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F1 Drivers Royal Boarding School

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The Princes:


Lewis Hamilton-Windsor, Prince of England, year 3:

is an actual kind hearted guy that always tries his best to prove that he's the best, very good at politics and highly anticipated as the next king of England, has to watch over his trouble causing cousins more often than he likes, got drunk on energy drinks once


George Russel, First Son of the Duke of Cambridge, 12th in the line of succession, year 1:

needs time to warm up around people, is worried that Lando will break all his bones at once while trying to troll somebody, his mom died after giving birth to him and that's why his name is not Norris, is terrified of snakes since he got bitten once


Lando Norris, Second Son of the Duke of Cambridge, 13th in the line of succession, year 1:

loves to annoy George, likes to randomly hug people, has a cat named Pimplebottom and will smuggle it into school with him, hates responsibility, has a talent for hurting himself, has indeed broken both of his arms when he was younger


Kimi Räikkönen, First Prince of Finland, year 3:

captain of the school's football team, acts grumpy but is very caring towards the younger princes and especially his brother, named his turtle Valtteri only to annoy his younger brother, has tried dog food before and liked it


Valtteri Bottas-Räikkönen, Second Prince of Finland, year 2:

is a big softie like his brother but hardly opens up to anyone, is a language talent, would die for his dog Fanni, still rather wants to become a farmer instead of a prince, planted potatoes in the school garden to annoy Kevin


Marcus Ericsson, Prince of Sweden, year 2:

randomly appears and gives good tips on how to cheat on tests, only eats candy, has a huge crush on Kevin but doesn't know how to tell him, goes snowboarding every winter holidays and comes back with a destroyed knee cap


Kevin Magnussen, Prince of Denmark, year 3:

Head of the school garden, is very caring towards people he likes but also fights a lot, loves carrot cake, punched Romain once and nearly got suspended


Jenson Vandoorne-Button, First Prince of Belgium, year 3:

thinks that nobody knows he and Fernando are dating even if the whole school caught them at least once while making out, wants to marry Fernando, his whole life basically revolves around Fernando and maybe fast food which he is not allowed to eat anymore


Stoffel Vandoorne-Button, Second Prince of Belgium, year 2:

hates being treated like a baby, would eat waffles the whole day if he could, probably couldn't get more Belgian and that's it


Max van Verstappen, Prince of the Netherlands, year 2:

he's too shy and introvert and since he couldn't "man-up", his dad Jos gave the throne to his younger sister, was told he is an embarrassment for the whole country, is expected to marry another royal to create links between the two countries, hides in weird places if he's upset


Sebastian Vettel, First Prince of Germany, year 3:

is a mom for all younger students, makes sure everyone else is feeling well before worrying about himself, has a huge crush on Kimi but is a shy nerd, tells himself it would never work out since they are both expected to take the throne of their country, has glasses and looks cute with them


Charles Leclerc, Second Prince of Germany, year 2:

was born as a common but his mother was the head maid of the German Queen who adopted him after his real mom and brother Jules died in a car accident, is a confused bean who goes to Seb if he needs cuddles, has no clue about everything around him


Nico Rosberg, Son of the Duke of Wiesbaden, year 3:

has a crush on Lewis but rather fights him than flirt, can be an asshole sometimes, another language pro who loves to flex with his skills, is highly allergic to nuts


Nico Hülkenberg, Son of the Duke of Emmerich, year 2:

nobody can pronounce his last name but he got used to it, makes everyone laugh but is also the schools biggest fuckboy, new scandals every time he goes back to Germany, occasionally hits on Carlos but has to be careful since Fernando wants to beat him up 


Pierre Gasly, Prince of France, year 2:

fluffy hair - even his crown can't sit properly on it, had a crush on Charles since the first day but was forced into an engagement with Esteban who he actually hates, plans to run away on his wedding day and then finally ask Charles out, loves chocolate cake


Esteban Ocon, Son of the Duke de la Provence, year 1:

hates Pierre and hates everything that has to do with royalty, is one of the oldest in year 1 since he always convinced his parents to let him go to a common school, plans to run away before his wedding


Romain Grosjean, Son of the Duke of Nice, year 3:

really nice but likes to blame others, Pierre's cousin who thinks he knows everything, has burned the chemistry lap once but blamed Marcus for it


Lance Stroll, year 1:

is not a royal but his dad bought him a place in the school


Fernando Alonso-Sainz, First Prince of Spain, year 3:

another mom, wonders how his little brother Carlos will survive next year without him, secretly thinks that Jenson is stupid but still loves him, will make a good king one day


Carlos Alonso-Sainz, Second Prince of Spain, year 2:

is fed up with Fernando fussing over him but can't tell him, loves to put cheese on everything, is best friends with Max, loves to read Spanish erotic novels


Daniil Kvyat-Romanow, Prince of Russia, year 3:

there was a rumour spread about him and now everybody hates him - even if the rumour is wrong, was raised by his grandmother since both of his parents died, turned into a sad loner even if he is really nice, talks to himself to make sure he still knows how to speak


Alexander Albon, Prince of Thailand, year 1;

lived in England for some years, misses his home terribly, is a horrible baker but what he makes tastes at least good, doesn't know that his family is trying to marry him to George for connections, has been kidnapped once but everything turned out well


Sergio Perez, Prince of Mexico, year 3:

is pretty chill but fed up with the drama that sometimes goes on between the princes, straight-A-student but not a nerd, loves tacos, found out the school's wifi password and plays HayDay now


Daniel Ricciardo, Prince of Australia, year 3:

the schools sunshine, even the media loves him and had never spread a fake rumour, makes a fool of himself to make Max notice him but so far has only scared the younger away, dances randomly in class when he gets something correct



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Lewis smiled while he watched the head maid Ann checking George's and Lando's luggage for the seventh time, making sure everything was included. He himself was also looking forward to having his cousins around him at school but at the same time worry crept up on him.

Lando was well known for being a little troublemaker and George quickly went with it, trying to watch over his little brother.

"Have you packed all the sets of summer and winter equipment? Coats? Enough socks and underwear? Chargers?" Ann took Lando's luggage another time apart, this time clearly looking for any stuff the younger could use for one of his many pranks. When she couldn't find anything she placed everything back in neatly and patted his head. "You packed well Lando."

Said one smiled at her in an angelic manner while George raised an eyebrow.

"You should check his backpack too, make sure he has enough tissues with him for the flight." Lewis chimed in now, feeling great satisfaction when Lando started to pale immediately, trying to grab his bag to get it out of Ann's reach. But the head maid was quicker, grabbing it and looking inside.

"Oh, my dear lord! Lando Norris! Is that itching powder?!" She screeched, lifting a clear plastic bag with something looking like white powder inside.

"No, it's actually cocaine." Lando tried to save himself but failed miserably.

"I'm going to report this to your parents and the king! You're representing England and the royal family!" Ann started lecturing Lando, occasionally letting out a comment towards George and how he should have the demon his brother was under control. Lewis decided it was time for him to leave, his own luggage still not entirely ready for the flight.


"Here are some cookies and snacks for your flight! Have packed enough socks Kimi? Valtteri why is there dog food in your bag? Are trying to bring Fanni with you?" The two finish princes did not even have time to answer as their mother continued to fuss over them, patting Kimi's hair and straightening Valtteri's navy blue blazer.

Since both of her boys never bothered to send photos, the Queen had made it a tradition for both of them to dress up in their school uniforms, taking a ton of pictures of them.

"Smile Kimi, do it for your mom at least! Oh my God Val, why are your summer trousers this short?! Did you grow again?" And there she was back to patting Kimi's hair and straightening Valtteri's clothes.


 "Why did you bring carrot cake?"

"Why is your leg bandaged again?" 

Kevin and Marcus stared at each other for a moment before both started laughing and hugged.

"God I really missed you but what happened now? You normally don't snowboard during summer, you know?"

"It had to be operated again", Marcus explained before wobbling towards the plane that would take both Scandinavian princes to their school.

"Was it that bad?"

"What do you expect from a knee cap that has been suffering for the past years?"

"And the football team?"

"Has to survive without me this year, sorry."

Kevin looked sad at his friend before a mischievous grin started to form on his face. "If you need help with the stairs at the school I will gladly help you around my prince!"

Marcus raised an eyebrow at the blonde's sudden change when said one came forward and lifted him up bridal style.

"Just practising for later."

"I'm not going to marry you, Kevin."

"Who said marrying? I was talking about the staircases at school." Came the reply.



 Max just wanted to pull a blanket over his face and hide in his bed until he would finally die. His father had just announced that Victoria would be the heir to the throne, explaining that Max was unable to fulfil the standards he had expected from him.

The press had been incredibly interested since then in making Max look as bad as possible, calling him the "Loser Prince" or even worse in one of their many headlines.

His dad hasn't talked to him since that and Victoria was just attending her first duties as heir, not even having time with checking up on her embarrassed brother.

Well, she is probably embarrassed herself having such a loser as a brother, Max thought before finally climbing out of his bed.

He had been fully dressed since 4 in the morning, not being able to sleep. He was afraid of what his friends would think of him, having probably heard about his situation already.

When the guards were accompanying him to the plane he was even more down than before, having not received a single message from his sister. He was old enough to understand that Victoria had better things to do now than wishing him good luck but a little part of him had desperately hoped...

What a great start, Max thought darkly while the plane was starting.


"I swear if he calls him his cupcake again I'm going to leave this plane immediately. " Carlos angrily whispered to Stoffel, both of them sitting a little further away from their big brothers who were busy with themselves.

Carlos had expected nothing less, despite Fernando and Jenson constantly visiting each other during the six weeks of summer holidays. But still, this was worse than he could ever imagine.

"Could I have some more waffles please?" Stoffel asked one of the stewardesses, not caring about Carlos anger or his big brother groping Fernando's ass constantly.

"How can you eat waffles now?"

"I'm hungry...?"

"You already had five plates for breakfast, it's getting disgusting now", Carlos snapped. Stoffel just shrugged and thanked the woman who brought him a plate with some waffles before he started to eat.

"You will become fat."

"And you will die alone, grumpy. You're just pissed because Nico couldn't fuck you-"

Carlos quickly pressed his hand over Stoffels' mouth but it was too late, Nando and Jenson already staring in their direction.

"Carlos are you still seeing that son of-"

"Language Nando." Jenson interfered.

"Fuck your language, if I see you with Nico again I will rip both of your heads off. Is that clear?"

"Yes Nando," Carlos said with a sour face before giving Stoffel the same look. Said one was already back to munching his waffles happily and Jenson and Fernando were all over each other faces again.


 It was pretty quiet on the plane that took the four German princes to the island. Nico Rosberg was busy going through the fashion magazines he had brought with him while a little further away Nico Hülkenberg was sleeping with his headphones on and a face mask covering his eyes. He was slightly snoring but it wasn't too loud for anyone to complain. 

Charles and Sebastian sat next to each other, Charles curled tightly around the older. Seb was softly smoothing his brown locks.

"It's okay, you can go to sleep." He whispered as he saw Charles eyes dropping. "I'm going to stay here so you have it quite comfortable."

Charles let out a sound that sounded awfully like thanks but was muffled by Sebastian's blazer which Charles pressed his face into.

Nico behind them rolled his eyes. "Seb you should sleep too, I can see your eye bags even if I'm looking at your back!"

Seb tried to glare over his thick-rimmed classes at the other German but it had no effect.

"He's right", Charles said, moving around a bit. "You should really catch some sleep too."

Sighing, the older gave in. "Fine."

"Good." Came the reply in unison.


"Lance Stroll? Who is that?" Esteban said, looking confused at the room plan. "Is there a royal house of Stroll?"

"There is one called Stark existing." Romain dryly remarked before catching a glimpse at his room partner's name. "Oh no not Jenson again!"

"What's so bad about him?" Esteban asked.

"He's going to change with his boyfriend's roommate within the first five seconds because nobody wants to share with them so I'm getting that bastard of a Magnussen!"

"Oh," Esteban said, trying to hold back a giggle. Despite being in his first year, the story of the famous Magnussen-Grosjean-Drama had already spread."

"Well if you two are having so much fun why don't you just marry?"

Esteban rolled his eyes at Pierre's icy voice before grabbing his bag. "You know what Pierre? For being the next king of France you're lacking so much maturity, it's quite unbelievable!"

"Says the one that begged on hands and knees to not come here."

Esteban glared back at Pierre until Romain awkwardly cleared his throat. "Maybe you two should just go to your rooms before you kill each other right here, leading to me being the only suspect in this murder."

"Shut up Grosjean," Pierre said furiously before stomping away.

"Wow, how much better can this actually get?"

"I don't know Este but at first you should meet this mysterious Stroll." The older Frenchman gave him a thumbs up before disappearing in another direction.

A little bit later he arrived at his dorm, a quite spacious room with a couch and a TV, a desk with enough space for two people doing their homework and two doors leading to the bedrooms and attached bathrooms.

One was already opened, some sounds of someone unpacking leaving the room.

"Hello? Lance Stroll? I'm your roommate, Esteban!" He shouted and a boy with a mop of brown hair came out of the room.

"Uh hi, nice to meet you!" He smiled friendly before suddenly frowning. "I hope it's no problem I took this room already?"

"Don't worry it's really okay!"

"Geez, thank God I was already worried you would be angry."

"Nah it's fine!" Esteban couldn't stop himself from smiling, after this long draining flight with an angry Pierre, Lance's bright energy was making him feel happy again.


"Come on Daniil, you can do it. It's your last year and then never again." The Russian whispered to himself before entering the building. He didn't look forward to any of this for the slightest bit, feeling some other students staring already at him as he quickly made his way through the hall to the plan with the roommates. His heart began to sink as he read the other one's name.

Sebastian Vettel.

Great. This would be even worse than Lewis last year. 


 Alex was the first one to arrive at his room, the other boy named George he was rooming with was still not there. Unsure what to do next, he left his luggage and decided to go around the building, maybe meeting some others from the first year already. 

"Listen, Sergio, this one is actually good!" Alex suddenly heard voices from an open door and stopped.

"You've said that about the previous ones too and they were horrible!" This Sergio said.

"It's just because you Mexicans don't share the same good humour as us Aussies!"

"I rather believe you people from down under have no sense of humour!" Protested the voice of Sergio again.

"Take that back!"


"Okay then let me tell you the joke: two kangaroos are going into a bar-"

Alex had heard enough, with quiet steps he fled back to his room. Maybe he could read a book until George arrived but he wouldn't set a foot outside his room so soon.

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The next morning all princes were called in the great hall, a room that was used for assemblies or the winter ball that happened every year, being the only one big enough to fit everyone in.

They had to sit down according to their year, the first year in the first row and so on. Their teachers had meanwhile positioned themselves on a small stage at the front of the hall, mustering the princes as they strolled in. 

Carlos dragged Max behind him, the latter looking like he had just fallen out of his bed, his blonde hair sticking out in weird angles. The Spaniard didn't seem to care too much about his friends' state and dragged him over to Pierre, Stoffel and Charles who had reserved them two chairs.

"Ever heard of being on time?" Charles mocked them while making some more space for the two.

Carlos wanted to make a snarky remark but their principal had stepped up to the small podium and told everyone to be quiet.

"Hello everyone, nice to see all of you are back and of course a warm welcome to those who joined us this year. I'm principal Arrivabene and hope you quickly get used to your new school. 

As for the new year, we have some changes to announce. First, all students have to take the manner class, not only year 3 anymore. There have been some complaints about lacking manners that's why we decided to take action. Also, Mr Steiner, our former manner teacher will be replaced by Mrs Williams." A loud groaning could be heard from the boys.

"Oh for fuck's sake!" Kevin Magnussen yelled loudly, making the other boys laughing.

"Shut the fuck up Kevin!" Mr Steiner yelled back, a vein nearly popping on his forehead.

"If this is settled now, I would like to continue," Arrivabene said. "Mr Steiner will take the p.e. course. Mr Horner will take the literature course, replacing Mr Marko who finally left us."

"Thank God, he wanted to slap me last year with his book," Romain mumbled to no one in particular. 

"Binotto will take all technical courses while Mr Wolff will take nature science. French and Spanish will be taught by Mr Abiteboul. Any questions left?" Arrivabene waited for some kind of reaction but was met with half of the princes yawning.

"Well then let's continue with the rules. I like to remember all the students that your bedtime is at 22 pm sharp. Animals are not allowed, neither are cellphones. Mrs Williams will now collect them but don't worry, you'll get them back every weekend."

The princes groaned again, putting all of their phones into the box the teacher handed around, some looking sadder than others.

"Talking in the library is forbidden, leaving the school grounds without supervision is too and of course being late will be punished properly." Arrivabene continued as suddenly the door to the great hall opened and Daniil slowly came in.

"Ah, it looks like his royal highness Mr Daniil Kvyat-Romanow has finally decided to join us and let us show to the younger students what happens if they are late." 

"I'm sorry Mr Arrivabene but I slept in."

"Didn't your roommate wake you and told you there's an assembly?"

"No, sir."

Arrivabene raised an eyebrow. "Well, rules are rules, detention for a month and kitchen service for three weeks."

Daniil's shoulders slumped down at the harsh punishment. "Very well sir." He said and sat down, ignoring the other students' giggles.

"Where was I again? Ah yes and now student organisations." The grey-haired principal shuffled through his notes. "Sebastian has been elected as head for the student council, congratulations. You have one week to tell me who will be the vice and the names of the other selected members. Kevin Magnussen will be the head of the school garden for the third year in a row."

Marcus was the only one who loudly clapped.

"Thanks, Mr Ericsson." Areivabene dryly remarked. "Mrs Williams will be the class teacher for year one, Mr Horner for year two and I will take as always year 3. With that I also want to end this year's first meeting, year one and two are free to go to have breakfast, year 3 will stay behind for more information regarding your coronation."


"Fucking finally," Stoffel said as he took the first bite of his waffle. "Arrivabene really couldn't wait with that after breakfast..."

"You know this year's speech was pretty short compared to last year," Charles said, eating his salami sandwich.

Pierre quickly swallowed his muesli. "Yeah but I'm really thankful that we get Mr Horner this year and not Mr Steiner again." They all shuddered in memory back to their first year.

"He was constantly yelling and using bad words," Max added before burying his head in his political education book again.

"It's the first day of school and courses didn't even start yet, why the hell are you learning?" Valtteri joined them, putting his tray with some porridge down.

"Other question first, what are you doing here? You're normally preferring Kimi over us." Pierre asked with a raised eyebrow.

"He's talking to coach Lauda about the tryouts for the team. You know, just some team captain and pre-season stuff." The Finn shrugged before he turned back to the Dutch. "Can I get an answer now?"

"My dad said he will take me out of school if I don't get straight A's within the first months and hires Mr Marko for - Quick hide me!" Max suddenly whispered frightened and tried to hide under the table.

Charles raised an eyebrow but when he heard the signature laugh of a certain year 3 student, he had to start laughing loudly. "Is he still trying to get you?"

"I don't know! But I don't want him to see me!" Max squeaked and his further. Sadly, Stoffel decided that he wasn't having any of this shit.

"Hey Daniel, how was your summer? Missed your Maxy?"

Dan's grin grew even wider as he came over with Brendon, his cousin who was another year 3. "Sure where is he? Oi Maxy watcha doing down there?"

Max grumpily got up from his hiding place, cheeks flushed in a deep red. "I dropped my tissue, nothing important..." he mumbled.

"Are you free this evening? We could catch up about each other summer holidays a bit.." Dan suggested, giving the blonde his widest grin.

"If you want to do it so badly, just google my name!" Max said with a deep frown before getting up and storming out of the cafeteria, food left untouched.

"Did I do something wrong?" The Aussie asked Max' friends, a deep frown starting to appear on his face.

Charles bit his lip and shook his head. "You should really read it up first and then maybe apologise, his summer was pretty shit."

Daniel sighed and then grabbed Brendon's arm. "Well if you would excuse us, we also have some food to eat, see you later!"


"Lewis why do we have to sit with you?!" Lando whined and poked his baked beans. As soon as their cousin had gotten out of the year 3 meeting he had dragged George and Lando to a separated table in the farthest corner of the cafeteria.

"You two together are up to no good. I know you brought your cat with you, Lando! Do you want to have a kitchen service together with Daniil? I'm making sure you two stay out of trouble!" 

"Do you want us to act graciously now?" George asked with a sour face. He would also rather sit with the other first years; Esteban, Lance and Alex seemed pretty nice to him.

 "Just for the first days." Lewis insisted. "I have a reputation to uphold and with my coronation this year, I want everything to go smoothly."

"The only thing you really want to do smoothly is sliding your dick in Nico and-"

"Lando!" Lewis growled and glared at the youngster. "I swear to God, behave or I will spank you!"

Lando smirked. "Oh how kinky of you, dearest cousin!"

Lewis glared a bit longer before suddenly getting up; grabbing his tray in a rush. "You know what? Do whatever you want to do, I'm not saving your asses!" And with that, he walked off.

"Finally," George said, getting up too. "Let's go over to the other guys!"

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Sebastian didn't know how he ended up next to Kimi in maths. He really didn't know. But what he knew was that his ears had a bright shade of red, just like his cheeks.

Kimi sends him a short smile before going back to his stoic face, letting himself fall into the seat next to the German. Before Seb could actually ask him something stupid, the Finn had already turned around and was in a deep conversation with one of the Australian princes called Mark Webber, about the upcoming football season. Sebastian sighed quietly and looked down on his notebook, thinking about who could be a member of the student council instead of his stupid crush on certain cute Finn next to him.

A little further away, Nico Rosberg tried to flirt with Lewis while twirling his hair awkwardly between his fingers. Lewis smiled back at the blonde German but it was pretty obvious that he wanted to run away, looking over at Jenson to save him but said one was busy making heart eyes at Fernando.

The rest of the class was just loud, Daniel having a yelling match with Kevin and Romain, making Sergio, who sat in between looking slightly pissed.

All in all, it was pretty messy so of course, when Mr Wolff finally arrived at the classroom he was already done with his nerves.

"EVERYONE SIT DOWN AND BE QUIET!" He screamed loudly, slamming his books down on his table. "Welcome back to advanced level math in year 3. I hope you all had a great summer." He continued when the princes had calmed down.

"I see you have seated yourselves according to my plan which is good so we can start with the lesson. This year we will focus on vectors and three-dimensional coordinate systems. Any questions?"

"Yes, me!" Romain had raised his hand, already getting glares from the other princes.

"If you're going to ask me why you need this Romain, you will get detention." Mr Wolff said with a sour face. 

Romain slowly put his hand back down on the table.

"Good if this is settled, let's continue."

While Mr Wolff was back writing on the board, explaining the basics about this years topic, Nico tried again flirting with Lewis.

"Did you work out over the holidays? I swear your arms didn't look this nice in the uniform last year..."

"Not now Nico," Lewis said, turning away.

"Why?" The blonde frowned. "Do you suddenly have a girlfriend?"

"No." Lewis hissed between his gritted teeth. "It's just that I have a country to rule next year and math is important for me! I can't be as incompetent as you when I take over the throne so let me fucking focus! Bloody hell!"

Lewis didn't even realise how he had started to raise his voice, all attention on him now. Nico's face started to darken before tears appeared in his eyes.

"Of course nobody is good enough for you, you asshole!" He exclaimed loudly before getting up and storming out of the room, banging the door loudly behind him.

"Nico-!" Lewis wanted to go after him but Toto held out a long ruler, stopping him from doing so.

"Sit down or I'll give you detention. No personal problems in my class."

Sighing in defeat, the Brit sat down and sadly started to copy the numbers from the board again, now realising what he did to his friend.


Jenson and Fernando had watched the whole drama quietly from the sides.

"Do you think they will continue as last year?" Jenson asked but Fernando didn't really listen to him, colouring the little squares on his paper.

"They have been doing this since year one day one. Don't bother with their problems. We all know that Lewis' parents rather want him to marry someone with importance, power and a good reputation. Nico's family only has a good reputation and that's it."

"Mmh true." Jenson nodded before looking back at Nando. "Are you coming over tonight? I got Romain out of the room for some hours."

"How? He hardly leaves it." The Spaniard looked confused at his boyfriend before he went back to his squares. 

"He said he wants to start working on a project. I don't have a clue what project he means but at least he's away."

"Perfect. But we really need to get roomed together somehow..." Jenson quietly agreed with him before he tried to focus on what Mr Wolff was trying to explain.


Daniel was at the back of the room and bored. Like really really bored. His friend Brendon was sitting next to Daniil and sadly too far away for a chat. Sergio next to him had threatened him at the beginning of the lesson to slap him with his math book if he tried to talk to him. And Mark on the other side of him was also busy copying the notes from the board.

The Nico and Lewis drama had sadly only been some kind of short entertainment and he knew that Sebastian would tell him the details later, Nico and him being somehow close friends.

Said German was busy not to stare at the Finn next to him, blushing constantly whenever Kimi looked at his direction. 

Daniel also noticed the little blush that spread Kimis cheeks and a devilish plan started to form inside his head...


When Toto finally ended his lesson, Sergio wasn't so sure if he even had understood what was written in his folder. He sighed and slowly got up, grabbing his stuff. He needed to pass maths this year and while he had been pretty constant last year, he wasn't sure about this year.

Esteban, the only other Mexican prince, waited for him at the door.

"What's on your mind?" He asked as if he could sense Sergio's struggle.

"This sounds stupid but I have a bad feeling about math this year. And I literally need some good grades."

Esteban smiled brightly at him and softly squeezed his shoulder. "Don't worry, vectors are easy, I can help you."

"You would do that?"

"Only if you help me with literature and French, I suck at those subjects."

"Sure, no problem!" Sergio smiled brightly at his friend. "Thank you so much!"

"Let's meet up at the library at 7 pm, okay?"

Chapter Text

It was hard to believe that holding a cup of tea could be complicated but Mrs Williams made sure that this year the princes were all struggling in her subject to be the best at the end of said year.

The tables had been moved, now standing in circles, making it possible for the princes to sit down in small groups. There had been table cloths placed on them with gold coloured cups and teapots, small plates with cookies and flowers were in the middle.

Pierre starred sadly at his table partners, Stoffel and Carlos. He had planned to sit with Charles but said one had been snatched by Valterri and Max before he was quick enough to ask him.

"You two need to talk," Stoffel said as Pierre's gaze wandered again to a certain German prince.

"Probably. But how?"

"Hey Charles I have the crush of the century on you but I'm already engaged so let's just fuck and forget about each other." Carlos interfered and dipped a cookie in his tea. "Simple and easy. I mean you could give him some flowers so he'll be over you faster..."

Pierre and Stoffel raised their eyebrows at their Spanish friend.

"What? You can't do anything else except fucking, it's simply not possible!"

"Mr Alonso-Sainz that's not a perfect topic for a tea party." Mrs Williams had quietly appeared behind them and was not looking happy. "Care to tell me again what is suitable for such an event?"

Carlos turned bright red and started to stutter. "Uh...maybe uh... the weather?"

"Absolutely not, do you want your guests to be asleep? Continue."

But Carlos stayed quiet.

"Well, maybe your friends can help you?"

But Carlos table mates stayed quiet too, looking embarrassed down on their hands.

"You are year two, I expect more! Especially after you have been introduced to society already!" Mrs Williams let out a long sigh. "Family, school and charity are suitable topics for your age. Never politics, affairs and especially not, and I can not stress this enough, sex!"

The class started to giggle after the teacher had announced the last part loudly. The three friends started to turn bright red before they quietly hung their heads low in shame over the steaming teapots.

The class grew quiet again and Mrs Williams continued to wander around, making sure that everyone was holding their cup correctly.

Valtteri ducked away from her piercing gaze, making Charles and Max snort.

"She's still going to test you." Commented Max before he himself picked up a cookie.

"I know that." Valtteri let out a sigh. "Are you feeling better now Max? After all what happened?"

Max put down the new cookie he had grabbed already and grew quiet. The Finn next to him rubbed soothing circles on his back while Charles just looked quietly at him.

"I honestly don't know but I don't really want to talk about it..."

Charles grabbed his cup and took some sips. "But you should. It would make things easier for you and you know you can always trust us."

Max seemed to fight with himself for a moment before he opened his mouth again. "It's not that I'm sad, I'm just disappointed with myself. I should have done better, I should've pushed myself to be better."

"No, you shouldn't. Your dad is an asshole for embarrassing you in front of your country by saying such words. But nobody of your friends here thinks you haven't tried hard enough." Valtteri whispered softly, hugging Max now. Charles whipped his head to see where the teacher was before he joined the group hug.

"How about we disappear next period and steal some cake from the kitchen?"

"Valtteri we can't!" Charles gasped into Finn's arms that were slung around him.

"But my dad-" Started Max too.

"Forget your dad for a second. Next lesson is with Binotto and he likes both of our big brothers. They can talk t him."

Charles and Max seemed to struggle both with the idea of skipping classes which made Valtteri roll his eyes. "Come on, one time."

"Okay, one time." They both agreed.

"But never again!" Charles quickly added when he saw Valtteri's grin.


Chapter Text

Alex was still not used to his new surroundings, even if it had been two weeks since he had arrived at the school.

His classmates were mostly really kind to him but it was still hard for him to open up to them as quickly as Lando did for example. The teachers were also really nice except Mr Steiner who was mostly yelling at them for 45 minutes.

And then there was George. Alex had actually never seen such nice brown eyes and his eyelashes were perfect too (unrealistic perfect if he was honest). And the way he always smiled at him and helped him - George had quickly realised how shy he could be and saved him from difficult situations from time to time.

The Thai sighed quietly and shook his head. Two weeks and here he was, falling in love with his roommate he hardly knew. Besides, Alex doubted that George had time or feelings for him, the Brit was mostly busy with saving his younger brother's ass who put himself in trouble every five minutes.

Lunch break had just started but he didn't feel like joining the others. All first years usually pulled some tables together to eat as a big group but today Alex felt that he needed some quiet time. So he made his way to the library, the only place at the school where it was indeed quiet for longer than just some minutes.

Yet today was not Alex lucky day. The library was buzzing with students, most desks occupied by the other princes. 

He spotted Sebastian, a quite famous year 3 student who tried to hide his blushing face behind a book while at the same time giving heart eyes to a certain Finnish prince some tables away. Kimi seemed unfazed by that, head low over a book from the international politics aisle. Alex tried not to snort at the fact that Sebastian's book was upside down. 

Jack and Nyck, two guys from his year sat in the maths isle and quietly finished their homework, only looking up shortly to give him a smile. Alex smiled back dutifully and made his way into the novel section, this one being a little quieter and further away from the rest.

Alex recognised Daniil at the only table in that section and stopped for a moment. He had already heard all the rumours surrounding the Russian and had been told by many of the older princes to stay away from him. Yet to Alex Daniil looked more frightened and ready to run away the whole time, unlike someone who was accused of murdering his whole family.

Not hesitating anymore, Alex grabbed a novel from the bookshelf that looked interesting and walked over to Daniil.

"Hi. Do you mind if I sit here?" 

Daniil looked up from his own book. "Sure."

There was silence again and Alex quickly decided to sit down. He opened the book and started to read but after the first pages, he felt the Russians stare on him.

"What?" Alex cringed at how hard his voice sounded.

"Nothing." He paused for a second. "Just wondering why you would sit here. I'm not having the best reputation and normally first-year students run away from me."

Alex sighed and put his book away. "Look, we both probably only want some quiet time and you don't look like you'll murder me within the next minutes. Besides everything I heard about you are rumours and I refuse to only rely on rumours."

To be honest, the Thai didn't know where his confidence had suddenly come from, normally he had a hard time to form proper sentences in the presence of older people around him.

Daniil raised an eyebrow, his face unreadable for a short moment before he smiled a little bit. "Thank you." He softly said before grabbing his book again. "What's your name?"

"I'm Alexander but most people just call me Alex. It's short and simple."

"Thanks, Alex," Daniil said again, his voice kind and honest, a small smile on his lips. Alex smiled back before he focused on his own book.

The ringing bell brought them back to reality half an hour later, both of them completely focused on their books. Daniil left first with a quiet 'Bye', Alex still busy with gathering his stuff as the Russian had vanished already. When he made his way over to the exit, Jack and Nyck were waiting for him.

"Ready for a drill from Mr Steiner?"

"We have p.e now?" The Thai looked confused at his friends. "I thought we had French?"

"Nope, it was changed like three days ago already Alex. Mr Horner and Mr Abiteboul had a fight over the position of the Latin teacher again and Arrivabene forced them both to go to a seminar for dealing with problems in a mature way. There is a rumour that Horner said that Abiteboul was ruining his reputation by telling lies to our dearest principal." Nyck explained while they made their way over to the gym.

"What?" Alex looked dumbfounded at the Dutch and the Brit.

"Yeah pretty fucked up right? Well, the new Latin teacher should arrive soon but according to some rumours he's evil!" Jack took his turn in explaining now.

"Rumours over rumours, are you sure anything of that is true?" Alex frowned and reached for the door of the gym, letting his friends enter before following them.

Both shrugged in unison and turned around to their Thai friend. "Marcus said it, the one from year 2. He's like a genius that knows everything!"

"Says who?" 

"Pascal. And he knows it from Nico who knows it from the other Nico. Hülkenberg, the one who is in the same year as Marcus."

Alex had to snort at that comment. "Very reliable, absolutely." Jack and Nyck simply rolled their eyes at Alex before dropping the argument and the three headed towards the changing room where the rest of their classmates was already waiting.

Alex quickly spotted George next to Lando, shirtless of course and he had to force himself to look away. He had seen the Brit's nice defined upper body but if that wasn't enough, George was nicely tanned compared to his brother who had the skin tone of a glass of milk.

Feeling his cheeks heating up, Alex quickly disappeared in the other direction of the dressing room, finding an empty spot next to Esteban and Lance who were busy making heart eyes at each other. Feeling uncomfortable again, Alex changed as quick as he could and headed out of the room into the gym.

Mr Steiner was already there, checking something on his clipboard, probably the times from their last run. Many of you expected now that the princes play some team sports such as volleyball or basketball or football (yes the real football, also known under a certain s-word I will not use as a proud European). But you are completely wrong, p.e for the princes mostly focused on keeping their bodies fit as possible through harsh circle training or long distance runs around the school and the island.

Alex himself had nothing against a little run but Mr Steiner's favourite type of run was the one were you could feel every single muscle and bone in your body afterwards while he screamed obscenities at them.

But today he could consider himself lucky, it was only a little circle training their sadistic teacher had planned, consisting of sit-ups and square-ups in a tight rhythm only.

And who was Alex to complain if he got a spot right behind George; having a perfect view on the Brit's back while said one executed the exercises perfectly.

Chapter Text

Esteban liked Lance. It was no secret, the French and the Canadian always sticking together, if it was for homework, a project or simply lunch.

But there was something else with Esteban liking Lance. He had butterflies in his stomach every time his new friend was around him and the French found himself more and more dreaming about a relationship with the Canadian, imagining how it could be far away from any responsibility.

The fact that Lance was a common couldn't matter less. They weren't living in the 18th century anymore where your social rank decided your fate. No, it was simply the engagement his parents had forced on him and Pierre.

Esteban hated Pierre and his family for this and so did Pierre. And still, Esteban knew that starting a relationship with Lance meant crossing borders for him and probably breaking Lance's heart too. Why? Because he was too afraid to mention anything to Lance, best friends aside, the engagement story was too shameful to admit for him. And then what should he tell Lance at the end of the year when the news would be made public? I'm sorry for lying to you? I knew since day one that this whole thing could never work out and I still didn't tell you?

No besides Esteban wasn't even sure if Lance felt the same.


"Do you think I don't belong here?"

"Huh?" Esteban looked up from his chicken he had gotten himself for lunch when the brown-haired Canadian had flopped down next to him at the year one table. "What?"

"Do you think that I shouldn't be at this school just because I'm not royal?" Lance repeated the question, this time there was a clear hint of sadness.

"No why should I? This is just an overly fancy private school. Besides, there are multiple other kids here that aren't royalty." Esteban frowned. "Has someone told you that?"

Lance's face grew red as he tried to squirm away from the Frenchs intense glance. "Not directly. I just feel like it sometimes when nobody except you wants to work with me."

"That's all? Come on, I can see you're not telling me everything."

"I overheard some third years making fun of me. For always making stupid mistakes in politics or in behaviour. And that I'm only here because my dad has enough money..." Lance sighed and stared down at his salad, his fork slowly poking at some vegetables.

Feeling sorry for his friend, Esteban pushed his food away and hugged him tightly, suppressing the fuzzy feeling in his stomach. "Don't listen to them okay? You're in the first year, you can't know everything. And furthermore, you're not the worst neither at politics nor behaviour."

Lance send him a small smile. "Thanks. You're right, I shouldn't listen to them."

Satisfied with himself, Esteban let go of Lance and focused on his food again. "If you want I can help you with politics. I'm quite good at it and Romain has given me some tips too. And his old tests." The French wiggled his eyebrows at that.

"You would do that?" 

"Why not? You're my friend and friends help each other out." Esteban cursed himself for feeling his cheeks heat up.


"I'm so so so stupid!" Esteban exclaimed while banging his head into Romain's pillow. The older French eyed him unimpressed before he focused on his phone again.

It was a rainy Saturday afternoon in September and with nothing else to do, Esteban had decided to seek advice from his fellow Frenchman. Luckily his roommate Jenson was busy with Fernando somewhere else and according to Romain occupied for at least three hours.

So with no one lurking around, he could finally tell Romain everything. How he had developed feelings for his own roommate and how Lance seemed to think they were only friends. How he couldn't tell anyone about the engagement and how he still hated Pierre with a burning passion.

"Have you even tried talking to Pierre?"

"Why should I talk with that asshole?"

"Answer my question first," Romain said sternly. "Nobody wants you and Pierre to fall in love, it's just for the political sake. But have you ever thought about what could happen if you would find a better match for him?"

"Are you saying that I-"

"No. Your family marries you off for what? Connections, right. Pierre's family does the same but only because there haven't been better offers." Romain now put his phone down and focused entirely on their conversation. "I heard that from my mom and she got it directly from her sister, Pierre's mom."

"So a better offer for marriage means our engagement could be cancelled?" Esteban peaked up from the pillow and suddenly an idea formed in his head.

"Maybe. I don't know but if you want I could ask my mom again. But you really should talk to Pierre, there isn't much time left until next June."

"That's more than enough!" Esteban disagreed and got up from the bed. "I need to find Pierre now!"

Romain just watched him and sighed. He wasn't sure if the young French knew what he was doing. On the other side, Romain was happy that he finally left so he could focus better on the Angry Birds level he had just started to play.


"What do you want?" When Pierre saw who had knocked on his door he was ready to shut it immediately again.

"We need to talk," Esteban said straight into Pierre's face, blocking the door with his foot quickly.

"I don't think there is anything to talk about."

Esteban rolled his eyes and pushed the other French aside and stepped in. Stoffel who was sitting at the table looked up shortly and raised an eyebrow. "Esteban? What are you doing here?"

"I was with Romain and he gave me an idea on how to break the engagement between me and Pierre." Now he also had Pierre's attention.


"Simple, find someone with a higher status and a more powerful family than mine and get them to marry you."

Pierre and Stoffel eyed him as if he had gone mad.

"How is that supposed to be simple?" Stoffel asked after a short moment of silence. The two French shrugged.

"I guess finding someone is not that hard since there are plenty of people around us who are more powerful. But getting them to marry Pierre..." Esteban sighed. "Maybe it was a stupid idea."

"No no, not directly." Stoffel suddenly started to grin at the older French who had been quiet the whole time. "If dear Pierre would finally ask Charles out, this might work."

"And if not? I won't break his heart like this." The French sat down and crossed his arms with an angry expression. "I'm not going to make Charles hopes if I have to marry Esteban in the end."

"Oh for fuck's sake we both don't want this. But we need to try something at least otherwise we are going to be stuck together for the rest of our lives!" Esteban had raised his voice slightly, completely fed up by the others will to put some effort into it. "Do you want to die, knowing you could have spent your whole life with someone else?"

Pierre was quiet.

"Come on Pierre, trying doesn't hurt. Besides, nobody expects you to go to Charles and say 'Hey marry me please', okay?" Stoffel chirped in. "You have enough time to take him on a date and explain the whole situation to him. And then he will maybe agree."

Still silence.

"You know what, think about it and then either make a move or come up with a better idea," Esteban said and turned around, ready to leave the room.

"I'll give it a shot."

"Great," Esteban smirked and left.

Chapter Text

Since the beginning of the school year, Daniel had been sick of the never-ending glances and the embarrassing flirts between Sebastian and Kimi.

The German, being a good friend of Dan, was driving him insane with his rants about Kimis blue eyes or his smile or how the Finn had greeted Seb before maths, blah blah blah.

For a while now Daniel had worked on a plan on how he got the two together. The only thing that was missing was a mastermind equal to himself, who understood the importance of his mission, someone like-

"Hulk, I need your help."

"Bwhat?" Nico looked up from his lunch, mouth stuffed with potatoes.

"I need your help," Daniel exclaimed again and smashed his with food filled tray down on the table. "It is time for mission Simi to start and you will be my partner in crime."

Nico looked at him like he was insane. "Mission what? Let me eat in peace."

"Kimi and Sebastian. I'm sick of their horrible flirts and the constant whining about how the other one doesn't love them back." The Australian explained. "If we bring them together, Sebastian will let me sleep in peace in literature without telling me how beautiful Kimi looked during football practice."

"It must be really bad then," Hulk answered but still more focused on the potatoes in front of him rather than his friend.

"And now to the great plan: When we get our phones back on Saturday, make sure to grab yours and Charles phone. If you can't make it, steal his phone. Then lock him away or distract him and text Sebastian that you need help."

"Who now, me or Charles?" Nico was getting confused.

"Charles needs 'help' not you, then tell him to come to the football field."

"What? I have to text Sebastian that his brother needs help and then send Charles to the pitch?"

Daniel felt a strong urge to facepalm himself and sighed. "Stop acting stupid mate."

"Could have worked." Nico shrugged and shoved another fork with potatoes in his mouth. "What's next?"

"Well, I text Kimi that there's free ice cream and boom they meet because we both know they will run like madmen to the field."

"Sounds perfect." Nico nodded in acknowledgement. "So do you let me eat in peace now?" 

"Sometimes you're no fun Hulk," Daniel said with a fake pout.


The next Saturday Nico was out of his bed very early, quietly exiting his room and making his way forward to the 'mobile container', a small box with all second graders phones. Usually, there was someone to keep an eye on the box but today was Nico's lucky day and it stood alone and unattended on a small table next to the entrance door for the second year dorms.

Quickly he grabbed his own phone before he realised he had no clue which Charles' phone was.

The first one he grabbed had luckily a Swedish flag on the back of the phone case and was clearly Marcus.

The second phone's wallpaper was a selfie from Max and his sister which also made it clear that this wasn't the phone he was looking for.

The third one looked promising, a red coloured iPhone and Nico knew how much Charles loved the colour red but a quick glance at the wallpaper told him it was Valtteri's. "Since when does he have a new phone?" Muttered Nico to himself while grabbing the next phone. 

The wallpaper was an old photo but it showed Charles, Seb and Charles real older brother Jules. Nico let out a sigh of relief and quickly put it away into his trousers pocket, making his way back to his room where Marcus was still sleeping peacefully.


It was around lunch time when Nico saw Charles the first time. The prince was making his way towards the box with the mobile phones which was completely empty now. Charles raised his eyebrows in confusion and Nico watched how he called his Dutch friend over.

"Have you seen my phone, Max?"

"It's not in there?" Max had an equally confused expression on his face now and stared surprised into the empty box. "Are you really sure you've put it back into the box last week?" His voice was now quieter. It wasn't uncommon that someone did not hand his phone back to the teachers but the punishment for that was harsh and extreme.

"Max!" Charles quietly gasped out. "Of course I handed it back in!"

The Dutch frowned in confusion. "Maybe Mrs Williams dropped it or put it into the wrong box?"

"You're right, maybe we should ask her first before assuming the worst," Charles said and started walking, Max following closely behind. "I just want my phone back, I saved so many puppy videos I haven't shown you yet."

Nico watched the scene unfolding before his eyes quite intensely from his spot in the second year lounge, a room that looked like a living room with the only the TV for the students. Charles phone was burning in his pocket. As soon as the two friends had completely disappeared he got his own phone out and texted Daniel.

'Charles is looking for his phone at the teacher's lounge together with Max. He's away for at least half an hour, we can start.' 

He got an answer immediately:

'Perfect, it's on the complete opposite of the school. I get Kimi in position, now text Seb! :DDD'


Finding out Charles password was to easy, it was Pierre's birthday and Nico made a mental note to himself to work on these two as soon as mission Simi was successful. 

Nico quickly found out that Charles used too much emojis when he texted and saved everyone under some nicknames but finding 'Sebby^^' hadn't been too hard. After analysing how Charles and his older brother usually texted, Nico quickly typed what Dan and he had agreed on.

'Seb I need your help, please please come as fast as you can to the football field!!'


Dan had to hide a smirk when Sebastian suddenly jumped up from the table, Nico Rosberg and Romain giving him weird looks.

"Sorry, it's Charles!" He shouted while already running out of the cafeteria.

Dan got his phone quickly out of his pocket and searched for Kimi in his contacts. At first, he sends a photo he had actually taken a few days ago, him holding multiple ice cream cones in his hands while grinning widely, next a short message:

'Hurry and come to the football field, there's free ice cream!!:D'


Sebastian was panting like mad when he arrived at the football pitch, to his surprise completely empty. Confused he pushed up his glasses. "Charles?"

He turned around, desperately looking for his younger brother. "Charles?! This isn't funny!"

"Uh hey, Seb?" He whirled around and was suddenly face to face with a certain Finn on the deserted pitch.

"Kimi? What are you doing here?" Sebastian could feel his cheeks heat up and cursed himself for looking like an idiot.

"Dan told me there's free ice cream here. You?"

"Well Charles texted me to help him but I guess it was not real," Sebastian admitted shyly and glanced around, his brother nowhere to be seen.

"Yeah, I thought so too. We have been set up." There was an uncomfortable silence between them before Kimi chuckled and spoke up again. "Would you like to eat some ice cream with me? Now that everything is okay...?" 

Seb looked up and saw Kimi smiling at him with an equally red face and he smiled back softly. "I'd love to."

At the other side of the pitch, hidden behind some benches, Hulk and Dan high fived, enjoying the first successful step towards the end of their mission Simi.

Chapter Text

Lando stared at his breakfast, the young British prince not fully awake yet. With the autumn break near the youngster had been more focused on one of the video games he had smuggled in instead of sleeping plus all the undone homework and it slowly started to show.

It didn't necessarily help that the first year table decided to be extra loud today. His older brother George was excitedly explaining Jack Aitken, Son of Lord Aitken, something from their last biology lesson while Nyck, Mick and Alex had a small food fight going on. And the others were screaming as loud as possible, mixed with all the other princes from year two and three.

Short: it was a mess and sleep deprived Lando with his headache wasn't enjoying it. He took some sips from his Earl Grey, hoping to wake up a little bit more before their first period.

The first years would have their first lecture of Latin, the new teacher had arrived just some days ago but the older princes had already told them how strict and scary Mr Ecclestone was.

When the bell rang Lando dragged himself up, cleaned his tray and left the cafeteria. His plan was to arrive first in the classroom to catch some more minutes of sleep. Sadly his plan was stopped right at the door where his cousin Lewis intercepted him.

"Hey Lando, where's George?" The British royal had a deep frown on his face, not looking very happy.

"He should be here anytime soon, probably bringing away his food tray." The young Brit answered and yawned.

"My, you're having some pretty big eye bags. Do you sleep enough?"

"Mh-mh, everything's fine, don't worry." He shortly explained as George joined them.

"Hi Lewis, what's the matter?" George looked confused at his cousin who normally only talked to them when absolutely necessary.

Lewis worried expression changed back to a deep frown. "I've got a letter from my mom, actually the new Latin teacher is not as clean as he seems."

"What?" Came the reply in unison.

"I don't have any more information but stay away from him as long as our security staff is working on it. After all, it could be really serious."

"Are you sure that Aunt Carmen isn't overreacting?" George didn't look very convinced and even Lando had a hard time believing Lewis vague explanation.

"I don't think so. He has some contacts to organisations that have caused trouble in the past for our family. It isn't completely unlikely that he plans something."

Not wanting to drag this conversation on longer than necessary Lando started to nod. "Okay, we'll be careful."

"Good." The worried frown hadn't entirely disappeared when Lewis walked away but at least he seemed a little bit more relaxed now that his cousins knew about Mr Ecclestone.


Mr Ecclestone himself hadn't bothered with being nice from the first second both brothers entered the room. He just glared at them and shoved a seating plan into their faces. Lando was actually happy to sit next to Alex, he was not only nice but also very clever and Lando knew he could profit from that.

His brother George ended at the wall, at the very far back and alone, not looking very pleased with the seating arrangements.

Lando turned back with a small sigh and arranged his books in front of him, not daring to talk to Alex since he could feel Mr Ecclestone's glare on him.

Minutes later when the bell finally signalled the start of the lesson, the old teacher shut the door and positioned himself in the front of the room. 

"My name is Mr Ecclestone, I'm your new Latin teacher but I believe you know that already. I'm a person who believes in discipline and that is why every undone homework will be punished with detention and extra work, so will be being late to my lesson, talking during my lesson and cheating during tests. Any questions?" An uncomfortable silence followed, the princes looking uneasy at each other.

Ecclestone rolled his eyes. "You are here to be taught knowledge not to have an easy life! Now open your textbooks on page 3, we will start with the five grammatical cases that exist in the Latin language and then move on to conjugation and declension."


Lando felt dead when Mr Ecclestone had finally ended his lesson. Being quiet for 90 minutes was hard but the whole new stuff to learn made his head hurt even worse.

"God I never want to have Latin again in my life," Alex whined next to him. "My head explodes any minute."

"Let's grab some drinks before we go to the next period. We have a fifteen-minute break." George suggested, having appeared beside his brother.

"What do you think of him?" Alex asked as the three made their way to the cafeteria to fetch some water.

Lando pulled a face. "He's the worst teacher I've ever had. Acting like he's someone better just because he knows Latin." 

Alex nodded. "I felt so uncomfortable the whole time. I mean no talking? Is he serious?" 

"It's really hard to stay quiet and focused for 90 minutes straight." George sighed but send Alex still a small smile, making the other blush.

Lando wasn't stupid, he knew that both of them were crushing on each other. Alex had told him when they had played with Pimplebottom last week. His brother asked him if he knew what Alex relationship status was three days ago. Lando counted one and one together and now he was here, between two shy boys who just smiled and blushed at each other. It made his headache even worse, to be honest.

George then finally grabbed some water bottles for them as soon as they arrived, he and Alex drinking immediately half of the bottle. Lando stilled for a second when the cap his bottle opened to easy.

"Something wrong Lando?" Alex asked, eyeing the youngest who still seemed to hesitate.

"No, no." He quietly answered. Maybe someone had opened it and then saw it was the wrong water? The frown on his face didn't disappear but he still took some sips.

"Let's go back, shall we? Otherwise, Mrs Williams will give us a long lecture about why being on time is the most important thing for a prince." Lando broke the comfortable silence between them.

Alex nodded. "Sure. Last time Nyck got a lecture I thought she would never stop."


It was late afternoon when Lando's last lesson for the day, politics, ended. He was quite thankful after he had begun suffering from his terrible headache around lunchtime again, drinking water had helped for some hours. He now looked forward to some painkillers and maybe a little power nap in the library, making it look like he had fallen asleep over his homework.

As he entered the huge library he could see that it was mostly empty, only a few second and third graders lurking around.

The young Brit spotted Carlos and Stoffel, both focused on the heavy books in front of them.

"Hey. Can I sit down here?" Lando did not really wait for an answer and slumped into the free seat at the table, putting his own books down. His headache only seemed to increase and there were suddenly dark spots appearing in front of his eyes.

"Sure just make yourself comfortable." Mocked the Belgian prince but Carlos stayed silent, eyeing Lando with worry.

"You okay? You look really pale..."

"I'm fine, just missing some sleep and maybe food." Lando avoided eye contact, not wanting to explain how the thought about food alone was enough to make his stomach churn. What was wrong with him today? Was he getting sick?

"Ah yes, the first year is stressful. I forgot that already." Stoffel continued, this time no mockery in his voice. "You need some help?"

"I doubt you have the time to help me with my engineering homework, you two have probably enough on your own." Lando felt a new wave of nausea hit him, combined with an even stronger pain in his forehead.

"Well, I doubt that." Stoffel smiled. "You seem to forget that we both share overprotective brothers who would do anything for us. Even giving us their old homework and here's another important thing to know - Binotto is the laziest teacher ever, he gives every year the same homework and tests. With good connections, you pass the three years with him while getting straight A's only."

"That sounds-" Lando couldn't finish his sentence as the black spots in his vision grew and he had to grip the table to stabilise himself.

"Lando? Shit, you're burning!" Carlos had reached out to him to grab his arm. The Brit started to feel cold sweat forming on his forehead.

Carlos and Stoffel just glanced shortly at each other, nodded and positioned themselves on Lando's sides. They carefully lifted him and slowly made their way out of the library. 

"Hey, hey Lando! Stay focused okay? Just keep your eyes open a little longer, we'll be at the infirmary soon." The Spanish prince checked on his pulse. "Shit, this is way to fast for just some missed sleep. Do you think it's serious?"

"We shouldn't jump to conclusions, Carlos." Stoffel tried to calm him. "Maybe he's lacking some proper nutrition, he will be fine, okay?"

Lando saw the world spinning before his half-closed eyes, a new of nausea rushing through him as he collapsed between Stoffels and Carlos arms. 


When Lando opened his eyes again he was met with three worried faces. Lewis, George and Alex were standing around his bed, as the Brit now realised that he was at the schools' infirmary. 

His headache was still there but only a dull throbbing. Thankfully there wasn't much light, probably due to the fact that it was long after midnight as Lando could make out from the open window at the other side of the room. He also felt an IV connected to his hand.

"What happened?" He croaked out, wincing at the pain in his throat. 

George handed him a small cup of water before starting to explain. "You fainted while Carlos and Stoffel brought you here. The doctor isn't exactly sure why but they are still running some blood tests."

Lando frowned. "But it was just a headache nothing serious. Maybe I just overworked myself and didn't sleep enough?" 

Lewis let out a scoff. "You're not reacting that bad to a headache and some missed sleep. You fainted, had a slight fever and you nearly vomited. Unless you have a serious migraine you do not respond like that."

"Lewis is right Lando. We should wait until we have the results. You should catch some more sleep, you look like a zombie." Alex said, worry written all over his face.

Lando rolled his eyes and wanted to argue again when Doctor Brown entered the room.

"Boys it's late already and you have school tomorrow. Get some rest." He sighed and walked over. "Lando needs to stay for the night and maybe another day until his blood test results are here."

Lando immediately opened his mouth to protest but one stern look from Lewis was enough to shut him.

"I'm pretty sure he caught a virus, nothing that can't be healed quickly." The doctor assured them before guiding the three to the door. "But he definitely needs to rest now."

They quickly said goodbye and soon Lando was left alone in the dark infirmary but with a promise, they would check on him before breakfast. 


The next morning Lando felt slightly better, his headache completely gone and nausea had also disappeared. Only Lewis had kept his promise and came, George and Alex had both overslept and nearly missed their first period.

"How are you feeling?"

"Better," Lando answered honestly as his cousin helped him to sit up. At that moment Doctor Brown entered, a serious expression on his face.

"Is something wrong? I can leave today right?" Lando quickly asked, having a bad feeling.

"Well yes, you can leave. But it's not that simple." The doctor scratched his forehead and the two Brits exchanged uneasy glances. "The tests proved that Lando doesn't have an infection but there have been hints of poison in his blood."

"What? How?" Lewis put an arm protectively around him.

"We don't know. He could have absorbed it over food or water. But thankfully it was only a little dose, otherwise..." Doctor Brown didn't finish the sentence but it was clear what he wanted to say.

"And now?" Lando carefully asked, slightly shocked about what he has been told.

"We gave him an antidote already but Maurizio instructed to send you home for a week to recover properly and then return with the others after the autumn break. He will investigate the whole staff to find out who was the one that poisoned you."

Lewis let out a long breath. "Okay, thank you. Come, Lando, I'll help you pack." Lando just numbly nodded and let himself be pulled on his feet by Lewis and the doctor.

"His plane will arrive around lunchtime, make sure he's ready then. Your parents have been informed, so there should be a doctor who will take care of you during the flight. Make sure to stay hydrated and for the next days you should stay on a light diet, your body needs all the energy to recover fast. I am convinced that this way there should be no implications." The doctor continued and gently guided them to the door, Lewis steadying him.

Both of them made it slowly through the long halls, pausing sometimes for Lando to catch his breath. Walking was exhausting and he was still wobbly on his legs.

Halfway they met Carlos, the Spaniard looking relieved and afraid at the same time. "Lando! Are you feeling better?"

"Sorry, he still needs to recover properly and catch a plane, if you would excuse us now?" Lewis didn't bother to give Carlos more answers but only continued to move Lando to his room.

"Plane?" Carlos stayed behind, dumbfounded by Lewis unfriendly behaviour. 

"I'll explain it later!" Lando half shouted over his shoulder, while Lewis got a "Don't be so rude, he's my friend."

"Sorry. I'm just really worried about you." Lewis sighed and for the first time, Lando could see dark rings under Lewis' eyes. So that was why his cousin was so stressed out, he had barely slept himself.

"Lewis, the things you said about Mr Ecclestone yesterday... do you think he...?" Lando carefully asked while Lewis opened the door to Lando's dorm.

"I honestly don't know. But if it's true, George and I are probably in danger too. We just shouldn't jump to conclusions yet." Lewis tried to calm down Lando when he saw the panicked look in his eyes.

"Can you keep an eye on George? Please?"

"Of course." Lewis carefully sat down Lando on his bed. "Rest some more, I'll pack your stuff okay?"

"Thanks, you're the best cousin," Lando mumbled, eyes already closing.


Hours later, two guards carefully moved a still sleeping Lando to the plane, not noticing the pair of eyes that followed them from the dark shadows.

Chapter Text

"Nico! Nico, please wait a minute!" Lewis wheezed out while trying to catch the blonde Prince who simply sped up when he heard the other approaching. 

"Nico please!" Lewis breathed out, this time a bit more successful, the German turned around and looked angry at him.

"What do you want Lewis? If you want to tell me again that I'm stupid and incompetent just go, no need to hesitate!" 

"Nico please stop this is stupid..." Lewis sighed.

"Stupid? Lewis, you embarrassed me in front of the whole year 3 and my teacher! And if you came to apologize you're three weeks too late! Do you want to know how others have treated me since that?!" 

"No, I... Listen, Nico, I'm really sorry okay? I was just annoyed and-"

"Pretty stupid princess, brainless princess, want some more? I'm fucking done with you!" This time Nico did not immediately turn around. He stared at Lewis who still hadn't dared to move a single inch, hurt clear in his eyes, mixed with tears.

"Nico you need to believe me okay! I never wanted to hurt you! And it was never my intention to give others a chance to bully you! Please, I'm sorry!" Lewis pleaded, slowly reaching for Nico's hand.

The German pulled away. "Doesn't matter. It's too late now."

The Brit stepped forward again but Nico let out an angry hiss. "Stay away Lewis. Leave me the fuck alone." And with that he walked off, leaving a pale Lewis behind in the school's garden. 


 "I fucked up." 

"Language. And we now that already." Sebastian was deeply focused on a book in front of him, glasses nearly sliding down from his nose.

"Seb really, I came for a piece of advice, not a lecture." Lewis tried to keep his voice down but it was hard, the German still not bothering to look up.

"Well it's your lucky day, you get both. Just as Nico."

"Nico talked to you?! About us?" Lewis stared dumbfounded at the Sebastian who finally raised his head.

"Yes. Obviously, we are related."

"Since when?"

"The 17th century you fool. Nearly all German royals are related to each other due to the wedding policy history of our families."

Lewis' mouth fell open for a second before he quickly closed it. "Right. It's the same in England too."

"It's everywhere the same." Sebastian rolled his eyes. "Anyways. Nico might seem angry but he's mostly hurt. He likes you but since your comment, he's been a lot more insecure, something you normally don't experience often with him." Sebastian finally closed the book in front of him and looked directly into Lewis' eyes.

"Apologising isn't going to be enough, isn't it?" 

Sebastian sighed and shook his head. "Be honest with him. If you have the same feelings for Nico, just tell him."

"He won't listen to me!" The Brit raised his voice a bit more and instantly earned angry glances from other people in the library.

"Sshh, you will get us kicked out! Besides it wasn't me who ruined everything, come up with a plan yourself if my ideas aren't good enough for you!"

"No no no! That's not what I meant." Lewis sighed. "Sorry, I'm just stressed out since Lando-"

"It's okay Lewis we all can understand that. But you fucked up things with Nico when your cousin was still okay. Bring Nico some flowers, prepare a speech and maybe take him on a date." Sebastian said and grabbed his book and notes. "That's all I can do for you."


"What the fuck it's two in the morning, Lewis, what are you doing here?"

George looked confused at his cousin who looked back at him equally confused. Lewis' school uniform was covered with chocolate sprinkles and the expression on his face told George that he didn't expect the younger to find him in the kitchen in the middle of the night.

"I could ask you the same question George, you should be in bed."

"Says the one who is in the kitchen and experiments with chocolate." George dryly remarked and stepped closer to glance at Lewis poor attempt to make chocolate candies. "Do you want to kill Nico?"

"No! Wait what? How do you-"

"Know that it's for Nico? Simple the whole school knows about your fights and that you want to make it up to him. That you will kill him? Lewis, he's highly allergic to nuts and especially you should know that!" George looked at him exasperated and fetched one of the finished candies. "See? Nuts!"

Lewis sighed and threw the small candies in the trash bin. "I'm stupid. Nico will never forgive me. And now I nearly kill him!" Blinking away the tears in his eyes, Lewis walked out of the kitchen, leaving a puzzled George behind.

"Lewis! Hey, it's not too late I can help you!" But his cousin had already disappeared, the tiredness finally kicking in.

George sighed and put the small candy in his mouth. It tasted surprisingly good, minus the fact that it would have killed the German prince. And suddenly an idea popped up in George's head, including a certain Thai and how they could save Lewis' and Nico's relationship.


The next morning Nico was woken rudely by Fernando who was rapidly shaking his shoulder.

"There are some first years who want to see you." He grumbled before walking back to his own room. "And tell them if they ever knock on our door again at such time, I'll slap them!"

Nico sat up, rubbed the sleep out of his eyes and looked at the clock. 5:35 am.

Confused he slowly stood up and made his way to the door, wondering why some first years wanted to speak him at such an ungodly hour. He wasn't tutoring any of them which made him frown even more.

But Nico's confusion quickly disappeared when he recognized Lewis cousin and his friend.

"If Lewis sends you-"

"Don't worry we came on our own." Alex quickly interrupted him and held a small packet and some flowers in front of his nose. "Because if not the flowers he picked for you would all be shrivelled and the candies melt. He stayed up all night and fell asleep before he could make it here." 

Before Nico could react both items were in his own hands and George and Alex on their way back to their own dorms. A little flustered he looked down at the bouquet, it was a little bit messy, some flowers were squished but the blue forget-me-not looked beautiful. Nico was pretty sure that Lewis had gotten them from the schools garden and risked the gardeners' wrath for stealing them. The candies were packed in a self-made, blue coloured box and were filled with his favourite apricot jam and tasted delicious.

It took Nico some minutes to realize he was still standing in the hallway, blushing like some idiot while chewing on some chocolate. He quickly got inside and closed the door, looking down at the presents he got from Lewis. Yes, he had been incredibly angry and hurt but seeing all the love Lewis had put inside those gifts made his heart flutter. Maybe he should finally forgive him.


"Wake up! Move your lazy ass, you still have a relationship to save!" 

Lewis, too, was rudely awakened, a cold wet cloth being slammed in his face by George. The two youngsters had not returned to their own room but sneaked into Lewis dorm to fulfil their plan.

"What the fuck? George? Alex? Let me sleep." 

"No you need to get up, we need those eye bags to make our story more believable!"

"What the heck are you talking about?" Lewis finally sat up and yawned, being completely tired out from his three-hour sleep.

"We saved your chocolate candies, got some flowers and gave them Nico!" George smiled proudly.

"You did what?!" Lewis' brain needed some seconds to fully process what was going on. "But they were filled with nuts!"

"Nope we made new ones with jam, Alex knew a good receipt." George quickly explained when he saw the horror spreading on Lewis' face.

"We told him you fell asleep and we delivered them to him before everything would be ruined. He looked confused but he blushed." Alex finally finished their explanation.

The older Brit needed again some time to process everything. "He wasn't mad?"

"No." They answered in unison. 

"So I just need to apologize and hopefully everything is fine again?"


"Then let's do it!"

"Ah ah ah, you have time until breakfast, don't rush things now and ruin them again!"

Lewis pouted but gave in, the two-year ones having a good point.


"Uh hey, Nico can I talk to you for a moment?" 

Lewis' heart pounded like mad in his chest when he caught Nico at the right moment in the hallway.

"Sure." Nico tried to look unaffected but his ears and cheeks were coloured in a light red tone. 

Lewis let out a long breath and started calmly the apology he had practised for an hour in front of his mirror. "I wanted to apologize to you again, originally with some flowers and candies but yeah, they were faster than me." 

Nico chuckled lightly and Lewis suddenly felt a bit easier.

"Even if I wanted to focus on the lesson I shouldn't lash out on you like that. Me being stressed about the responsibility I have to take is not your fault and I shouldn't have called you names. And if you're one thing when you are pretty intelligent and definitely not a blonde stupid object. I'm really sorry about being an ass and I hope you can forgive me."

Nico had listened carefully. "It's not only your fault. I shouldn't have annoyed you like that and I was reacting overly dramatic. I hope you can forgive me too." 

A wide smile spread on Lewis' lips as Nico shyly looked to the ground. "And thank you for the candies and flowers but I don't think I deserve them after behaving like a brat."

"Please keep them, you deserve them," Lewis said. "And I forgive you."

"Thank you." Nico breathed out and moved a little closer until their bodies touched. There was a short moment of hesitation before Lewis finally closed the gap between their lips.

The kiss was rather short, both of them shyly pulling away and blushing heavily.

"Would you like to visit me over the autumn break? I want to introduce you to my family." Lewis carefully asked, not wanting to overwhelm Nico suddenly.

"I'd love to but you have to visit me too then." A smirk appeared on the blonde's face before he pulled Lewis in a kiss again.

This time it lasted longer and when the two pulled away again, Nico's lips were slightly swollen.

"But you're not staying up all night again just to make me some candies. You look awful."

"Thanks, I love you too." Lewis dryly remarked, suddenly realizing what he just said.

The German prince's cheeks were heavily red now. "You really...?"

"Yes, I love you, Nico. But I'm a huge idiot for not telling you sooner." Lewis whispered and closed the gap between there lips again, arms embraced around Nico's torso.

Chapter Text

Lewis and Nico hold their hands together as they walked forward to the cafeteria for breakfast. Halfway they were stopped by Sebastian.

"So you've finally made up huh?"

"Yeah, thanks for your help," Lewis answered.

"No big thing but now you two should go to the great hall. Mr Arrivabene has called for an important meeting and we only have five minutes left."

"Why?" Nico asked confused. "Normally there is no assembly before the autumn break."

"I guess it has something to do with Lando," Sebastian explained to Nico who seemed to have missed the drama of the last days. "How is he doing Lewis?"

"Haven't heard anything about him yet but George said he's doing fine."

Sebastian nodded and walked towards the great hall, the two lovebirds following him close. They quickly found some seats in the back. The whole staff already there, Mr Arrivabene in front of the small stage.

"Everyone please calm down!" He shouted loudly and the students started to quiet, here and there a last hushed whisper. 

"We have some important things to announce. Due to recent events that happened the school will be closed down over the autumn break."

Surprised and excited shouts erupted from the young princes. Normally all of them would have stayed during the two weeks, the Christmas holidays were normally used for family visits.

"Two students have been attacked and their health is at risk. To prevent further damage to any student we rather sent you home and use the time to find the gap in our security system. All of your parents have been informed." 

The excited shouts had now immediately died down and everyone looked confused. There were shocked gasps and the word attack could be heard sometimes.

Lewis frowned. "Two students? Who else beside Lando has been attacked?"

Esteban and Fernando, who sat in front of them, turned around. "Sergio had suffered from breathing problems tonight. Daniel brought him to the infirmary and the doctor said he's been poisoned."

"Oh God is he okay now?" Nico gasped out.

"We don't know. They didn't have the right equipment here to make him breathe properly and flew him out to the nearest hospital." Fernando whispered.

Mr Arrivabene was clearing his throat loudly and the four quickly turned their attention back to their teacher.

"Since it's already Thursday and your holidays start on Saturday we decided to stop the lessons from today on. Use the time to pack your belongings and call your parents to tell them that you're okay. That's it, enjoy your free weeks."

Mr Arrivabene stepped away from the students. Despite the good news nobody cheered or seemed happy, most of them deeply worried about themselves or their friends. The teachers used the quietness of their students to hand out homework sheets and extra tasks.


"Has anyone seen Max?" Stoffel asked and put down his tray on the table.

"Nope, not after the assembly ended," Pierre answered, not bothering to look up from his phone.

"Isn't that weird? Last year we had a power failure and not a single security system worked but they continued the classes but now they cancel everything?" Stoffel continued while spreading some jam on his waffles.

Carlos next to him sighed and rubbed his eyes. "Because last year they knew that we would still be safe. They could trust the personnel, this time..."

"Two students attacked..." The Belgian prince sighed. "Have you heard anything about Lando, Carlos? Is he feeling better now?" 

Carlos looked uneasy around the cafeteria before leaning in. "When we brought him to the infirmary two days ago, he wasn't sick but poisoned." He whispered, mostly to Pierre who had missed the drama of the last days. "He was sent back to recover. He's doing a little better already but needs bed rest for the next two weeks."

"And the second one?" Pierre asked curiously. "I mean if Lando's attack was already some days ago why did they take action just now?"

"Checo has been flown out to a hospital because he had strong breathing problems and they couldn't help him here."

Pierre and Stoffel gasped. "But how?" Stoffel asked, his face pale.

"They don't know. Maurizio suspects that someone from the staff might poison single food or water portions." 

All three looked in unison at their own plates. With a deep sigh, Stoffel pushed his waffles away. "Where do you know that from? I hardly believe that a teacher told you."

"Fernando told me this morning. And he got it from Sebastian who had to attend the teachers meeting." Carlos explained. "Nando is now even worse than before, he doesn't even want to let me sleep in my room alone..."

"Based on the fact that Jenson isn't here I assume Nando hasn't told him yet," Stoffel said with a shrug, his own older brother nowhere to be found.

"Has anyone seen Charles?" Pierre suddenly asked, realizing that someone else was also missing from their table. "Or Valtteri?"

"Valtteri went to see Kimi. They probably want to call their parents. But I don't have a single clue where our Monegasque is." Carlos answered and grabbed some of Stoffels abandoned waffles.


"Max? Are you in here?" Charles stood in front of a huge old wardrobe in one of the empty classrooms. He had seen how Max had left the great hall after their morning assembly and a weird feeling in his stomach had told him to follow the Dutch prince.

"Go away!" Came the dulled reply.

"No, I'm not. Is it because if your father?" Charles did not even think about letting Max alone now. 

Silence. Charles sighed. "Max please."

Still silence.

"I'm not going away until you come out of the closet. Just for you to know."

Again silence.

"Charles you know that I'm gay."

For a short moment, the brown-haired didn't know what to answer until he heard some giggles coming out of the said closet.

"Max! You!" Max was laughing a little bit louder now and Charles was secretly relieved that the Dutch seemed to feel better for now.

"Okay okay. I'm not going away until you are better and told me why you are hiding." Charles felt weird for talking to a wardrobe and he secretly prayed that nobody would come into the room.

A soft sigh could be heard until Max answered. "My father doesn't want me home over the breaks. After what happened during the summer break he and the rest of my family are deeply ashamed of me. That's what he told me."

"So you have nobody where you could spend the two weeks?"

"Yeah. That's it."

"And your mom? Your parents don't live together."

"Is not allowed to contact me in any way. Another rule from my father."

"And if you spent your break with me and Seb? Or ask Carlos? He's your best friend." Charles suggested.

There was a short moment of silence again until suddenly one of the closet doors slowly opened. Max's head peaked out and Charles could spot immediately some tears in his eyes.

"You think that could work?" Max's voice was shaky, supporting Charles suspicion that he had been crying.

"I'm going to ask my family first but I highly doubt that they are against a friend staying over." Charles smiled softly at his Dutch friend. 

Finally, Max climbed completely out of the closet and smiled back at the Monegasque. "Thank you." Charles did not hesitate to pull him into a tight hug.

"Please don't forget that we will always be there for you. No matter how fucked up your life is, we will help you, okay?"


"Has she called you already?" Kimi asked, not bothering to look up from the statistics he was analyzing. 

"Of course." Valtteri let out a short chuckle and sat down next to his older brother. "I bet as soon as they were messaged about us going home she struggled about who to call first."

"Easy. You first because you're the youngest." A cold breeze went through the soft blonde hair of the Finnish princes. As always Kimi had chosen one of the benches in the schoolyard, hidden from curious eyes.

"You really think so? I thought you first because you're the heir." Valtteri answered, shivering as another cold wind went under his thin jacket of the school uniform.

Kimi shrugged wordlessly and handed the younger Finn his own, much thicker jacket as if he had sensed his brother was freezing.

"Thanks." Valtteri accepted it quickly and pulled it over his shoulders.

"Now get inside, will you? Otherwise, mother will blame me for you catching a cold."

A soft smile spread on Kimi lips as his younger brother promptly sped off, waving shortly in his direction. As soon as Valtteri was out of sight Kimi closed his own books and got up. After all, he also had some bags to pack.


"What are you reading?"

Lance looked up from his book and saw Esteban standing in his doorway.

"Hi, Este!" A wide grin spread on his face. "Just some lecture for Literature, nothing special."

"You have two weeks off, why doing it now?" Esteban stepped into the room and let himself fall on the bed next to the Canadian.

"My dad's new girlfriend wants to travel through Southeast Asia and I have to come with them. To spend some more family time and all that stuff."

"And no time for homework, eh?"

Lance let out a snort. "I wish. She doesn't like me for some reason, probably because I could be her boyfriend too! I mean she's like 25?" 

Esteban nearly choked. "25?!"

"Yep. It was also her idea to send me to the school the furthest away from my dad."

"Well, our school isn't that bad."

"No, this school was my dad's idea, he just wants the best for me. His girlfriend wanted to put me into a private school somewhere in Japan or South Korea."

"Oh." Esteban raided his eyebrows in surprise. "So rich kids are suffering as much as royal kids do?"

"Absolutely." Lance let out a short laugh. "What are you doing over the break?" 

"There are no meetings for me, my mom was nice enough to exclude me from them. So I guess doing my homework, some reading, I don't really know." Esteban tried to keep a neutral face while lying to Lance. He had to spend the whole holidays with Pierre, a wish from his mother to get to know his future husband better. The worst thing was that Pierre didn't seem to be informed yet.

"That" Lance tried and Esteban couldn't help but chuckle. "Have you packed yet?"

"No, but my room looks like a mess already and I only tried to find my bags."

"Nah, come on, I'll help you." Lance offered with a warm smile and Esteban simply couldn't bring himself to say no.

"Thanks, you're the best roommate ever."

"Don't worry I know."


 "You're not coming to Germany with us?!" Charles looked exasperated at his older brother who looked away with a red face.

"Listen, Charles, it's just the first week I'm staying with Kimi. I'll come back from Finland for the second and then we can prepare our school stuff together." He tried to explain to his younger adopted brother but Charles didn't look happy. "I thought Max is staying with you for a week too, you don't even have to worry about being alone."

"Yeah but it's not the same without you!" Charles protested and pouted.

"Aw Charles, just a week, remember that." Sebastian hugged Charles tightly, his younger brother resisting some seconds before giving in.

"You're right Sebby, it's just a week. But we're still going to visit the Zoo, you promised me!" 

"As soon as I'm back we're going!" Sebastian said and let go of Charles. "But I still need to pack, help me a little."

Next, to Sebastian's room, Daniil sat on his own bed and stared sadly at his packed luggage. He seemed like one of only a few people that did not look forward to going back home. 


"Are you feeling better now Daniel?" Fernando asked worried and pushed another bowl with soup in front of the pale looking Aussie.

"Thanks mate but I don't feel like eating more." He sent an apologetic smile in the direction of the Spaniard and pushed the steaming bowl away. "It's just... Why Checo? He never hurt a fly, he doesn't deserve this!" 

It was only a weak attempt of a protest but all of the others at the table kept quiet. Jenson squeezed Daniels hand slightly while Esteban slowly ate his own soup.

"We don't know. Nobody actually does." Fernando eventually said.

"Fuck. I've never been this scared in my life before... When he suddenly started to choke..."

"Dan it's okay. You don't need to talk about it if you're not feeling ready yet." Jenson slowly patted his back and let out a long sigh. "Checo has been admitted to a hospital, he is in good hands now." 

Daniel slowly nodded.

"There is nothing at the moment we can do for Checo. You found him at the right moment and saved his life. You're the last one to blame in this situation." Mark chipped in, sensing the other Princes discomfort. 

"You're right. Maybe I should go a little bit easier on myself." Daniel cracked out a small smile. "Thank you."


At the same time, a dark shadow crept into the old winter garden at the abandoned part of the school, pulling out a phone.

"Everything goes according to our plan. The princes will be sent home."

"Very well. This will give us some more time to prepare for phase two."

"I hope phase two will go better than the poison. Both princes were saved right on time."

"Don't worry." The voice from the phone said. "Phase two won't fail."