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Is it fluff or is it angst?

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Lance is given/inherited a big old house.

No one else wanted the house and Lance never questions why.

Lance was just really excited about getting a free mansion.

So he drives up with hunk to see the place and one of the neighbors stops him to give the "the house is cursed/haunted" warning.

This of course sets off hunks nerves but lance doesn't believe in the whole haunted thing.

So hunk just kinda drops lance off, lance assures hunk that he will be fine and will not get murdered by ghosts.

So lance is alittle put off with how much disrepair the mansion is in, but is staying positive.

But turns out the mansion is haunted.

Keith is the ghost/demon who is haunting the mansion, he sees it as his home and doesn't want anyone to change it.

Most spirits don't have the power to affect the physical world, but Keith is quite powerful and can not only move and possess objects, he can project his voice!

Plot twist is he can only move things and project his voice when he possess something, also the only thing he can possess is a little stuffed animal.

So lance is haunted by a little stuffed animal.

(That's it that's the whole plot)

Keith tries to be serious and scary and chase lance away.

Lance isn't sure whether or not he is part of an elaborate reality show prank.