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Tales from the Convention

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“What I don’t understand, is why would Elliott follow Captain Shadow when he knows that they are going to be fighting Lillth and he doesn’t have his bow?” Magnus asked, phone tucked into his neck as he bent to lace his shoes.

“You know why, Magnus,” Alec said, laughter in his voice from the other end of the phone. “It’s their bond, their crystal bond means he has to follow him. I thought you said you’d watched season one properly with Clary and Maia?”

“Ah…” Magnus paused, voice dipping lower, “I may have skimmed some of it and just focused on the parts where Elliott worked out or took off his shirt...or both!”

“Magnus!” Alec exclaimed, and Magnus could imagine the cute, scrunched face he was making as he frowned at him. Perhaps even an eye roll or two?

“I can’t help it if I get distracted by all that glorious naked flesh….and that chest that just a costume for the character...or….?”

“Magnus!” Alec huffed again, voice substantially deeper and softer too, “Maybe….maybe you’ll get to find out one day…”

“Maybe I will!” he said happily, tucking in his shirt and standing to reach for his leather jacket. “So what time does your event start?”

“It’s from 11. I still can’t believe you’re going to be in court all day and miss it! It’s been 3 whole weeks and we haven’t even managed to be in the same room as each other, you've been so busy. I’ve seen more of you on Twitter on those insane videos of you crashing Jace’s panel, that I have on FaceTime!” Alec said, frown in his voice, Thinking about the furor of ‘Who is Magnus?” “What’s happened to Alec?” “Who is she?” and their new ship name, “Malec?” that had still not died down online.

“Well,” Magnus said gently, “I have kind of been a little bit busy you know, Alec. Someone had to sort out you know who.”

“I know, I know,” Alec rushed out, “And I am so so so so grateful to you and Aline for that, and for keeping me out of it too. Not having to’s something I’ll be eternally thankful for. You know I am! I just wish….I wish we could have celebrated the outcome together. I miss you. I know, don’t say it...Jace and Izzy remind me often enough..”

“What? The same thing Clary and Maia and even Simon tell me all the time?”


“That we only spent 3 hours together in I can’t possibly feel like my whole damn heart belongs to you?” he said seriously, listening as Alec’s breath hitched and then sped up.

“I… I feel the same, you know I do, Magnus. When I finally get you in a room with me...I am going to show you just how much.” He paused, smiling as Magnus gave a small whimper, then frowned, “I just...I can’t believe I’m here for the first time in 2 and a half weeks and you have to work. I just...I was really...hoping to have another epic hug from my hero…” The sincerity in his voice almost broke Magnus’ resolve and he nearly told him the truth...that he was going to see him today, that it was finally going to happen!

But he was so excited by the surprise he had arranged with the whole group of them (but mostly Luke and Jace) that he couldn’t ruin it now.

He grabbed his keys and pulled his messenger bag over his shoulder, slipping them inside as he left the apartment. The door shut with a quiet snick.

“Did you just leave your place?” Alec asked, breaking into the long silence, where Magnus had been unable to speak for fear he would tell him the truth.

“Yes,” he replied, back on safer ground. “I have to go. I’ve gotta jump on the subway so I’m going to lose you. But Alexander, you are going to be amazing today! You only have to do the panel - no photos, no autographs. Now the story’s out there, fans understand why...and you will have everyone there to support you. You don’t need to worry. Remember everything the counsellor said and take your time. Luke will manage the questions, he already told me his plan to keep everything about the show - no questions about anything else. You’re going to be absolutely fine!”

“I know, I am. Just wish you were going to be there to hold my hand, I’m going to find it hard to focus without you...will you be online...can I text you during it?” Alec tried hard not to sound like he was whining, but it was harder than he had thought it would be.

“I’ll be able to reply a little... but maybe not to every text Alexander...I’m sorry...I know it’s a disappointment, it really is to me too.. I feel so bad that I won’t be there when this is the first con you’re going to be part of since everything happened. But you are strong, my darling, and you have your whole team with you to help you through it.”

He paused, reaching in his pocket for his travel card, “But we will see each other soon... remember, I invited you to bring your season ticket and meet me at 161st this week! Our baseball date is going to be epic! We are going to have the best time! I am going to buy you beer and dogs and pretzels and popcorn and whatever stupid noise maker they have this time, and we’re going to wear our shirts and caps and lanyards and be dripping in Yankees gear! I might even buy you a new shirt with an appropriate name on the back…” he mused for a second, and then heard the smile in Alec’s voice as he replied.


“Oh god!” Magnus laughed, a fond smile on his lips. “Yes, Malec! Those bloody fans of yours and their ship names. Maybe we’ll get matching Malec Yankee shirts and start a trend, we’ll be all over Twitter again!”

“The fans would love that, Magnus!” Alec laughed. Then in a quieter voice, “I would love that.”

“Me too.” Magnus said, smiling a soft smile at the affection he could hear in Alec’s voice.

“Before you get on the subway, Magnus,” Alec began hesitantly.


“I just wanted to tell you that I wouldn’t be doing this today if it wasn’t for you. I know I’ve said it a lot and our friends make fun of us for it, but you are my hero. I think from the second I saw you sitting on that bench, I knew you were going to rescue first I thought maybe just from my boring day, but then...well you know...and it just… you mean so much to me! I can wait. I know I’m whiny today, but I can wait to see you, because when we do finally see each other, it’s going to be the most incredible moment of my life. You already are the most incredible thing that ever happened to me. So, yes, I might moan, but I can wait for it. And...and thank you.” He finished.

Magnus couldn’t speak. His whole body had melted and then frozen as he had listened to Alec’s words. They were so sincere, so from the heart, so true and real and exactly how he felt too. In his 26 years, he had never felt like this. A smile stretched over his face and he saw a man nearby giving him a worried look. So he turned a little to have some privacy and heard the worried voice coming over the phone before he could speak.

“Oh god, are you already on the train? Did you only hear half of that and you think I’m a rambling madman? Did I just mess everything up?”

“Shut up you rambling madman,” Magnus said fondly, hearing as Alec took a breath and relaxed, “I just needed a moment. That was a pretty intense declaration Alexander and I just needed a moment to digest it. But I have, and I can honestly say…” he paused, thinking about how exactly to phrase it without accidentally using the L word that wanted to slip out, “I feel exactly the same as you. Without any doubt. You became my whole world from the moment we locked eyes for that photo. I see it in my own face Alec. How can I not? I recognise my own true devotion when I see it, and it’s all directed at you. I hope you know that. I mean, I’m telling you that right now, so you do know that. I just haven’t ever fallen this quickly for someone and I guess it’s a lot to process. But I want to be with you. I really, really do. So, yes, we can both wait. Because good things come to those who wait. The best things in fact.”

“Thank you Magnus. I really needed to hear you say that. I thought I was going mad. I know we’re young...but this feels so real, so right, so perfect. Anyway, this isn’t a conversation for a phone call,” he said, holding himself back in case he let something accidentally slip out. “I’ll tell you this in person. On Wednesday. Now go do lawyerly things and put the bad guy away...or make an amazing speech or whatever you have to do today…”

“I will, sweetheart,” Magnus whispered, thinking about the speech he had prepared for later on...hoping Alec would like it. “I’m going for the train now, my crazy man...don’t start talking to yourself...go find Jace or Luke or Izzy or whoever…”

“I will..have a great day, honey.”

“Oh!” Magnus said, cheeks flushing as he heard the endearment, “I liked that, can use that again…”

“Okay, honey, my honey, have a great day honey bun…” Alec laughed.

“You too, darling,” Magnus purred back.

“Stop it! You’re going to make it awfully hard for me to leave this hotel room if you say things in that voice Magnus!”

“Oh really?” he flirted, trying not to imagine Alec shirtless and...occupied… and failing!

“Well then, sweetie,” he managed to choke out, “ I guess I should go...Au Revoir Alexander!”

“Were you just imagining naughty things Magnus Bane?” Alec giggled. “Oh have to go, Jace is knocking and he can’t see me like this!”

“Like what?”

“Glowing with happiness Magnus… I have a grumpy exterior to uphold! So Bye Magnus…”

“But Alexander...I want to hear more about this happy glow…”

“You’ll be late...go on!” Alec laughed again, the hung up.

As he climbed onto the train, Magnus slid his finger over his phone’s screen, bringing up the picture of the pair of them and sighed happily. Today was going to be an amazing day! He couldn’t wait to get to Clary’s and then head over to the Con!

He smiled as the train whisked him away.