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Is it fluff or is it angst?

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Hunk and Lance have been friends for as long as they can remember.

And for long as they could remember they have had powers that no one else seemed to have.

Lance could move things with simple thoughts and intent, while Hunk seemed invunerable to any harm.

From the fantasy they've seen on TV they decided early on to keep their powers a secret.

It was alot harder then it sounded...

Lance tended to not be completely conscious of his powers, he would move things when distracted or excited.

Hunk had an easier time, but it was still hard to hide the fact he never got hurt.

After all it's strange for someone to continue to walk away unharmed from things people normally get hurt from.

But they eventually learned to better hide it.

As they got older lance was more and more eager to use their powers while Hunk grew more anxious.

Lance eventually convinced Hunk to sneak out at night and use their powers as vigilantes.

They got into a routine over time, sneaking out at night to meet up and patrol the streets.

Things were no different when they both got accepted into the garrison.

What they didn't forsee was that the third member of their flight team would find out about their powers.

They let their gaurd down, and we're caught sneaking back into the garrison while in costume.

Pidge, it turned out wasn't gonna snitch on them, he wanted to join them.

That surprised them to say the least, until Pidge revealed he could connect with tech with powers of his own.

Pidge filled a gap in the team that Hunk and Lance never noticed, but now the dynamic felt much more natural.

Things continued on this way for some time.

Lance and Hunk sneaking out while Pidge stayed behind as technical support, tampering with garrison surveillance and communication between the trio.

Pidge was very stubborn about staying at the garrison and how he'd be the most help working from there.

But Lance wanted the bonding experience and decided to drag Pidge with them one night.

They snuck into the roof where Pidge set up his tech during the night with the intent of bring Pidge along.

What happened instead was very different.

Alien radio chatter, a crashed alien ship, Takashi Shirogane, the garrison quarantine, Keith f*cking kogane and a giant blue lion ship.

As they walked out of the blue lion and into an alien castle, Lance can only think of how complicated everything is becoming.

Now in space, with ten thousand years old aliens, famous garrison pilot Takashi Shirogane and the hotheaded dropout Keith Kogane.

It's gonna be so much harder to hide their powers in the middle of a ten thousand year old space war...