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Jungkook’s eyes rapidly went back and forth, focusing on his targets and quickly pinpointing another within seconds. His fingers moved quickly over the buttons as he landed shot after shot, kill after kill. There was no way to argue Jungkook’s hand-eye coordination wasn’t amazing. That was why he was professional gamer after all.

The match ended and he smiled, seeing his username “Seagull” listed at the top. The highest in points yet again. His phone buzzed next to the computer, an alarm ringing loudly.

“Gotta go!”

He turned off the system and television before he stood up and stretched his arms above his head. His back popped in a couple of spots.

“Nice game today, Kook,” Jaehwan, one of his fellow players, said.

“Thanks, Jaehwan-hyung. See you tomorrow?”

“I’ll be here.”

Jungkook grabbed his jacket and backpack, slipping both on before going to grab his shoes.

“Where are you off to?” Youngjae, another teammate, asked.

“To pick up Beodeul. It’s my day with him today.”

Jungkook couldn’t stop grinning at the mention of his son. Any time he even thought of him, a smile would break out on his face. Fatherhood really was the greatest thing ever.

“Will we see the cutie tomorrow?” Jaehwan asked.

“If Seokjin lets me keep him overnight, maybe.”

“How is Seokjin?”

Jungkook said, “He’s okay.”

He didn’t like being questioned about Seokjin, but it was kind of inevitable. Seokjin, being older, was friends with a lot of Jungkook’s teammates. When Jungkook had learned as much, he realized how small the world could be. His relationship with Seokjin was difficult, though. It had been for the past year and a half.

“See you all tomorrow.”

Jungkook left then and caught the train from the nearest station. When he arrived, he headed out of the nearest exit, taking the steps two at a time. He wished he could teleport. That’s how badly he wanted to already be at the café where he was meeting Seokjin.

Seokjin was sitting outside at a table, holding Beodeul in his lap.

“I’m here! I’m here!” Jungkook almost yelled as he got closer.

Seokjin looked up at him. He looked tired and Jungkook missed the way Seokjin used to be so radiant. A little bit of that shine was back, but it wasn’t the same as before. It meant he was getting better.

“You aren’t late. Calm down,” Seokjin said.

Beodeul bounced in Seokjin’s lap, his brown eyes aglow with wonder. “Appa.”

“There’s our Beodeulie,” Jungkook cooed.

Beodeul giggled and bounced more, his fluffy black hair bouncing too. He reached out for Jungkook and Seokjin let him take the toddler. Jungkook bounced him before holding him on his hip.

“He threw a temper tantrum last night before bed,” Seokjin said, “But he’s been good today.”

“Have you been good for Mama, Beodeul?”

“Yes,” the toddler said.

Seokjin shot Beodeul a look, which made Jungkook laugh. It was the most Seokjin thing he’d seen him do in a long time.

“When do you want him back by?” Jungkook asked, adjusting Beodeul to be in his arms and against his chest.

“I packed his bag to stay the night. It’s been a while since you had him overnight.” Seokjin motioned to the diaper bag and small duffel bag sitting beside him. “Unless you have plans or something.”

“No! I was hoping I could keep him for the night.”

Jungkook smiled down at his son, who was sucking on his thumb as he looked around. Seokjin smiled a bit.

“It’s only fair you get him too. Just because I’m not working right now doesn’t mean I should keep him all the time.”


Seokjin had lost his job only a couple of months after giving birth to Beodeul. His postpartum depression had made it nearly impossible for him to work and sometimes function. Jungkook had been trying to help him, but their status as a “not couple” often made it difficult. He hadn’t given up, though, and helped out as much as he could. Since Seokjin had been going to therapy for his postpartum depression, he’d started to get much better.

“Are you doing anything this Sunday?” Jungkook asked then.

“I don’t think so. Why?”

“It’s, uh, it’ll be Parents Day,” he said sheepishly, “I thought we could have lunch or something.”

“Oh! Yeah. Great idea. It’s a date.”

Jungkook couldn’t help how his cheeks flushed. He wanted it to be a date. Hopefully his plan was going to work into swaying Seokjin over anyway.

“I have my appointment at two. I should go,” Seokjin said.

“How is everything?”

Seokjin stood up and shrugged a bit. “Good, I think. I don’t feel like I’m going to burst into tears because Beodeul is going with you for tonight.”

Jungkook nodded. He offered Beodeul back and Seokjin took him. He gave the toddler a kiss on the nose.

“Be good for Appa, Beodeul. I’ll see you tomorrow, okay?” Seokjin said gently.

“’kay, Mama.”

Beodeul gave him a toothy grin and kissed Seokjin’s cheek. Jungkook saw how the tears sprung into Seokjin’s eyes and he unconsciously reached out to squeeze Seokjin’s shoulder. Seokjin blinked them away, though, and offered Beodeul back.

“See you tomorrow.”

“Okay. Get there safe,” Jungkook said.

“Yeah. Can you make sure to play with him? Maybe play ball? Trying to develop more of his motor skills and everything.”

“Of course. I’m on it.”

Jungkook bounced Beodeul again, feeling the child grow restless in his arms. Seokjin gave both of them a smile, then leaned in and kissed Jungkook’s cheek. He blushed again and watched Seokjin leave.

“Let’s go home, Beodeulie.”

Jungkook picked up the bags Seokjin had left, slinging them on either arm and then carried his son in his arms back to the train station.


When they arrived at his station, Jungkook got an idea.

“Do you want to try walking home with Appa?”

“Yeah,” Beodeul said quickly.

Jungkook headed out of the station, climbing up the numerous steps. They would have been too much for the toddler. Beodeul was a bit small for his age. Both Seokjin and Jungkook had thought it was because the baby had come early, but there was no telling.

When he got onto the street, he gently put Beodeul down beside him.

“Gotta hold Appa’s hand. You can’t let go, no matter what, okay?”

Beodeul nodded and held his hand up. Jungkook wanted to squeal over how cute his own child was. He took the tiny hand into his own and they started to walk slowly. Beodeul only made it a couple of feet before he stopped and tugged on Jungkook’s jacket sleeve.


“No. Let’s walk. It’s fun.”

Beodeul shook his head, wavy hair flicking back and forth with him. He would need a haircut soon.

“Up,” he said again.

“No, Beodeul.”

The toddler’s eyes started to well with tears. It was funny how Beodeul’s emotions could fluctuate at the drop of a pin, though Jungkook only found it funny when he wasn’t involved. He took a deep breath and started to walk again. Beodeul started to whimper and sniffle, rubbing at his face with his other hand while he kept walking with his father.

Jungkook finally caved when Beodeul had managed to keep up his crying by the time they reached his apartment building, which was maybe half a block from the station exit. He scooped up his toddler and held him in one arm while he keyed in the code for the building.

“You know Appa spoils you too much.”

Beodeul was no longer teary eyed or streaky cheeked, just smiled as he looked around the apartment complex’s interior. Jungkook sighed a bit. Duped by his own kid.


Jungkook played with Beodeul once they were inside, letting Beodeul make believe a kingdom and helping him build a castle with his blocks. Beodeul was talkative during and combining all of that with running around tired him out. Jungkook put him down for a nap without a problem.

He got on his laptop and started to look up ideas for that Sunday. He wanted to do something nice for Seokjin. Most of it was because he wanted Seokjin to know he was doing a great job as a mother, but a little part of it was in hopes that they could start up a romance again.

He and Seokjin had been very on and off since before Beodeul’s birth. They’d been close to getting back together right after Seokjin had lost his job, but Seokjin had withdrawn again. They’d been at an arm’s length for long enough. Jungkook loved him. He’d only loved Seokjin since the day they’d met, practically. Jungkook was also lonely and starved sexually. It was worth it, but he sort of hoped it would end soon. Almost two years without getting any action while having devastatingly handsome Seokjin nearby had to be a punishment.

The alpha had come up with a vague idea of what he wanted to do. It probably wasn’t very much, but he was going to try to make it meaningful. Even if Seokjin never wanted to be with him, he still wanted him to know that he’d always be there for him and their son. Beodeul was the most important thing in Jungkook’s life and he knew Seokjin felt the same.

After a few hours, Jungkook had put together his plan for Sunday and made a few orders for what he would need. He hoped it would be a good day.

“Appa!” Beodeul yelled.

His unusually quiet child could be loud when he wanted to be. Jungkook practically flew to the room to check on him. Beodeul was sitting up, sniffling loudly.

“What’s wrong, Beodeul? What happened?” he asked in a gentle tone.


It took Jungkook a moment to realize Beodeul meant “accident.” He peeled back the covers and saw his son had indeed had an accident. He ran his hand over the top of his son’s head to comfort him before he picked him up.

“That’s okay, Beodeul. Accidents happen.”

He gave Beodeul a bath, letting him play in the water a bit with his toys. Jungkook took a photo and sent it to Seokjin. After he redressed him and let Beodeul run off to play, he changed out his sheets.

“Are you hungry, Beodeul?” he called.


Beodeul threw his arms up and grinned at Jungkook, showing off all of his grown in teeth. He still needed a few more, but he’d gotten his front two teeth and had an overbite like Jungkook did. Jungkook liked how much Beodeul looked like him, but he could see Seokjin in him too—his eye shape and the slope of his nose.

“What do you want to eat? Ramyeon? Kimbap?”

“Both! Both!”

Jungkook picked his son up and swung him around before he kissed his forehead. “Let’s see what Appa can throw together. I’m not a cook like Mama is.”

Beodeul cuddled into him and Jungkook held him against his chest as he went into the kitchen. He looked through the fridge for what he could make. Ramyeon was what ended up being easiest, so he made a brick and a half for the two of them. While he did, he rocked Beodeul against his chest and sang softly to him. Beodeul sucked on his thumb and dozed off on him.

When dinner was ready, he woke Beodeul up and put him in his high chair. Beodeul bounced a bit and waved his spoon around, ready for food. Jungkook brought him his ramyeon, then sat down at the table beside him.

“Remember how to eat noodles, Beodeul?”

Beodeul nodded and mimicked Jungkook, lowering his face to the bowl and spooning up his noodles that he then sucked on. Jungkook had made sure to make the non-spicy kind for him. He smiled as Beodeul slurped, his little face scrunching up from the amount of effort he was expending.

“You can chew,” he said with a laugh.

While Beodeul continued to try to slurp, Jungkook divided the noodles in his son’s bowl into shorter pieces for ease. He then started to eat his own ramyeon. It was a peaceful evening.


The next morning, Jungkook dressed Beodeul in a shirt emblazoned with D.Va’s rabbit logo, blue pants, and a pair of sneakers.

“Who’s Appa’s little gamer?”

“Me, me,” Beodeul said, waving his arms around.

He got down and wandered around the apartment by himself. Jungkook took a moment to just watch him, appreciating how his fine motor skills had developed. He remembered when his son couldn’t even crawl. He’d grown so much in such a short time.

“I have to go to work and then we can go to the park before we see Mama, okay?”

“Pew pew.”

Beodeul made a gun motion at him. Jungkook was surprised he could even do such a thing. He hoped his son hadn’t done that in front of Seokjin. He would never forgive Jungkook if he had.

“Okay. Definitely bringing headphones today.”

Jungkook collected what they needed and strapped Beodeul to his chest in his carrier. Beodeul was almost too big, but Jungkook insisted they use it until they couldn’t anymore.

The ride to work was nothing too dramatic, though Jungkook disliked how much attention he attracted by carrying around his son. It’s not like it was uncommon for an alpha to help with the children too, at least in his mind. Maybe it was because he was young.

As soon as he entered the studio, his teammates were on him.

“There’s our Beodeul!”

“Look at how big he is!”

“The cutest little boy is here!”

Jaehwan, Youngjae, and Eunkwang practically ripped Beodeul off of him, but Beodeul only giggled. Jungkook knew his child was going to be a heartbreaker when he was older. He thought about all of the alphas and betas he would have to fight off, drifting into his thoughts while his teammates played with his child.

“Seokjin let you keep him overnight?” Jaehwan said then.

“Yeah. I didn’t even have to ask.”

“That’s great.”

Jaehwan patted him on the back.

While the other men cooed over and played with Beodeul, Jungkook set up his computer and chair for their gaming session that day. Being a professional gamer wasn’t as easy as it was chalked up to. He frequently switched between PC and PlayStation to be proficient at both. He spent long hours working on raising his rank and refining his skills, his eyes focused on a bright screen for hours a day. It was a wonder he didn’t need a stronger prescription already.

When he was ready, the other men went to sit in their chairs. Jungkook set Beodeul up in a bouncer with a tablet and headphones over his ears, some sort of playlist that Seokjin had made playing through them. He listened to the squeak of the chair moving up and down as he sat down in his own chair and grabbed his headset.

“We’ll just do a couple games, then you can go play with Beodeul,” Jaehwan said.

Jungkook said, “Sounds good. You’ll get tired of me kicking your ass anyway.”

Jungkook smirked at the older men, who all glared at him. They started their match then, talking shit through their headsets as they played.


After a couple of matches, which proved Jungkook was still their MVP, he took Beodeul to the park. He let him run over to the playground. Seokjin had told him that it was important for Beodeul to play with other children to develop his social awareness and could help with developing his skills. Jungkook knew he was right, but he couldn’t help being on alert. He was intently watching every person in the park, ready to attack if needed.

Beodeul was fine though, tottering around the playground and playing. He went over to the slide, then looked back at Jungkook.

“Up?” he called.

Jungkook laughed. Of course, Beodeul couldn’t play on his own. He still needed his dad. The alpha went over and put Beodeul at the top of the little slide.

“Ready?” Jungkook said.

Beodeul nodded and Jungkook let go. The baby slid down the slide as Jungkook walked around. He helped him up and Beodeul insisted on doing it again. They repeated the cycle until Jungkook’s phone started to ring.

“Let’s get on the swings, kiddo.” Jungkook scooped Beodeul up while he answered his phone. “Hello?”

“Hey. I finished a little early. Where are you and our Beodeul?”

Just the sound of Seokjin’s voice made Jungkook feel happy. He couldn’t help smiling. He placed Beodeul into the swing’s seat and started to push him slowly.

“We’re at the park by the gaming studio. You can take exit 4 at the station and walk up the street.”

“Okay. I should be there in about ten minutes.”

“See you soon.”

Seokjin hung up without saying goodbye, but Jungkook didn’t mind too much. He pushed Beodeul, enjoying the little awed sounds that came out of Beodeul’s mouth as he swung a little higher each time.

It was only a few minutes before Seokjin was coming across the park and Beodeul practically hollered, “Mama!”

Seokjin brightened up, grin on his face, and he walked a little faster while he waved at their son. Their son. That’s what Jungkook always wanted to say.

“There’s my baby.”

Beodeul almost kicked Seokjin in the face as he swung up, though, which effectively knocked the omega to the ground. Jungkook tried to hold in his laugh, his body shaking, while he grabbed the swing’s chains and stopped Beodeul’s swinging. Beodeul giggled at his mother while Jungkook went to help him.

“You okay?”

“I would appreciate if you don’t use our kid to knock me over. Thanks.”

Jungkook shook his head. “It’s not my fault. His little legs were giving him momentum.”

“Shut up, Jungkook.”

He snorted as he helped Seokjin up and dusted him off. They walked back over and started to push Beodeul again, alternating who pushed each time.

“How’s he been today?”

“Good. He tried to throw a temper tantrum yesterday because I made him walk,” Jungkook said with a shake of his head, “He had an accident during his nap yesterday, but that’s it really. He’s been a good boy.”

“I feel like he’s always good for you…”

Seokjin sounded a little bitter. Jungkook didn’t like that.

“It’s just because he’s with you all the time. I’m like a little vacation,” Jungkook tried to assure.

The words made him feel sad, though, and apparently Seokjin too, because his mouth curved downward and his eyes looked upset. It was true that Jungkook didn’t get to be with Beodeul as much as Seokjin did. When Seokjin had started back to work after his maternity leave, Jungkook had Beodeul every single day while the omega worked, but now that Seokjin was unemployed, he was always home and didn’t need a baby sitter anymore. And it hurt Jungkook to see himself as just the babysitter. He was a parent too. Beodeul was his son.

“We should make a schedule,” Seokjin said then, “Give you more days with Beodeul. Like, maybe you can take him Sunday to Tuesday and I can have him Wednesday to Friday and then we can do stuff together on Saturdays or something. You deserve time with him as much as I do.”

Jungkook hadn’t wanted to turn this into something that would make Seokjin feel bad. He felt like an idiot. Beodeul, sensing his mother’s distress, was starting to get fussy in the swing and was demanding to be let down. Seokjin stopped the swing and picked Beodeul up, nuzzling the crown of his head to comfort him. Beodeul relaxed into his chest. Jungkook wondered if he could do that too or only Seokjin could because he was his mother.

“Have you had lunch?” Seokjin asked then.

“No. Let’s go eat together.”


He smiled at Jungkook and he knew it was going to be okay.


After lunch, they’d gone back to Jungkook’s apartment to get Beodeul’s things. Seokjin stayed for a little while to discuss the schedule they could set up, but Jungkook didn’t think too hard about it. If everything went his way, soon they wouldn’t need a schedule. They would be together all the time. He didn’t think there was any harm in dreaming big.

The apartment felt extra lonely with only him in it, though, and he picked up all of Beodeul’s toys that were strewn about. Jungkook, always cleanly, had grown used to having a messy apartment since having a child. A part of him hoped he would have more. That he and Seokjin would have more.

“God, I’m delusional…”

He shook his head and decided to work on smoothing out his plans for Parents Day while he worked out. No harm in getting some cardio in.


Sunday came faster than he expected and Jungkook was nervous. Seokjin had let Beodeul stay with him overnight, so Jungkook had gone the extra mile. He’d gotten Beodeul a little formal outfit, complete with a button up and bow tie and slacks, though Beodeul refused to wear his shoes, even for a photo. Beodeul’s wavy hair was unruly and fluffy, like always, and Jungkook couldn’t get over how pretty his baby was. Seokjin was beautiful and that had luckily been shared with their son too.

He dressed himself in some tight jeans that showed off his thighs and butt, glad he never skipped the gym, and a button up shirt that showed off his arms. He spent far too much time styling his hair and accessorizing, so when Seokjin rang the doorbell, he had to rush to light the candles as fast as he could.

When he let Seokjin in, he waited for the reaction. Seokjin blinked a few times at the both of them, then looked down at himself.

“Wish you’d told me this was a formal occasion…” he said.

Seokjin was wearing a camouflage t-shirt and sweats. He looked good in everything. Jungkook thought he looked like a million bucks.

The omega came in, carrying a little bag, which Jungkook assumed was a gift. He removed his shoes, then leaned in to lay kisses all over Beodeul’s face. Beodeul giggled before sticking his arms out to his mother. Jungkook let him take him, sneakily snapping some photos on his phone of how Seokjin cradled their son and cooed over him.

“Okay, Jungkook, what’s the big idea?” he said then.

“I just wanted you to have a good Parents Day.”

He took Seokjin further into the apartment and showed him the table. It was set for the three of them with a full three course meal which Jungkook had actually made. There were candles in the center, their flames flickering and washing the table with golden light, and a vase of two dozen red and pink carnations. Finally, there was a ribbon tied box on the table with Seokjin’s name on the label.

Seokjin’s jaw dropped at the sight. He turned to look at Jungkook.

“This is all for me?”


Seokjin’s lip trembled and he looked away from him. It was a moment of vulnerability. Jungkook liked to see them. Seokjin always tried to be strong, but there were times when he was weak too. It was why he had struggled so badly with his postpartum depression, but he had grown to be open with Jungkook. That was how a relationship worked.

“Wow,” Seokjin finally said, voice thick, “I can’t believe you did all of this for me. What about you? All I got you was a little gift.”

He held up the bag. Jungkook smiled.

“It’s okay. Consider this from me and Beodeul.”

“It’s too much. I can’t believe this.”

He ran his hand over his face. Beodeul copied him, watching Seokjin intently. That made Jungkook smile.

“I have a little bit of an ulterior motive, but we can talk about that later,” Jungkook said. “Open your gift and then we can eat.”

“Okay, okay.”

Jungkook took Beodeul from him and put him down so he could go play. Their child quickly went over to play with his toys and proceeded to make a mess.

Seokjin picked up the box and pulled the ribbon before he could lift the lid. He opened it up slowly, then pulled the gifts out.

“I love them.”

Seokjin was teary eyed as he looked at each gift.

One was a paperweight that had Beodeul’s footprint embedded inside of it. Jungkook had paid a lot of money to have it made, but he hadn’t minded. There was also a necklace which had Beodeul’s name in Hangul and his birthday on two different pendants. The last gift was a framed photo of the three of them. That one might have been a bit of a play to help with swaying Seokjin over, but it was also his favorite photo of all time. It was from the day Beodeul had taken his first steps and they were kneeling on either side of Beodeul while he stood, holding his hands. They looked happy, like a family.

“When you have an office again, you can use the paperweight,” Jungkook said, trying to lighten the mood.

Seokjin turned and hugged Jungkook tight. Jungkook could feel that Seokjin’s face was wet while he pressed his face into the crook of the alpha’s neck. Jungkook returned the hug and let Seokjin cry.

“Do you want to kill me or something?”

“I just wanted you to know that you’re doing a great job as a mother,” Jungkook said.

Seokjin hit his chest a few times, still hiding his face. It was obvious how uncomfortable he was, but Jungkook took it in stride, encouraging him. Finally, Seokjin pulled back and wiped at his eyes.

“You’re an asshole, Jeon Jungkook. You used my child against me.”

It was obviously a joke and Jungkook laughed. He took Seokjin’s hand into his and squeezed. Seokjin smiled, then put the necklace on. He put the other two gifts back into the box, then offered Jungkook the bag he’d brought.

“My gift for you is considerably worse, so don’t expect much.”

Jungkook pulled his gift from the bag and turned it over. It was a Widowmaker figure. Widowmaker was his main in Overwatch and that figure in particular was the only one he didn’t have for his collection. It wasn’t cheap either. The fact that Seokjin had bothered to get it for him while he was living off his savings was a big deal.

“I love it. This is the last one I needed,” Jungkook said with a grin, “Thank you so much.”

He wanted to tell him he loved him, but he had a feeling that would scare Seokjin off. He’d made too much progress to do that, so he held his tongue.

“Let’s eat.”


After they ate lunch together, they played with Beodeul until he was so tired, he was falling over. Seokjin tucked him in while Jungkook opened a bottle of wine for them. When Seokjin came back, Jungkook thrust a glass into his hand.

“Okay, so what’s your ulterior motive?” Seokjin asked as they sat on the couch together.

“I was buttering you up.”

Jungkook sipped down his wine.

“For?” Seokjin probed.

He looked cool as he sipped on his wine and it made Jungkook both nervous and aroused, a perpetual state he had become semi-used to being with Seokjin.

“I was thinking we could get Namjoon-hyung and Yoongi-hyung to babysit Beodeul for an evening so we can go to dinner together.”

“So, a date? You’re asking me on a date.”


He cleared his throat after he stuttered and finished off the wine in his glass. Way to look uncool. Seokjin kept sipping and Jungkook wished he would just give him an answer.

“Why, pray tell, do you want to go on a date with me?”

“Because I want to make this work. I want you to see me as a man and father who can be there for his family,” Jungkook said, being forward and feeling confident in that moment, “Because I’ve never stopped loving you and I’m not giving up on us.”

That made Seokjin flush and he licked his lips before looking away from him. Seokjin let out a little breath.


Jungkook stared at him, trying not to look like he was startled but pretty sure he was failing.


“Yes. I was sufficiently buttered up. Besides, you’re right. We should try to make this work. It’s not like either of us are seeing anyone and there’s chemistry between us. We have a kid. It can’t hurt to try,” Seokjin said and finished his wine glass, “But, if I can put any requests or requirements in, I’d like us to start again. Let’s date and get to know one another, not hop into bed the second we’re alone.”

“Okay. I like that idea.”

Jungkook poured them more wine. Seokjin watched him and Jungkook could feel his eyes on him. Despite that they’d said they would take it slow, he was now feeling sexual tension between them. As soon as they’d taken it off the table, there it was. Jungkook had missed it. He was excited about it, if he was honest.

They talked for a little while about random things before they shifted to more serious topics. While Jungkook’s life was rather simple, Seokjin had a lot to talk about.

“I’ve had a couple job interviews.”

“Really? That’s great, hyung.”

Seokjin had been holding Jungkook’s hand for the last hour and Jungkook had no interest in letting go. He squeezed gently.

“No one has called back after that, but still. Getting in the door is a big deal. I know I just have to keep trying.”

Jungkook nodded in agreement.

“My therapist said I should be done with treatment for my postpartum depression soon too. I’m doing really well. I think I’ve cried maybe once in the last month? Compared to how much I cried every single day, I consider that a win,” Seokjin said.

“That’s totally a win. You were a wreck back then. You seem like yourself again.”

“That’s kind of how I feel too. I mean, I think there’s still a part of my old self that’s missing. I don’t feel as confident. Or rather, I can’t fake my confidence like I used to. I want to be overly confident again. I’m almost back to my pre-baby weight.”

Jungkook found that to be a little depressing. He didn’t want to sound weird, but he’d thought Seokjin looked extra hot when he was pregnant. Even through all of the struggles they’d encountered then, Jungkook had never failed to think Seokjin was hot. The way he’d filled out and gotten kind of curvy was sexy.

“You were sexy when you were pregnant.”

Apparently Jungkook had had too much to drink, because his lips were loose.

Seokjin’s cheeks flushed and he looked away, but he didn’t let go of Jungkook’s hand. Jungkook squeezed again to assure him he was telling the truth.

Jungkook said, “I really do mean that.”

“Thank you. I appreciate it. Even though my weight has dropped, I’m shaped a little different now. It’s not a bad thing.”

“Not at all.”

“You’re looking good,” Seokjin said then, “Is that all you do—go to the gym and play Overwatch?”

“When I don’t have our Beodeul with me, yeah.”

Seokjin pinched his thigh. “What a life to live.”

“It works for now. It’ll change and that’s okay.”

Seokjin smiled fondly at him and Jungkook couldn’t resist. He leaned in and kissed the omega. By the time he realized what he’d done, he expected Seokjin to slap him, but instead he kissed back with a hunger Jungkook hadn’t expected. Maybe it was the wine, maybe it was because they were both starved for physical intimacy, but it was the hottest kiss they had shared since they had first started dating.

When Seokjin pulled back, he licked his lips and Jungkook was panting a bit.

“I should take Beodeul home,” Seokjin said then.

Jungkook panicked, thinking he’d fucked it up. They’d been having a moment, had been sharing with one another, and then he’d just had to kiss Seokjin. He squeezed the omega’s hand tight in hopes of conveying that he didn’t want him to go.

“Hyung, I…” Jungkook started.

“I’ll ask Yoongi when he’s free to watch Beodeul. Do you have any competitions coming up?”

“Oh. Uh, not for another month or so.”

“Great. Then we’ll pick a day for our date.”

Jungkook felt a fluttering in his stomach and it reminded him of the days when he’d first fallen in love with Seokjin. He smiled at Seokjin and nodded.

Seokjin went to get Beodeul up from his nap and he let Jungkook play a game with him while he gathered all of his things.

“Let’s go, Beodeulie.”

Beodeul hugged Jungkook’s leg tightly. Jungkook picked him up and kissed his head and face, then hugged him tight.

“I love you, kiddo. I’ll see you soon.”

“Bye, Appa,” Beodeul said.

Seokjin took him into his arms and Beodeul gave Jungkook a pitiful wave, big brown eyes looking sad and pout on his lips. Jungkook was pretty sure he could drop dead right then and there from how cute his kid was. Instead, he faked like he was having a heart attack dramatically and Seokjin smiled.

“Isn’t Appa so silly?” Seokjin said.

Beodeul giggled and nodded, clapping his hands. Jungkook gave him another kiss. He then looked at Seokjin.

“I’ll see you later. Thank you for the wonderful day,” Seokjin said.

“Happy Parents Day.”

Seokjin kissed him then and Jungkook grinned while he returned it. Seokjin left with Beodeul then, who kept saying “bye” and waving at him.

Jungkook slowly cleaned up the apartment, but his heart felt lighter despite being alone. He had hope. He and Seokjin were going to try again and that was the best gift he could have received on Parents Day.