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Yue Qingyuan swallows every kiss offered up to him.

Shen Jiu looks wrecked - utterly, utterly filthy under his hands, and he keeps pushing for more, scratches on his arms that grow into red welts even under his filed nails.

“Hurry, Qi-ge,” he gasps. “ Hurry .”

He does, because when has he not listened to him? He pulls up a knee to drive in faster, and Shen Jiu lets out a sharp hiss at the change in angles. He can never tell what pleasures him more until he spells it out, and Shen Jiu rarely does. Tonight feels - competitive somehow, and he knows why. Shen Yuan’s claiming ceremony is still vivid in his memory - he would have rather not subjected Shen Jiu to it, if he could help it, but he knew that Luo Binghe was kind and would treat him well.

It still didn’t change the way he had taken him behind those curtains, Shen Jiu turning into his chest, face grim because he didn’t want to see his brother like this but this is the life they chose - and he was happy. Yue Qingyuan knew Shen Yuan was happy - radiantly so, even after they had consummated and his face looked a little torn about Luo Binghe’s evident inexperience during the banquet, every time the happy couple had locked eyes they’d had eyes for no one else.

And this meant… that a different kind of feeling had risen up in Shen Jiu’s mind, along with the evident empty nest syndrome now that his brother had also moved out of their estate.

He really should’ve seen it coming, with the heat scheduled so soon after the wedding. Shen Jiu had dragged him inside today, and they’ve been locked together for an hour now, and he hopes he remembered to tell the staff to prepare dinner cold.

The smell will warn them before they move near their rooms anyway. Yue Qingyuan is thankful, suddenly and fiercely, now that he can see Shen Jiu underneath him, moved to tears only for him - that he is not royalty, and he will never have to put him on display for anyone else like this, not like this. Never like this.

“You’re thinking weird things,” Shen Jiu says, because he can always see through him. He slowly blinks back tears, revealing the proud jut of his throat. He never bares his neck without a challenge, and it makes Yue Qingyuan’s blood run hot. “And you’re not fast enough.”

“Xiao Jiu…” He bites back a smile. He’s come twice tonight, the first one fast and reckless, the second one slower, working him up to a gasp. Shen Jiu has refused to let any of the come leave him, clenching down tight every time he’s tried to pull out. Objectively, Yue Qingyuan knows what he’s doing, but it doesn’t make it any less hotter, make his head spin every time he thinks of the implications. He presses down on his front, past the head of his cock, and Shen Jiu lets out a breath like he’s been punched. Yue Qingyuan’s heart restarts in double time.

“You’re full now,” he says, because he doesn’t know what else to say. Doesn’t know how long it’ll take for him to knot him outside of a rut, doesn’t know how long Shen Jiu can go on for. Heats have never taken them too long - a day at most, and most of their lovemaking has always been fleeting touches, warm whispers in the dark. Shen Jiu barely lets him change positions - and they’ve never discussed -

This -

“Not enough,” Shen Jiu says sharply. He lifts his own hips, half-shameless - what is there to be ashamed about? Yue Qingyuan doesn’t know, but he goes red all the same - and pulls him closer inside. “Don’t tell me I’ve tired you out, Qi-ge?”

And there’s that look - the one he gives him from behind his sleeves, his fans, through the fall of one perfectly looped lock of hair when he glances over his shoulder.

Yue Qingyuan shakes his head. It’s their first proper heat together - he can’t be complacent. He can’t let Shen Jiu drive him wild like this. It’s -

He can’t -

“I’ll hurt you in this position,” he says. Pulls out, and Shen Jiu lets out a surprised whine that startles them both into silence. Come drips into the sheets, and Shen Jiu looks away, his own flushed face so appealing that Yue Qingyuan dives in for another soft kiss to the cheek.

“Sap,” he accuses. He still looks displeased about the come, about how Yue Qingyuan has evidently still not achieved any form of release - about the heat that still burns his veins. “I’ll - turn around, then.”


Yue Qingyuan’s brain does a complicated short-circuit. “Xiao Jiu, what do you m-”

Shen Jiu doesn’t reply as he stretches his long limbs, knees half-slipping on the bed as he rolls over, uncaring of the mess on the sheets. Any other time and Yue Qingyuan would have never heard the end of it - and they’ve had sex enough times that he knows. The knowledge makes blood rush to his head faster, his hands supporting Shen Jiu’s waist up before he falls .

“That helps,” Shen Jiu says, and rises up on his elbows, unaware of the sinuous ripple it sends down his back. He glances over his shoulder - his hair is a mess, half falling out of its elegant looped half-bun, and Yue Qingyuan has never seen anything more beautiful. “You can try now.”

Yue Qingyuan attempts to gather the scattered pieces of his mind. “You want me to knot you.”

“As fast as possible, please,” he says primly. There is come running down his thighs - Yue Qingyuan’s come. Every single time he meets Shen Jiu’s eyes after tonight he’s going to remember this.

He moves on autopilot, Shen Jiu’s fingers reaching to fit him inside again, before he’s scrabbling for purchase on either side of the pillows. He grabs on to one and bites down when he enters - and Yue Qingyuan can tell he’s so much deeper inside this time, and it should hurt - it should - but Shen Jiu doesn’t complain, only clenches down harder. He’s so loose, open - his faint blossom scent assails his senses, and all he wants to do is drown.

So he does.

It’s slow at first. Yue Qingyuan makes sure of it, as much as Shen Jiu insists, rolls back onto his hips until he holds him in place, getting him accustomed to the size of him, the angle of his thrusts. Then it’s faster, and hotter, and oh, that’s not a lot of come after all - he can fit more, he can fit more for sure.

“More,” Shen Jiu insists against the sheets. “I can take it. I can.”

He can, Yue Qingyuan realizes with a jolt. There’s come on the sheets again - Shen Jiu’s own - he’s come twice already too, and this time he seems to be readying up for another one when he feels the way his knot swells around the base. Shen Jiu must feel it too, because he relaxes instead of clenching - his fear-response from when they first started out completely gone. There’s a scent that’s not his mate’s - Yue Qingyuan’s own, that’s slowly pervading the room.

“I’m close, Xiao Jiu,” he says. Feels around for his cock, thumbing the head he knows the way Shen Jiu likes, and Shen Jiu’s tears sparkle under the lamp light as he falls apart, a scream instead of his small airy gasps issuing from him when the knot locks them together. Yue Qingyuan feels relief, but only for a second. Shen Jiu’s warm insides go hotter, more pliable, and he groans at the sound it makes - at the sounds that Shen Jiu allows to leave his throat.

He’s so full . Yue Qingyuan has never seen him look this hungry before, this debauched. All for him. His abs are distended, he realizes, when he feels around for his cock again - he doubts he could fit more come in him if he tried. It’s tight - shamefully so - and Shen Jiu only bites his lip, looking back at him. Daring him to go further.

“At least I know how to navigate you around after I’ve bred you,” he says, and Shen Jiu goes redder - if that’s even possible. He clenches down in retaliation, and Yue Qingyuan hides his smile in his neck, unable to hide how smug he is in this moment.

“Say that after we’ve conceived,” Shen Jiu shoots back, without any real rancour.

“Don’t worry,” he says, voice full of promise, as he moves his hands around to his waist again. “We’ve all the time in the world to try.”