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For Thor's Sake, Cap. . . .

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Steve Rogers

Alright, @tonystank we cannot let @SnarkySpider and @StarkIntern be in the same room. It's official.

Tony Stark

@the_first_avenger why not?! It'd be very!

Nat Romanoff

@tonystank no more Heathers for you. . . . You wanna talk out of hand, try Tony's references to 80s crap

Intern Boi

@tonystank ouch! Just got schooled by the ever-iconic @spiderqueen! Gonna need @GodOfMischief to fix that burn

Tony Stark

@StarkIntern you're so grounded, it's not even funny

Jim Rhodes

@tonystank you don't even have legal custody of @StarkIntern so you can't ground him #getrekt

Loki Laufeyson

@WarMachine finally someone who speaks English.

Scott Lang

How do we get dragged into these messes @birdbrain?

Sam Wilson

I have no mother-frickin clue @TicTac

Ned Leeds

@StarkIntern what am I witnessing?

Michelle Jones

@GuyInTheChair we are witnessing the Avengers fight over whether @StarkIntern is allowed to meet @SnarkySpider

Flash Thompson

Yeah, no crap, @crisissketcher!

Clint Barton

Yeah, can someone remove this from my feed? I'd greatly appreciate it.

Carol Danvers

I'm with @Legolas on this one.

Stephanie Barton

@Legolas @TheNewMarvel let me handle this.

Carol Danvers

@thenewhawkeye you are a saint!

Clint Barton

@TheNewMarvel this is why I'm glad @thenewhawkeye is my daughter.