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Is it fluff or is it angst?

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Keith = Harry
Pidge = Harmione
Lance = Ron (completely fits)
Hunk = Nevile
Shiro = Sirius
Allura = Dumbledore
Lotor = Draco
Sendak = Lucius
Haggar = Bellatrix (Edited)
Krolia = Lily
Keith's dad = James
Kolivan = Snape
Coran = Hagrid
Zarkon = Voldemort (duh)
Zethrid = Crab (i honestly dont remember the difference between crab and goyle)
Ezor = Goyle (wow that doesnt fit at all, but whatever)
Axca = Astoria (Edited)


I'll be back to this after i rewatch voltron... and maybe reread the Harry Potter books...