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Is it fluff or is it angst?

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During the corrupted wormhole episode when the lions are seperated, pidge instead of ending up in the space caterpillar junkyard she ends up on a planet.

---I kinda find it hard to believe all the planets in the voltron universe all speak common tongue so f*ck that---

Pidge ends up none the worse for wear on a planet of aliens that resemble brightly colored tropical birds. Like imagine a velociraptors with feathers and beaks and pretty feather tails. (scaley limps, with frilly bright feathers and curved bird beaks) The aliens seem fascinated by pidge to put it lightly, but there is a language barrier.

The aliens seem nice enough leading pidge into their city and letting her freshen up with a bath and change of clothes. But its kinda awkward when they cant understand each other, when pidge tries to go back to the green lion for repairs or at least build a translator with her tools in her lion, she is stopped by the aliens that just chirp and coo at her.

These aliens dont get visitors from outside their planet like ever, (which is probably why they never picked up the common tongue), pidge is an oddity, and facinates them to no end.

Because of the lack of alien contact and language barrier they dont seem to believe pidge is anything more then a strange animal. So they try to keep and pamper her, when they realize she is more clever then they first thought they put more measures into keeping her in the city.

But pidge being pidge, finds ways around their measures, realizing she has to get out if she wants to contact her team and the castle.

---tbc cause im out of ideas for the moment---