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Tales from the Convention

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Despite his earlier dismissal, Raj responded really quickly to what Magnus had shown him, getting straight on the line with a man named Underhill who assured him that he was already aware of the situation and was handling it.

Clary and Maia had to pull an enraged Magnus away when they said he couldn't help and that he needed to stay away from the situation. Seeing Lydia pull the knife on Alec had flipped something inside him and his desperation was preventing him from staying calm.

"What can we do?" he frantically yelled at them, "She had a fucking knife! Oh god Clary, she was gonna hurt him..."

"I know," Clary said, "We need to go into the panel..."

"What? How can you even think about the panel right now when Alexander could be lying dead on the floor?!" Magnus screamed, unable to control his reaction.

"We need to go in we can tell Jace!"

"Oh...yes, yes you're right, of course,"

Quickly, the trio ran towards the entrance to the panel, flashing their passes and scooting in ahead of the final trickle of people. They rushed down to find seats and were delighted when the lights dimmed straight away and the cast were announced. Magnus kept his phone lit up, looking at it regularly as they waited for Jace to come on stage. He was praying that the security guards he had spoken to were doing something already, but he couldn't be sure and anyway, she had a knife...Lydia was dangerous.

Suddenly the crowd screamed wildly, and then Jace Wayland was on stage. Magnus, hands clutched so tightly around his phone they had gone a sickly white colour, waited for his moment.

As the noise subsided, he leaped to his feet and yelled as loudly as he could, "Jace, Lydia's got a knife on Alec!"

The reaction was instantaneous.

Firstly, Jace jumped to his feet, making straight for the edge of the stage to try and spot them in the crowd; meanwhile a man in black raced towards them, grabbed Magnus and pulled his wrists roughly behind his back. Around them the crowd had gone wild, yelling and screaming at Jace, thinking he was going to jump into the audience. Suddenly, he turned and raced for a microphone.

"Magnus, is that you?" he asked.

"It's Magnus, but one of your goons has him tied up, Jace, help him!" Clary said, coming out loud and clear on the microphone she had rushed over to.

Again the crowd started to yell and scream, but this time it was Magnus' name and Alec's name and people yelling about Twitter. A girl in front of him turned round and asked if he was Alec's Magnus, another started a chant, 'We found Magnus! We found Magnus!'

But Jace's voice cut through the crowd again, "Let him go. And Magnus, Clary, Maia, come here,"

Apparently, being Jace Wayland meant you were listened to, because the security guard let Magnus go and then personally escorted them through the barrier and to the steps of the stage. Around them the crowd continued to yell as well as take pictures and videos of them as they were brought up.

When they made it on to the stage, Jace immediately grabbed Magnus and they had a hushed conversation where he quickly filled him in on everything.

Jace gasped in shock and then grabbed the mic once more to tell the crowd he had to go, but he would be back. Then he grabbed Clary and Magnus by the hands, Maia latching onto Magnus' arm, and they all rushed offstage, a thousand camera phones watching them. Twitter and Instagram going wild with the uploads.


In the back room, Alec was lying completely still, Lydia perched above him, knife glinting.

"Oh Alec, your friend was very, very naughty. I am going to have to punish him...but first, I think we should send him a lovely picture, make him happy. He did so want to see you! Friend indeed...he was acting like he was the one who was going to marry you!"

The knife was suddenly thrust into the hollow of his throat, point pressing sharply into his skin, as Lydia grabbed his phone and took a selfie of them.

"Tell me your passcode Alec," she grinned, "I want to send this to Magnus so he can see what he's done!"

"No," Alec said firmly, staring straight into her wild eyes. "I won't make him feel guilty for this, he doesn't deserved that, he's a good person,"

"You will send it to him!" Lydia shrieked, arm raising the knife high above his body, spittle flying from her lips and hitting him in the face, body bucking up and down crazily, "You will, You WILL, YOU WILL!"

As she yelled, she waved the knife around and it almost hit Alec's torso, making him automatically cringe away. They were both moving now, although he couldn't fight her for the knife, he raised his knees to try and push her off, slamming upwards with as much force as he could muster.

They were both in motion, both off the floor, both yelling when it happened.

There was a sudden bang!

Then bright red blood pooled on the floor around them.

Alec and Lydia stilled.


Outside the door, Underhill was waiting for the perfect moment to burst in and stop the crazy woman. Well no, not the perfect moment, the moment when Meliorn finally managed to pick the lock and get him in quietly.

As it clicked one last time, he tried the handle, gun raised in front of him.

Pushing in calmly and quietly, he could see a woman holding a knife to Alec's throat.

Underhill took aim, ready to shoot, when she suddenly started to convulse on top of Alec, moving erratically.

The knife in her hand was getting dangerously close to Alec's throat and now Alec was fighting back, bucking his hips and legs to try and move her weight.

They were both yelling frantically.

Underhill focused the gun.

He waited.

He pulled the trigger.