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Disappearing to Save a Life

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The soft clicking and ticking of a computer board fills the dark room, accompanied by soft and even breaths. The only light in the room comes from a bright screen,  illumina t ing t he face of a woman.  


Her hair is sort and a dyed color blonde, she frowns at the screen, eyes fly over it as another error pops up. Frustrated, she grunts as she  furrily  types away on the key’s, entering code after code.  


The room is looks like an office, but bland. No personal stuff, just a desk, three chairs, two on the one side and one on the other. In the poor light the walls could be a creme white, but now they just look grey.   


An archive case, followed by a bookcase, filled to the brim, fill up the wall, behind the desk. Then on the next wall, a large window, through which night sky is seen. The stars aren’t really visible, seeing as the many lights of the city, just further up ahead are too bright, but the brightest ones are recognizable.   


Then she hears footsteps approaching and the woman tenses up, body going rigid and ready to escape if needed.   


The woman cocks her head to the side, listening intently to the sound of the footsteps and after a few seconds she relaxes. Letting out a quiet snort, she focusses her attention back to the screen and the information she is trying to gather.  


The footsteps have finally reached her and a man sticks his head inside the room.  


“Hey Nath! What are you doing here?”   


The man steps into the room, taking it in and cocking a raised eyebrow towards her.  


She doesn’t answer, but looks up for a few seconds and then back down at the screen.  


“Oh no! I know that look!”   


The man laughs out, the soft chuckle mixing well with the soft ticking and she feels a smile playing around her lips.  


“And here I was, thinking you would be interested to go with me, to the farm. But I see you found something interesting.”   


He says, trying to win her over, as he leans back against the doorway, crossing his arms and staring at her.  


“You know Clint, that I would love to see Laura and the kids again.”  She replies softly, eyes shining in the light as she looks up at him.  


“Yeah I know... I’m only teasing you. Now tell me, what did you find?” Clint asks, as he walks over towards her, around the desk and up behind her. He puts left hand on the chair, she’s been sitting on and the other rests down upon the desk, while he leans over to peer at the screen.  


“I’m investigating Brock.”  


It’s all she has to say, to see Clint growing curious. He glances at her quickly and then back at the screen. On there are several opened files, filled with text, but obscured by a large error message.   


“Hm? Looks like you’re having some trouble.”  


Clint replies, nodding at the error message, while he scans the page for any useful information.  


“Well, that’s what makes investigating Brock so interesting.” Natasha says, leaning back in her chair to give Clint more space to read.  


“It does?” Clint answers back, while he turns his face towards her, “Why?”   


Natasha smirks and leans towards him a little, as if to let him in on a  secret .  


“I can’t get into any SHIELD files on Brock, they are all under lock down. Even with Fury’s passwords, I can’t get in.” She whispers at him.  


Clint raises his eyebrow, “Mark me impressed, tell me, how do you know Fury’s passwords?”  


But she doesn’t answer, knows she does not have to answer it. All she does is smile at him and Clint smiles back, letting out a soft laugh.  


“Well, I will tell Laura and the kids you said hi. Good luck with your investigation, miss Romanoff.”   


He raises up and looks down upon her, “But make sure to eat something, Nath.”   


She remains quiet, as Clint makes his way out of the room. He stops just inside the doorway, as he looks back over his shoulder.  


“Good night.” He says, while looking very serious. Clint then winks and blows an air kiss at her, as he walks out of the door and into the hallway.  


She shakes her head, feeling the smile around her lips grow, as she focusses back on the computer , her thoughts end up straying.  


There must be more behind all this....  So much has happened.... Tony focused fully on his work and teaching Peter. He doesn’t speak as much with us anymore....  


And Bruce... Bruce left. He left us....  St ealing the  Quinjet   and leaving us behind. It’s all because of Brock.   


Thanks to her research skills and due to Brock being famous before his mistake in New York, she had found an impressive amount of data on the man.   


But what happened to him after he got fired, thanks to a disaster interview with the Carlton Drake, boss of the Life Foundation.   


It wasn’t all just a ‘Bizarre accident at Life Foundation’ or ‘Several strange deaths, Life Foundation closes research lab, San Fransisco’.    


Natasha knew that there was something wrong as she made another attempt to break into the secured files.  


And I’m going to get to the bottom of it.   





Same night  



The alleyway is poorly lit, the ground is covered in thrash and little pools of the rain from that day, stinking up the small place. A rat scurries around, jumping  up and  into  trashcan, as a car drives into the alleyway, it’s lights, light up around the walls, showing graphitic and dirty spots .  


The driver lets the engine run for a moment or two before it is cut off. The sound echoes between the high walls of the alley, before they fade away. Then the back door on the left is opened up and out of it steps a bright pair of red heels, as the woman makes her way out of the car. Her red dress is hidden by a light brown overcoat, but showing her tanned legs perfectly. Her trained eyes take in the alley, hidden behind a mess of brown curls.   


Out with her comes a big black secured suitcase, heavy locks keep it closed, while it shines softly in the spare light.   


The other back door on the other side opens and is slammed shut just as quick.  

The man, dressed in a black suit while wearing sunglasses, says something, curtly, to the woman. It  is said  too soft to fully understand.   


She follows him with her eyes, as he walks towards a metal door, hidden behind black graphitic. Making it impossible for all to see, but for those who know it is there.  


The two make their way over to the door, the woman a step or two behind the man. He knocks two times, a short pause and then once more, this time harder than the first times.  


“Ridic ul ous code.  


The man scoffs in a low tone, he looks over his shoulder quickly. Maybe he heard something? His eyes scan their surroundings and the beginning of the alleyway. The woman shifts behind him, her grip on the suitcase  tightens  


Then the bolts on the inside of the door are removed, with a sharp and ear-piercing tone the door is opened and the two make their way inside the building.  


The two of them walk through a poorly lit hall, the guard who opened the door, remains behind. No word is exchanged, the guard only nods once, as he lets them pass by.  

It shows that the both of them have been here before, the man strides through the hall with big and confident strides, the woman follows behind him in the same pace, although, a bit more elegant.   


The soft clicking of her heels and the soft  humming  of the  f luorescent lighting , that lit up their path, the only sounds, before a harsh scream was heard at the end of the hall.  

The duo, stops for a second, exchanging a look, before moving on. The man stops just in front of the half open door, to allow the woman to enter the room first. One more look is shared, as the woman pushes the door fully open.  


“Well, it looks like our guests have finally arrived.”  


A big man, dressed in a white suit, speaks from where he is sitting in a chair. In front of him sits a man on his knees, a guard on both of his sides, one to keep him down, the other training a gun at his head.   


“Humph. What happened to running the underworld like a business? Hmm? Why did we have to meet here of all places? I must say that I liked your office building a bit more, than this....”   


The man, in black, trails off, holding up his hands while slowly moving from the left to the right, as if to show his opinion of the room.  


“Ah well, you see SHIELD got a little to curious. Tonight, I have noticed a repeated attempt to break into your secured files. We must not make them even more curious now, must we?” The man in white speaks, humor filling his tone as he stands up slowly.  


“Now please follow me, a well-respected man like you, Mister Drake, should not have to experience this kind of violence.”   


As the three  move  away from the torture scene, the guards grab the victim and proceed to drag him out of the room, while the large man, guides his guests into a small, well lit, office room. He takes place behind a large black desk as Drake and the woman sit down into two comfortable looking chairs.   


“Now, where were we?” The man says, a large knowing smile on his face, while his greedy eyes, eye the black suitcase, the woman is still holding.  


“You know why we are here, Mister Fisk.” Carlton Drake drawls, while leaning confident back into his seat.  


“Another delivery, I assume.” The Kingpin smirks at the duo, while leaning forward upon the desk and folding his hands in front of him.  


“Yes.” Drake replies simply, while gesturing to the woman to hand over the suitcase.   


She stands up and puts the case down upon the desk, with experienced fingers, she opens the locks swiftly and turns the open suitcase towards Fisk.   


“Now, you mentioned a break in?” Drake starts, folding his hands in his lap, his eyes piercing into those of Fisk.  


“Yes, it seems that you have made yourself a sort of target, with how happy you wanted to deliver them.... brains.” Kingpin let’s a silence fall between the words, the smirk on his face only growing.  


“But no worries, no one will know who you are. Not even Fury can get into those files.” The man rails and sits back into his chair.   


“And how can you be so sure?” Drake asks, his mouth a thin line, as his dark eyes now trying to bore a hole through Fisk’s head.  


“The same way I got you a place in the board of the head members of SHIELD. The same way I am willing to deliver you  your .... Food.”   


Drakes eyes narrow and his jaw clenches, “Money.” he answers the Kingpin, whole is now full on smiling at him.  


“Money.” The man agrees, he slowly brings his hands towards the suitcase, trying to take it towards him.  


But the woman is quicker, she slams the suitcase close, almost getting Fisk’s fingers between the lids.  


“You better make sure, no one finds out. Mister Fisk.” Carlton Drake speaks, slowly and threatening, as he calmly stands up from his chair. The woman looks between the two man, as she holds on to   

the suitcase.  


“Of course, mister Drake.” Fisk says, giving a small nod, his smile, which had disappeared the moment the suitcase was closed, grows back  leisurely  


“Good. I accept the shipment on time, for both me and Brock.” Drake orders, while turning around and walking out of the office.   


The woman let’s go of the case and Kingpin reaches out again, while nodding.  


“Your boss is a peculiar man. Care to tell me why he needs brains?” Fisk asks tempting, eyeing the woman to his left.  


But she keeps quiet, while she let’s go of the suitcase, she leaves the office just as quick as Drake had done, but she keeps an eye on Kingpin all times. Once out of the office the both of them can hear Fisk’s laugh, high and scratchy as they hurry towards the exit.  


The guard who let them in, opens the door for them again, giving a small nod.  

Once both stand outside, the door is slammed shut again, the sound overly loud in the quiet of the night. Drake takes a deep breath before he turns back towards his companion.  


“Well that went easier than I thought it would...” He speaks slowly, more to himself than to her.  


“Kingpin will not disappoint us.”  


The woman speaks for the first time, she raises her hand towards her hair and pulls. The fake wig gives easily and she throws the brown curls into a trashcan.  


“Let us go.”  


Drake stares at her, his eyes raking over her, twice. Then he nods and the both of them step into the car. The driver turns it on and with a sedate pace they leave the alleyway.  




Deep spac e  


“Brother,  my I have a moment of your time?  


Loki asks, while approaching his brother from behind, both of them stare into deep space, that is shown to them through the gigantic glass window.  


“Of course! Brother!” Thor says, laughter in his voice, while turning around in his chair to look at his brother.   


Seeing the concerned look in his brother’s eyes Thor stands up and walks over to him. Both brothers', side to side, watch as space passes them by, the bright blue and deep purple colors, painting the space around them.  


“Do you really think it’s a good idea to go back to Earth.” Loki sighs and Thor glances over at him.  


“Yes of course, the people of Earth love me and I’m very popular.” Thor says confidently, while turning towards his brother.  


Loki takes a deep breath while fighting the urge to stab his brother.  


“Let me rephrase that.” He says, while turning towards the window again, his arms folded in front of him.  


“Do you really think it’s a good idea to bring me back to Earth?” Loki tries  again,  body  moving slowly, almost twitchy.   


“Probably not, to be honest.” Thor answers bluntly, turning towards his brother, his honestly make Loki let out a quiet huff, bringing a smile to his face.  


“But I wouldn't worry about  it  brother, I feel like everything is  gonna  work out fine.” Thor finishes the conversation, leaving a comfortable silence between the two of them. Both their minds on different things as they just enjoy space.  


Then their view is blocked and both brothers gape at the giant spaceship that now blocks their view.   

And Thor starts moving immediately and Loki follows on his heels.  


“Loki! Notify the guards! Get every man and woman capable to fight ready and armed!"   


Loki doesn’t even answer his brother, only nods once as they split in the hallway, Thor left and Loki right. Both of them stumble a bit as the ship is hit by a shot from the enemy ship.   


Thor makes it into the command bay where an Asgardian is trying to make contact with the approaching ship.   


“Our crew is made up of Asgardian families!”  


“We have very few soldiers here!”  


This is not a war craft!”  


“I repeat! This is not a war craft!”  


But it is all in vain for another folly of lasers hits the sides of the ship, rocking it and damaging the wings.  


Within minutes their ship  is  entered and overtaking by the enemy, strange aliens attack the civilian Asgardians as the soldiers fall, trying to protect them.   


In not even half an hour the ship is completely taken over and many soldiers are killed and civilians wounded or dead. Even  Heimdall lies  on the ground, clutching his side as one of the strong aliens' steps over the messes around them.   


“Hear me... And rejoice. You have had the privilege of being saved by the great titan.”  


The alien speaks as if it is indeed a great privilege for them to be murdered by them as he steps over the dead bodies.  


“You may think this is suffering. No...” He stops, letting a pause fall, before he  continuous .  


“It is  salvation .”  


The alien brings his hands upwards, “Universal scales tip toward balance, because of your sacrifice.”  


He joins his fellow aliens who have all gathered in the middle of the ship. Standing there is a giant, a purple alien clad in a golden armor.   


“Smile.” The creep says as one of his companions kills another civilian, stabbing him in the stomach.  


“For even in death, you have become children of Thanos.” He finishes as he walks past Loki, who stares at him, before turning back towards the giant. At his feet lay’s Thor.  


Loki can’t say if his brother is death or just unconscious, but he fears the worst. Then just as the giant starts speaking, he sees his brother move again.  


Relieve fills him, but so does dread as the giant moves towards him.  


“I know what it like to lose. To feel so desperately that you’re right....” The giant says, looking over his shoulder at Thor.  


“Yet to fail, nonetheless.” He then bends down and picks up Thor, who groans but hangs on limply.  


“It’s frightening.” The giant continuous dragging Thor with him, while Thor struggles to move out of his grip, but he doesn’t even notice it.  


“Turns the legs to jelly.” He then looks at Loki and asks, “But I ask you, to what end?” calmly  approaching  him.   


“Dread it, run from it... destiny arrives all the same.” He finishes, now standing in front of Loki who is surrounded by the giant’s soldiers, including the creepy alien who spoke so highly about this Thanos.   


“And now it’s here... Or should I say... I am.”   


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New York,  177A Bleecker Street  



As Strange and Wong descant the stairs, discussing their lunch idea’s, a bright light appears behind them.  

With a loud buzzing a portal opens up behind them and whatever came through, crashes through the stairs and into the ground, leaving a crater in its wake and a big hole in the stairs. 

Both men turn around as one, immediately falling into a fighting-stance. Strange summons his cloak, while Wong summons the orange magic circles around his hands, as they walk up the stairs and peer into the hole. 

Inside of it lays a large green man, but strange enough, he appears to be shrinking, all the while grunting and groaning.  

 In a rough voice the changing man whispers, “Thanos is coming...” while gasping for breath, straining his lungs. 


 "He is coming!” The man tries again, now fully changed into a crumpled mess of a man, covered in scorch marks, ashes and dust.  


Strange and Wong turn and exchange looks, concern on that of Wong’s and confusion on that of Strange’s. It’s clear that Strange, now a serious look on his face, has no fear for the man who crashed into his house, while Wong looks like he can’t believe what’s happening. 

 Strange turns back to the man in the stairs and opens his mouth. 





New York, Central Park  



“Slow down, slow down!” 

 “Stop your rambling, you totally lost me.” 

 “Look, you know how you’re having a dream and in the dream you gotta pee?” 


 “Okay! And then you’re like oh my God! There’s no bathrooms what I’m gonna do? Oh someone is watching and,-” 

 “So, you realize that in real life you actually have to pee?” 


 “Yeah, but everyone has those?!” 

 “Right! That’s the point I’m trying to make here! So last night I dreamed, I proposed, that last night I dreamed that we had a kid. So real! We named him after your centric uncle, what was his name again? Morgan? Morgan!” 

 “Right.... So, you woke up and we were...?” 





 “I had a dream about it, it was so real!” 


Tony and his soon to be wife, Pepper, are taking a stroll through the park. Carefree and without any fear, the two walk and talk and sometimes they even argue just for the sake of it. 


Pepper secretly has to smile at Tony’s dream, a small smile around her mouth, but then she taps the little light on his chest, while staring him intently in the eye.  


“If you wanted to have a kid, you wouldn’t have done that.” She says curtly, before taking a step back. 

“I’m glad you brought this up, it’s nothing, it’s just a housing unit for nanopores,-”  

Stark tries to talk himself out of it, before the conversations can take a wrong turn, but ends up only making it worse.  

In the end Pepper takes a deep breath and lets out a sigh as she looks away from Tony. 


“You know me so well; you even finish all my sentences...” 


Tony ends and realizes that even though Pepper doesn’t agree with his choice to keep wearing the suit, she loves him. His hands come up without a thought as he starts rubbing her shoulders and telling her about the nice dinner, he is going to treat her to.  

And he makes another promise to her, “we should have no more surprises, ever. I should promise you.”  

Pepper’s face lightens up and a large smile adores her face, her blond hair swinging behind her as she agrees with Tony’s words. Tony stops talking, just taking her in and then leans forward for a chaste kiss, to which Pepper responds to enthusiastically. 


The two of them are completely distracted and not aware of their surroundings, as a strange glowing portal opens up behind Tony. 


“Tony Stark?” 


The low voice of a strange male interrupts their make-out and together they quickly turn around towards the interrupter. Pepper looks confused, while Tony is already taking the man in, looking for a threat.  


“I’m Doctor Stephen Strange. I need you to come with me.” The man proclaims, while staring serious at the two.  

Tony pushes Pepper away, not sure who the man is and what the glowing portal behind him is, but instinct is telling him to keep Pepper as far away from it as possible. Pepper grabs his outstretched arm and together they stare at the man without saying a single word. 

 “Oh.... Congratulations on the wedding by the way.” The man says subsequently, the serious look falls from his face and it almost sounds like he finds it unnecessary to say it.  


Tony feels himself getting angry with the strange man. 


“I’m sorry, you’re giving out tickets or something?” He asks annoyed, waving his hands at the man. 


“We need your help.” The man tries again, but when Tony doesn’t respond he says, “Look it’s not overselling it but the fate of the universe is at stake,-” 


“Yeah? And who is we?” Tony interrupts the man before he can explain himself any further. 


Then Bruce steps up from behind the man and looks at the two of them with a pained expression. 

 “Hey Tony.” Bruce says, looking weary as he looks at Pepper, “Pepper.”. 

 “Bruce...” Tony almost whispers, disbelieve on his face while taking in the sight of his friend. 

 “Hey..” Pepper breaths and she looks unsure whether she should hug him or not. 


But before the two of them can say anymore, Bruce falls into the arms of Tony and Tony can’t help himself. His arms fly op to hug Bruce back, the couple exchanges a look of concern, while they both rub Bruce’s arms.  

The look in their eyes say enough. 


Trouble is coming. 


San Fransisco, prison  




“Quit your antsy twisting. What are you ten?” 

 “No, I don’t know, what should I be feeling?” 

 “Huh? Really hè?!”  

 “Alright fine, have it your way.” 

 “I have waited long enough; I can wait a little longer.” 


The guard lowers his coffee-cup and looks up from the newspaper he is reading, Kasady is murmuring to himself again. The murder had taken that peculiar quirk up a few weeks after his latest interview, with that investigation journalist. Kasady’s therapist had only nodded at their new found observation and simply had said that he would add Schizophrenia to the list of disorders.  


And then the stupid asshole hadn’t even told the journalist anything useful and had greeted the man in some psycho way. For only madmen wound themselves to write welcome with their own blood. He had to bring the fucker to the infirmary too, dragging the bastard with him, while he had only laughed. 

The guard, a middle-aged man, lets out a sigh, as his stomach rumbled. That remembered him, Kasady had had trouble keeping his food down, the day after the interview.  

At first the guards had thought that Brock, the journalist, had taken something with him into the prison and fed that to Kasady. But after re-watching the cams and talking with the security who had searched Brock, who couldn’t tell them anything, they had let that thought go. And had decided together that Brock probably had a cold and had accidently gotten Kasady sick too.  

The cold had lasted for a little less than a week and for a while the murderer had looked fine. But oh boy had they been wrong! The fucker had faked his own death and one newbie had rushed into the cell, which was, well, it was something they had all warned him for. Don’t get close to Kasady, no matter what he says or does, but yeah no one had thought the crazy would scratch open his own throat... 


And then.... well everything happened to fast, Kasady raise from the dead, like a ghoul eating his last supper. He had overthrown the guard, who had bend down over him, on the ground and had ripped the guy’s throat out with his teeth. 


His teeth! 


Another loud rumble for the guard’s stomach made himself known.  The man shakes himself from his disturbing thoughts and nods to himself, lunchtime has arrived. He sits up from the chair on which he had slumped down, he shoots a quick look at Kasady. 

Only to find the redhead staring at him intently from the edge of the cell bars, chewing on his nails, the smirk on the prisoner’s face unsettling.  

The guard frowns and sneers back just as ugly, before turning around towards the sound of metal doors opening. 


“Elliot! Lunchtime! I’m taking over.”  


A younger guard, an old friend from the now dead guard shouts towards him and Eliot feels another sigh come up.  

Kasady had murdered this guy’s friend and Elliot had to probably take the psycho to the infirmary after his lunch was over.  

He packs up his coffee and paper, tipping his fingers against his head in a mock salute and looks over his shoulder. 


“Be nice to each other. Kasady.” Then turning towards the younger guard, almost sticking his finger into the young guy’s eye, “You too, Jacob.”  


“I don’t even know what you mean!” Jacob, blinks innocently, a large grin on his face. Duo to his freckles and light blond hair, he indeed looked like an angel. 

Elliot grumbles and shoulders his way past the younger guard. 

“I promise I won’t make a mess!” Jacob yells after him, as he opens another iron door, letting out a deep sigh and rubbing the back of his head.


A shiver runs down his back and he shoot a quick look over his shoulder, Jacob is still staring at him, waiting for him to leave, even giving a little wave. Elliot feels the little hairs on the back of his arm stand up, he gives another low growl and rubs a hand over his goosebumps.  


Trouble is coming.... 




New York,  177A Bleecker Street  


After Tony had stepped through the portal, he ended up at Doctor Strange’s house and Bruce and Strange explain the situation.  

Tony can’t believe it, but understands that that whatever is coming their way, it’s bad. Just taking one look at how anxious Bruce is says enough.  

He ends up arguing and annoying Strange, while leaning on some stupid cauldron, after that he grabs his phone. Whether it is to call Pepper, he doesn’t know, because as soon as he grabs it the air in the atmosphere changes, the sound of chiming furniture echo’s through the house.  

Tony looks around and then up at Strange and asks, “Say doc, you wouldn’t happen to be moving your hair, would you?” 


“Not at the moment no?” Strange replies, the little strands of hair on his forehead head gently swinging in the wind.  


The faces of the men in the room turn serious as the now low humming sound of something grows bigger and slowly, they turn towards the front door.  

Through the door, the sound of screaming can be heard and people running in panic to be seen. 

Tony walks towards the door and rips it open, the sound flood in and deafens the men behind him, who had grown used to the silence int the house. 

Screaming and running people rush by, the wind howls through the street accompted by the screaming of the sirens.  

Tony steps outside and starts running against the flow, searching for the threat, while pushing past the panicked people.  


A woman falls before his feet to the ground, he reaches downwards, grabs the woman by the arm, but she screams and trashes out of his hold. Tony startles and let’s go of the woman, the same time a car crashes into the lantern behind them. 


“Help him!” Tony orders Bruce and Wong who came running. 


“We got it!” Bruce replies back, while Wong rips open the drivers-side. 


With that Tony turns around towards the source of the panic and quickly puts on his glasses and yells, “Friday! What am I looking at?”  

“I’m not sure, I’m working on it.” Even though she is a computer; she sounds concerned and anxious. 

Tony then starts running and yells over his shoulder, “You might want to put that time stone into your back-pocket doc!” 

“I might wanna use it.” Strange replies back as he activates his magic and walks after Tony. 


Once they reach the corner of the street and Tony is sure it’s safe, they turn and look up. 


And up. 


Slowly descending is a giant silver alien ship, looking like a giant wheel. The sound it makes is deafening, sweeping up a storm through the streets and it takes everything down in its wake as it leisurely touches down.