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Is it fluff or is it angst?

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Basicly, I don't think I have seen any altean AUs where they were born on the colonies so I made some.

Lance and his family are altean, and were born and raised in the colonies under lotor's rule.

Veronica takes the place of romelle in this one, meaning she goes with Keith and krolia to learn what lotor had been doing.

Lance and Veronica's brother is the one Veronica discovers drained of quintessence.

Lance is left behind in the colony with no idea.

So honerva comes to preach about her vision and what Voltron has done and lance steps up for what he believes is a nobel cause.

Basically, Lance becomes one of honerva's most trusted soldier's and fights Voltron and the coilition as an enemy.

That's it, that's the AU