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Sun Shy

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How had he let this happen?
He should have known better than this
Usually, he was so careful with all defences intact but he had let his guard slip.
Bakugou sighed audibly and brought his attention back to the two villains in front of him, scowling.

45 minutes ago.

Today was Friday. He had just gotten home from work and was preparing for a relaxing night at home alone in his room, away from all the noise and chatter when two of the most vicious creatures burst into his room, screaming.
“Kacchan!”, Deku yelled and waltzed into Bakugou’s room his face beaming, followed by Uraraka.
“FUCKING KNOCK BEFORE YOU RUN INTO SOMEONE’S ROOM ASSHOLE”, he interrupted before the green haired boy could say anything else.
“Uh, oh, sorry Kacchan”
“Oh calm down, he knocked, you just didn’t hear”, Uraraka interjected easily and pulled the headphones out of Bakugou’s ears.
His scowl deepened: “What do you two want?”
With this, Deku perked up: “Right! Some friends of ours are throwing a party tonight, you should come with-”
“Pass”, he interrupted. No way in hell was he getting out of the house again today and a party sounded like too much noise and way too many people.
“It is not really a party”, Uraraka chimed in, “more like a… small relaxed get together”
“I already said no”
“Come on Kacchan it will be fun, and this is our second semester at uni and you still haven’t made any friends besides Uraraka and me”
“That’s just because all the people are idiots, you idiots”, he moved over to his bed, plopped down with his back against the wall and started playing with his phone. This conversation was getting boring.
“Uh, fine”, Uraraka sighed and folded her arms, turning towards Bakugou, “I was hoping you’d listen to reason but I guess you’re a hopeless case”
“Correct, now leave”
“I mean”, she continues, ignoring him, “There is going to be free food and drinks, but if you’re not interested”, she trailed off, having set a trap she knew the blond couldn’t resist.
“Why didn’t you fucking lead with that?”, free food in exchange for having to ignore a bunch of people for the evening. It could work, and he could leave early.
“So you’re coming!?”, Deku was almost jumping with joy, where did that guy get all of this energy from.
“I just fucking said that, didn’t I!”
“You won’t regret it Kacchan!!!”

He regretted it.

They had just arrived in the building complex where the not-party was going to take place and while walking up the stairs, Bakugou could already hear people talking and music playing in the background.
This was going to be a noisy evening. He took a deep breath to steady himself, tension creeping up his back and shoulders.
Deku rang the doorbell to the apartment, bouncing up and down on the spot.
Seconds later the door swung wide open, letting the noise from the party drift into the hallway.
In the doorway stood a short girl with a head of short messy bubblegum pink hair which was pointing in all directions. She had light brown skin and was dressed in high waisted jean shorts, a yellow crop top and a multicolour pastel 90s windbreaker paired with mismatched purple and turquoise socks.
If he had been closer to her or paid any attention at all to her person he would’ve also noticed the neon pink eyeliner and sparkly rose-pink blush the girl was wearing.
“MINA!”; Deku and Uraraka exclaimed, the latter throwing her arms up in her genuine enthusiasm
“URARAKA! MIDORIYA”, Mina replied with just the same amount of enthusiasm and went to give the two a hug.
“Mina!”, Deku gestured towards him, “this is our flatmate, Bakugou”
Bakugou extended his hand, not keen on being hugged by a stranger.
The girl laughed and shook his hand: “Wow I have heard so much about you! I’m super happy you’re here! Come in, come in you guys!”
She’s heard about him? Fuck, what had Deku told people about him?
Bakugou closed the door behind him, took off his shoes and groaned inwardly when he noticed the many pairs of shoes which were strewn about around the entrance.

“Everyone is already here, so you guys are the last ones”, the pink girl went on, “UUh, take off your shoes here, everyone is in the living room” she gestured towards an open door on the left, we have food and drinks in the kitchen”
“Oh, Mina, we brought some snacks and some wine for everyone”, Uraraka chirped, to which Midoriya added: “It is strawberry wine! It is super sweet and really nice, Ochako also got some frozen strawberries we can put inside!”
Mina turned to Uraraka, eyes sparkling, planting one of her hands on the brown haired girl, her face serious: “This might be because I am a little tipsy but I think I just fell in love with you my friend”
“Wait, what, wah-”, Uraraka sputtered, putting her hands up in defence, obviously confused.
Bakugou laughed quietly - which, in his case was more of a smirk, paired with a huffed exhale.
At that moment, a guy leaned into the hallway from the living room and half shouted, half, laughed: “Mina, you have to stop confusing the monogamous people! We talked about this!”
Mina burst into giggles and took her hand off of Uraraka’s shoulder, who visibly relaxed, although a blush was showing on her cheeks.
“Hey, Kaminari!”, Deku smiled at the guy who was now joining them in the corridor. The guy was about Bakugou’s height, with yellow blond hair which had a black streak on the right side. He was wearing skin tight grey jeans and a - in Bakugou’s opinion - ridiculous looking yellow Pikachu hoodie.

They were lead into the main room of the apartment. On the left side was the living room area with two couches on and around which several people were lounging, a coffee table, and two shelves full of random looking things.
On the right side of the room was a small kitchen area which was currently unoccupied by people.
With him and his two friends, Bakugou counted a total of eleven people and the not very big room felt crowded.
“My friends!”, Kaminari exclaimed, addressing the people near the couches and gaining everyone’s attention, “I bring to you: more people!”
His announcement was followed by a cheer from Mina and maybe two or three other people.
“Everyone! These are Midoriya, Uraraka and Bakugou!”, he pointed at them - Uraraka and Deku waving at the other people, “Midoriya, Bakugou, Uraraka; this is everyone!” he made a sweeping gesture encompassing the rest of the room, “Let’s get you some drinks”, he added in their direction, walking towards the kitchen counter.

The kitchen counter was filled with numerous bottles, glasses as well as bowls with dips, bread, crisps and pizza.
“I think everything here is vegan by the way”, the blonde gestured in the general direction of the counter, “and there’s more food on the coffee table, I think Momo brought a bunch of fancy shit”
I know where I’ll be all night. Bakugou thought to himself and took a seat on one of the stools by the counter, eyeing the food - he hadn’t had any dinner yet and it was past 8 pm; he was starving.

“Hey Kacchan, do you want some strawberry wine too?”, Deku asked, thanking Kaminari who handed him three glasses.
“Not if I have a choice”, he scowled, “No idea how you can drink that stuff”
“Rude”, Uraraka slapped Bakugou on the arm without any actual force. She sat down on the stool next to him and grabbed the bag of frozen strawberries to prep drinks.
“I’ll take some”, Mina said, leaning over the kitchen counter on her elbows in Uraraka’s direction, “extra strawberries and extra wine please!”
Uraraka topped the frozen strawberries off with the rose coloured wine and handed the glasses over, making sure Mina’s contained extra of all two ingredients which just meant the glass was dangerously full.
“I’m gonna say hi to the others”, Deku proclaimed and walked off, glass in hand.
“Gotta say, I’m with Bakugou on this one”, Kaminari added after some contemplation, “Wine is not my thing, even if it has strawberries in it”, he shook his head and then turned towards Bakugou, “We got cold beers, gin and tonic with the cheapest gin we could find, and the fridge is also full with non-alcoholic stuff”
“Beer sounds good”, he said after swallowing his mouthful of pizza. It was decent, though it could use some spice
“Coming right up!”
“Denki, get me one as well man!”, came a voice from behind. When Bakugou glanced up he froze mid bite as his eyes fell on the person who had just spoken.

The guy had tan skin and bright red hair which he had tied up in a loose bun. He was wearing very heavily ripped jeans, an undone dark blue zipper hoodie with pushed up sleeves and a white t-shirt with a red supreme box logo on it, except that the white letter spelt the word “BOI”.
Fuck, he is cute. Shit.
He quickly looked away and was glad when Kaminari handed him his beer.
“Suuuure”, the other blond said and handed the newcomer a bottle.
“Thanks, bro”, the redhead accepted the beer, joined Kaminari and Mina behind the counter and then turned to Bakugou “We haven’t met yet, I’m Kirishima Eijirou!”
Bakugou lowered his beer bottle, “Bakugou Katsuki”
He met the smiling Kirishima’s eyes, which he noticed were a reddish brown and couldn’t help himself from returning the smile.
This is bad.

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“My friends!”, Kaminari’s voice was audible over the music and the attention of everyone in the room turned to the blonde, “I bring to you: more people!”

Kirishima threw a celebratory fist into the air and cheered along with Mina, Sero and Tetsu in greeting, as the four of them had done with their other guests when those had arrived earlier in the evening.

“Everyone! These are Midoriya, Uraraka and Bakugou! Midoriya, Bakugou, Uraraka, this is everyone!”, Kaminari continued.

Kirishima turned his head towards the newcomers. He’d met Uraraka who was currently waving at everyone before; through Jirou and Momo, who were currently sitting on the couch next to his, deep in conversation with Tokoyami.

The two guys were new to him.

Midoriya, the shorter one of the two had messy dark green hair. He was dressed in black shorts, bright red socks and a green t-shirt which had ‘t-shirt’ written on it.

Behind him stood a tall guy who did not look very happy to be where he was. He had messy blond hair and was wearing black trousers, a dark red t-shirt and a black bomber jacket.

Wow. He is…

“Wow Uraraka has some freaking hot friends”, Tetsu half whispered, leaning closer to Kirishima, eyes on the newcomers

“Hey, are you saying we’re not hot?”, Sero protested from his place on the floor where he was sitting cross-legged.

“What? No”, Tetsu looked confused, “I just mean, they’re, you know, new… and, like, you know… shiny?”

“So we’re not shiny enough for you?”, Sero grinned his wide lazy smile, “Want me to bring out the glitter?”

“Looks like you’ve dug yourself a hole my bro”, Kirishima laughed, “I’m gonna go say hi to our guests, good luck getting out of this one”, he got up and Sero immediately jumped up and replaced Kirishima’s spot on the couch next to Tetsu.


“Beer sounds good”, he heard Bakugou say after Kaminari offered him drinks.

Of course, he drinks beer. So manly. He rolled his eyes at himself.

“Coming right up!”

“Denki, get me one as well man!”, Kirishima chimed in. He’d finished his drink a while ago and another beer sounded good, although he wouldn’t say no to something sweeter instead. Maybe the next drink…

He thanked Kami and turned to Bakugou: “We haven’t met yet, I’m Kirishima Eijirou!”

“Bakugou Katsuki”

Katsuki, that’s a cool name. It suits him.

“Nice to meet you Bakugou! Welcome to the flat and to the party!”, he leaned on the counter, so he was able to see both Kiri and Bakugou. Next to them Mina and Uraraka were lost in their own conversation.

“Mh...This is your place?”, Bakugo asked.

Fuck his voice is so attractive. Smooth and deep. Rough but not unpleasantly so...

Focus damn it.

“Yeah! Mina, Kaminari, Sero and I live here”

“Speaking of which”, Kaminari said, his eyes fixed on Sero, his, as he had described it once ‘Kind of boyfriend? But also we’re polyam, it is all very nice and chill? Like, neither of us is dating anyone else at the moment, but even if, it wouldn’t be a problem. So I guess we’re boyfriends? ’,

“I think Sero is tormenting Tetsu… or he’s flirting… Either way, I’m feeling possessive and imma go and mark my territory, sooooo”, he made finger guns at them while starting to walk backwards, “I’m gonna pretend to be jealous over there, see ya”
Kirishima chuckled at his friend “Don’t be an asshole Denki”

Kaminari gasped in fake exasperation: “Never!”, then bounced away, practically throwing himself onto the couch, between Tetsu and Sero, draping himself over both of them.


Kiri brought his attention back to Bakugou and noticed he was watching him. He grinned to hide his blush: “Sorry about that, this flat is a bit of a mess”

Bakugou shrugged: “I’ve seen worse. They seem decent”

“They really are!”, Kirishima agreed enthusiastically, “I love having them around even if they can be a lot sometimes”

“How did you meet them?”

“I actually met Mina in a uni course in first semester. We got along super well and pretty much immediately decided to move in together. Mina knew Kami from high school aaaaand”, Kirishima paused,  trying to remember, “I think Kami found Sero through a facebook group?”

Bakugou nodded, then glanced around the room: “So… who’s everyone else? I… kind of just know the two I came with”

Did he look embarrassed just now? No a guy like him is way too cool to be nervous about stuff like that.

“Right! Soooo I think everyone here goes to UA university. Mmmmh… so before uni even started I met Jirou and Tokoyami”, he pointed at the two goth kids on the other side of the room. He’d met the two through Mina and her endless connections in the queer community. Both Jirou and Tokoyami were non-binary and the three of them could always rely on each other to listen to the newest dysphoria driven problems or frustrated rants during rough times.

“Momo over there is dating Jirou. And through Momo everyone met Uraraka aaaaaaand I have a bunch of classes with Tetsu, which is how I met him”

“That’s a lot of people”, Bakugou muttered.

“Oh there’s more”, Kirishima chuckled, “some just didn’t have time to come over today”


They went on talking for a while. Kirishima talking about everything from his friends to family things to uni-related stuff. Bakugou said little and instead stuck to mostly asking questions and listening.


“Hey Kacchan”, Midoriya, who appeared out of nowhere, squeezed himself in the space between Uraraka and Bakugou, holding something in his hand in Bakugou’s direction, “Momo brought these for everyone but it is way too spicy for me; do you want the rest of mine? It’s really good I think you’ll like it”, he held up a stick with grilled vegetables and soy meat on it.

The blonde scowled slightly but accepted the offered food, and took a bite.

“You know you can't handle spicy food Deku, why did you even try dummy?”

Kirishima couldn’t help but notice the nicknames the two used for each other, and how close they were currently standing; Midoriya half leaning on Bakugou.

Maybe they are boyfriends?

They aren’t straight, right? I was getting some queer vibes from both of them…

Does Mina even know straight people? She just finds the queers everywhere.

“It looked so good though! And I thought I’d gotten used to spicy food since you’re always cooking! Also, I knew you’d like it if I didn’t finish it” he smiled brightly.

Kirishima’s heart fell slightly. Cooking for each other, sharing food, cute nicknames: these two have to be a couple, right? Am I reading into this?

Maybe they’re non-monogamous? Shit, I can’t just assume that what if they aren’t... How does Kaminari do this?

Well, Bakugou was way out of his league anyway and looking at Midoriya he could definitely see what the blonde saw in him. Midoriya was cute and bubbly with a face full of freckles.

“You like it?”

The blonde shrugged, “I’ve had better”

Midoriya reached for Bakugou’s half empty beer and took a sip
“Deku you have your own drink, why the fuck do you have to drink mine?”

“Huuuuh? But I don’t want a whole beer, and I left my glass over there and my mouth is still burning from the spices”

“You don’t even like beer Deku!”

“But you do Kacchan!”

“That… what does that have to do with anything?”

Kirishima let out an involuntary laugh after seeing the exasperation on Bakugou’s face, which made Bakugou look back at him. Kirishima could feel heat rush into his cheeks. It should be illegal for someone to be this handsome. This is not ok.


“Kirishima, how’s uni going? Ready to get back into studying, all-nighters and caffeine overdoses?”, Uraraka asked from the side and Kirishima was snapped out of his thoughts, happy to be able to put his attention elsewhere.

“Ah, it is going alright. My courses actually won’t start for another two weeks so I was thinking about using the time to find some kind of part-time job”, he cringed inwardly and rubbed his neck absentmindedly, this was something he’s been putting off for way too long now.

Out of the corner of his eye, he noticed Mina walking off. She high fived Tetsu who passed her on the way, probably about to get himself another drink.

“Oooooh, good idea; what kind of job are you looking for?”, Uraraka asked.

“Anything really, as long as it is a bit flexible. Trans-friendly would be nice, but I guess you only find that out after working at a place for a while”

“True”, she agreed, “maybe Jirou has some ideas? They told me the radio station they work with is super friendly with everything. Maybe there’s something available for you”

“That’s a great idea Uraraka! Man, I can’t believe I didn’t think of that”, he smiled sheepishly.

To his surprise, it was Bakugou who spoke next: “I’m pretty sure the café where I work at has a job opening”

Kirishima beamed: “Seriously? You think they would take me?”

“You ever worked in gastro before?”

“No, but I’m a quick learner! And according to my flatmates I make great coffee”, he grimaced and after a second added, “Ok, so usually when they say that they’re either hungover or sleep deprived and also we only have instant coffee but… it’s a start right?”

The blonde let out a small laugh: “I have a shift on Sunday. I’ll talk to the owners until then. Give me your number and I’ll keep you updated on what he says”

“Awesome man! You’re an absolute lifesaver”, Kirishima reached for his phone, trying to hide his blush.

This insanely hot guy just asked me for my number.

Darn it, no! Focus Eijirou, he has a boyfriend!

...I think.

...A (maybe?) boyfriend who is right next to him.

This is just for the job, it is not like he’s flirting with you, calm down.

“Kacchan that’s so nice of you!”, Midoriya joined in on the praise.

“Yeah, Bakugo”, Uraraka agreed, though her tone had a slightly more teasing note to it, “That is really nice. You feeling ok buddy?”

If Kirishima hadn’t been busy trying not to blush any further while fumbling around with his phone and desperately trying to collect himself, he would have noticed the confused looks on Uraraka and Midoriya’s faces as their eyes kept darting from Bakugou to Kirishima and back. Kirishima would also have seen a furiously blushing Bakugou, as he tried to keep his cold exterior and said: “Shut up round face, it’s just common decency and we need more hands at the café anyway!”


“Bro, did you just score a job interview?”, came Tetsutetsu’s voice from next to Kirishima, a muscular arm wrapping around his shoulders.

Kirishima gave a huge smile to his best bro, “Yeah man! Thanks to Bakugou here!” Kirishima slid over his phone to the guy, which had his phone number on display.

“Don’t mention it”, Bakugou said, in the process of saving the number to his own phone.

“Congrats Kiri my man! We have to celebrate this!”, Tetsu continued, almost lifting Kirishima off the floor with only one arm and also almost crushing Kirishima’s shoulders in the process. The guy was incredibly strong.


Back when Kirishima was in high school he had been waaaay more in shape than he was now. He had been obsessed with trying to be the manliest of all men who had ever dared to man. He used to exercise daily, doing everything from cardio to lifting, boxing and martial arts. He used to style his hair up and only ever do whatever he thought was men should do.

Basically, he had tried his best to be what he thought a regular cis-man would be like.

He now cringed whenever he thought back to those days.

Since his high school days, Kirishima had come to terms with being trans and being queer… or… bi… or pan… well… basically either one, just definitely not straight. He’d allowed himself to be more relaxed about the way he dressed and decided to focus more on academia instead of exercise.


“One more thing”, Bakugou looked up, sliding the phone back to Kirishima, “You allergic to cats?”


Chapter Text



There was. A cat. At the café. The café where he was going to work at on Sunday. Kirishima was ecstatic.

He adored cats. And dogs and honestly most animals one could cuddle up with.

The fact that he was also going to spend that day with an attractive tall handsome good looking guy, of course, had nothing to do with his enthusiasm at all.

No, he was just looking forward to meeting a cat. That was all.

At least that’s what he tried to tell himself.


The night continued. Tetsu took it upon himself to create something resembling strawberry daiquiris with the leftover strawberries Uraraka had brought in celebration of Kiri’s upcoming job trial day and the results of his efforts were… surprisingly adequate. At least considering everyone involved in the making of the daiquiris (Tetsu, Mina and Kirishima) was already at least slightly tipsy and considering not one of them came to the thought of looking up a recipe on how to actually made a daiquiri.

Mina’s eyes went wide after taking a sip of her drink: “Guys, this is by far the best daiquiri I’ve ever had”

Kirishima took a sip of his own half frozen slush and grimaced: “Have… you ever had a daiquiri before?”

“Nope!”, she giggled, “But you can taste the love it was made with!”

“All of the love, bro”, Tetsu agreed, “Yes, homo. All the homo”, he took a sip of his own alcoholic smoothie, “Speaking of which, can I crash here tonight? It is getting late and I don’t feel like driving aaaaaall the way home”

“Sure thing”, Kirishima said.

“Yaaaaay, sleepover!”, Mina clapped her hands together, “Though I doubt you’ll have to sleep on the couch”, she nodded her head in the direction of their flatmates. Kaminari was currently sitting squeezed behind Sero on the couch, his arms wrapped around the taller guy’s waist and his head resting on Sero’s shoulder. Every now and then Sero would turn his head and receive a kiss from Kami5 who was obviously enjoying the affection.

Kirishima laughed, “Yep, my guess is Denki’s bed will be all yours tonight my man”

Kirishima tried his best not to lurk around Bakugou too much. After all, he had other friends in the flat who wanted to spend time with him and it would be weird to spend the evening glued to a guy he had just met.

Even if that guy had piercing crimson eyes and a rare but stunning smile with lips which, the more Kirishima thought about it, looked very kissable.

Throughout the evening he found himself in conversations with the blonde a couple of more times, usually with other people involved.

He found out that Bakugou and Midoriya were indeed living together, that Bakugou was also in his second semester at UA University and that he generally tended to stay out of conversations. The more people there were, the quieter he got, usually sticking to observing instead of participating.

Most importantly, however, Kirishima noticed how tense Bakugou seemed. Only when interacting with Midoriya or Uraraka did he relax slightly. And Midoriya never seemed far, always circling back to Bakugou, pulling him into conversations and in general sticking close to the blonde.


Nevertheless, he couldn’t help himself from stealing glances at the attractive blonde throughout the evening. Their eyes met a couple of times and whenever they did, Kirishima’s stomach decided to do a kind of summersault thing, leaving Kirishima feeling nervous and tingly.

As the night wound down, people started to head home. The four flatmates plus Tetsu stayed up for another hour or so, watching Brooklyn nine-nine episodes from season one, with Mina and Denki being able to recite most of the lines along with the characters on screen.




Text from: Bakubro the lifesaver Katsuki!!!

The owner gave his ok

Come around Sunday at 2 pm


Below was a google maps link with the location of the ‘Sleeping Cat Café’


Text to: Bakubro the lifesaver Katsuki!!!

Thanks again, man! (*sparkle emoji, crying face emoji, sparkle emoji*)

Looking forward to it!


Is there a dress code?


Only a couple of seconds passed before the reply came.


Text from: Bakubro the lifesaver Katsuki!!!

No dress code, wear whatever


He was just about to type his thanks when another text arrived:


Text from: Bakubro the lifesaver Katsuki!!!

Wear comfortable shoes


He grinned. Crap, why did this make him so giddy?


Text to: Bakubro the lifesaver Katsuki!!!

Thanks for the advice!!!! :D



Kirishima looked into the mirror, inspecting his reflection critically and moving a strand of hair out of his face which had come loose from his tied up hair.

He was wearing simple white sneakers, dark skinny jeans, a seriously oversized red hoodie and his favourite medium blue fake suede bomber jacket.

This was the fourth outfit he had tried on and the only thing he had been able to decide on was that he did not own the correct clothes for anything and the more he thought about today, the more nervous he got.

Taking a deep breath, he checked the time for probably the hundredth time. There were still two hours left before he had to leave. This wasn’t going anywhere. Help was needed.


He knocked on his flatmate’s door, “Minaaaaaaa? I need advice”

“Come iiiiiiiiin”; came a call from inside. Mina was lying on her bed wearing pyjamas, laptop next to her and hair even more of a mess than usual.

“What’s up babe?”, she asked, voice chipper, “You’re interrupting my very important not at all important Sunday ritual of watching makeup tutorials I am never in my life going to even attempt to follow”

Kirishima smiled, then gestured to the outfit he was wearing: “Is this something a person should wear to a trial work day at a café? It is like, the millionth outfit I have tried on and honestly, I think my judgement has just become useless at this point. I’m way too nervous”

Mina gave him a sympathetic look: “Well, I think you look great so that’s definitely a good start”, she smiled encouragingly, “Why are you so nervous though Kiri? You’re usually good at, you know, finding clothes you like, aren’t you?”

He sighed and shrugged, “I guess I just really want this to work out? The job I mean?”

“Okay, that’s understandable I suppose. But… you know... what’s the worst that can happen?”


Kirishima grimaced, but thought about it: “Uuuh… I guess I could make a fool out of myself because I’ve never done this kind of work before? Or mess something up and not get the job? Or… I guess I’m worried I’ll have to deal with transphobic co-workers or bosses and shit?”, he flopped down on Mina’s bed, sitting down next to her.

Mina nodded along to his words “Ok. Let’s go through this one by one.

First: What happens if you make a fool out of yourself? Is that really so bad? I make a fool out of myself literally all the time aaaand I know for a fact that I’m not the only one who does this. Sooooo is it really that bad?”

“I guess not…”, he admitted hesitantly. Mina was great at rolling with the punches and he admired her self assuredness constantly.

“Cool. Ok, what if you mess something up:

Kiri. Am I correct in the understanding that this is going to be your first day working at the place?”


“And Bakugou and the boss guy know this?”

“I think so”

“And is it normal for people to make mistakes when starting something new?”

“I guess…”, he hesitated, “but what if they’re not ok with me making mistakes?”

“Then that is a rubbish place to work at anyway”, she said, not missing a beat, “If there’s no room for mistakes then you should find a different place to work at. And you’re a clever guy; you would find something”

“Thanks, Mina”; he smiled sheepishly.

“Ok, last one. What if there’s transphobia”, Mina sighed, her tone getting more serious, “You’ve gotten through shit like that before. I know it sucks when it happens but you’re stronger than that. And your friends are here for you if you need to vent or even if you just need a hug. I…”, she hesitated, “I mean, I’m probably not the most knowledgeable on this topic, and I’m sure Tokoyami and Jirou would have way better things to say but… I’m here for you babe, and we all love you and support you as best we can if shit gets tough”

Kirishima could feel tears welling up in his eyes as his anxieties were calmed by his friend’s words, “Fuck, Mina, stop it you’re going to make me cry”

She put a hand on his back comfortingly, “Don’t you fucking dare cry right now, because you know I will also cry”, she laughed and he joined in, relief washing over him.

“Anyway”, she continued, “I think Bakugou might be an ally in this, he seemed pretty ok with everything trans related during the party didn’t he?”

“Hmmm… maybe he just didn’t notice”, Kirishima shrugged.

“Naaah dude, he used the correct pronouns for Jirou and Tokoyami which means he at least isn’t completely ignorant or a shit bag”

Kirishima laughed.

“Feeling better?”, Mina put an arm around his shoulders and rested her head against his.

“Yeah”, he replied and meant it, “Thanks again”

“No problem babe”, she squeezed him gently, “now, I actually have some pointers for your outfit”

“Is it that bad? I thought you liked it”

She chuckled, “Don’t worry, it is super cute and you look like an adorable twink as always. But maybe swap the hoodie for a t-shirt. The café might be crazy warm inside and you don’t want to be sweating to death. Layers are the best during fall anyway”

“Mina you’re a genius and I love you”

She did a hair flip, “I will be sending you an invoice via mail. Fashion advice costs are calculated per word spoken, so it should only be a couple of hundred bucks that you’ll have to pay me”

“Uhm...I can offer a hug and the promise to send you pictures of the café’s cat instead?”





Text to: Bakubro the lifesaver Katsuki!!!

On my way over now!

Will be there in 30 (*sparkle emoji, smiling face emoji, sparkle emoji*)


About ten minutes later, Kirishima was already outside and waiting for his train to arrive while listening to some music to distract himself from his thought. his phone vibrated


Text from: Bakubro the lifesaver Katsuki!!!



He chuckled. No way this guy was into him.

Chapter Text



It was a typical Sunday afternoon. The initial surge of mid-day customers had died down and things were neither very hectic nor painfully slow.

Bakugou rolled his shoulders and neck, trying to get rid of some of the nervous tension which had been sitting with him throughout the day. He was on shift with Shinsou and Emi, both of whom he got along with well enough.

Then again it was near impossible to not get along with Emi Fukukado; When working with her, Bakugou could relax. He didn’t have to worry about having to come up with things to say or about being polite and making small talk with customers since she was able to entertain an entire room full of people simply by existing. She was fun to work with and probably Bakugou's favourite colleague.


Emi was also one of the owners of the café. In total there were three owners of the place:

Emi, who was mostly in charge of actually running the café by being there in person, interacting with customers and just being an all-around fucking delightful person.


Then there was Aizawa Shota, who had had his office in one of the backrooms. He was in charge of the work schedules for everyone, finances, paperwork and all other managings that needed to be done.

Aizawa was also responsible for adding cats to the café.

According to Emi (this was before Bakugou had started working for the café), she arrived at work one day and found two cats staring at her. When she asked Aizawa about this his only explanation was that he already had enough cats at home so he couldn’t bring them there. However, the café didn’t have any cats yet, but cafés with cats were popular. Therefore it was only logical to add two cats to the café. And also he really wanted a cat to keep him company when working in his office upstairs.


Lastly, there was Aizawa’s husband Yamada Hizashi. He didn’t actually work at the café, but he was one of the investors. He also helped out whenever there were events which needed planning and he was the one behind any and all of the music selections for the café.

“Heeeey Bakugou my explosive boy, you’re even more quiet than usual.

What’s going on?

Cat got your tongue?”, Emi laughed loudly at her own joke, scooting closer to Bakugou and bumping her hip against his.

Emi Fukukado was a good head shorter than he was, had an athletic build and usually wore clothes which were just as loud as her overall personality. She had shoulder-length hair, dyed a bright shade of seafoam green and was dressed in a bright orange cropped hoodie sweatshirt, dark green high-waisted trousers and black combat boots.

“You’re imagining things”, he shrugged.

“Noooo way, kiddo”, she pointed an accusatory finger at him, “Something is up, I can smell it”

Smell it?”, he looked at her in confusion.

“I’m on Emi’s side. You’re being weird today”, Shinsou chimed in, looking up from his laptop screen. He was sitting at the table closest to the serving counter. He had an essay to hand in in a few days and since things hadn’t been very busy, he’s spent the past hour or so working on his paper. Curled up in his lap was one of the café’s cats, Decaf (which was short for ‘Decaffeinated Coffee’).

Shinsou was tall, lean and always had dark circles under his eyes. He usually looked and dressed like someone who had just woken up and gotten out of bed…

But with style.

In addition to that, he was confident and incredibly charismatic. Bakugou had once witnessed Shinsou convincing a rude customer, who had been harassing others, to not only leave without much of a hassle but also to leave a fifty per cent tip.

“Its two against one, I win!”, Emi exclaimed.

“Victory is ours”, Shinsou agreed dryly, attention already back on his paper.

“You two are being ridiculous”, he paused, “-and what do you mean with you smell it?”

Emi cackled, “I’m just messing with you kid, you smell fine”, she hesitated, frowned, “I think. I haven’t actually tried to smell you”, she grinned widely, “Want me to sniff you?”

“What? No”

Emi burst out in laughter. When she was done, she added in a more softer tone: “You know you can talk to us of something is up right?”

Bakugou could feel his shoulders relax, “Yeah, I know”, he trailed off, expecting Emi to immediately fill the pause with a joke, but she stayed quiet.

He cleared his throat: “I guess”, he hesitated again, “Maybe I’m a bit on edge. The guy who’s trying out for the job later, he is a friend of mine”, he frowned, “uh… an acquaintance…. I guess”, he shrugged, “I don’t know, he seemed like he really wanted the job so I guess I hope he’ll be ok”

“That’s it?”, Emi grinned at him, “Relax, kitten. We’ll see how he does and you just be your regular charming self showing him the ropes”

“Very funny”, he raised an eye at her, but he could hear Shinsou chuckle from where he sat.

My regular fucking charming fucking self… Great.


The phone in his pocket vibrated. He checked his messages.


10 minutes ago:

Text from: Kirishima Eijirou

On my way over now!

Will be there in 30 (*sparkle emoji, smiling face emoji, sparkle emoji*)


Just now:

Text from: Deku

Hey Kacchan (*pink sparkle heart emoji*)

Kirishima is trying out at the cafe today, right?

Tell him hi and good luck from Uraraka and me! (Four more *pink sparkle heart emojis*)


Text to: Kirishima Eijirou



Bakugou could feel the tension moving back into his shoulders.

Should he add anything else? Would that be weird? Kirishima would be here in 20 minutes, there was no need to add anything else, right?

Fuck, Kirishima was going to be here in 20 minutes.


Text to: Deku



Text from: Deku

(*green heart emoji*)


also I bought a bunch of veggies yesterday

can you make a stir fry tonight? (*pleading hands emoji, puppy dog eyes emoji*)


He sighed, about to put his phone away, when it lit up once more.


Text from: Deku

pretty please?


Text to: Deku


now shut up I’m at work

Text from: Deku

THANKS KACCHAN (*pink sparkle heart emoji*)

you’re the best!


Text to: Deku

of course I am.


He decided to busy himself until Kirishima arrived, taking care of any and all the things that needed to be done, trying to calm his distracting nerves.

He eventually moved on to the outside seating area, nodding hello to the only two customers sitting outside, both huddled up in scarves and thick jackets, steaming mugs close to their faces.

There were only a hand full of tables in front of the unassuming café. On each table, there were small flower pots with herbs (mostly cat grass) as well as blankets and cushions on the wooden chairs.

He had just finished tidying up the outside seating area and was about to head back inside since he was starting to get cold when a voice called out from behind him: “Heeeey, I’m here”


Bakugou turned around and his eyes landed on the smiling figure of Kirishima Eijirou. His cheeks and nose were pink, from the chilly autumn air outside. Once again his bright red hair was pulled up in a loose bun, stray hairs framing his face and around his neck was a huge red scarf.

He looked just as fucking cute as the last time Bakugou had seen him.

Fuck , he thought, noticing his pulse quickening. Had this been a bad idea?

No. Kirishima just needed a job.

Aizawa had just told everyone at the café last week that they should probably get another part-timer. so he had told Kirishima about it.

This had had absolutely nothing to do with the fact that Bakugou wanted to spend more time with the redhead.

You’re not looking for a relationship Katsuki , he reminded himself, he seems like a nice person and you’re a fucking disaster as a person. Not even speaking of relationships.

You just invited him here because you’re trying to be a nicer person. Get a hold of yourself and stop staring damn it.

Bakugou cleared his throat, trying to ignore his rapid heartbeat: “You’re early”

Wow, so smooth man.

“Yeah”, the redhead rubbed the back of his head, “I was worried I might have trouble finding the place so I wanted to be early rather than late”

“Makes sense”

Ok, great, next time use more than two words , he mentally kicked himself.

Kirishima frowned: “Aren’t you freezing out here? You’re not even wearing a jacket”

Bakugou blinked, “Fuck, yeah, uh, no, I was just about to go back inside”

Why did this guy get under his skin like this? Kirishima didn’t even have to do anything but exist near him, and already he had trouble formulating sentences.

Usually, he tended to keep people at a distance and needed a while to warm up to people and actually let them get close. When Uraraka had moved in with him and Deku, despite the latter doing his best to make Bakugou open up, it had taken him months until he was able to let his guard down around her.

With Kirishima however, he wanted to let his guard down.

It was a terrifying thought.

“This way”, Bakugou motioned for the other man to follow him, “I’ll introduce you to the others”

Bakugou led both of them inside and introductions were exchanged, with Bakugou briefly explaining Emi’s position at the café.

“I’m at the café most days since I’m the only one who works here full time”, Emi added to Bakugou’s words, “Shinsou here is a part-timer like the two of you”

Shinsou lifted a hand from his notebook and waved lazily.

“To be honest”, she added, “with the amount of caffeine he drinks I’m not sure whether there’s actually any blood in his body or if it is maybe just pure espresso”

Shinsou lifted an eyebrow: “Should I be offended right now?”

Emi just laughed in response.

Bakugou noticed Kirishima’s eyes landing on the cat which was currently rolled up next to Shinsou’s laptop, “and that’s Decaf, one of the cats”

“Wait, there’s more than one cat?”, the excitement in Kirishima’s voice was unmistakable.

Bakugou could feel a smile tug on the corner of his mouth: “Yeah, there’s one more. The two of them are sisters. Bob usually hangs out in Aizawa's office though”

“The other cat is called Bob?”, Kirishima chuckled.

Emi joined in immediately and explained: “Yamada is the one responsible for that name. It is short for ‘Bob the Cat Queen’”, she laughed again.

“Believe me it's better this way”, Shinsou grinned, “last time da- I mean Aizawa got to pick a name, he just picked the name ‘cat’, after that he lost permission to choose names indefinitely”


Their conversation was cut short when two customers entered the café.

Bakugou gestured for Kirishima to follow him, murmuring to Emi on his way past: “I’ll get Kirishima all set up, we’ll be back in a minute”

“Just don’t get lost on the way, and remember to not eat yellow snow”, she gave him a thumbs up.


“Emi seems super awesome”, Kirishima exclaimed as soon as they’d left the main room, “and Shinsou too”

“Yeah, they’re pretty decent”

“Thanks again for the invite, man”

“Don’t mention it”, Bakugou said casually but could feel the heat rushing to his face.

They entered the break room, which was decorated with a comfortable couch, places for the employees to leave their belongings and places for the cats to escape to when things got too noisy for them in the main room.

“You can leave your bag and jacket and whatever here”, Bakugou pointed out the available cabinet, reaching for his own backpack.

“Ok! Uh, should I, like leave my phone here? Are there rules about phones I need to know? Also is this shirt ok? Because of not I can keep the jacket on”, Kirishima was visibly nervous.

Bakugou scolded himself for not noticing sooner: “Relax. Today’s your first day. Keep your phone. There are no strict rules and you look perfectly fine, so no need to worry”

Well, that was an outright lie. He looked fucking amazing. But it wasn’t like he could just tell him that.

“Sorry, it has been a while since my last job and that one didn’t end super well and I just want to do my best”, the redhead grimaced.

“What happened with your last job?”

“Uh”, Kirishima hesitated.

“You don’t have to say”, he quickly added, “none of my business anyway”

“No, it’s alright... Uhm, yeah, so I just had a small part-time job before starting uni”, Kirishima was looking at a spot on the wall, obviously avoiding eye contact, “Back then I was also in the process of transitioning aaaand, I needed time off to recover after top surgery.

But they didn’t want to give me enough time off, so I was kind of forced to quit”, he shrugged, “It wasn’t overly dramatic but it kinda stung”

“Sounds like they were assholes”, Bakugou stated flatly - earning a small laugh from Kirishima -  then added more softly, “I’m sorry that happened to you that must have really sucked”

“Yeah”, Kirishima's eyes met his briefly, before the redhead quickly looked away again.

“And tell me if anyone gives you shit about being trans”, Bakugou leaned his back against the shelf behind him, folding his arms, “I mean, I doubt anyone who works here will give you trouble. As far as I know, everyone is fucking queer as hell and there have only ever been gender-neutral bathrooms in here. But I guess you never know, and I don’t have a problem killing transphobes”, Bakugou shrugged and didn’t regret his words when he saw Kirishima burst out into laughter.

“That’s both reassuring and super frightening”, he said, visibly relaxing, “please don’t commit murder on my account through”

A wide grin spread across Bakugou’s face: “No promises”




Bakugou spent the following few hours giving instructions and showing Kirishima how everything worked.

The guy was enthusiastic, radiated positivity and it didn’t take him long until he had both Shinsou and Emi, as well as any customers that interacted with him, completely charmed.


The work day came to an end. Shinsou was the first one to take off, Leaving Emi, Bakugou and Kirishima to close up.


As the last person left the café and Emi took the cash from the register to bring it to the back and take care of things there, the place settled into the usual evening quiet. Background music was still playing softly over the speakers, never loud enough to be distracting.


He looked up from behind the counter where he was cleaning and watched his coworker out of the corner of his eyes.

Kirishima was in the process of cleaning the café's tables. He was just about to start with the next one, as Decaf walked up to him, brushing up against the side of his leg.

He could see Kirishima stop in his movement and hesitate for several seconds before he bent down to briefly let Decaf sniff his hand. She moved forward, letting Kirishima scratch the spot above her tail.

Bakugou could hear the appreciative purrs from where he was stationed, a smile spreading over his face.

“You want to give her a treat?”, his voice sounded louder than he’d expected in the quiet room and he’d surprised both of them by speaking.

Kirishima's face lit up “would that be ok?”, he straightened slightly, “Though I guess I shouldn’t be slacking off on my first day”

Bakugou interrupted him with a scoff: “Don’t be stupid. It would be way weirder if you didn’t make friends with the café cats”, he reached into one of the cabinets, procuring a glass jar filled with cat treats and took out a few of them.

He continued to walk over to Kirishima, two sets of eyes on him, with Decaf watching his every step closely as she knew what he was holding in his hands.

Bakugou held out the content of his hand to Kirishima who took the treats, his fingers brushing against Bakugou’s. The sensation produced a warm tingling sensation in Bakugou which spread from his fingers to his gut.

Fuck, he’s so close.

Bakugou cleared his throat after a few moments, trying to distract himself, “So how did you like your first day? You wanna keep working here?”

“What?”, Kirishima looked up from where he was kneeling on the floor, petting the cat and giving her treats.

“Do you want to make this your regular job? It looks like Emi and Shinsou are fans of you, so I doubt they or Aizawa are going to object”

“Seriously?”, Kirishima beamed and got back to his feet, “Yeah of course! I’d love to stay!”


Bakugou tried taking a steadying breath, instead, catching a faint idea of Kirishima’s scent in the air; light, warm, slightly wooden maybe? It has been too brief to say for sure but just enough to leave Bakugou wanting to lean in further.

Kirishima was so close… if he lifted his hand, he would be able to touch his cheek.

Close enough to be able to let his fingers trace down to his neck.

Close enough to lean in for a kiss; not even an arm's length separating his own lips from Kirishima’s.

He should just give in.

Would Kirishima even want that? Would he accept his advances? Would he shy away? Be repulsed?

Kirishima was so bright, so kind, so honest and open. Why would he be interested in a closed off emotionally stunted moron such as himself?

Why should he be?

A kind person like him deserved something better than whatever Bakugou had to offer.


He’d just taken a breath, unsure about what he was going to do next when the door leading to the back offices opened and Emi stepped back into the room.

The tension which had been hanging in the air for the past few seconds immediately dissipated and Bakugou managed to tear his eyes away from the sight that was Kirishima Eijirou.

Chapter Text





Bakugou took a step forward, closing the remaining distance which separated him from the handsome redhead until he could feel the body heat coming off of the other.

He moved closer, trailing his hand along the man’s jawline, caressing his cheek.

“Kat-... Katsuki what…”, Kirishima’s voice was low, their faces so close their breaths were mixing.

“I want you”, Bakugou muttered and leaned in, his lips tracing along Kirishima’s exposed neck, savouring every touch, “Eijirou?”

“Yes?”, he choked.

“I want to be with you”, Bakugou let his fingers trail through the red tangles of loose strands of hair, gazing into the sparkling red eyes of the handsome man before him, “Can I...”

But he couldn’t finish his sentence.

Instead of speaking, Kirishima reached up, placing a hand in Bakugou’s neck. His fingers intertwined with Bakugou’s short hair as he was pulled down gently but with determined force.

Soft lips met Bakugou’s, who couldn’t prevent himself from letting a soft desperate moan escape him which spoke of how much he’d been wanting, needing, hoping for this.

As if in response, Kirishima parted his lips, letting their tongues intertwine, tasting each other and sending Bakugou’s mind into a haze of lust and euphoria. He could feel heat rush between his legs and pushed himself closer against Kirishima, not wanting any distance at all to separate them any longer.

Only their heated breaths and the rustling of their clothes were audible in the quiet room, although he could swear his rapid heartbeat should be loud enough to be heard from afar.


Bakugou let his hands trace over the other’s body, pulling him closer yet, slipping a hand underneath Kirishima’s t-shirt and along soft smooth skin, treasuring the quiet gasp for air Kirishima let out in response.

They found their way to the bed.

Bakugou’s lips traced over warm skin, his hands exploring Kirishima’s body, soft moans of pleasure sounding in Bakugou’s ears.

He could feel himself melt in this man’s hands.

As layers of clothes were shed, skin met skin, fingers dug deep into Bakugou’s back.

Kirishima’s hands glid over his body, down between his legs, wrapping around him, making him moan in pleasure.


He just wanted more.

More of Kirishima.

More of this.




The sharp sound of an alarm going off ripped Bakugou out of his dreams, bright morning light blinding his eyes.

He reached out to grab his pesky phone and silence the cursed alarm, swearing under his breath.

A glance to the screen revealed the time. 7:30 am.

He groaned, falling back into his pillow. Maybe he should go back to sleep, see whether he could get back to where his dream had left off?

He breathed in, trying to remember every single little detail possible. His body was still warm and a thin layer of sweat covered him as he lay under his blanket, only dressed in a pair of shorts.



Closing his eyes again, the image of Kirishima against his body was still vivid in his mind. He could remember hearing the sound of Kirishima whispering his name, hands moving over his body, pulling him closer…

Bakugou let his hand glide over his torso, following the path Kirishima’s hands had gone in his dream. He bit his lower lip as pleasure once again started spreading through him.

He let one hand glide up to his chest, starting to circle one of his nipples and used the other one to reach between his legs, slowly stroking himself, pulse quickening.



Fucking hell, get a hold of yourself you idiot , he thought, running a hand over his face and forcing himself to sit up.

“FUUUUCK”, he cursed loudly, addressing the empty room at large.

A short while later he was freshly showered and fully dressed as he walked into the apartment’s kitchen. Here he found Deku sitting by the kitchen table, watching a video on his phone while eating breakfast. His friend probably had early classes today and he looked to be in a considerably better mood than the one Bakugou was in.

“Morning”, he grumbled upon entering.

“Oh, hi Kacchan good morning!”, he replied cheerfully, looking up from his phone, “There’s fresh rice in the cooker, help yourself to some if you wanna! Also, I made some coffee”, he gestured towards the French press on the table in front of him.

Coffee sounded fucking amazing right about now.

“Thanks”, Bakugou grabbed himself a mug and filled it with steaming coffee, taking a sip from the bitter dark drink and welcoming the familiar taste. He should probably eat something, but his mind was still elsewhere.

He leaned with his back against the refrigerator, studying his friend who had gone back to following the video on his phone’s screen. Deku had dated people before, right? He was such a fucking ball of positive energy that people couldn’t help but love him.

When they’d been younger this had been infuriating to Bakugou, who had envied the other for having the capability to see good in anyone. It had been so easy for Deku to be kind to everyone around him including Bakugou.

He took a breath, gathering his nerves: “Hey Deku”

“What's up?”

“Would you date me?”


The green haired boy sputtered, almost choking on his mouth full of coffee: “What?

Kacchan! I mean, I’m flattered, but, Kacchan we… we grew up together, and we’re practically brothers, I-”

“FUCK, NO THAT’S NOT WHAT I MEAN”, Bakugou interrupted, his voice harsher than he’d intended, immediately growing annoyed at himself. Fuck why was this so damn difficult?

“Damn it, Deku I mean, fuck, if we weren’t family and shit, Would you, you know, would you ever date someone like me?”

His friend cocked his head in confusion: “What do you mean someone like you?”

“You know, fuck, someone who’s fucked up and fucking swears too much and is a fucking mess and”, he ran his fingers through his hair in frustration, “just, the general fuckup that is me”

Deku took a contemplative look at him, setting aside his phone and breakfast: “Is everything alright Kacchan?”

“I think”, he paused, trying to make sense of his thoughts, “I think I like someone”

He could see Deku’s face light up in delight and held up a finger before Deku could interject anything.

“But… I don’t think I should be dating anyone like this… he's… he’s a good guy whereas I… can’t even be nice to my closest friend”, he felt his shoulders slump and a weight settle in his stomach.

Deku remained silent for several moments, then he got up from his chair, walked over to Bakugou and wrapped his arms around him tightly.

“You’re not a bad person Kacchan”, he said, his voice muffled against Bakugou’s clothes.

“What, you don’t remember growing up around me?”, he countered bitterly, earning himself a scolding look from his friend.

“We both know you are not the same person now, as you were when we were young”, he squeezed Bakugou slightly, “and it’s not like you had it easy back then”

Bakugou scoffed: “I can’t use my fucked up abusive ass family as an excuse to be a shitty person forever, you know”

“You’re not a shitty person Kacchan!”

“Well I’m not a great person either, let alone someone anyone should ever try to fucking be in a relationship with”

They both fell silent at that, neither of them moving out of the somewhat awkward hug.

Eventually, Deku sighed, “You know… the university offers free mental health counselling… maybe they have an idea about what to do… They really helped me back when… when things used to get bad”

Bakugou’s eyes flickered to the light scars which were visible all over Deku’s arms. He knew there were dozens more like this all over Deku’s body. And this time it was his turn to reach out and pull his friend into a hug.


“Hey, Kacchan?”, Deku murmured softly.


“I really do think that you’re a good person”



Deku, probably unsatisfied with Bakugou’s response wiggled around slightly and pointed an accusatory finger at the taller blonde: “Kacchan you’re my friend! You’re family!”

“Uh, I know”

“And you’re not being very nice!”

Bakugou raised an eyebrow: “Have you... met me?”

“Shut up!”

He chuckled, despite himself.

“Kacchan, you’re my friend and you’re being really mean to yourself and I don’t like it when people are mean to my friends, so you stop that alright?”

“Guess I can’t really argue with that logic”
“Perfect”, the green haired boy beamed.

“Idiot”, he grinned.

“I love you too Kacchan”, he paused, “So who’s this mystery guy anyway?”

Bakugou groaned.

“It must be someone either from your classes or from work since you don’t really talk to any other people anywhere I think. Do you have any friends I don’t know about? That seems highly unlikely. Or maybe you use dating apps, but I’ve never seen you use any of those, but that doesn’t really say anything...”, he began muttering to himself, not really expecting an answer from his closed-off friend.

“This is literal hell”


Chapter Text




He arrived in front of the café at 9 am as planned and immediately spotted his handsome blond coworker already sitting inside the empty café by one of the tables.

Bakugou looked up as soon as Kirishima opened the entrance door. He couldn’t quite place the look in Bakugou's eyes, but the intensity of it let the hairs on his neck stand up and a shiver run down his back.

It honestly is not okay for someone to look this good at 9 am, on a freaking Tuesday morning. This is just unfair.

Bakugou was dressed in a simple black t-shirt and black trousers as well as an unbuttoned dark grey flannel shirt with rolled up sleeves.

“Good morning Bakugou!”, he waved, “I’m not late am I?”

The other raised an eyebrow: “You’re not. I just got in early”


Kirishima closed the door behind him and as he turned around he realized what the other’s attention had been focused on before he’d entered the café.

Curled up in Bakugou's lap was a large cat with long black hair, purring contently while Bakugou scratched her behind the ears.

The sight of Bakugou in an almost empty, quiet café, cuddling with a cat did something to Kirishima's heart where it produced this kind of skipping sensation which made him question whether he wanted to start cooing at the sight or somehow trade places with the cat.

He also didn’t know if he felt like he was intruding on a private moment or whether he was just getting to know a new side of this usually distant person.

“Is that Bob?”, Kirishima asked, needing an excuse for the starting he’d been doing.


“She is adorable!”

“She’s alright”, he shrugged and seemed nonchalant, though he never stopped gently scratching the curled up kitten.

Kirishima smiled: “I really have to take some more photos of the cats, I promised Mina to send more”

“Knock yourself out”

Bakugou got up, lifting the cat into his arms, who in return stopped her purring but apart from that simply accepted her fate, shooting Bakugou a disappointed look.

He walked the few steps separating them: “Here”, he held out the cat and placed her in Kirishima’s arms.

Bob briefly dug her claws into Kirishima’s arms as she adjusted herself but there were two things which made this fact unimportant.

The first was, that Kirishima was still wearing his jacket. And his blue bomber jacket and the jumper underneath protected his skin from being scratched.

The second was the fact, that Bakugou Katsuki was standing so incredibly close to Kirishima, he could inhale the subtle scent of the man.

He smelled sweet, warm and dark. A mixture of Caramel, Vanilla, Coffee and maybe something like Patchouli. His face was so close he could see the faint stubble of a beard on Bakugou’s probably freshly shaved face. He could see just how long his eyelashes were. Just how inviting his lips were; the lower lip slightly scabbed, looking as if Bakugou was prone to biting it when nervous.

He wondered what those lips would taste like.

The taller man’s arms brushed against Kirishima’s torso as the cat was carefully placed into his arms.

Did Bakugou hesitate before he took a step back?

Did his eyes just linger on him for a second?

Fuck, had Bakugou noticed him looking at his lips?

Bob had settled down in Kirishima’s arms. And only when Bakugou turned around and made his way towards the counter did Kirishima realize he had been holding his breath for the past few moments. His heart was pounding so intensely he swore it should have been audible in the quiet room.


“We open in half an hour”, Bakugou began, “I already took care of some preparations so we’re not in any rush. Emi will join at around 12 for the lunch rush but we’ll be alone in the café section until then”

Kirishima nodded his understanding, not really trusting his voice right this moment.

“You remember how to use the machine from what I taught you Sunday?”

Kirishima blushed, clearing his throat before speaking “Uh, I think so, but I still don’t know how to make all of the drinks I’m afraid”

“No one is expecting you to”, Bakugou scoffed, but Kirishima could see the idea of a smile on his face, “That’s why I wanted you to come in early today. We’ll have some time to go over everything while there aren’t that many customers around yet”

“Good thinking, thanks for the help, man!”, he let a smile spread across his face, suddenly looking forward to the hours of work ahead.

“I’m just training you, don’t thank me”, he mumbled, turning away slightly, “Anyway, take your cat pictures and get ready and everything, then come back here and we’ll get started”

Kirishima beamed: “Sure thing boss!”

“Don’t call me that we have the same position here”

“Sure thing bro!” he grinned, earning himself an irritated look from his colleague, “though you technically have definite seniority over me”

Bakugou grimaced: “Anyway we’ll start with the coffee machine and the drinks”

He gave Kirishima a once over: “You will have to let go of the cat for that part though”

A blush spread over Kirishima’s face.

I really have to get used to being around him somehow. Otherwise, I’ll go insane having to work with him on a regular basis . He thought to himself.


A few minutes later, Kirishima had put is bag, jacket and scarf away, taken several dozen pictures with and of Bob, and sent more than half of them to Mina

checked his face in the mirror to make sure it wasn’t as red as his hair and made his way back into the main room of the cafe.


Bakugou had turned on calm background music. Today’s music was some sort of instrumental lo-fi hip hop mix and Kirishima couldn’t deny how fitting the music was as background music for a café such as this one.

Aizawa’s husband, Hizashi Yamada was responsible for putting together all of the music which played at the café since he apparently was a skilled musician who also hosted his own radio show.

Kirishima made a mental note to himself to ask Jirou whether they knew anything about him since Jirou had extensive knowledge in anything related to music and also worked in the industry.


Kirishima helped Bakugou set up the seating area outside and then followed the other back to the coffee machine.

“Okay, let’s start easy”, the blonde began, casually leaning against the counter, “simple small Americano, black”

Kirishima went through the necessary steps and watched Bakugou as he accepted the finished drink and took a sip from it. Kirishima swallowed, hyper-aware of the closeness to the taller man a blush once again spreading across his face.

He averted his gaze quickly, busying himself with tidying up and trying to ignore the fact that his face was most likely the colour of a ripe tomato.


“You into coffee at all?”, came Bakugou's gravely voice from next to him

Kirishima chuckled, happy to be pulled out of his thoughts: “You mean apart from the hangover cure instant coffee mixes consisting of mostly sugar And probably nothing resembling actual real coffee that I make or my flatmates?”


Bakugou let a smile tug on the side of his mouth which made Kirishima knees go weak: “Yeah besides that”

“Mmmmh I don’t know I usually just get whatever sounds like it will be super sweet and not expensive”, He paused, rethinking his answer, “Wait, was that a trick question? did I just fail some test? I’m sure I can learn to become a coffee snob super quickly I promise”

“What? No, I was just asking. Relax”, the blonde scowled, a look of annoyance going over his face.

“Here”, he began and waved Kirishima to the side and started another drink, making sure to explain what he was doing so Kirishima could follow.

A few moments later he handed over a tall glass to Kirishima: “If you like sweet coffee you’ll like this. Try it”

The drink was some sort of caramel flavoured latte with caramel syrup on top of the foamed milk. The drink was sweet, warm and perfect.

“Holy hell Bakugou, this is amazing”

“I know”

Kirishima looked up from his drink: “How did you know I’d like this?”

“It was easy enough to guess” he shrugged, “you think you can recreate it?”

Kiri thought: “Mmmmh yeah”

“Ok, start with practising to foam milk”

Kirishima did his best to follow the necessary steps, with Bakugou correcting him in his usual brash tone whenever necessary.

They worked like this for a while. Kirishima practising how to make the drinks they had on their menu and Bakugou keeping an eye on what he was doing.


Kirishima had just in the process of pouring foamed milk into a cup in the most artful way possible (which wasn’t very artful at all) when the door leading to the back opened and Aizawa, co-owner and manager of the café walked in.

He was a tall man with shoulder length wavy black hair which today was half tied up in a lazy bun. He had a five o’ clock shadow and was wearing loose black trousers and a black jumper.

“I need a cat”, he proclaimed upon entering, scanning the room. He quickly spotted Decaf on one of the chairs and snatched her up from her spot.

Only then did Aizawa’s attention fall on his two employees.

“Coffee?”, Bakugou asked, seemingly used to occurrences such as this.

“Is that a question?”, the sleep-deprived looking man replied, disgruntled cat in hand.

“Coming right up”, Bakugou reached over to grab the drink Kirishima had just finished and placed it before Aizawa.

“Thanks”, Aizawa’s eyes landed on Kirishima, who felt the hairs on his neck rise, “Kirishima”

“Uh, yes… Sir?”

“How are you getting settled in?”

He relaxed slightly: “So far no complaints, Bakugou is a great teacher!”

Aizawa raised a questioning eyebrow in Bakugou’s direction at this: “Is that so?”

Bakugou scoffed next to Kirishima and turned away, busying himself with something.

“Yeah, I think I’m really getting a hang of things and Bakugou is a great help”

“Huh, that’s good to hear”, Aizawa picked up the cup from the counter, “Come to my office later when Emi arrives if you get the chance and we’ll go over the rest of the paperwork”

“I will! Thank you so much!”, Kirishima beamed and continued to smile as Aizawa disappeared back through the door, now equipped with a cat and caffeine.

Eventually, the first customers started to trickle in and Kirishima had to put his newly learned skills to the test.

He was probably not yet as efficient as Bakugou, but he did his best to make up for it with his charms and enthusiasm. Kirishima chatted politely with some of the customers while they were waiting for their order. A couple of them even wished him luck during his first week on the job.


“One large cappuccino?”, he said out loud and a handsome guy with tousled blond hair, blue glasses and a five o clock shadow looked up from his phone.

“That's me”, he hesitated as his eyes fell on Kirishima, “I've never seen you around here before, are you new?”

Kirishima smiled, this must be a regular then?
“Yeah, I just started the other day, still learning how everything works, I hope I did a good job and you’ll enjoy your drink!”

The other mirrored his smile, “You seem to be doing just great”

“Aw thanks, man, that’s super nice to hear”

“I’m Hokusu, by the way. It’s nice to meet you”


The man’s eyes met his for a second before briefly looking him up and down.

Did…. did he just check me out? He blushed, becoming flustered.

No way.

Fuck, what do I do now?

What do people do when other people check them out?

Avoid eye contact! Just smile and give him his order.

“Well, it was nice to meet you Kirishima”, he reached out to accept his cup.

“Yeah, man, nice to meet you too”

“I’ll be looking forward to seeing you again soon”,  and just before he turned around to leave, his eyes met Kirishima’s and with a relaxed aura of confidence he winked at him.

What. Is. Happening.


Perplexed, he watched the man leave.

Had that guy really just winked at him?

What was he supposed to do now?

“Seems like the customers really like you. No surprise really, you’re a fucking ray of sunshine”, Bakugou’s voice came from behind Kirishima, who was startled out of his daze.

“Bakugou!”, as he hastily spun around to meet the other, he accidentally rammed his elbow into the coffee machine and knocked over the milk container.

Through miraculous preventing-knocked-over-things-from-falling-to-the-floor reflexes, he’d gained through living in a household with not only Mina but also Kaminari, he was able to catch the container before it fell over completely. However, a large portion of warm foamed milk spilt all over his shirt

“Damn it”, he cursed quietly, looking at the small mess he’d created.

“You ok?” Bakugou handed him a towel, “Did you burn yourself?”

“Uh, I’m ok, it wasn’t too hot”, he examined the stained area, “but my shirt is kind of ruined and wet”

Bakugou waved a dismissive hand: “It happens more often than you think. Don’t beat yourself up about it. I have a spare shirt in the back, you can have it for the day”

“Oh wow, really? That’s so nice, thanks. I didn’t even think to bring a change of clothes”

Bakugou just shrugged: “Just bring it back next time, no use having you run around in a dirty shirt”


Kirishima followed Bakugou to the back office and watched as the other headed to his belongings, while his own thoughts were running their own show.

Am I going to get changed in front of Bakugou? Is that something he’d be interested in?

Did he think I was flirting with that customer?


But Bakugou simply handed Kiri a shirt and immediately headed back to the café.

The t-shirt was a bit oversized on Kiri but the black t-shirt with the darker black skull print on it was comfortable and the moment he slipped the shirt over his head he was once again met with the sweet scent of vanilla, patchouli and caramel.

He wondered whether that was Bakugou’s natural scent or of he wore perfume or something similar.


When Kirishima returned after only a few moments, Bakugou had to try his best not to stare.

Kirishima was a good bit shorter and more slender than Bakugou and the t-shirt he’d given him was at least a size too big for the redhead, which was probably the reason why Kirishima had decided to tuck the shirt into his tight-fitting trousers.

He looked fucking adorable.

The sight of Kirishima in his clothes brought images from last night’s dream back to his mind and as the day went on Bakugou had an even harder time focussing than before.

He breathed a sigh of relief when Emi arrived for her shift and provided impossible to ignore distractions for Bakugou’s mind.


When his shift ended, he found himself heading to the back office along with Kirishima.

“Hey, are you also taking the train home from here?”, Kirishima asked as he was putting on his jacket.


“Want to walk to the station together?”, the redhead smiled warmly along with his words and Bakugou’s heart skipped a beat.

Fuck, we’re just walking together, that’s not a big deal.

He scoffed. More to himself and his own thoughts than anyone else: “Yeah of course. Would be ridiculous not to”

Kirishima just laughed, apparently not minding the roughness of his tone: “Awesome man, let’s go!”


It took Kishima another ten minutes before he was able to leave after Decaf wandered into the back office and rubbed up against his leg, asking for attention and Kirishima decided to use the opportunity to take another round of photos of the cat.

When they eventually made it out, the air was fresh and Bakugou, even though he enjoyed working at the cafe, could feel his entire body relax after stepping foot out of work.

Kirishima stretched his arms and rolled his shoulders, apparently sharing a similar feeling.

They chatted for a bit, Bakugou mostly listening to the shorter guy talk and finding himself relax in the presence of someone who was able to carry a conversation without Bakugou having to think of something to say.

At some point, Kirishima fished his phone out of his pockets and showed him some of the cat photos and selfies he’d sent to Mina, as well as Mina’s enthusiastic response-selfies.


“Soooooooo… got any plans for the rest of the day?”, Kirishima paused briefly before continuing, “Spending the evening with your boyfriend?”

Bakugou blinked, confused: “What?”

“Uh”, Kirishima rubbed the back of his head, not meeting Bakugou’s eyes, “Midoriya”, he explained, “Cute, green hair, I met him at the party the other day? I thought you two live together”

Deku? ”, Bakugou exclaimed, still confused, “He is not my boyfriend and we’re definitely not dating”

Am I sending some kind of mixed signals? First Deku and now Kirishima?

“Oh, sorry”, Kirishima waved his hand, looking apologetic, “I just assumed, sorry, since you two are so close, I guess I misread things”

“Don’t fucking apologize”, fuck, why was this so awkward? Was Kirishima awkward or was it just himself? What was this tension?

Kirishima laughed, which made Bakugou relax slightly.

“Deku and I…”, Bakugou began, not sure where he was going with his explanation, “We’re close… We’ve known each other for most of our lives. He’s pretty much family at this point, more so than my biological family”, he cleared his throat, “It’s a long story”

“Ah, I see. I’d love to hear about how you two know each other some time”, he paused and Bakugou could feel Kirishima examining him for a second before continuing, “But, no pressure. Doesn’t have to be today”

“Sure… uh, thanks”


They were quiet for a moment, walking alongside each other, their pace much slower than necessary as if neither one of them wanted the brief walk to the train station to end.

Eventually, Kirishima chirped up again, voice louder than before: “Do you wanna go get coffee sometime?”

What? Where does this come from all of a sudden? Is he asking me on a date? No. Is this a friend thing? Do friends do this? I’ve had coffee with Uraraka and Deku before, maybe he just wants us to get to know each other as friends.

Shit, what do I say? Can I say yes to this? What if this is a date? Fuck, I don’t know how to date I don’t even know how to talk to people.

Bakugou’s brain was running in circles, trying to figure out what this question meant. However, years of standoffish and rude behaviour were ingrained in his personality.

So, when he opened his mouth to respond, mind still a mess, the words which exited his mouth were: “We both work at a fucking café and get free coffee there”

Why did I just say that? Fucking fuck that’s not what I wanted to say!

Apologize, you idiot!

But once again, Kirishima did not seem offended. He laughed and blushed, looking embarrassed.: “Yeah, you’re right, I did not think that one through I guess”

Fuck he is so cute.

“It isn’t really about the coffee”, he continued, “I’d just like to, uh… you know… get a drink sometime”

Fuck is he actually asking me on a date?

Bakugou opened his mouth to reply, feeling heat rush to his face.

However, Kirishima spoke again before he could interject: “As a thank you! You know, since, you got me the job at the café!”

Bakugou’s heart fell slightly, careful not to let his feelings show on his face. Of course, he is not asking you on a date, you idiot.

“Sure... let's hang out sometime”

“Seriously? Awesome!”

I’m so fucked.