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Is it fluff or is it angst?

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-Keith -

keith went with his mother cause his mixed heritage was more obvious then in canon. His genes take after his galra side more, tho he still looks mostly human aside from yellow scalera and kitty galra ears and claws, he ages slower outwardly then humans.

Appearance, he would be pale skinned human. But! He'd have little black kitten ears, that had purple fur on the inside of them. Yellow scalera, dark blue pupils. Kitty feet, like, four toes, paw pads, kitty feet. Little claws (the main BOM call them kit claws cause they are tiny compared to theirs) and Little fangs! If he had a tail, its give away his galra heratige quicker then the ears and eyes (cause the ears blend in with his hair and eyes arent obvious at a distance) but a tail would have kitty value... decisions... decisions...

Galra live hundreds of years in this AU, so at 19 keith looks barely 6-8 years old in human terms, being the only 'kit' on base.

None of the blades die in this AU, so we get thace and ulaz and regris and antok, all alive and overprotective family for keith!

Krolia is still undercover, but keith is aware of it, even if he is kinda upset.

Keith is at the age where he is forbidden to leave base, all the war stuff is mostly hidden from him, he knows there is a war and that zarkon is bad, but he doesnt know the extent cause saying "zarkon is ruler of all the known universe and is a bad guy" doesnt sound as bad as "trillion of species suffer every day from slavery and abuse under zarkons rule as he destroys their planets and kills their people and there is little they can do about it cause his empire outnumbers them by millions" so yeah hes pretty sheltered...

He is in training tho, learning languages and hand to hand and knife/sword basics and stances. Cause i can imagine galra, a very battle driven race, would train their kits starting very young. Hes not into dangerous stuff like working with real sharp blades, but yeah i want little keith to kick ass.(Thace and antok train him in combat, Ulaz and thace teach him language and such)

-BOM -

I love the idea of close family pack dynamics in galra, not quite ABO dynamics, more platonic family instincts. Super protective, intimate family feels. All the fluff!

Thace would be keiths uncle, raising him with ulaz in krolias absence. Whether thulaz is a thing of not? Im leaning towards them pining not very obvious cause galra are pretty stoic. Thace and Ulaz would be constantly in and out of missions, they were in deep cover like cannon til the "champion" incident and then ulaz came back, Thace would go into deep cover when he gets that promotion from leutenant into commander. So it starts with caretaker Thace, then Ulaz returns and Thace goes deep cover til the zarkon confrontation.

Regris is like keiths big brother, He is considered young but not considered a 'kit' anymore. He often gets into mischief with keith cause he never really grew up. I imagine their favorite game is to see who can get away with pranking kolivan.(Thace would get into trouble with them cause he is an enabler who probably never grew up either)

Antok is like keiths mentor, and probably secretly keiths favorite guardian. Antok is in charge of his combat training (thace's training lessons are more like bonding time), but he probably spends too much time play fighting with keith. Antok is a huge enabler of keith and regris' mischief, he would sit back and not say a word and probably divert attention subtlely just to see how their pranks turn out.

Kolivan would be super stoic, but secretly a huge softy and literally only antok (and probably keith) would be around to notice him being soft. He would suffer silently through keiths mayhem cause keith is just too precious and he cant handle it.

-Paladins -

I'm thinking without keith on earth the timeline would move from "garrison trio rescuse shiro from the garrison" to "allura blue paladin, lance red paladin" and not much else changing on their end til the bom episode. Then allura and shiro travel to the bom headquarters (forget the whole only red can travel the path, plot dictates allura needs to be on base for shananigans!)

Keith (obviously sheltered and not allowed into the meeting of the paladins and kolivan) sneaks away from "anonymous babysitter" (cause ulaz was in the lion with the paladins and now at the meeting, and thace is in a mission or deep cover or whatever now) to go see the legendary paladins from his bedtime stories.

Allura who in this reality never met keith so she never had the ark where she comes to understand all galra arent bad (which i think is a big factor to her realization of acceptiance, cause living with keith and him proving his worth over and over had to have made an impact. Him and shiro both advocating a bom / voltron alliance sofened the blow i think, even if she didnt know keith was galra yet) Is highly hostle even if she is trying to subdue it for shiro

The galra who are extremely stoic can spot her anger a mile away but are better at hiding their feelings about it, so her subtle anger and barley hidden distrust as she is belting out stuff like "heartless species" or "all galra are monsters" is super obvious with her hostility.

Keith who witnesses her accusations about kolivan and his "family"s loyality and cause, is of course highly offended to put it lightly, so he of course hotheadedly runs out and chalanges her to a duel or something. The blades are silently panicking, not noticing keith earlier (antok is both proud at his stealth skills and extremely worried about his safely around a hostile alien on their base)
Shiro is probably frozen by the fact there is a child with a harmless practice blade that is not even sharp is challenging allura to a duel he believes the kid cant win and the fact the kid looks human

(gasp human)

Allura probably very conflicted, causeyouknow. Galra = dangerous, Child = harmless.

and kolivan is a very very tired father.

Safe to say the duel doesnt happen, but keith sure made it clear she should not be mean to his family.

His habit to sneak into kolivans and antoks shuttles when they meet the paladins for meetings is how he gets to meet the rest of the paladins, i imagine pidge is the first to notice him when he sneaks into the castleship the first time, (coran probably notices immediately but like coran wont tell no one, he is probably like antok and wants to see what happens)

eventually kolivan just gives up trying to keith proof the shuttles so he cant sneak out of base, he just lets him, but of course he always has one of his guardians to babysit him (at least til the paladins are proven trustworthy with their kit)

Allura -

I imagine after the keith confrontation, she becomes more conflicted about the "galra evil" thing. Not saying she warms up immediately, i feel she would take some time, and the blades really really would make it clear to her that if she is hostile to their only kit that she wont get away with it.

Over time she would develop a big sister relationship with keith, cause she cant hold onto her prejudices forever.

-Shiro -

I kinda imagine keith getting told stories about shiro by Ulaz. Like, ulaz would paint the picture of a hero who stands for the prisoners and doesnt surrender to the "evil zarkon" or something. That he is a warrior that spares the innocent.

In this AU shiro never killed any prisoners he was up against, he made a show of subduing them so the crowd was satisfied, but never killed them. So he wasnt dubbed the arena champion by the galra, he was the champion of the people. Cause he spared them and shared food and snuck them resources, he was given for his continued wins, to other prisoners.

So i imagine when keith is told the champion and hero of the arena, is human like his father, he wants to be like shiro. Though i believe given shiros ptsd he would be conflicted accepting such praise, cause all he remembers from the little flashes he gets are him causing pain to others or the druids haunting him, but this is a fluff fic so keith has to show him hes a hero.

-Lance -

Lance being from a big family, just loves kids. So he obviously wants to be keiths favorite, but of course keith favors shiro. Lance probably understands, cause shiro is his hero too, not for the same reasons but shiro is literally everyones hero at some point.

At some point there has to be a scene, where keith gets upset at someone for saying hes too young for something (training/flying/something) and he yells "Im not a little kit anymore! I'm gonna be 20 decaphebes soon!" and i just imagine lance just getting so offended that keith is older then him.

in extention to that scene, when keith learns that lance, hunk and pidge (18, 18, and 16 respectively) are younger then him and he becomes a little sh*t and starts bossing lance around saying hes "older" so he can.

-Pidge -

Pidges relationship with keith is probably similar to his relationship with regris after they get to know eachother more, (platonic kidge is literally my jam)

They probably gossip alot about who knows, keith likes hanging out with pidge while she tinkers cause him and regris have the same habit, also kidge causing meyham with pranks (usually on lance, but shiro probably got cause in one or two)

-Hunk -

Hunk is most likely gonna be nervous around keith at first (cause you know, sharp claws/teeth, glowing eyes, galra) but he probably sneaks keith snacks and keith would hang out in the kitchen cooking with him.

Another scene, keith approaching hunk asking help cooking something for a galra tradition/aniversery/birthday/holiday thing for his guardians and making a complete mess of the kitchen and kolivan trying so hard not to go soft at the sight of his messy kit covered in dough/powder smiling brightly while he presents him with his dish.

-The Lions -

You know how keith could feel the blue lion and had super strong instincts? He probably feels that tugging, not a "your a paladin tug" but a "we are here" tug

He would sneak off to the hangers to sit and talk with the lions, more often after his guardians deem the paladins trustworthy with their kit, leaving him at the castle ship alone with the paladins.

The lions would of course love their tiny halfbreed cub, cause who wouldnt???

-Other scenes -

The story would revolve around time between missions, being, cuddly fluff and mischief mostly.

On the day they face zarkon for the final battle with the giant teladov, would probably be the most angst it would get, but that'd be keiths point of view and he would be on base away from the battle being worried and lonely (cause he doesnt know how big the battle will be, but he knows that his family and new friend will be fighting and he cant do anything to help)

The rest is fluff, like

The paladins learning galra traditions and habits, and being really surprised the first time keith initiates play fighting.

First sleepover at the castle ship and keith learning the paladins dont all sleep in the same room and getting home sick.

Keith constantly trying to get allura to duel him, but getting distracted by one thing or another.

Keith pouncing on hunk or shiro cause he doesnt know he should ask for a piggypack ride (everyone on the BOM base probably just lets him jump on them whenever he likes) he would probably
start giggling if hunk freaked and started running.

Pidge making a laser pointer to see exactly how catlike the galra really are (ill let you decide if keith goes for it)

Lance teaching keith games from earth, like hide and seek, freeze tag, ect.

The paladins learning keith is lactose intolerant and nursing him through the ensuing cramps and sickness.

Krolia returning to base from deep cover to find keith not there and all his guardians not with him, and then rushing to the castle ship to retrieve her kit from the aliens her pack left him with, only to find him completely fine.

Of course krolia returns from deep cover with Kosmo, cause he cant be left out, so keith gets a new dog and he loves him

Keith's psychic abilities extend to Kosmo, so when he meets kosmo he feels a similar feeling from him as he feels from the lions in canon, like understand his feelings and intent. So when the paladins ask what he will name Kosmo and he says "im waiting for him to tell me" he really means it. (theyd probably dub him Kosmo anyway, even when keith pouts and says thats not his name)

Keith being so absolutely disgusted by food goo, he starts a food fight the first time he shares a meal with the paladins (bonus if kolivan is there and he gets pelted while he sits stoicly by trying hard not to join in)

Keith being super into corans story telling that he follows coran around while he does mantenance on the castle to hear his stories (i headcanon thace is a wild story teller so keith loves those kind of crazy stories)

Keith repeatedly trying to sneak into shuttles and fighters on the castle ship cause he wants to fly (the crafts on the bom base were age locked , similar to the way galra tech is species locked. So he couldnt fly anything without permission, but he didnt, cause who in their right mind would let a little kid who has never flown before fly his first craft between two black holes???)

Keith being really good at flying that he doesnt crash even when he is escorted back to the castle ship, (making lance sour cause he crashed every simulation he has every flown before blue and red) and being really smug even when he gets in trouble.

Keith building nests in all the common areas, like in the kitchen, lounge, the bridge, all the lion hangers, the training deck, the observation deck, ect. No one really has reason to stop him cause they arent in the way where they are built, but when he starts trying to build them in everyones bedroom they start questioning him. (I imagine galra use nests instead of beds and lounging furniture, so keith doesnt get the concept that 'bed is for sleeping' and 'couch is for relaxing' and he thinks they just dont know how to nest, so he "makes examples")

Keith napping, like a cat, in the most random places. Cause he is one of those kids that just goes and goes til he crashes.

Keith staring, like a cat. Be it across the room, behind furniture, in the dark (scaring lance half to death with glowing eyes), just staring, so innocently.

The garrison trio teaching keith earth traditions and customs (lance trying to convince him a dab is an acceptable greeting. Pidge not really correcting him, but hunks exasperation gives the prank away)

Keith and shiro bonding! keith teaching shiro how to play fight, while shiro teaching keith how to spar.

Lotor coming to the castleship, making keiths guardians more wary, so they start coming to watch over him again.

Lotor just having no idea how to deal with kids and meeting keith who is interested in meeting more halfbreeds.(lets just say lotor isnt a bad guy for fluffs sake)

Lotor going out of his way to avoid keith, but keith just not getting the hint.

Awkward babysitter lotor, I WANT AWKWARD BABYSITTER LOTOR!

The paladins seeing keiths paw feet during their first sleep over and gushing over a very unimpressed keith.

Keith getting lost at the space mall and hanging out with varkon til who ever he went to the mall with decides to check the mall help desk where varkon is.

During a coilition, aliens with ill feelings towards the BOM and paladin alliance tries to lure keith away and then getting the wrath of like everyone almost immediately and keith not realizing he was ever in danger.

Keith learning about earth animals and hippos. you know. (plus lance trying to convince his sharks are better and not getting anywhere)

Thace sneaking keith out into training flights, cause hes that kind of uncle.

The castle ship doesnt get destroyed cause lotor is an okay guy in this AU, so he doesnt turn on them. Also the altean colony isnt bad, lotor made it to protect them from haggar, all is right with the universe and the trip back to earth isnt a huge whatever that was. So when they goto free earth they have the castle for support, good day. I want keith to see earth, and everything not to be a tragedy, is that too much to ask? support from the coilition and the Blades that arent dead in this reality, they can save earth without getting f*cked. also since the colony isnt a hell hole, haggar doesnt find it and she doesnt get her altean robeast, so suck it haggar! (im completely drawing blanks about what happened past season 5, so i dont know, dont look at me if i dont got all the facts, i want earth and the MFEs and the garrison!)(NO ONE IS ALLOWED TO KILL ALLURA!)

Over protective blades hovering around keith after earth is saved and they land to visit.

Iverson not taking keith seriously after keith gets offended by his attitude and challenges him to a duel. Iverson then getting knocked onto his tailbone by a tiny keith and keith beaming about his victory even tho iverson is shocked and slightly fuming. (iverson obviously cant do anything about it cause antok is hovering nearby being intimidating while secretly highly amused)

Keith silently judging shiro and curtis for being "open" about their courting, shiro getting flustered when keith catches him kissing curtis and asks him if its normal for humans to 'mate in public' (insert judgy keith glare) (cause galra while they have all those family customs/insincts are very private about courting and mating)(bonus, keith witnessing allurance and immediately taking offence. allurance of course has no idea what they did to trigger little keith)(Edit: i just realized i wrote shallura instead of allurance)

Keith meeting a cat and paladins reactions. nuff said.

The blades losing track of keith and finding him sleeping with the space mice and cosmo in the lion's hanger.

Keith meeting the MFEs and immediately challeging james to a race, but getting stopped by Ulaz who over hears from somewhere nearby.(sneaking away later to race james anyway with fliers and winning the race cause james thought keith was kidding)

Assorted MFE and keith fluff.

Keith asking tons of questions about human mating ceremonies(weddings) and finding alot of human traditions weird or pointless. Bonus the blades who brought keith when they attended the wedding getting the shock of learning humans opening kiss in public and reacting much like keith when he found out.

Krolia taking keith to his dads shack in the desert.

Keith getting lost on the garrison base and ending up on the roof, where he hangs out watching the stars. Shiro finds him there after he has fallen asleep and takes him to bed.

Keith. Parkour.

Keith meeting the paladins families.

Keith meeting lances nieces and nephews and being like "oh that kid is so small what is he 5 decaphebes old?" and being told "no... he is not even 2 yet..." and being shocked.

Keith meeting the holts dog and wondering why they cant teleport.

Lance getting jealous when his mother and family just immediately wants to adopt keith.

Keith. Steals. A. Car. (shiro finds him after his joyride of course)

Someone give the keith a stuffed hippo. please.

Keith carrying the stuffed hippo everywhere with him.

Keith napping on people, just falling asleep on anyone and everyone.

Keith jumping on curtis and scaring him half to death for a piggy back ride. (shiro failing to hide his amusement)

Keith descovering the ventalation system and falling out of a vent right onto a very lucky human. That human is probably one of the MFEs...(itd be funny if it was iverson, but james would be better)

Sneaky keith raiding the kitchen in the middle of the night and scaring hunk in the process.

---more to be added at a later date---