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Is it fluff or is it angst?

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So basicly Voltron is a cult on an island. How do i explain it... So like picture a huuuge river split right through a big city, and their just happens to pbe a plot of land in the middle, thats the island.

And the galra are the police or some kind of law enforcement.

Basicly Allura's father had a big vision for his "voltron" and he was super rich so when he dies Allura takes the inheritance and buys that island to build her father's vision, which is basicly a cult.

Pidge joins because when her father and matt disappears the police arent helpful at all and when she finds out that her father and brother had joined voltron she gets dragged in too.

Lance joins because his sister is there and he promised his family he would bring her home, buuut he got side tracked.

Hunk joined cause he was helping lance get his sister, hunk and lance are childhood friends.

Shiro was targeted by a crime group or serial killer or something and is saved by allura. He is keiths adoptive brother in this.

Keith is in the police academy when shiro went missing and uses his brother as motivation to train harder.

Basicly During a raid on one of the compounds the cult has within the city keith sees his brother and follows him getting dragged into the cult as well, but keith isnt just gonna be like "okay im accepting this, im a member of your cult now"

He tries to get his brother to leave with him, but shiro feels indebted to allura and wont leave.

Keith returns to the precinct with the other officers and is conflicted, and the other officers basicly don't see the cult members as victims since that are openly supporting the cult.

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