failed him. They let him take Bakugou. As they were thinking of what to do next they saw the Noum get thrown crashing into the ground and making a big crater. It wasn't getting back up soon. They immediately rushed back to the group and when they saw them come through empty handed they knew they had failed.

As they were grieving on having lost Bakugou. A big disturbance in the environment happened. Tree roots started shooting up into the air and heading in the direction of the front of the school. The class immediately followed the roots coming upon Jake wrapped up in the roots not able to escape. Bakugou was picked up into the air away from Jake and brought down to a lady who was in a hospital gown. She gently took Bakugou from the roots and held him in her hands. "Fuck! You are supposed to be dead! How the fuck are you here Cynthia!" Jake screamed out trying to escape the roots. Cynthia looked up from where she was smiling down at Bakugou to glare at Jake. "I told you I would protect him from you. Luckily I had just woken up yesterday. I hadn't expected to leave the hospital so soon, but the trees told me you had made contact with Katsuki. I knew what you were planning I couldn't let you take him. Not after I failed him last time." She said looking back down at Katsuki. It was then a group of police officers came in followed by other pro-heroes. As they took Jake away Bakugou began to stir.

He came back to consciousness slowly, not sure where he was. As he got more of his senses he can tell he was lying down on someone. He quickly tried to collect his surroundings. When he finally looked up to see who was holding him he couldn't believe who it was. It couldn't be though she's in a coma, he must be dreaming. He closed his eyes hoping it was a dream. He couldn't stand seeing her like this knowing he might never see her again. "Katsuki," Cynthia called out in a soft voice. All he did was shut his eyes tighter. She brought her hand up and started brushing her hand through his hair. "I know you don't believe I'm here. I promise you that I'm here and I don't plan on leaving you anytime soon." She whispered. Katsuki had started crying and he finally opened his eyes to stare in her eyes. He searched looking for any lies in those eyes he loved looking into as a child. He didn't find any and he finally broke clinging onto her like she was going to disappear again. She sat there holding him tight.

Mitsuki and Masura had raced here as fast as they can when they saw the roots. When they reached there they were shocked to Cynthia there holding their son. They ran over and joined in. The class and pro-heroes looked on happiness on there faces. Happy that Bakugou was saved and that his aunt had finally woken up from her coma. As they calmed down Bakugou had once again fallen asleep the drug that was used on him taking its toll. Cynthia had one of her roots pick up him and the class lead them to his dorm room where he can rest.

Several months have passed since the incident. Cynthia was released from the hospital a month ago and has been living with the Bakugous. Katsuki has started letting down some of his walls. He helps the class and he lets them help him. Of course, he still yelled and blew people up. Today was another normal day it was homeroom and Aizawa was taking attendance when Bakugous phone went off. Bakugou was looking confused cause he knows his phone is on silent all the time. The only calls that can go through were for emergencies only. The class had quieted when his phone went off. He picked up his phone and answered it.

"He's escaped."