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Like Never Before

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Jungkook has never been one to shy away from hard work. It's a running joke that at this point the dance line could just as easily be called the perfectionist line, with how hard they push themselves, but lately he's been exhausted. It seems like the second they finish with promotions for Blood Sweat and Tears they're handed choreography for multiple year-end performances, dance practice shoved in between fan meetings and traveling and TV appearances. Jungkook isn't sure he even remembers what being relaxed feels like.

It's a Tuesday night and after all day in the practice room, Jungkook finds just enough energy to drop down next to Hoseok on the couch, snuggling in while a few others mindlessly watch the drama Jimin's trying to catch up on, even though he's only giving it half of his attention himself.

Tiredness settles heavy in Jungkook's bones, Hoseok's hand lifting to rub gentle circles over his back that feel so nice and comforting Jungkook could cry, if he wasn't already half-asleep.

Jungkook thinks he hears Hoseok mumble something about working too hard, but he's already drifting, eyes closed. The next thing he's aware of is soft voices, a hand on his shoulder, and his hips stop twitching forward against Hoseok's thigh where they're tangled up on the couch together, too warm and too close.

His hips stop... oh god. Jungkook feels the unpleasant wash of embarrassment even before he realizes how hard he is, arousal a hot, impatient pulse low in his belly, apparently enough for him to rub all over Hoseok in his sleep. Oh god.

"Hey, you're okay, you're okay," Hoseok's voice cuts through his muddled, panicked thoughts, and then there's another soft voice — oh fuck, they're not alone either — and a short laugh when Jungkook buries his face against Hoseok's chest, his sleepy mind deciding his best option is to hide now that the damage is done. "Ah, Jungkookie. You think your hyungs have never seen you horny before? Stop being embarrassed, look at me."

Hoseok tugs at his hair, too light to be anything more than playful, so Jungkook is surprised when his lips part with a gasp, hips jerking down. He lifts his head and blinks owlishly at Hoseok, face burning red. Hoseok stares back, expression shifting from fondness to something a little harder to read. Something hot, and considering.

Hoseok tugs again, harder this time, and Jungkook moans.

"Hyung," Jimin speaks up, not too far from them. His voice is raspy, soft, and Jungkook wonders how late it is. "Don't be mean."

"Have you been taking care of yourself, Jungkook-ah? You're not usually this sensitive."

Jungkook's stomach twists. Hoseok isn't teasing, doesn't seem disgusted by the fact Jungkook is still hard, the fact he's responding to Hoseok's touches in a way that's alarmingly inappropriate. Hoseok definitely should have shoved Jungkook away by now, should be telling him to go take a shower with a sleazy wink, but he doesn't. Doesn't seem too bothered, doesn't seem to want to push Jungkook away at all.

The hand in his hair travels to the back of his neck, squeezes his nape the way Yoongi sometimes does if he's misbehaving, and Jungkook shudders at the pressure, the heat that jolts into his belly. Jungkook wishes he was still dreaming, because the pleasure doesn't settle right when he's awake and aware, makes his chest tight with guilt. Hoseok is his hyung.

"Hey, don't be shy, now. How long has it been since you last took care of yourself, hm?" Hoseok lifts his thigh a little, presses it between Jungkook's legs, and Jungkook chokes back another moan. "You're so tense, we worry about you."

"I don't know, just—" Jungkook melts into the touch when Hoseok pets over his back again, even if his dick stays stubbornly hard in his sweatpants. "A few weeks? Maybe—Maybe more?"

"Weeks?!" Taehyung sounds distressed, and Jungkook would laugh if he wasn't still painfully aware of the attention on him, the humiliation of being caught like this, desperate and sensitive to even light touches. "I think the longest I've ever gone was, like, three days, and even that was torture."

"Jungkook-ah, why didn't you tell us?" Jimin asks, and Jungkook's face scrunches in confusion. He finally sits up enough to see that Jimin and Taehyung are sitting close to each other farther down the long couch, staring at Jungkook with matching worried expressions on their faces. It's late, he knows, and everyone looks tired, but. Jungkook's chest aches a little at how beautiful they are, too, even bare-faced and with dark circles under their eyes. The three of them. The six of them.

"Tell you what? That I've been too busy and tired to jerk off?"

Hoseok's fingers are under his chin, then, pulling Jungkook's attention back to his face. His eyes are warm and sincere when he says, "We could help you, if you want. You never let us help, but we could take care of you."

And that— well, that's something else entirely. The unspoken deal the others have, all the times Jungkook's gotten hints (or, sometimes, full shows) of the other members fooling around. Relieving tension. At first he was morbidly curious about it, wide-eyed and full of hormones, trying to catch Jimin on his knees for Hoseok, or Namjoon sliding a hand up Seokjin's thigh, or Taehyung taking long showers with Jimin, or Yoongi disappearing into the bedroom with Hoseok's hand held tightly in his own.

Curiosity gave way to a sulky period of jealousy and then just... acceptance. The hyungs fooled around, but they still loved him, their little virgin maknae, even if it wasn't the kind of love he craved when he had his hand around himself or a pillow shoved under his hips, getting off to the soft sounds of Jimin's moans through the wall.

And then he turned 20, and something in the dorm shifted, just a little. There were more touches, more looks. There was a tension between them sometimes that didn't make sense, and then Taehyung and Jimin pulled him aside one evening and explained, quite plainly, that he could go to any one of them if he ever wanted to fool around, wanted practice, wanted relief.

Jungkook had panicked, just a little bit. Who wouldn't? "I- I can't do that."

"Okay," Jimin had said gently, even though Taehyung was frowning. "You don't have to do anything you don't want, none of us would ever pressure you. We just thought..." Jimin had trailed off, staring at Jungkook intently. "We thought we saw you staring, sometimes. Watching. You're an adult now, though, it's your decision."

Jungkook spent weeks wondering if he had just dreamed the conversation. Several long, sexually frustrated weeks.

You never let us help, Hoseok says, and Jungkook bites back his immediate response, I'm scared. Scared to try things he's fantasized about for so long, scared he'll like it too much, scared the hyungs will take one look at him and realize how he's been in love with them for years.

Jungkook's eyes start to sting a little, and Hoseok picks up on it immediately, laying flat on his back and pulling Jungkook on top of him, hugging him close, hand back to rubbing soothing circles between his shoulder blades. Jungkook doesn't cry, but he feels overwhelmed by the affection, the soft touch of Jimin's fingers in his hair. He didn't even notice Jimin getting up and kneeling next to the couch.

"Baby," Hoseok coos, "tell us what we can do. Do you want to just use my thigh for now? Will that make you feel better?"

Jungkook shudders at the thought, lets himself imagine for a moment giving in to the heat and doing just that — grinding over Hoseok's thigh, desperate and messy, coming in his pants while the others watch him. Arousal pulses at the idea, but that's not what he wants.

(It would feel a little cheap, anyway, to let that be his first sexual experience with his hyungs, let that be his first sexual experience ever. Jungkook is nothing if not a hopeful romantic at heart. It's why being helplessly in love with six men kind of sucks a lot.)

"When you guys fool around, have you ever— all of you? Together?" Jungkook finally asks, surprised when Jimin huffs out a laugh.

"No," Hoseok says, "never more than two or three of us, and that's mostly because these two demons like to team up together."

"There's sort of this unspoken agreement that we'd never, um. Never all be together like that. Without you," Jimin says softly, and Jungkook's stomach clenches.


"Thinking about it?" Taehyung asks like he already knows the answer, and Jungkook swallows, tilting his head to stare at Hoseok. Jungkook's voice is small when he asks, "It's not too greedy, that I want that? For my... my first time to be with all of you?"

"No," Hoseok says immediately, but Taehyung's interrupting with, "First time? Don't tell me those bowling dates with Yugyeom were actually bowling dates—"

Jungkook feels himself flush, inexplicably, but he's smiling when he says, "Yah! Of course we were just bowling, Gyeomie is a friend. Just a friend. I just want..." He trails off, sees Jimin lifting a hand to wipe at his eyes. "Jimin-hyung," he chokes out, and Jimin smiles, tosses his head back dramatically as he blinks away tears. Jungkook is so close to crying himself.

"Ah, it's not my fault, I'm just happy! I'm happy our Jungkookie trusts us. We worried too much when you didn't want to at first, thought maybe we read the situation wrong—"

"We love you," Hoseok says, arm wrapped tight around Jungkook's back. He thinks the bright burn of arousal is finally, finally starting to dim a little, and he's grateful for that, at least. "We love each other. We all worried that these two maybe didn't explain it well enough to you... It's never just been fooling around, for the rest of us."

Jimin sniffles loudly, and they all laugh and coo, Taehyung moving to wrap his arms around Jimin from behind. Jungkook rests his cheek on Hoseok's chest, sighing. "I do want that. With all of you. The other hyungs would be okay with it?"

Taehyung snorts. "Do you know how long they've been talking about—"

"Yes," Hoseok interrupts sharply, ignoring Taehyung's snickers. "We have the evening off, in two days, and no schedules the following morning. Do you want to do it then?" His voice goes from soft to teasing when he adds, "Do you think you can wait that long, hmm?"

"Hyung," Jungkook complains, flushed, but the embarrassment is nothing compared to how light he feels, how giddy. "Of course I can."

Hoseok shifts underneath Jungkook, presses his thigh up again to put delicious pressure against the front of Jungkook's sweatpants, and Jungkook gasps out, soft and high. Half-hard or not, he's still incredibly sensitive.

"Sure about that?"

"Hobi-hyung," Jungkook whimpers, and Taehyung is up and pulling Jungkook away from Hoseok, arms wrapped around his belly. Jungkook is a little dizzy from being lifted so suddenly, a little winded from the arms digging into his stomach, but Taehyung holds tight.

"The only one with his own bedroom and he doesn't even jerk off in there, what's the point?" Taehyung mumbles, trying to carry Jungkook away, and Jimin laughs and grabs Jungkook's legs to help.

"Are you guys seriously—"

"We're protecting your virtue, you're welcome," Taehyung says. They reach Jungkook's small bedroom soon enough and dump him on the bed, Taehyung collapsing next to him and Jimin crawling in after. It's a tight fit for the three of them, but Jungkook doesn't push them away. "Do you still need to get off, or are you good?"

Jungkook flushes. "No, I'm—I'm good. It's almost gone."

"You should hold off touching yourself until we all meet in two days. Wouldn't that be fun, hmm? Your first orgasm in weeks and it's us making you feel good, ah, you should let us." Jimin's voice goes soft at the end, and Jungkook thinks he must be falling asleep, so he doesn't answer.

There's a soft kiss at the back of his neck, and Jungkook shivers, feels the warmth when Taehyung moves closer to him on the bed. "Jeon Jungkookie. You really want us?" His voice is a low whisper, sleepy like he's falling asleep too.

"Yes," Jungkook says, closing his eyes, body relaxing back into Taehyung's arms. "I really do."



Jungkook shows up at Jimin and Hoseok's shared bedroom two days later to find Hoseok sprawled over their pushed-together beds and Jimin in front of the closet, folding his clean laundry.

"This is, like, the least sexy thing I could've walked in on."

"Hm, I disagree. Jiminie actually putting away his clothes for once is very sexy," Hoseok says with a grin, shooting Jimin a thumbs-up when his roommate stops folding a shirt just to glare at him. "You're here early. Nervous?"

"A little," Jungkook admits.

"And you spent such a long time in the shower earlier, too," Hoseok adds, teasing, eyes bright. "Getting ready for us?"

Jungkook flushes hotly. "I—I just wanted to—"

"Hey, it's okay, that's good. Don't be embarrassed."

"Yoongi-hyung and Taehyungie will be happy," Jimin says, and upon seeing Jungkook tilt his head in confusion, he adds, "Well... you'll see, but they're both really good with their tongues."

"Wah, don't overwhelm him," Hoseok coos. Jungkook is still flushed, embarrassed, but there's a hot swoop of arousal low in his belly at the pictures Jimin puts in his head. He wants it, no matter how shy their attention makes him. "Come sit, Jungkook-ah."

Jungkook settles on the bed with Hoseok, making a soft noise of surprise when there are firm hands on his shoulders, massaging, digging into tense muscle.

"A— ah," Jungkook moans, head dropping forward. "That's—"

"You need to relax, sweetheart," Hoseok tells him in a low voice by his ear before trailing gentle kisses across his neck, his jawline. Jungkook shivers, but feels no urge to squirm away from the kisses like he normally might. He feels taken care of, feels heat stir at the wet drag of Hoseok's mouth on his skin. "Do you know what you want?"

"Everything," Jungkook says immediately, and then, "All of you."

"It's good to have goals," Jimin says with a smile, falling back on the bed next to them. Jungkook is glad they decided to push the beds together, even if they had to move some furniture around for it. He likes the idea of all of them able to fit on the beds together, so no one is left out. "How about first, though? Do you want hands, or a mouth? Did you have one of us in mind for being your first-first?"

"You're asking too much," Jungkook mumbles, embarrassment creeping back, swallowing another groan when Hoseok works his hands down to the muscle of Jungkook's lower back. "I kind of... have thought about, ah. Namjoon-hyung, first. Being my first. Don't laugh!" he rushes to add, but Jimin's already giggling, Hoseok cooing behind him.

"Of course it would be our leader, you're so predictable. But, ah, I'm not laughing at that, it's just—"

"Maybe you should see how big Namjoonie is before you make that decision, bun," Hoseok whispers.

Jungkook shudders, face and neck prickling with heat at the thought. Oh.

"I think he likes that too much," Jimin says slyly.

"Likes what too much?" Taehyung asks, walking into the room wearing just a bathrobe and a bright grin. "Am I late to the party?"

"Shut up, you know you're early," Jimin says, sitting up on the bed enough for Taehyung to lean down and kiss him slowly.

Jungkook's stomach clenches. Hoseok's lips press at the back of Jungkook's neck, and he shivers, can't look away from the sight of Taehyung and Jimin's lips slowly moving together. They kiss each other so comfortably, so easily, Jungkook doesn't feel jealousy but just... want, hot and greedy.

He knows he can have that too, if he wants it, but right now he's content to just watch.

"What is this?" Jimin says with a laugh against Taehyung's lips, tugging at the material of his bathrobe. "Are you wearing anything under this?"

"Why would I wear clothes to an orgy?" Taehyung asks, and Jimin bursts into giggles. "I still have my underwear on, though, don't worry."

There's a courtesy knock on the outside of Hoseok and Jimin's door and then Namjoon is stepping inside, followed by Seokjin. They're both dressed comfortably, sweatpants and t-shirts, and Jungkook's stomach gives a nervous twist once the reality of the situation starts to sink in.

They're all here, together, for him.

"Yoongi-hyung will be a second, he's just grabbing some waters and towels and stuff."

"Towels?" Jungkook asks, eyes widening slightly. Seokjin ruffles his hair as he walks past, settling down on the bed behind Hoseok.

Namjoon huffs out a laugh. "Ah, nothing to be worried about. But, um, it can get messy. Better to be prepared."

"Don't worry, no one's going to pee on you," Taehyung says cheerfully, and Jungkook squirms away from Hoseok to tackle Taehyung, groaning.

"I wasn't worried! Don't be weird!"

"Kids, save the rough stuff for the actual sex, please," Seokjin chides, now hugging Hoseok from behind. They look good together. Taehyung looks good too, bare-faced and smirking beneath Jungkook on the bed, dark eyebrows raised playfully.

"We should go over some general stuff first, you know, before we get into it," Namjoon speaks up, and Taehyung sighs dramatically.

"Hyung, you just killed our mood, he was totally going to lean down and kiss me."

"I was thinking about pinching you, actually."

Taehyung frowns. "Don't! Kiss me instead."

"Anyway," Namjoon continues, but he seems amused by their bickering anyway. "Jungkook-ah. Sometimes we use condoms and sometimes we don't, because we all know we're clean. Do you have a preference? Would you like to use them tonight?"

"No," Jungkook says honestly, hoping it's not a trick question about safe sex and he's about to get lectured for giving the wrong answer. "I want to feel everything, as much as I can. And I, um. I don't mind the idea of... that kind of mess."

"Fuck," Yoongi swears, and Jungkook glances up quickly to see him in the doorway, setting some stuff next to the bed. "Hell of a time to walk in."

Namjoon doesn't seem unaffected either, gaze a little darker, tongue darting out to wet his lips. "Well, if you change your mind at any point, that's fine, we have some. Which takes me to the next point: if you need us to stop or things to slow down, and you're having trouble voicing that, there's a traffic light system we're all aware of. Red for stop, yellow for slow down, and green for everything is good. You can snap your fingers to stop things, too, if it's a situation where you can't talk, but, ah. We shouldn't be doing anything that intense tonight."

"You can stop things at any point and none of us will ever be upset or disappointed, okay?" Hoseok says gently. "No matter what's happening, even if it's just kissing or playing around."

"Taehyungie once had to stop in the middle of a blowjob because he thought he had to sneeze," Jimin says cheerfully.

"I did have to sneeze, thank you, it just wouldn't come—"

"And I've stopped things a couple times when we were somewhere too public," Namjoon adds. "The most important thing is that everyone is safe and enjoying themselves, okay?"

"Okay," Jungkook agrees, and then after a beat, only half-joking, "Does this mean I can safeword out of tickling?"

Taehyung and Hoseok frown at the same time, like that's something that's never occurred to them before. "Now wait just a second—"

"Jungkook-ah," Seokjin interrupts, beckoning him over with the crook of a finger. "Come give your handsome hyung a kiss."

For what may be the first time in his life, Jungkook doesn't give Seokjin a snappy retort, but instead just does what he says. He moves away from Taehyung and over to where Seokjin is sitting, one arm still wrapped around Hoseok's waist from behind, chin tucked over his shoulder. Jungkook lets himself stare, for a moment, at Seokjin's patient gaze and full lips, and then moves closer to Hoseok's side, leaning in.

The kiss is tentative at first, soft, like Seokjin is giving him time to explore. Jungkook presses in closer, tilts his head, and it's the solid weight of Hoseok's hand coming to rest on Jungkook's hip that has him opening his mouth with Seokjin's, deepening the kiss.

Seokjin doesn't make any noise at Jungkook's sudden enthusiasm, but his lips stretch in a quick smile before kissing back, hand coming up to cup the back of Jungkook's neck, their mouths meeting with wet sounds and quick breaths. Jungkook's body heats at the delicious pressure, surprised at the sensitivity in his lips, the tugging heat in his belly. Seokjin kisses like he knows what he's doing (and he does, of course) and Jungkook feels his nerves melt into something warm and pleasant when Seokjin takes the lead, sucks at Jungkook's lip and then huffs a laugh against his cheek when Jungkook moans softly.

"My turn," Hoseok says in a low voice, and Jungkook barely registers the hand at his waist hooking around his back, pulling Jungkook half into Hoseok's lap. The strength behind the move has Jungkook's breath hitching, eyes wide before they flutter shut and Hoseok leans in.

And oh, this kiss is nothing like the sweet kisses from Hobi-hyung that Jungkook is used to — Hoseok devours him, presses hard, open kisses that leave Jungkook whining, have his fingers curling impatiently over Hoseok's shoulders to brace himself. He's panting when Hoseok pulls away to kiss at Jungkook's neck, slick and hot over the front of his throat. Jungkook is sensitive there, too, feels his lips part with a little gasp when Hoseok sucks lightly, careful not to leave marks even though Jungkook's body aches for something harder.

"Fuck," Jimin says in a raspy voice not too far from them, and Taehyung makes a rough noise of agreement. Jungkook swallows, face hot and blushing under their stares. It's not surprising that he's already hard from kissing, but the attention from the others has him worrying about how long he'll be able to last.

"Jungkook-ah," Namjoon says in his deep voice, and Jungkook's fingers squeeze at the material of Hoseok's shirt at the sound, breath still coming out quickly. "What do you want next?"

"Dunno," Jungkook answers honestly, finally breaking away from Hoseok, grinning at Hoseok's cute pout when he does. "It's— I don't even know what to ask for, ah... it's a lot. I want all of you," he admits softly, and Taehyung is already crawling across the bed, settling over Jungkook's lap and cupping his face between his hands. Skinship with Taehyung has always been a little easier since he grew used to it so early on, so he doesn't feel nervous when Taehyung leans down, kissing Jungkook deeply like it's something they've been doing forever.

Taehyung's kisses are a little messy, a lot consuming, and Jungkook can barely find the breath to gasp out when Taehyung starts to grind down over him. His boxers don't hide much, and Jungkook is relieved to find Taehyung is hard too, that he's not being too eager.

Taehyung's lips trail across Jungkook's jaw, sucking wet kisses, mouth finding his earlobe and Jungkook shivers hard at that, how sensitive it is when Taehyung pays attention to his ear, tongue flicking the small hoop of his earring. The urge to squirm away from the feeling conflicts with the urge to lift his hips, stuck in a weird, breathless place between ticklish and painfully aroused.

"Can we get you naked? I really want to get you naked," Taehyung says, voice completely serious, and it suddenly hits Jungkook, a bright new flush of heat in his face when he remembers they're all just watching him, waiting for him, willing to take him apart however he needs. He's never felt more desired, or more safe.

Taehyung sits back to take off his robe — it wasn't hiding much of his smooth, tan skin anyway — and then helps Jungkook out of his t-shirt and sweatpants, leaving them both in their underwear. Jungkook doesn't have to glance down to see that there's a pink flush trailing down his chest, that his nipples are hard and his dick strains under the material of his boxer-briefs. He feels the others staring, though, feels a wickedly hot pulse jolt through him when Yoongi asks, voice rough, "Taehyung-ah, are his nipples still sensitive?"

Taehyung grins, and Jungkook has half a second to prepare himself before Taehyung's head ducks down and there's a hot, wet pressure over his nipple.

"Ah!" Jungkook gasps, grabbing for Taehyung's shoulders, pleasure tugging hard in his belly when Taehyung licks and rubs and sucks. He's always been ticklish there, squirmed away from the attention or the pain when his hyungs pinched and tugged, but it's nothing like being ticklish now. It's just hot, Taehyung's mouth open and relentless before switching to Jungkook's other nipple, getting it just as wet, each suck making his stomach clench with arousal.

Jungkook doesn't realize how loud he's being — panting, gasping out little ah sounds that get higher in pitch — until Jimin's mouth covers his, surprisingly aggressive, kisses open and hungry. Jungkook tries to kiss back but it's too much, it's been too long since he's felt pleasure this good (or has never felt pleasure this good, not on his own), and he tilts his head so he can pant out, "I'm gonna— Tae, please, I'm gonna—"

Taehyung pulls away, eyebrows furrowed, and Jimin kisses a spot under Jungkook's jaw that makes him shiver. "Too much?"

Jungkook makes the mistake of glancing down at his lap, and Taehyung's gaze follows, sees the darkened wet spot where he's leaked so much it almost looks like he's already come.

"Fuck, just from that?" Taehyung asks in disbelief, and the hot little curl of shame in Jungkook's belly just makes the desire burn brighter.

"Do you want to come more than once?" Hoseok asks, and Jungkook says yes, doesn't care if they call him inexperienced or greedy for it. A tiny part of him even hopes they do.

"Great, can I suck you off?" Taehyung asks after a beat, and Jungkook's eyes widen, body tensing at the thought. The answer is yes. Of course the answer is yes, but Jungkook can't ignore the tightening throb of arousal, how little it would take to make him come now.

"I'm really close," Jungkook admits softly, and Jimin seems endeared by his shyness, his smile more sweet than anything when he starts to ease Jungkook's underwear down, careful of his straining cock. Jungkook kicks off the remaining clothing and finally falls back onto the bed, fingers twitching with the urge to either cover or touch himself.

"That's okay," Taehyung says, and Seokjin speaks up to add, "Don't worry about how long you last, Jungkook-ah, it's just us. None of us can judge you for being so sensitive when you haven't come in weeks. That sounds like hell."

"Poor baby," Jimin adds, and this time Jungkook anticipates the hot twist of shame, the way Jimin pouts down at his cock like it's something cute, flushed dark and wet at the tip, pre-come smeared messy over his hip. Jimin rests a palm over his trembling stomach, and Taehyung grips his hip, and Jungkook is so tremendously unprepared for the sudden feeling of two mouths on his swollen cock, Jimin's lips at the side and Taehyung sinking his mouth over the head.

Jungkook's face scrunches up at the intensity of the pleasure, the sucking heat of Taehyung's mouth around his cock and the plush slide of Jimin's lips. He wants to thrust when the tightness in his belly builds so fast but they both hold him still, keep him in place so all he can do is pant and whine. And that — being held down, forced to take it, given so much stimulation at once — is what has him tensing, crying out something like a warning just before he starts to come in Taehyung's mouth.

Taehyung swallows and pulls off, lets Jimin slide his lips over the tip of Jungkook's cock to suck him through the rest of it. By the time he's coming down from his orgasm Jungkook is shaking, feels Hoseok's hand in his hair and blearily sees Yoongi kissing Taehyung hard on the mouth, Jimin licking Jungkook's sensitive cock clean through the aftershocks.

"How are you feeling?" Hoseok asks, and Jungkook can feel the tremble in his thighs, pulse loud in his ears, a hard throb in his groin. Truthfully, he feels wrecked, boneless with relief, and they barely even touched him.

"Felt so good," Jungkook finally breathes out, and Jimin and Taehyung exchange beaming smiles that strike Jungkook with the sudden urge to laugh.

"You came a lot. Didn't think you'd be so noisy, too. You're always quiet when you jerk off," Taehyung comments.

"Ah, shut up," Jungkook mumbles, embarrassed, throwing his arm over his hot face and whining when Hoseok immediately removes it, not letting him hide.

"Is that any way to thank your hyungs, Jungkook-ah? Hmm?"

Jungkook swallows. He glances at Jimin and Taehyung again, their soft expressions. "No, I'm sorry. Thank you, hyungs."

"You're welcome," Jimin says sweetly, leaning back against Yoongi's chest when Yoongi palms over the front of his shorts. "Do you want to try?"

Jungkook can't quite take his eyes away from the way Yoongi is touching Jimin, the way Taehyung is now leaning into Namjoon. "Try, ah, what?"

Jimin smirks, gaze a little sharper. "Sucking cock."

Jungkook's softening cock twitches, and his lips part with a gasp when Hoseok tugs at his hair. The pleasure that comes from the sting is sharp, bright. Jungkook is dizzy from how quickly he's wound up again.


"Yes, I—I want to try. Please."

"Good boy," Hoseok coos, sounding more like the cheerful hyung Jungkook is used to. Not that he minds it the other way, when Hoseok is a little more serious, a little more mean. "You even said please. Wanna pick, sweetheart? Or do you want us to pick for you?"

"How can I pick?" Jungkook complains, and Jimin huffs out a laugh where he's trying to press up against Yoongi's hand.

"What about Seokjinnie-hyung? He probably wants to shut you up with his dick more than any of us—"

Yoongi covers Jimin's mouth with his hand, looking somewhat scandalized. "Ignore him."

"I mean, he's not wrong," Seokjin speaks up, but he's smiling gently, gesturing for Jungkook to sit up and come over to his lap. Jungkook chooses not to voice how Jimin's words stir something inside him, play into some of his guiltier fantasies.

"Can we all get undressed now?" Taehyung asks, thumbs tucked into the waistband of his boxers. Jungkook is pretty sure Taehyung is getting naked in two seconds whether he gets permission or not. "Jungkook-ah? Is that okay?"

"Yeah, of course," Jungkook breathes out, finding himself suddenly surrounded by bare chests and bare legs he's familiar with, and then some things he's not so familiar with, not outside of quick, guilty glances here and there. It is shamefully thrilling, seeing the evidence of everyone's arousal, seeing Jimin's strong thighs and Hoseok's abs and the trail of dark hair low on Yoongi's stomach.

His eyes gravitate to Namjoon's lap and Jungkook's pulse speeds up, a soft holy shit leaving his mouth before he can stop it.

Jimin laughs first — mouth now free from Yoongi's hand — and some other chuckles follow, Namjoon ducking his head and looking adorably flustered when he realizes where the attention is.

"You're all perverts. All of you."

"Don't worry, we'll make sure you're ready for him," Hoseok tells him, and Jungkook gets distracted by Taehyung's long fingers circling playfully around Namjoon's thick cock, by Yoongi's hand on Jimin's thigh. He almost forgets what he's supposed to be doing until Hoseok touches the back of his neck, guides him to face Seokjin.

Oh. Of course Seokjin's cock would be as handsome as the rest of him. Jungkook frowns a little at the unfairness of it all.

"I'm not sure I like that look," Seokjin says.

Jungkook shakes his head, flushes at his own eagerness when he practically falls to his knees to lean over Seokjin's lap. He can hear the soft sounds of touches behind him and god he wishes he could watch that at the same time, but he doesn't mind focusing on this for now, too, when it's something he's wanted to try for so long.

"No, it's— you're perfect. How do I, ah." Jungkook doesn't finish, and Seokjin smiles gently, taking Jungkook's wrist and guiding his hand to his cock. Jungkook tentatively circles his fingers around it, feels the weight and the heat and wants to hide his face suddenly in embarrassment when his mouth fills with saliva.

"Just start slow. Use your hand to hold what you can't fit in your mouth, because no one can deepthroat their first time, so don't try. And for the love of god, don't use teeth."

"I feel like you don't have a lot of faith in me," Jungkook whines, finally letting himself backtalk a little, because it's easy and familiar, and he's still a little giddy from his first orgasm. "I'm going to suck your dick so good, hyung, just wait."

Seokjin huffs out a laugh, the sound breathless because Jungkook's still got a hand wrapped around him, thumb absently brushing up and down the vein on the underside of his cock. "Is that— is that a threat? Jungkook."

Jungkook doesn't answer, decides instead to lean down and taste, tongue dragging over the head and moving wet down the length of him. Seokjin's hand brushes through his hair, coming to rest at the back of his head, and Jungkook's belly swoops at the touch.

"You can pull," Jungkook mumbles, and when Seokjin's fingers tighten in his hair, Jungkook has to fight the urge to moan.

Seokjin really does have a nice dick. Not enticingly intimidating, like Namjoon's, or just stupidly big, like Taehyung's, but he likes the way it fills his mouth, the musky clean taste and the heaviness on his tongue. He likes the sounds Seokjin makes, his hums and hitching breath when Jungkook swallows and sinks a little farther down. He tries not to drool too much, tries to ignore the tickle in his throat when he takes Seokjin too deep, and then Seokjin's tightening the fingers in his hair again, pulling him up with a sharp tug that makes Jungkook's mouth fall open with a gasp.

Jungkook doesn't have to look down to know he's getting hard again, and he whines, nuzzles Seokjin's cock with a sudden neediness he can't bring himself to be embarrassed by. He takes Seokjin back into his mouth, gets the hang of moving his lips and swallows what he can. He wants to be good, wants to make Seokjin feel good, wants the others to see

"You're a natural at this, shit," Seokjin swears, sounding out of breath, ears flushed bright red. Jungkook would smile if his mouth wasn't full of cock. "Okay, off, we're not done with you yet."

Jungkook's being tugged away again by the grip in his hair and this time he doesn't whine, but he does moan at the sharp heat that shoots into his belly from the pain.

He stares down at Seokjin's cock, wet from his mouth, flushed hard where it strains above his flat stomach, and Jungkook finally lets himself grin. "Told you."

He is expecting Seokjin to scold him, maybe, or to at least return the playful banter. He is not expecting Seokjin's gaze to go hot, his only warning before Hoseok is grabbing him from behind, one hand around his throat, the thumb of his other hand rubbing at one of Jungkook's hard nipples. His whole body jerks, pleasure rushing, before he slumps back against Hoseok's chest. "Please—"

"Do you like it when your hyungs are a little rough, bun?" Hoseok asks, brushing a kiss at the side of Jungkook's neck. Jungkook drops his head back onto Hoseok's shoulder at the words, feels the weight of the others' gazes on him and arches his hips for friction that's not there. He breathes out a quiet yeah, is rewarded by a squeeze over the base of his throat before Hoseok is letting him go, too soon. He wants more, he wants all of them, he wants

"Jungkook-ah," Namjoon says, moving across the bed — someone hisses out an ow, like Namjoon accidentally elbowed or kneed them, and Jungkook's chest swells with inexplicable fondness — and kneeling in front of Jungkook, cupping his cheek with one wide palm.

Jungkook meets Namjoon's eyes, melts under his warm, dimpled smile, and realizes there is no way Namjoon can miss just how in love he is. His whole body aches with the feeling, and it's surely written all over his face.

"Hyung," Jungkook finally breathes out, and then Namjoon's lips are on his. The kiss isn't clumsy, or hesitant, or even particularly soft. Namjoon kisses like he means it, like he's been waiting to do this as long as Jungkook has (unlikely, since Jungkook was already half in love with Namjoon when he joined the group), and Jungkook can't bring himself to feel embarrassed when he moans, when he reaches for Namjoon's broad, naked shoulders and parts his lips, lets himself be kissed so well his toes curl from the pleasure of it.

"Fuck, they look good together," Taehyung says, quiet and impressed, and Jungkook preens.

Jungkook moans again, when Namjoon sucks at his lip, and then he pulls away with a wet sound, breathes out an amused, "Ah, baby," that makes Jungkook's stomach flip happily. "So good for us. I think Yoongi-hyung would like a kiss too. He wants to get you ready for us, is that okay?"

Jungkook blinks. "Ready, like—"

"His fingers, and tongue," Jimin says, and Jungkook is a little stunned at how gorgeous Jimin looks, sweaty and flushed, cock straining. They must have been touching each other, teasing while they watched Jungkook with Seokjin. He wishes he could have been watching them too. "Do you still want that?"

Jungkook's mind blanks a little at the thought — having Yoongi's long fingers, his mouth, where Jungkook wants it the most — and he sighs into the kiss when Yoongi shifts forward, lips pressing against his. Yoongi kisses him deeply, hand curling around the back of Jungkook's neck to get his mouth where he wants, lips fitting together just right so Yoongi can suck at Jungkook's bottom lip, tease with his teeth and tongue until his mouth feels swollen and sensitive. Yoongi's fingers press in harder where he's holding Jungkook's neck, and Jungkook's breath hitches at the little bite of fingernails against skin, at the way the rough touch instinctively makes him want to submit to anything Yoongi will give him.

"Do you still want us to fuck you, Kook-ah?" Hoseok asks, mouth by his ear again, and Jungkook nods quickly. Yoongi moves away, gives Jungkook a grin and a pat on the thigh when Jungkook stares after him, dazed, a little pouty. Yoongi's pretty eyes are filled with a sharp heat, and Jungkook wonders if his own hunger is obvious in his expression, if Yoongi knows how worked up he is from the kissing.

And then Jungkook mentally laughs at himself, because it's Min Yoongi, of course he knows he kisses well enough to leave Jungkook aching and wanting.

"Use your words," Yoongi reminds him in a low voice, and Jungkook licks his lips, eyelids fluttering when Hoseok sucks at his earlobe.

"Yeah, yes, please. Want to be fucked, want— ah, please—"

"So desperate," Taehyung coos, fingers trailing up the side of Jungkook's cock, making it twitch above his stomach from the light touch. Jungkook swallows a whine. "How long have you thought about this, hm? Our innocent little Jungkookie with his fingers stuffed inside himself, wishing it was his hyungs instead."

Jungkook does let himself whine now at the filthy words, lets Taehyung manhandle him until he's on his elbows and knees, legs being spread. Taehyung's long fingers dig hard into his thighs, an open palm coming down to smack his ass, and Jungkook is shocked at the way his stomach clenches hotly with shame and pleasure. "Tae-hyung—"

"Too much?"

Jungkook feels dizzy from the heat in his face, from the impatient burn of arousal. "Not enough."

"Fuck," Namjoon says in a rough voice, and then someone is shifting down by his spread legs, a hot mouth trailing up the back of his thigh. Jungkook swallows his surprised cry at how good that feels, how sensitive the skin is there, each wet drag sparking heat up his spine that makes him want to squirm, want to thrust down against the mattress.

"Look at him," Jimin says, voice soft with awe. "Yoongi-hyung, mark his pretty thighs up for us."

Fingers grip his legs, digging into the muscle, and when lips touch the back of his thigh Jungkook is bracing his body for the sucking kiss before it even comes.

"Hey, relax," Taehyung says softly, and Jungkook huffs out a short laugh, shaky and overwhelmed. His hyung is giving him a hickey on his thigh, how can he possibly relax? The pleasure is like a low ache, a throb that spreads out from his thigh to make his cock stir, and he grabs at the bedding helplessly when Yoongi moves higher up his thigh, just under the curve of his ass. He doesn't stop, doesn't really give Jungkook a chance to catch his breath — he even mouths at Jungkook's balls, where they're drawn up tight with his arousal, and the sound Jungkook makes is a surprised, strangled groan.

"Still okay?" Hoseok checks in with him, and Jungkook answers with a quick yeah, fights the urge to laugh again when Yoongi is pushing his knees apart, spreading him wider. It's strange to be so exposed, to be touched in so many sensitive places he's never been touched before. He's embarrassed that his first instinct is to laugh.

"It's just— I'm sorry, I can't help it."

"Nervous?" Taehyung offers, and Jungkook nods.

"It's just us, Kook-ah," Namjoon says, and maybe Jungkook's just been conditioned over the years to associate his warm voice with calmness, sureness, but already he feels soothed by the words. "We all want you, we all want to take care of you and make you feel good. You can laugh if it makes you feel more comfortable, just— let us know if anything is too much, okay?"

"It's not too much, I want it, really." His voice comes out breathy and eager, thighs twitching with the effort of staying spread, knowing he's being stared at. He swallows and says, "I've wanted it for so long, it feels... like it's not quite real, still? Except when I imagined this I didn't think I'd blush so much."

Jimin laughs, and Taehyung reaches out to cup Jungkook's face, cooing.

"We like you all pink for us, it's cute. Our shy Jungkookie. You should tell us more about what you imagined, though."

Jungkook thinks about some of his darker fantasies, about being tied up and teased and used by all of them, about toys and public places and being called humiliating names. Maybe one day, he'll feel brave enough to share that, but for now he just keeps his mouth shut, pretends Taehyung's words are more rhetorical than anything.

"Is there anything you need that we're not giving you?" Hoseok asks, and Jungkook thinks, oh. He can ask for more? Even now, with Yoongi playing with his cheeks, spreading him and letting his thumb brush between, a gentle pressure over his hole. His whole body shudders in response, sensitive, aching.

"Can I— ah, can I—" Jungkook starts to say, but the words cut off when Yoongi's tongue is on him, the unmistakable wet pressure, the long licks that have his belly tightening, back arching. He moans, and Yoongi doesn't stop licking, tongue dragging slippery wet circles over his hole. He can't seem to stop moaning, once he starts, and Seokjin says, "Tell Yoongi how it feels, he likes that sort of thing. Does it feel good, JK?"

Jungkook huffs out a breathless sound that might be a laugh at the nickname, toes curling and fingers holding tight to the bedding in some weak attempt to brace himself for the pressure of Yoongi's licks, the way they leave him wet, leave him relaxing enough to open up for the tip of Yoongi's tongue.

"Fuck," Jungkook chokes out, and there are fingers in his hair — Taehyung's? Hoseok's? — and a tug that makes him lift his head, a whimper leaving his mouth when Yoongi starts to ease a finger in next to his tongue. The pressure isn't painful, not when Jungkook admittedly played with himself a little in the shower, but it's still somehow overwhelming, feels bigger than one of his own fingers ever could.

"Answer hyung like a good boy." That's Hoseok's voice, now, all low and warning in a way that pulls sharp at the heat in Jungkook's belly.

"It's so good, it feels so— different, but good, ah. 'm all wet, I—I want more, I can take it—"

There's a smack on his ass, barely hard enough to sting, but Jungkook whimpers and drops his head back down.

"Jimin-ah, get me the lube," Yoongi mumbles, and there's some shifting around. After Jimin hands over the bottle he's settling in front of Jungkook, on his knees, and Jungkook thinks about Hoseok's earlier question and finds himself blurting out, "I want Jiminie-hyung in my mouth."

There's a pause, and then Jimin's raspy voice, "Are you— are you sure?"

Jungkook lets himself smile when he looks up and says, "Just give me your dick, Jimin-ssi."

Jimin, to no one's surprise, bursts into giggles. He falls into Taehyung's side, and Jungkook's stomach gives a little flip at how good they look together, Taehyung's broad chest and shoulders and Jimin's red cheeks, his soft hair falling over his scrunched eyes. "Yah, now isn't the time for Jimin-ssi—"

"Please," Jungkook says, going for an aegyo approach next, but it's ruined when Yoongi starts to rub slick fingertips over his hole, massaging the skin, pressing until it gives. The feeling of it, the sudden stretch of two fingers, sinks hot in his belly, a satisfying pressure that fills and opens him the way he's been craving. His mouth drops open with a gasp and he lets Taehyung manhandle him up to his knees, Jimin angling his cock so the flushed tip brushes his bottom lip.

Jungkook feels open, and wanted, and used. He whines for Jimin's cock, hands fisted in the sheets to keep himself upright when Yoongi's fingers press deeper, when they drag and curl.

"There you go, baby, not too much," Jimin says, sliding past Jungkook's lips, cock heavy on his tongue. Jungkook wants to take him deeper but there's a hand in his hair, tugging, the bright pain keeping him from eagerly choking himself on Jimin's cock. "What did I just say? Ah, overachieving brat."

"He just wants to be good," Hoseok coos, and Jungkook feels his ears heat from the words, the little curl of shame because Hoseok is right, Jungkook does want to be good for them. He lets Jimin use his mouth and swallows around what he can and his moan is an embarrassingly muffled sound when Yoongi starts to press in with three fingers.

"Relax, that's it, open up for me," Yoongi rasps, and Jungkook focuses on the fullness in his mouth and lets Yoongi in, presses back with the burn of the stretch and— he loves it, loves the way even that feels like too much already, pleasure pooling at the drag inside.

Jungkook hasn't played with himself a lot, on his own — his rim has always been sensitive enough that just touching there with a spit-slick finger or easing the tip of one finger inside, when paired with jerking off, has been enough to push him over the edge. So whether it's the fullness of three fingers fucking into him or pressure over his prostate or something else entirely— Jungkook doesn't know.

He only knows that there is a sudden deep ache, a blooming pleasure that makes his whole body go taut, cock dripping beneath him, and he has to pull off of Jimin's cock to cry out when the feeling is too much.

"Hyung," Jungkook gasps, spreading his legs as wide as they'll go, feeling the strain in his thighs and relishing in that pain. "Oh, that's— please, hyung—"

"Sensitive, baby?" Namjoon asks, and Jungkook looks up to see their eyes on him, to see Jimin leaning into Taehyung's body and stroking his hand over his flushed cock, still wet from Jungkook's mouth. Taehyung reaches out and gently touches Jungkook's hair, even though he knows he's started to sweat, strands sticking to his forehead.

"Yoongi-hyung." Jungkook's voice is rough with need, body still thrumming with the deep pleasure from Yoongi's fingers, the way the heat pulses and pre-come continues to slide wet down the side of his cock, to the sheets underneath him. "Don't wanna come like this, I want— inside, please, can you—"

"Oh," Taehyung says, and his eyes seem to light up. "He wants you to fuck him, hyung."

The fingers inside of him still, and Jungkook whines.

Yoongi's voice comes out strained. "Jungkook-ah, do you really...?"

"Please fuck me," Jungkook makes himself say, dropping down to his elbows, face scrunching at the sinking feeling in his stomach when Yoongi draws his fingers out, leaving Jungkook open and empty. "That was weird, I didn't like that, get back inside," he babbles, and he isn't particularly offended when they laugh at his words.

"Ah, Jungkookie," Jimin says, voice filled with affection. "Your waist looks so good like this, Yoongi-hyung is lucky to get you in this position."

"We're all lucky," Namjoon says immediately, and Jungkook can't quite help the warmth that stirs in his chest at the sincerity behind the words. "And don't forget to use more—"

"Fuck, I know, this isn't my first time, Joon-ah," Yoongi says, but there's no real heat behind his words. His hand feels big on Jungkook's hip, sliding underneath to touch his trembling stomach, fingers eventually brushing the length of his cock. Jungkook startles at the sudden touch — holy shit is his cock sensitive after being ignored — and almost misses it when Yoongi pours more lube down over his hole, letting some drip inside.

"It's not his first time on either end, so don't worry, sweetie, he'll take care of you," Hoseok says, and Jungkook wishes he had the energy to lift his flushed face and watch them all, but there's a blunt pressure between his cheeks that has to be the head of Yoongi's cock, and Jungkook's whole body is braced for it.

"Relax," Yoongi tells him, giving Jungkook's cock a few slow strokes, and the distraction works well enough, because Jungkook finds himself opening under the pressure of Yoongi's cock, letting him in.

Jungkook gasps at the fullness. He turns his face into his arm, panting, and for the first time in his life, he is okay with the fact that Namjoon isn't the first one to have him this way.

"Hey, hey, talk to us. Are you hurting? Do you need to stop?" Hoseok asks, and Jungkook realizes how noisy he's being, little whines between hard breaths, at the same time he realizes he is possibly seconds away from coming.

Jungkook shakes his head, feels the tremble in his thighs from the effort of not clenching down around Yoongi but it's hard, he wants to, he's so full and he's overwhelmed by how good it feels.

Taehyung — sweet, understanding Taehyung — lowers himself down and kisses Jungkook's cheek, his forehead. He murmurs, "Are you close?" and Jungkook nods quickly, breathes out a soft sigh of relief when Taehyung tells Yoongi to let go of his cock.

"Fuck," Seokjin swears, and Jungkook huffs out a laugh at how serious he sounds. "Look at him, he doesn't even care what he's doing to us."

"Hyung," Namjoon says, but Jungkook can hear the smile in his voice too.

"Please move," Jungkook finally says, shuddering at the wet heat of Taehyung's tongue on his ear — if he has ear hickeys after all this, he's going to be so annoyed — and bracing himself for the rush of pleasure when Yoongi finally does.

The thrusts aren't particularly hard, or fast, but Jungkook feels it so deep, heat tightening in his belly with each push, already building to something better. Yoongi grips his hips tightly, breath coming out heavy, and Jungkook is secretly, shamefully pleased when Jimin asks Yoongi how he feels.

"So perfect," Yoongi grits out, voice rough and honest in a way that makes Jungkook shiver. "So tight for me." His hips snap forward in a harder thrust and Jungkook's soft ah of surprise draws a groan from Yoongi, body leaning in closer, grinding deep. "Go on, be loud for us, okay? We all want to hear you."

"Our noisy baby," Hoseok says, and Jungkook whimpers at the slender fingers tugging in his hair, the way his head is lifted away from his arms so his sounds aren't muffled.

He moans. He doesn't even mean to, would worry about it sounding fake, but Yoongi leans closer and fucks him hard and deep, fingers digging into sensitive skin, practically pulling Jungkook back on his cock, and the pleasure is too much. His breath hitches in surprise when Taehyung grips his cock, flushed dark and heavy under his stomach, and he can't take it anymore, too stimulated, too worked up from being surrounded by his hyungs and fucked so well that his next breath is a sob, tears blurring his vision and thighs shaking hard when he starts to come.

"Oh fuck, fuck," Yoongi hisses, fucking Jungkook hard through the rushing pleasure of his orgasm and then slowing to a deep grind when he comes inside, just as Jungkook starts to shiver with aftershocks, just when the heavy pressure of his cock dragging inside is starting to feel like too much.

No matter how slowly Yoongi pulls out, Jungkook chokes out another sob at the emptiness, feels Taehyung let go of his softening cock and then he's being rolled onto his back, his head in someone's lap, his face cupped between another's palms.

He isn't sure who's wiping away his tears but he hears cooing, hears the concern in Seokjin's voice when he says something about getting some water, and he feels more hands petting at his trembling stomach, his twitching thighs.

"Sweetheart, talk to us, are you okay? Aigoo—"

Jungkook takes a second to catch his breath, gratefully sipping the water when a bottle is tipped carefully to his lips. His tears have stopped now, enough for him to see his head is resting in Hoseok's lap, Jimin wiping away his tears, Taehyung touching his cheek, Yoongi looking flushed and worried. Jungkook whines at the sudden wave of embarrassment, the way it cuts through the pleasantly warm haze he feels after coming.

"Ah, I'm sorry, I didn't— I'm good, I'm so good, it was just. A lot. And now I feel empty and I don't like it," he adds with a pout, and Jimin squeaks out a laugh, Yoongi groaning in relief.

"It wasn't too much?" Seokjin asks, still in eldest hyung mode, voice full of concern. "You're not too sore, Yoongi didn't fuck you too hard, did he?"

Jungkook flushes hotly at the bluntness of Seokjin's words, shaking his head. "No, it—it felt so good. I never imagined it'd feel that good? I... want more."

Jungkook glances over in time to catch Namjoon's throat bobbing with a hard swallow. "More?"

Jungkook lets himself grin, even if it feels a little crooked, a little dazed still. "I want you to fuck me too, Joonie-hyung."

There's a pause, and then Jimin's loud, "Aish, we've created a demon, he says he wants more—!"

Taehyung looks fascinated. "You can get hard again? Really?"

"I— uh, yeah." Jungkook stretches out his legs, face scrunching at the uncomfortably wet feeling of Yoongi's come leaking out. At least, he thinks he doesn't like it. Maybe doesn't like it? "Probably. Besides, I want to see everyone come, too. It's not fair if it's just me."

"Kook-ah," Hoseok says slowly, "we're not all going to fuck you. Not for your first time, that's too much."

"No, I know," Jungkook mumbles, making grabby hands for the water until Taehyung's holding it up to his mouth again, letting him drink. "But you guys can still get off. You can— my mouth, or like, my thighs?"

Namjoon makes a strangled noise like he's in pain, and Seokjin swears.

"Only—Only if you want," Jungkook adds, shyness creeping back in now that his post-orgasm haze has started to clear. He likes the attention, likes that they're so focused on making it good for him, but there's a heavy kind of satisfaction to knowing his hyungs are feeling pleasure too, that he's being good for them. It's hard to ignore the fantasies he's had like that, where he's not allowed to come until everyone else has, letting himself be used for their pleasure.

God, he has years of imagined filth floating around in his brain. His hyungs should be more worried about the things he'll start asking for when he feels bold enough to.

"Okay, let's start with what you want. You want Namjoonie to fuck you?"

"Yes, please," Jungkook breathes out, not entirely sure if it's the smirk on Hoseok's face or his own dark thoughts that make his pulse pick up, stomach clenching.

"Mm, okay, good to know. But I'd still feel more comfortable if you worked up to his size instead of diving right in."

"Like... more fingers?" Jungkook asks, head tilting.

"Guys, my dick isn't that big—" Namjoon starts to say, flustered, and Seokjin gives his thigh a slap that seems to shut him up.

Hoseok's face is patient, considering, and he pats Jungkook's arm until he's sitting up, turning around to face Hoseok and letting out a startled laugh when he's pulled into his hyung's lap. His arms go easily around Hoseok's shoulders, face tucking into his neck out of habit. Somehow, even though they are all a little (or a lot, in Jungkook's case) sweaty now, Hoseok still smells amazing, the sweet, clean scent clinging to his skin.

"Pretty baby. How would you feel about riding me, first? To get you ready for Joonie."

"Oh." Jungkook isn't surprised at the unmistakable stir of arousal, even so soon, the flush that warms his neck and face at the idea. "Isn't that a little..." He trails off, biting nervously at his lip when Hoseok stares at him, face softening as he takes in Jungkook's red cheeks.

"A little what? Sexy? Having you fuck yourself on my cock so everyone can see how much you want it?"

Heat pours into his belly at the words and Jungkook huffs out an embarrassed laugh, trying to hide his face against Hoseok's neck again. "Hyung."

"You've worked so hard on your thighs, bun, why don't you show off for us?"

"And—And then after—"

"Oh my god, yes, after that you can finally have Namjoon-hyung's dick," Taehyung says with feigned exasperation, and Jimin giggles.

There's a little bit of awkwardness, then, where Jimin distracts him with kisses while Hoseok cleans him up, gently brushing a wet towel over his stomach and cock, and then moving down between his legs. Jungkook whines in embarrassment — he can't help it, knows that Hoseok's fingers only slide in so easily because Jungkook's fucked open, wet with Yoongi's come — and Taehyung's mouth drops to tease at his nipple, Hoseok's nails scratching lightly over his belly, the inside of his thighs.

It should be embarrassing, too, how quickly Jungkook's cock starts to stiffen up again, but if anything the orgasms have made him more sensitive and his breath catches at all the attention, body already aching for more than just teasing touches.

Hoseok sits up against some pillows at the head of the bed and Jungkook follows, straddling his lap, leaning forward when Taehyung instructs him to so he can get Hoseok's cock slick with lube.

"Give me a kiss," Hoseok says softly, sounding more like the pouty, playful hyung Jungkook is used to, and he smiles and presses his lips to Hoseok's, lets himself be distracted with more kisses even though he can feel Taehyung angling Hoseok's cock to nudge between his cheeks. "Don't move too fast, okay? Take your time."

"Mmkay," Jungkook replies, fingers digging into Hoseok's shoulders a little when he starts to sit back, feels the pressure at his rim give and Hoseok's cock slowly sink inside.

It's definitely different, taking it like this, his face scrunching up and thighs spreading until the fullness is back, the thick pressure inside that fills him with heat, makes impatient arousal flare. He lifts his hips experimentally and sinks back down, a soft sound leaving his throat, head dropping back.

"Oh fuck it," Taehyung swears from somewhere behind him, and Jungkook hears the familiarly wet sounds of a hand moving fast over a cock and breathes out a shaky laugh. "He looks so good, shit, Jungkook—"

"Feels even better," Hoseok says in a raspy voice, eyes dark when Jungkook meets his gaze. Hoseok's hands slide to his waist, smoothing over his back, and Jungkook loves the way it feels to be held, reminds him that Hoseok is still the one in control. "Who knew our sweet Jungkookie could take cock so well, hm?"

Jungkook flushes darkly at the words, bracing his hands on the headboard behind Hoseok and moving faster, seeking the burn of pleasure from the long drag of Hoseok's cock. He leans forward, hair falling over his eyes, and moans at the change in angle, the way Hoseok's hands slide down to grip hard at his ass.

"That's it, make yourself feel good," Hoseok says with a kiss to Jungkook's ear. His whole body is just— hot, from the attention, from the aching pleasure, from the strain of moving faster, and Jungkook can't help but moan in relief when Hoseok's hips buck, finally fucking up into Jungkook to meet him halfway. "God, you're so— can't wait for you to fuck me like this, too, some time. Have you thought about that too, huh? All these muscles, bet our sweet maknae can fuck his hyungs so well—"

Jungkook hears groans behind him, hears Taehyung's loud breaths, and before he can twist around to look, something hot hits the small of his back, right above his ass, and starts to drip down.

"Did—Did you just—" Jungkook tries to gasp out even though he already knows the answer, feels more come hit his skin and shudders where he's grinding down in Hoseok's lap. He thinks he should be more scandalized, but a much louder and much less coherent part of his brain is busy wishing someone would take a picture, so Jungkook can see what it looks like.

"Fuck, sorry," Taehyung slurs, even though he sounds entirely unapologetic. And then there's movement behind Jungkook, and a wet touch at his back that trails down over his ass, and— oh fuck Taehyung is licking up his own come.

"Gross," Jungkook chokes out, and Jimin's laugh sounds brightly behind him.

Taehyung moves away — Jungkook's eyebrows furrow, because he's pretty sure Taehyung hasn't cleaned up all of his mess — and Hoseok's voice is strained when he says, "Jungkook-ah, baby, can you get up for a second? You should turn around, you're missing out."

It takes a second for Jungkook's brain to catch up, the whine that slips past his lips when he lifts off Hoseok's cock, stomach sinking with the uncomfortable emptiness. Hoseok, weak to Jungkook in any kind of distress, pulls him in for a hard kiss before he's patting Jungkook's hip, getting him to turn around so he's straddling Hoseok's lap facing away.

Facing the others, instead.

"Oh," Jungkook says out loud, eyes widening at the sight of Taehyung swallowing around Jimin's cock, of Jimin kneeling on the bed and leaning his weight back against Namjoon's broad chest with his lips parted, eyes scrunched up. Namjoon is kissing Jimin's neck, one hand petting through Taehyung's hair as Taehyung's head bobs.

Jungkook pokes his tongue into his cheek out of habit. Something almost like jealousy — except warmer, and a lot less ugly — rushes through Jungkook's body, not sure whose position he wants to be in more. He whimpers as he spreads his thighs and pushes back onto Hoseok's cock, palms flat on the bed, taking Hoseok too deep at first in his eagerness to feel full again. Jungkook gasps, knows without looking that more pre-come is sliding down the swollen head of his cock, and then he forces himself to keep his eyes open, watching his hyungs.

Yoongi has a hand on Seokjin's cock, seems to know exactly how he likes to be touched from the bright red flush of pleasure in Seokjin's face, the way his hips twitch up but his gaze stays focused on Jimin and Taehyung, on Jungkook.

"Kook," Hoseok chokes out, and Jungkook just hums from where he's rocking his hips back, breath catching when Hoseok's hips buck and his cock slides deeper. "Kook, sweetie, can I come inside? Or do you want—"

Jungkook doesn't even think before answering, "Yeah, yes, please. Wanna feel you, Hobi-hyung." The pleasure soaks everything in a warm haze, all the loud breathing and quiet groans and how high Jimin's voice gets when he moans, body arching away from Namjoon's as he comes in Taehyung's mouth.

Namjoon is whispering something in Jimin's ear — and oh, it must be praise, from the dazed smile and the little breathless ah's that slip from Jimin's lips as he comes down, Taehyung nuzzling his softening cock.

Hoseok groans, a rough noise before his hips are stuttering, hands gripping Jungkook's hips hard enough to bruise. His cock pulses and spills inside and Jungkook squeezes around him at the feeling, wishing he could see Hoseok's pretty face, whining a little and glancing up when Jimin reaches out to brush Jungkook's hair off his forehead.

Jungkook leans into Jimin's gentle touch and stops trying to rock back, is mindful of Hoseok's sensitivity even if the throb of his own arousal hasn't dimmed at all, still bright and urgent, desperate for more. It's not quite a whine but he can't help the soft noise he makes when he lifts off Hoseok's cock, wet and open. He's pulled back against Hoseok's chest, feels lips on his neck, nuzzling at his ear, uncaring of how sweaty and flushed Jungkook is.

"Thank you, bun," Hoseok tells him in a low, satisfied voice, and warmth floods Jungkook's chest. His hips arch absently as Hoseok's hands stroke down his chest, over his belly, avoiding his straining cock. "Do you still want Namjoonie? It's okay if you're too sensitive, we can get you off just like this."

"No, no, I want." Jungkook's breath hitches at the look Namjoon gives him, the intensity of the heat and the love there. He blinks quickly, hopes he doesn't start crying again. "Please, I still want—"

"Want to come on Joonie-hyung's cock, baby?" Jimin purrs, smile soft and knowing. "Ah, look how desperate he is, stop teasing him."

"It's not teasing to make sure he can take it," Hoseok says, giving Jungkook's nipple a quick pinch. Jungkook gasps.

Jimin and Hoseok help manhandle Jungkook, settling him back against Seokjin's body, not quite lying down but close. Jungkook feels a weird kind of calm resting against Seokjin's broad chest like this, his familiar smell and his loud laugh when both Taehyung and Namjoon pat around the bedding trying to find the bottle of lube.

"It was just here—"

"I moved it because it was digging into my knee, hold on—"

Seokjin kisses the back of Jungkook's head, the gesture surprisingly tender when he's also pulling at Jungkook's thighs, until his feet are planted apart and his legs are spread. Jungkook's stomach flutters with anticipation as Taehyung gives a triumphant shout and strokes Namjoon's cock with lube-slick fingers.

Jungkook swallows, and squirms. Namjoon's cock isn't too much longer than Hoseok's, but it's so thick, flushed dark, and Jungkook tilts his ass up a little higher, eager to take it. There's a wetness that slides down his ass, Hoseok's come already leaking out, and Jungkook clenches and tries not to think about how it'll look, the shamefully lewd image of Namjoon's cock streaked with white as it fucks into him. He's still worked up from riding Hoseok and doesn't want to reach his own orgasm before Namjoon is even inside.

"Go slow," Seokjin says from behind him, and Namjoon flashes them both a dimpled smile.

"Of course. The slowest. Jungkook-ah, if it's too much—"

Distantly, Jungkook knows he should be touched by their concern, by Namjoon prioritizing Jungkook's comfort over his own arousal. But Jungkook is too wound up, has waited for this for too long, and just blurts out, "Please fuck me already, hyung, please."

Yoongi swears. Taehyung huffs out a laugh, and then Namjoon is lining up, the head of his cock a blunt pressure that spreads Jungkook wide, wider than the others did.

"Oh, oh," Jungkook pants, breath hitching, arms grabbing at Seokjin's legs underneath him to brace himself. It's not painful, not really, but there's so much stretch as he opens for Namjoon, a slow glide that burns and fills and never seems to end.

"Tight, baby, you're so tight, you gotta— that's it," Namjoon babbles, words deep and a little slurred. Jungkook whimpers and his cock twitches hard over his belly, messily dribbles pre-come. Namjoon stills, leaning down to kiss Jungkook hard on the mouth and muffle all the embarrassing noises he wants to make.

Tears are definitely stinging his eyes now, and before anyone can make a noise of concern, Jungkook says in a rush, "It's good, so good. So full, fuck oh fuck please move—"

Namjoon laughs, short and breathless. He draws back and then pushes in again, slow thrusts that Jungkook feels in the pit of his stomach. He already knows he's going to be sore tomorrow and the thought makes him shudder, head dropping back with a moan when Namjoon tells him, "So pretty, so perfect for me. Can you take more?"

"Uh huh," Jungkook chokes out, toes curling when Namjoon starts to thrust harder. Almost immediately, the deep ache is back, the heavy feeling low in his belly that jolts such an intense heat Jungkook is dizzy with it, his abdomen glistening wet with the pre-come that pulses from the slit of his cock. His lips part to tell Namjoon to go faster, to go harder, anything, but instead the sound that comes out is a sob.

"Jungkook-ah, is this still okay? Green?" Seokjin asks him gently, lips brushing his ear, and Jungkook nods, manages a watery, "Green, hyung, 'm green." He's grateful for Seokjin behind him, the way he's holding Jungkook's weight, even when the thrusts rock him back. He feels safe between the two of them, and lets himself ask, "Joonie-hyung, can I— fingers? Please?"

Namjoon blinks, and Jungkook licks his lips, hopes Namjoon gets it. And then Hoseok says, voice low with amusement, "Put them in his mouth, Namjoon-ah," and Namjoon's hips buck before he's saying, "Oh, that's— wow. Okay."

Jungkook grins and drops his mouth open, lips closing around two of Namjoon's fingers, some deep, greedy part of his subconscious pleased to have something to suck, the weight of Namjoon's long fingers over his tongue. He sighs when the thrusts start again, moans when Namjoon's cock fills him just right and thinks it won't take long for him to start drooling, lost in the pleasure of it.

"You look so good getting fucked, is there anything you aren't perfect at?" Jimin teases, and Jungkook's laugh is muffled. He feels someone reach over to wipe away the tears rolling down his cheeks even though he doesn't think he can stop crying now.

Namjoon, at least, doesn't seem that much more composed. His breaths come out shaky, hips snapping forward hard, and Jungkook just takes it, sucks messily around Namjoon's fingers and lets the heat in his belly curl tighter and tighter, wondering if he's just imagining that he can feel the throb of Namjoon's cock as it drags inside him.

Namjoon eventually slides his fingers from Jungkook's mouth with a murmured apology and uses his hands to hold onto Jungkook's thighs, keeping his knees bent. Some of Jungkook's focus comes back to him and he hears the sounds of kissing — oh, that's Yoongi and Taehyung, mouths meeting lazily, Yoongi's hand at the back of Taehyung's neck — and surges up until his own lips brush Namjoon's, moaning in satisfaction when Namjoon gets the hint and leans down to kiss him too.

"Baby," Namjoon breathes out, sucking at Jungkook's lower lip, his kisses wet and open and slightly off-center as he continues to fuck into Jungkook. "Close?"

"Yes, yes, yes—" Jungkook is shut up with one more hard kiss and then Namjoon shifts on the bed, hikes Jungkook's legs up higher and just starts to pound him with a power that leaves Jungkook stunned, makes him feel small and overwhelmed and so wonderfully used, body awash in heat.

Desperation climbs until Jungkook can't focus on anything except getting fucked, the intense burning pleasure of it. He squeezes his eyes shut and arches his back, feels every muscle tense up until he's crying out broken ah, ah, ah sounds, coming around Namjoon's cock. The pleasure floods through him, lasts so long, sparking up again each time Namjoon fucks back into him.

Jungkook's cock jerks hard over his belly, untouched, and he spills just enough to drip down his trembling stomach, body quickly giving into shivering exhaustion, slumping back against Seokjin.

The way Jungkook can't stop squeezing through the aftershocks has Namjoon chasing his own orgasm with sharp thrusts, hips finally stilling with a groan as he starts to come inside. Jungkook's thoughts are still floaty, his headspace fuzzy enough that when Namjoon starts to very slowly pull out, Jungkook's instinct is to whine and grab at him, try to keep him close.

"Kook-ah, baby, I—I have to, shh," Namjoon says with a short laugh, leaning down to nuzzle their foreheads together, their noses. Jungkook is still blinking white spots out of his vision and whines again, nuzzles back, feeling needy and achingly sensitive. He knows Namjoon is being kind, pulling out carefully and using tissues passed to him to clean up the mess, but he just wants Namjoon close. He wants them all close, wants to catch his breath with bare skin touching his and a mouth to kiss.

"There you go," Yoongi tells him, helping Jungkook straighten out his legs even though his stiff muscles twitch and complain, getting him settled next to Seokjin instead of mostly on top of him. Jungkook blinks away more tears, breath hitching softly until Jimin and Taehyung are at his sides, Hoseok curling into Yoongi as they gently massage Jungkook's thighs, clean up the mess on his belly.

He feels taken care of, like this, melts under the attention, and it's when he lifts his head so Jimin can put a pillow under him that he realizes Seokjin still hasn't come yet. He makes a strangled noise in his throat.

"Hyung," Namjoon says when he follows Jungkook's line of sight, and Yoongi and Seokjin both turn to him. "Ah, Jin-hyung. Can I...?" He gestures to Seokjin's hard cock, curved up towards his belly.

Seokjin smiles, and the expression is so genuine Jungkook feels warm from it, even if it's directed at Namjoon. "Literally whatever you're offering, yes. Please, knock yourself out."

"But don't really," Hoseok adds quickly, completely serious, and there's some laughter, Jimin's giggles sounding louder than the rest.

Jungkook watches with wide, curious eyes when Namjoon leans over, mouth sinking over Seokjin's cock so easily that Jungkook wonders how often he's done this, and the thought makes him shiver even as Taehyung is settling down at his side, hugging him close. "Is this— does Jin-hyung always come last? Is it an eldest hyung thing?"

"God, no, you brats just forgot about me," Seokjin says with no real heat behind his voice, fingers curling into Namjoon's hair. His ears are flushing redder now that the attention is on him and Jungkook's face wrinkles with a fond smile at that, at the way Seokjin swears like a sailor when he gets close and cracks a horrible joke that makes Namjoon pull off his cock to laugh, finishing Seokjin off with his hand.

Seokjin is beautiful when he comes, thick lips parted and body hunching forward, fingers petting clumsily through Namjoon's hair. And then Yoongi carelessly tosses a couple of tissues at them before the afterglow can even set in, and Seokjin laughs loudly, falling back on the bed with Namjoon burying his own laugh against Seokjin's hip.

Jungkook loves them. He knows this, has known it for years, for nearly as long as he's felt comfortable calling them his hyungs. But watching them now, all of them bare and close and sweaty and so happy, so content, he just— he loves them.

Jungkook covers his face with his hands, and it takes Jimin approximately .2 seconds to realize something is off, his small fingers covering Jungkook's, his face nuzzling into Jungkook's hair. "Aigoo, what is it? Jungkook-ah, don't cry, talk to us. Do you feel bad now, was it too rough—"

"God, no, I don't—" Jungkook cuts off, sniffling. "The sex was fucking perfect and you all know it, it's not that. Ah, it's hard to say—"

"What could be that hard to say, huh?" Hoseok says. "You trusted us with your first sexual experience, trusted us to take care of you, now won't you trust your hyungs enough to tell them what's wrong?"

And then Namjoon says, "There is nothing you could say that would make us love you any less," and Jungkook has to cover his face again when the tears come, hiccuping out a short laugh when Yoongi drops a tissue playfully onto his hands. He wipes at his eyes and nose, turning his face into Taehyung's shoulder before he finally mumbles, "You wouldn't say that if you knew how... ah, how I really felt about you."

There is a heavy pause, and then fingers petting through his hair, Seokjin's voice perfectly steady when he says, "You mean how you're in love with all of us?"

Jungkook's whole body jerks in surprise. He turns to look at them, heart beating fast in his chest. "You—You know? Already?"

"Jungkook-ah," Jimin says, in an impossibly gentle voice, "you wrote a love song for us."

Jungkook blinks, opens his mouth to protest and then thinks about the lyrics to Begin, about the place his mind was in when he wrote that song. He eventually blurts out, "I— holy shit, I really wrote you a love song."

"Our Jungkookie is so romantic and so very bad at subtlety," Hoseok says with a smile, tapping Jungkook's nose. "It's a good thing we're all in love with you too."

"Hyung," Jungkook chokes out, and feels overwhelmed from the six stares he gets in response, the warmness in the way each of them look at him. "You mean it?"

"Yah, he asks us if we mean it!" Seokjin says loudly, and suddenly everyone is crowding in closer, kisses placed at the top of Jungkook's head and on his cheeks, Yoongi's fingers finding his to hold his hand tightly. He refuses to cry again — he won't, he's tired of his nose running — but his chest is flooded with warmth, with the bright relief of knowing they feel the same.

He sighs, squirms a little when Hoseok starts to kiss his neck, when Taehyung's lips close around the lobe of his ear, and Jimin's squeaking laugh is a welcome distraction.

"Rapmon-hyung," Jungkook says with a pout, wiggling away from Taehyung and Hoseok's mouths before the tingling warmth in his stomach curls into something dangerous, and holding his arms out for Namjoon. "Hyung, hug? 'm sleepy."

"We still have to shower," Hoseok says, but Jungkook pointedly ignores the words as he's dragged up into a smiling Namjoon's arms, hugging around his shoulders and feeling wide, warm palms smooth over his back. Jungkook sighs, melting into the embrace.

"How are you feeling?" Namjoon asks in a soft whisper, like it's just them, and Jungkook hums and lets his body go a little lax, feels a pleased shiver when Namjoon just takes his weight.

"Really good," Jungkook mumbles, blinking his eyes open to see that Yoongi's fingers are now intertwined with Taehyung's, Jimin curled up on one side of Hoseok and Seokjin on the other, all of them looking tired and still a little flushed and definitely fond. "Really good, hyung." 

"That's good," Namjoon says, rubbing his back. He doesn't make to let go yet so Jungkook lets himself be held a little longer, basks in the all-encompassing feeling of warmth, in the tired bliss.

(At least, until Hoseok really does drag them all out of the beds to shower, but cuddling up later all clean and cozy and still wonderfully, helplessly in love is nice, too.)