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Is it fluff or is it angst?

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Everyone in Keith's dorm was odd, to put it plainly, but who was he to say anything.

Who was he to mention how his roommate lance slept in the bathtub full of water or ate nothing but fish for every meal.

Who was he to say anything when Pidge and Matt hissed at the sun and horded ungodly amounts of tech he suspects they aquired by nonlegal means.

Who was he to question how Hunk shed massive amounts of hair on every surface he passes or how he might be hiding a large dog in his room that howls on full moon nights.

Who was he to be suspicious of Allura's glowing aura that lights up the whole dorm or how the house plants seem to perk up to her as she speaks to them.

Who is he to ask Shiro about his arm that has roots and bark mingling with flesh or how the dorm manager calls for the dorm to hide their peculiarities whenever outsiders come around.

He doesn't question it even when Lance walks into their shared dorm kitchen without a shirt on and scales freckling his skin.

He doesn't say a word when Shiro sheds bark absently while concentrating on a particularly tough subject for class.

He doesn't think twice about how he has never seem neither Matt or Pidge eat solid food or come out of their dorm before sunset.

He doesn't mention to anyone how odd it was to witness Allura get into an argument with the fern in the hallway or how it seems the fern somehow won that arguement.

He doesn't ask Hunk about why he tends to binge on raw meat once a month before hiding in his room with his mysterious howling dog til morning.

Keith has accepted that his dormmates are kinda odd and quirky that way, I mean who is he to judge?

He is a demon after all, it's not like he knows what normal is.