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Is it fluff or is it angst?

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Krolia was not the first alien to visit earth. There were many many before her, and the government was aware. There are prodicals in-place outside of public knowledge to keep aliens from the publics knowledge.

So when krolia crashes to earth with her partner, right in Tex's backyard (keiths dad will always be texas kogane, fight me) it doesnt go unnoticed. Tho the sensors monitoring the desert have a blind spot because of the blue lion (yey lion magic) And cant accurately pin point tex's shack.

Oh right, krolia's partner blade dies. But not before krolia and tex get all panicked, depressed and then resigned about it.

Over time while fixing up krolias craft, krolia and tex wander the desert following blue's signals. The government is running around trying to bypass their blind spot to find krolia, before it becomes a public issue. (they are kinda lax in the issue cause of the fact it is in the middle of the desert away from the public)

!~Time skip to keith~!

Krolia and tex have obviously noticed vehicles coming into the desert lurking about so they have taken a low profile. They also gotta lay low cause they gotta take care of keith too.

The government agents have taken another strategy towards finding the craft and aliens, operation stalk tex when he goes into town for supplies! (cause theyve obviously had to have spotted him around in the desert, its not hard to assume he knows something or has information they need)

So on the way back from a supply run everything goes to sh*t~!

The empire's scouts come, alerting not only krolia, but also the governments extraterestrial response team! But again the government cant get an exact reading cause of blue! And krolia informs Tex who is on his way back to take keith and get outta dodge and the government decide to keep following tex, getting backup to head their way!

Tex probably realized he was being followed at some point, but like, his son!!! his cat wife!!! He still has to go!

Krolia decides on a plan, Tex grabs keith, Krolia takes out the scouts, they meet back up after a signal and get away from the mysterious government stalkers.

Problem is, the government back up included government fighters and after krolia took care of the scouts she was outnumbered by fighters! She decides damaging her craft would be too much of a risk cause she couldnt fly tex and keith to safety if it was damaged too much, so she takes evasive manuvers! Flying the craft out of the atmostphere, running into the international space stations (gotta feel sorry for the people incharge of silencing this incedent) one thing leads to another and she ends up too far from earth.

Krolia is picked up by and empire craft and cant return without risking earth, the blue lion, or tex and keith. So she never makes it back.

!~Cut back to tex~!

Cornered in his shack saferoom that krolia insisted he build at one point. (she is from a top secret spy organisation i can imagine she'd insist failsafes be put in place) Tex is with little toddler keith waiting for a signal that isnt coming. (sob)

(Officers and agents trained in dealing with aliens probably could get into the galra tech if they tried hard enough)

So the agents stormed the safe house and found a very human looking tex and keith, and were like "...take them anyway" And tex and keith were brought into custody. Much to tex's 'protests'. Tex gets roughed up and after several interogations they find keiths existance suspicious and do tests that reveal his nonhuman dna.(suspicious cause texas kagone may be a manly man but he cant create children out of thin air)

When Tex's 'protests' get out of their control they make him 'disappear', so they can do whatever they want now that he is gone.

So then keiths parents arch is over and we move over to keith growing up in governemtn 'custody'.

--- I dont really know where to go from here...this is more like a prologue to the story i wanna create, of keith being stuck in government 'custody and never leaving earth with the garrison crew or meeting shiro or going to space. I wanna see the reaction when voltron comes to earth and reveals the existance of aliens and screws up the clasified information that has been secret for so long.---

(cause in this voltron defeats zarkon/lotor/haggar back in space before returning to earth to bring them into the coalition)

And basicly, keith who has been trapped in a lab all his life with little to no knowledge of what was going on outside, (being too so young when he was taken and never really leaving his fathers shack to begin with) is suddenly released when pidge hacks into this particular branch of the government that seems to be so against the coalition and aliens coming in general and made the biggest fuss about keeping everything under wraps, and finds out they have a ton of alien knowledge and scrapped tech and alien bodies (they found krolias blade partner)

So pidge uncovers keith and is like "hold the f*cking phone, what is going on here" and of course being teamed up with the blade of marmora, when she notices they have not one but two marmora blades (krolias that she left with keith and her partner blade that passed away and was buried with it) pidge gets ahold of the blade and they take control of the warehouses and connected labs and keith! (yey keith)

Keith of course has no f*cking idea whats happening.

---- tbc thats all ive got for now---