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Is it fluff or is it angst?

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Like have you noticed in canon just how distant Shiro became after Keith literally saved his life over and over and over again?

I'm not just talking about the later seasons, I mean right after Keith saves Shiro from the garason, if you consider how close they were pre-canon and compare it to during canon... Shiro literally made time for Keith, even as he had garrison work and adam and literally everything!

But during canon, you see keith off to the side or hanging with Lance, Lance who he argued and fought with, He hung out with Lance more in canon then he hung out with Shiro???

And in the later seasons, Shiro just becomes to busy to even spend that tiny bit of time he had with Keith??? Pre-canon he was busy too and "MADE" time, to get away and talk and race hoverbikes and all that stuff... you saying he couldnt even sit down for breaks or meals and talk with keith???

Thats what this one is about, yup! (im gonna binge voltron soon and come back and fix all the canon facts i got wrong... )

So basicly it starts at the end of voltron when Keith leaves to turn the blade into a humanitarian organization or whatever and Shiro had married "Curtis", (The fact that the team grew apart after voltron still bugs me btw) and everyone went their seperate ways.

Keith and Shiro have their goodbyes like they are some "aquaintances" instead of close friends with a long history and onesided pining. Just to be clear Shiro is well aware of Keiths affection for him, he is kinda a jerk in this, a huge jerk.


So on that, we split to two perspectives starting with Shiro, we go into detail about Shiros marriage with "Curtis" and how it is a political marriage. (but like "Curtis" has the hots for shiro and is trying to turn the marriage into something real, cause i said so, "Curtis" needs development damn it!)

So While in public or with friends they are the picture perfect couple, but behind closed doors they are distant, Shiro is cold and distant, Curtis is kinda sad and tries to close the gap without much help cause Shiro is a jerk, like i said.

They have arguements that bleed into the public view and they eventual decide to take a break. (I said break, not divorce)


And we cut to Keiths point of view.

I'm not saying keith is heartless for not caring about Shiro anymore, but like considering all the mixed simbols and times he is straight up disregarded by Shiro, Keith moved on.

He saw glimpses in his future from the quantum abyss and saw that him and shiro werent meant to be and from then he went through his own growth, the cloning facility was his denial and wish to change his fate and get shiro to care but when it didnt work he distanced his heart from Shiro and Shiro showed him that their frinedship didnt matter when he spread the distance farther.

So we move to Keith, who has somewhat moved on but still wishes he could have changed his fate with shiro.

But like their are other fish in the sea and im not talking about Axca!

He meets someone during his new blade work, during his travels across the universe. He meets a dude from one of the planets he was bringing aid to, an old bounty hunter who retired when the war got rough. (cause like a bounty hunter during the empires rule would be working for the empire, cause they rule most of the universe. So when the war made the empire unstable he got outta dodge, not that he is a good guy or a bad guy, he is in the grey)

so yeah, retired bounty hunter that is now just a nomad, they dont hit it off right away but they keep running into each other.

So this bounty hunter that I havent decided the name of yet... Let alone species...(maybe make him galra to make things easier) He falls for keith basicly and Keith like i said is still hanging on to shiro by a very thin thread is reluctant to consider dating.

But eventually he tries to use this stranger as a means to forget Shiro, the nomad guy knows he is being used after a while and says "nope, you cant use me, thats cruel" and they dont see each other for a while.

During which Keith reflects and realizes he kinda does have feelings for the retired bounty hunter and when he runs into him he apologises and tells him about his feelings.


And we move back to Shiro, who is kinda regretting being all mean to Curtis (no more quotations) cause Curtis was super nice and trying his best and Shiro misses the presence he created in the now empty house they used to share.

But that is a problem to deal with later cause shiro is a procrastinator who doesnt care enough to make time for his own husband...

The yearly meet up is almost here and Shiro has been avoiding it for the last few years (the jerk) and now that Curtis has made them take a break from each other he has time to go! (seriously Shiro, wtf)

The yearly meet up has him thinking of Keith, and the jerk that Shiro is thinks he can just walk back into Keiths life like he didnt destroy his heart and his feelings. (basicly he wants to cheat on Curtis cause Curtis is ignoring him)

So Shiro comes in acting all buddy buddy with everyone and no one seems to remember how distant and cold he was last time they were together... And so far it is Lance, Coran and Hunk. Pidge shows up shortly after shiro gives hellos to everyone and pretends to be sorry for not showing up the last few years, he gives his speal to pidge too and asks if Keith is gonna be there.

Coran tell them that Keith got held up and will be coming a bit late and basicly says not to worry about him and just gets everyone sat down.

Of course news of Shiros's marriage discord has reached the others and they ask about it, Shiro feigns sadness and all that saying that things are difficult when the whole universe is watching and something about having no privacy to work things out and says they are taking a break.

The paladins all accept it, cause even after the kuron incident they still just accept everything Shiro spouts as gospal...

Just before the conversation can continue Keith arrives and comes to sit down. (he comes alone, yus, the surprise partner is for later)


So we go back to Keith.

And he is very surprised Shiro is there, It has been sometime since he met his alien partner and said partner helped him completely move on from shiro, but Shiro doesnt know that.

So having moved on, Keith, While surprised by Shiro's friendliness, is happy to be kind in return. But not because of his old feelings, this time its in hopes to fix their friendship.

After the hugs and greeting and apologies for being late, every sits down and gets back to talking about how they have been. (In this fic, everyone fell out fo touch after voltron and only talk when they run into eachother or when they get together for their yearly meet up for Allura)

Pidge goes on about her projects and tech and how her life is going. Hunk talks about all the alien food and and planets he has eaten and been to. Lance talks about his garden and how his family is doing, how the next generation is growing up. and so on and so forth.

Keith meanwhile is waiting til the dinner is over to introduce his new partner, but that plan gets held off when Shiro asks Keith if they can talk alone and Keith agrees believing Shiro wants to rekindle their old friendship as well.

But like...

When they go into closed room to talk Shiro gets handsy and tries to kiss keith. Shiro is out of shape from staying on earth... and Keith never stops training... So Keith easily throws Shiro off yelling "SHIRO WTF!?"

Shiro starts to rant about how Keith should just go along with it because Shiro knows Keith has always wanted that, and so on and so forth while Keith gets increasingly enraged by Shiro's betrayal.

Keith punches Shiro in the face and tells him that he's moved on and that he should go find another broken kid to grovel at his feet, cause thats not Keith anymore.

Meanwhile all the commotion has brought everyone to come investigate.


We switch to Shiro's pov now

Shiro is very much offended and confused at how much Keith has changed, cause the Keith in the past before his wedding would have done anything Shiro had asked.

The former paladins meanwhile have no idea whats going on, cause both Keith and Shiro are misheveled and Shiro has a nice bruise on his face forming, to them it looked like keith attacked Shiro, which that wouldnt have made sense cause they cant think of a reason why Keith would have done that.

There is a ton of yelling and questioning and the paladins even stop Keith from trying to leave.

Eventually Keith just yells for them to stop and shut up.

then it awkward...


Keith pov again

Oh and its in this perfect moment that Keiths partner shows up because keith told his partner to wait in another room to be brought back and introduced, and Keith never came when he said he would.

So everyone but Keith is like "WHO THE F*CK IS YOU" and the alien partner runs to Keith cause he realizes keith is not feeling so happy right now, he is overwhelmed and betrayed, so like this random alien runs up and hugs Keith and asks if hes okay and whats going on.

And Shiro loses it like "WHO ARE YOU TO TOUCH KEITH"

And the alien partner is like "IM HIS HUSBAND/MATE"

And everything freezes before erupting into chaos.

Shiro is exposed for the jerk he is, Keith gets to kiss his alien husband, the former paladins are no longer confused and Coran just goes "I knew all along" and no one is sure if he really did or not.

-----The end?-----