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Blood or Not

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There was fire, and there were nightmares and fearlings flying just outside her bedroom when she felt the sudden panic that usually accompanied with seeing these beasts. "Mother!?" She questioned desperately as she got up from bed, still in her day clothes that consisted of a dark blue dress with sleeves that gripped her elbows, but were baggy and loose in the middle, and the dress barely touched the ground, brushing against her bare feet as she ran quietly across the floor, allowing her medium length ebony hair to flow behind her. "Mother!?" She tried again as she made her way through her home.

"Elaina?" He Mother's voice called out from the middle room where all the magic was held. "Come here, sweetie!"

Elaina ran towards the middle room, and noticed that her Mother was preparing something. "Mother? What are you doing? There are fearlings and nightmares outside!"

"Yes, I know! Do you remember the discussion we had about and with your Father? Your REAL Father?"

"Yes, I am aware. It was one of the lapses of humanity he had that he was able to tell me that what you told me was true. The Nightmare King is my biological Father."

"Correct, and do you know what he's tasked me with?"

"No." She answered, suddenly not liking where the conversation was going. "Where's Emily? Wasn't she visiting?"

"Your half sister wanted me to tell you that she loves you very much, and that she hopes to see you some day, but that she couldn't stay any longer. Now, Kozmotis has tasked me with sending you forward, far in time, and to send you to wherever the Lunanoff child has decided to make his home, because there, you will be safe."

"You're a seer Mother, couldn't you just tell me how the battle ends?" She questioned as she crossed her arms.

"No, my dear. I cannot, for there are many battles Kozmotis will fight. Now, the place that I have seen where the Lunanoff child as made his home is a moon, but I cannot send you there because of its atmosphere, so I will send you to the planet just beneath it where the Lunanoff child will be able to watch over you. The planet is called Earth, and I will send you to the year 1712 on their planet."

"1712! That seems more like I'm going way far back in time!"

"It isn't for them. Now, will you be calm enough for me to do this? I can only send you...and you will still have all your powers and immortality, but I cannot go with you. You will be alone. Do you understand?"

"I-I understand. P-Perhaps I will make a friend."

"I can only hope."

"Wait, so I will be able to use all of my powers? I'll still be able to turn into the wind? I'll be able to do Winter magic? I'll be able to be invisible?"

"Yes, you will be able to do all of that, and because their atmosphere is different than ours, you'll be stronger as well. Just don't lose yourself."

"I promise."

"Good." Her Mother sighed out and looked to the magical platform she had enchanted. "Stand there, Elaina. It will only take a second, and you'll appear where you're needed."

"Where I'm needed?"

"Yes, there will apparently be someone who needs you as well, so that's why I've chosen 1712. It's when they need you. For what? I have no clue, but perhaps that will be your friend."

"Very well...I love you, Mother. So very much."

"I love you too, Elaina." Her Mother whispered out as Elaina stepped onto the platform, and she allowed the tears to fall down her face. "Be safe, my dear. Your Father will also be on Earth at this time, and he will be the Nightmare King. He will not know humanity, and if he ever does...I do not know how or when...or even if it's possible. Your half sister is there will meet her when you meet the one who needs you."

"I understand, Mother. I'm ready."

"Good luck, my dear...and be yourself no matter what!" Her Mother placed her hand on one of the controls, causing the room to erupt into a brilliant white and golden light.

As the light dimmed, she found herself in a forest, and it was daylight. She then heard a voice near her. "It's as easy as one...WHOA! Two...Three!" She turned around and saw a boy dressed in clothing not unlike the clothing the commoners wore just outside of the palace her Mother was Queen of, and she watched as his maple brown eyes looked worried and frightened. She took it upon herself to turn invisible and inspect the scene closer. She watched him pick up a shepherd's staff, and he crouched low. "Alright now it's your turn. One..." As the girl that was obviously younger than him shifted her feet his panic seemed to grow a bit, but his voice stayed calm. "...That's it, that's it...Two...Three!" He yanked her body a good distance a way from the crack she was on, but his body ended up switching places with her. He got up and let out a light chuckle, but then he suddenly sank into the pond, the ice cracking violently beneath him."

"JACK!" The little girl cried, and at his name, Elaina felt it in her heart that this was who she was supposed to help, but how was she to help him now? He just sunk into the pond, and at that freezing temperature, he will drown very soon.

She watched as the family came running out of the house, not giving the young girl a second to mourn. "What happened!?"

"H-He...there was ice! The ice cracked...and Jack...he...we played hopscotch...he did it so that I wouldn't be afraid...and it worked...but I...he pulled me...and switched places with me...and I...he fell in! He fell in! He drowned! He...I..."

"It's alright, Sarah..." The woman who had to be their Mother hugged her tightly as tears fell down her face. "Let's go inside."


Night fell soon enough, and Elaina still didn't know how she was supposed to help Jack, but then she saw a moon beam shine down in the exact place that Jack had fallen in. The only family she knew of that could send moon beams or control them was the Royal Lunanoff family. She crept closer and watched as Jack was pulled out of the ice by the moon beam, but his eyes were an icy blue rather than maple while his hair was a gorgeous snow white color rather than the oak brown it had been. Jack had been pulled up to face the moon, and she heard the Prince's voice. "Your name is Jack Frost." Then, the moon beam gently set him down.

She watched as he looked at his clothes and then at the moon. 'My name's Jack Frost? Alright then, I guess that's a good name.'

Her eyes widened a great deal as she realized she could hear his thoughts, but then they widened even further as she felt her powers and magic thrum through her entire body, giving her a pleasant feeling, and she realized her Mother was right. She is far more powerful than she used to be. She continued to watch on as Jack walked along the ice, but then his foot tapped the staff, and something strange happened to it. It frosted. She then stepped out onto the pond to get a closer look at him, feeling the cool ice beneath her feet, but she didn't care at the moment, because she quickly noticed how his face lit up with pure delight at being able to magically frost two trees. Then, she watched as he practically danced on the pond, unwittingly giving it an eternal frost that will never melt, and in that moment, she felt her power thrum even more powerfully.

She started running with him, and decided that she would morph into the wind, and lift him up into the air so that they could dance in the air. 'My name is Elaina, but if you want, you can call me Wind or Wendy as those are my nicknames.' She told him, and they were the truth. Those were the nicknames her sister gave her a long time ago.

'Your name is Elaina? Nice to meet you. I'm Jack Frost...I was just born today...I think. The moon gave me my name.' At his words, she lost her grip on him in disbelief, and she couldn't believe that he didn't remember just sacrificing his life for a little girl that had to be his little sister with how similar they looked. She wonders for a moment if the Lunanoff Prince knew what he did, but then she painfully realizes that he didn't cause the amnesia. It was because he died completely and then was brought back to life.

She then winced as he hit a tree branch, but apparently didn't mind, because he started laughing despite himself. 'Are you alright?'

'Yeah, I'm alright. Hey, what's that over there? Those lights?'

'That's a village. Would you like for me to take you?' She asked carefully, not knowing what to expect with this world.

'Yes please!'

'Alright, hold on tight, and see if you can't fly with me. I can sense you have it in you. You just have to learn to move with me.' She lifted him into the air and was pleased to feel him genuinely try to fly with her, but then he stumbled and almost crash landed into the dirt at the village. She watched him laugh it off, and she found that she liked him best when he was smiling or laughing.

"Hello!" He greeted happily, but no one seemed to see him. Then he tried many times and even tried to get a woman's attention, but to no avail.

'It's like they don't see him...' She thought only to herself with a furrowed brow as she morphed back into her invisible form while walking alongside him.

"Oh! Excuse me! Can you tell me where I..." Suddenly, the boy he tried to speak to walked right through him.

'I...they don't see me...WHY!? I'm right here!' He thought loudly, and Elaina winced at the pain that was voiced in his thoughts. She then decided to walk back with him to the pond rather than flying, and what she found there surprised her to no end, causing her to appear in her visible form.

"Emily!?" She asked, causing Jack to jump in surprise.

"Who are you!? Either of you!?" He asked desperately just before sighing out. "What's the use, neither of you see me."

"I see you, Jack Frost." Emily answered politely as her long ebony hair danced in the nature wind as her soft silver eyes looked at Jack with sympathy. Her green dress that was almost eerily similar to Elaina's but was green in color flowed beautifully behind her as she walked towards them.

"I see you as well." Elaina tried to console him.

Then, his eyes widened at her. "You! You're the voice I was speaking to! Wendy! But you also said your name was Elaina."

"Let's stick with Wind or Wendy for right now." Emily chuckled low. "It's good to see you, sister."

"It's good to see you too, but why are you here? Not like Earth here...but the pond here."

"I'm here for Jack. He is an Elemental AND a seasonal. There are only three other beings like him. Hello, Jack. My name is Emily, and I am known as Mother Nature. I am also known as the Queen of Nature. This is my sister Elaina. It seems you will be seeing a lot of us from now on."

"Why?" He asked with a slight tilt of his head.

"Because, as it stands, you have no home. No place to rest, and no place to eat."

"I need to rest? I need to eat?"

"Oh..." Her eyes widened and then softened quickly in sympathy and understanding. She looked to Elaina who gave her a sad nod. "...alright then, yes, you do. All beings must eat, sleep, exercise, and play. You must also learn how to control and hone your skills. If you come with me, you will have the constant opportunity to do all of that."

"Why was I walked through?"

"'re like me and so many other spirits. You have to be believed in to be seen. I am believed in, so they see me. You and Elaina however, will not be seen. That being said, she enjoys being invisible anyway, so there's that."

"It's true." Elaina shrugged, glad that her big sister was offering Jack a home. "May I come too, Emily?"

"Of course! You're a part of him now."

"A part of him?" She asked carefully.

"Oh yes! The two of you have a link unlike any other. The two of you can communicate telepathically, and if you direct it at ONLY one another, no one else, not even myself will be able to hear you. I suspect Jack will be able to do that with one other person, but that is yet to be seen. Now, Jack, will you accept my offer?"

"I...well...I do want to learn more about my powers."

"Good!" She grinned brightly and waved her hand, conjuring a portal. "Step through, and I will be right behind both of you. It leads to my own domain. It's on a separate plane of existence, but my spirits all know how to get there. I'll give you the ability tomorrow, I promise."

"A-Alright..." He stuttered out as he walked through with Elaina by his side. Once they walked through they were both taken back for separate reasons. Jack's reason was that he was looking at a grand castle that was as black as Elaina's and Emily's hair, but was bright on the inside. There were different types of gardens with food and flowers everywhere, and there were many different types of trees, but it seemed like a dense forest that went on forever, and probably did. "Wow." He breathed out.

" made a duplicate of my castle?"

"You used to live in a castle?" Jack asked as he whipped his head around to look at them.

"We both did." Emily chuckled. "Now, Jack, since you are BOTH a seasonal and an Elemental, you will be my General of Winter. You a the King of Winter. We have someone who is nicknames the Snow Queen, but she has constantly refused to be my General. She says she's waiting for a worthy General, and I believe that to be you. You will meet her tomorrow, I promise. I will gather the rest of the Generals, and her as well. First, let me show you to your room."

"O-Okay..." They followed her all the way to the top of the castle, where they both noticed five doors. "Five doors?" Jack questioned with a slight chuckle.

"Yes, the one in the middle at the end of the hallway is mine. The other four belong to my Generals. Your room will be closest to mine, Jack. Come." She commanded gently and waved a hand over the door knob, which then changed the ordinary oak door into a brilliant white door with an icy design that held frost patterns and snowflakes. She opened the door, and motioned for Jack and Elaina to walk through. When they did they noticed two more doors on the inside, but they were more focused on how grand the room was. It was extremely large, and the bed that was off to the far left in the middle of the left wall was as big as two king size beds put together. It had blue satin fitted and layered sheets while the blanket was a large white comforter with blue snowflakes embroidered into the pattern. The pillows mimicked the blanket. Then, on either side of the bed there was a nightstand that could be a miniature dresser.

Both of them then noticed the entire ceiling was a sky light, and they could see almost every star in the sky. The floor beneath them seemed to be made of white marble, and the walls were painted silver, but seemed to be also made of marble. Elaina looked over to the dressers, and the third door she hadn't noticed. "Jack, look! You have a closest and dresser!" She shouted excitedly as she pointed to the large dresser that was obviously made of pine that was painted many times over and coated with a shining coat of paint. It had twelve drawers and the outer lining of each drawer was painted silver. The door next to it matched.

"Wow!" Jack breathed out as he walked further into the room. "What are the other two doors?"

"Oh, that door right there..." Emily started as she pointed to the door directly in front of Jack's bedroom door on the other side of the room. "...leads to Elaina's room. I created it when I conjured the inside of the room. The door next to that is your bathroom. She'll have one of her own in her own room, so neither of you have to worry about sharing a bathroom."

"Thank you, Emily."

"No problem." She hummed. "There's just one thing. Names are important to the spirit world on Earth. So, both of you have to call me Mother Nature outside of the Domain. While we're here, it's okay. However, most of my spirits just call me Mother."

"How many 'children' do you have, sister?" Elaina snorted out as she grinned wickedly.

"More than you think, Wendy." She sighed out. "They would all technically be your nieces and nephews in a way, but I'll tell them that when I see them. That way they don't wonder why you and Jack don't call me Mother. Oh, and Elaina, your room is the same as your old room. Your bathroom as well."

"Thank you!"

"Again, you're welcome. You'll also find that the dressers and closets are enchanted. It will conjure whatever clothes that would suit you and that you would like. The dirty clothes hampers will instantly clean them and teleport them back into their proper places at the bottom of the clothing piles in the dressers or in the closet. Now, I will allow you two to rest."

"Thank you, Emily." They chorused together just before she shut the door.

"You're welcome." She smiled at them as she clicked the door shut.

"So..." Elaina breathed out. "...some first day, huh?"

"Yeah." He chuckled low. "So, you and Emily are sisters? How?" He asked curiously as he went to sit on his bed.

Elaina followed, and sat next to him while he crossed his legs with childlike fascination. "Well..." She breathed in. "...since we'll pretty much be together all the time might as well know. We have different Mothers, but our Father is the same. My real Father was also her Father. However, she had Father when he was at his best. He was sane, and wonderful, and pure, and good at that time. I had Father after he was corrupted by darkness, fearlings, and nightmares. He was supposed to guard a large black gate, but the darkness tricked him into opening it, and it consumed him. He then turned into the Nightmare King. He goes by Pitch Black or the Boogeyman as well. When he was able to fight off the darkness for a little over a year, he fell in love with my Mother, and she fell in love with him. She then got pregnant with me, and for a while, I grew up with Emily, Mother, and him in our palace that we shared, but it only lasted so long. It's the story that's not told in the books, because it's not meant to be told. It wasn't common knowledge, and only the palace and those in it knew, and they didn't dare tell anyone where the Nightmare King was while he was sane. Anyway, we lived like that for a while, but when I turned thirteen, the darkness consumed him again, and he left. He then apparently charged her with the task of sending me forward in time and to a different planet. So, now I'm here. This is my first day on Earth, and I was sent to you, because apparently you need me."

"Wow, that's one hell of a backstory." He laughed out.

"And wow, who knew you would cuss."

"Yeah, I didn't know I would do that either." He furrowed his brow at himself. "I guess...I'm gonna figure out a lot about myself, huh?"

"I'd say. So, tell me what you know about yourself. Think about stuff you're sure you would like or dislike. We're going to be by each other's side for a long time, might as well be friends right?"

"RIGHT!" He shouted happily. "Hmm...well let's see...I know that I like to climb trees, I like to play, I like to play pranks on others, I enjoy shadow puppet plays, but I think I like being the one to do them more. What else...Oh! I like looking up at the stars, and I like to dance. I DON'T like beets, and I don't like seeing other's unhappy or scared." Jack once again furrowed his brow at himself before looking up at Elaina. "But how do I know this stuff? I was born today."

"You're very different Jack Frost, believe me.'s an instinct. Take it when you can, and don't question it. If you know something about yourself, cling to it and never lose yourself."

"I'll try." He nodded his head, but then smirked at her. "So, tell me about you?"


"Yeah, that's what I said."

"Alright, well, I can do different types of magic and I have different types of powers because I was born out of both light and dark forces. My Mother being the light, my Father being the dark. My favorite magic to use is Winter Magic, but I can also use light and dark magic. For light magic, I can distort light and make things visible that usually aren't visible, or that aren't supposed to be visible. I can also cause bursts of light. There's also the fact that I can heal others with my magic. As for Dark Magic, I can keep myself hidden, I can turn invisible, I can also use the darkness that my Father controls, but he doesn't know that. I can see in the dark, and I can help someone else to see just as well as I do in the dark. OH! I almost forgot! My Mother, she was part of the League of Star Captains even though she was a Queen, and she was known as the Queen star captain! The League of Star Captains unlocked wishing stars and granted sweet dreams with dream sand! I can do that too. See?" She opened her palm and golden sand came out of it.

"I-Is that dream sand?"

"Yeah! Just don't let it get in your eyes, otherwise you'll fall straight to sleep."

"That's so cool!" He bounced up and down. "So...I have to ask though..." He tilted his head as she made the golden sand disappear. "You said your real was your other Father? don't have to answer if you don't want to...but...which did you see more as a Father than the other?"

"It's fine, I'll answer it. My other Father was who my Mother Married after Father left. I was about fifteen almost sixteen at the time. His name was Sanderson, but most everyone called him Sandy. He was short, like...four and a half feet tall short, but my Mother loved him. I think she may have loved him more than she loved my real Father, and if I'm going to be completely honest...I saw him as more of a Father than Pitch. He treated me like his own daughter. Emily didn't mind, and she said she was happy that I found a Father figure other than our real Father. He was kind, wonderful, fierce, funny, fact...Mother blamed him for my mischievous nature."

"Wait...but you said almost look seventeen or eighteen though."

"Age is different for us, and I can tell it'll be different for you. Let me see." She hovered her hand over Jack's head and heart, and she felt it in her chest. She felt his mental and physical age and where they would stop. "Well..." She said as she opened her eyes. "Your mentally and physically fourteen, but your mental age will stop near where mine has stopped. Yours will stop at eighteen. Mine stopped at nineteen. However, you'll always look like this. This is where your physical age is stuck, just like mine is stuck at seventeen."

"That's interesting." He blinked at her. "So, tell me more about your Father."

"About Pitch?"

"No! If you don't consider him your Father, then he wasn't your Father. He was just someone you shared blood with. The other one...Sandy!"

"Oh well, let's see...he was also a bit of a prankster, he was patient, caring, understanding, and...he was Mute."


"Mute. It means that he couldn't speak. So, he used dream sand to be able to communicate. Here, this is what he looked like." Elaina held out her hand again, and conjured a dream sand version of Sandy in his robes with his hands held out and a smile on his face as his spiky hair stood tall.

"Wow, so that's Sandy?"

"Yup. He was one of the Generals of the League of Star Captains. That's how he met my Mother. They met on a mission together, and fell in love the moment they spoke to each other."

"Well, he sounds like he was a good man."

"He was, and who knows...probably still is if he survived the battle." She let out a soft chuckle as she made the dream sand version of Sandy disappear. "You know...I even remember the day he asked my Mother if he could adopt me as his own. She was overjoyed and so was I. It was supposed to be a private conversation, but I turned myself invisible so I could hear it, because for the whole time I knew him, he seemed incredibly nervous. Once he asked my Mother that though...I immediately made myself visible and leapt at him, wrapping him in the tightest hug I could. I told him I would love to be his daughter and to have his last name. I had little to no love for my real Father, because even though I could tell he loved my Mother and my Mother loved him AT THE TIME, I knew that it wouldn't last...and he was a bit frightening anyway. Anyway, I'm a hundred percent certain I loved Sandy more, and that's why I'll always consider him my Father. So...I know that Emily said that names are important, but I think I'll decide to trust you with mine. My name is Elaina Aurora Mansnoozie."

"Your last name is Mansnoozie?" He snorted lightly.

"Yup, funny sounding I know, but I'm proud of it."

"So, I know this may sound rude, but how old are you actually? You told me that you were mentally nineteen and physically seventeen, but how old are you actually?"

"I'm a little over a thousand years old. I'm technically immortal, so actual age doesn't matter much. Now, that being said...I'm immortal by age and any type of aging, but I can still die if I'm injured or wounded."

"Got it. I'll keep you safe then."

A slight warmth graced her cheeks, and she didn't know why, but she smiled at him anyway. "Thank you. Now, I think we both need rest. We both have a big day tomorrow." She got up from the bed, and walked over to her bedroom door. "Goodnight, Jack."

"Goodnight, Elaina." He smiled at her as he made his way to his dresser for a night shirt.


When Elaina got up and got dressed she put on a golden sundress that had short sleeves and orange flowers at the bottom, she then slipped on her black sandals that she found, and was glad that everything was truly like in her old room. She put her hair up in a pony tail, and walked out of her bedroom door into Jack's room, and noticed he had changed his clothes as well. She saw that he was wearing a shirt similar to the one he was wearing, but he wasn't wearing the vest or cape from before. The shirt was an ice blue like his eyes, but a slight shade darker, and his pants were the same, but these were black instead. "Good morning, Jack. Not gonna wear shoes?"

"No, I don't like shoes. I figured that out the second I tried a pair on. So, no. No shoes." He chuckled low as he looked up at her. "You look beautiful, by the way."

"O-Oh?" She asked, once again not knowing why she felt a warmth in her cheeks, so she shook it off.

"Yes, now, come on, I think Emily's waiting on us." They both walked out the door and noticed that Emily was leaning up against the wall next to their door with a patient look on her face.

"Done? Good. Let's go. The other Generals are meeting in the dining hall where breakfast also awaits you, and like I promised, Jack...the Snow Queen is with them."

"Alright. Lead the way, Emily." They followed her all the way to the first floor of the castle and into the dining hall where four other spirits waited for them.

"Everyone, this is Jack, and this is Elaina, but she'll be known as Wind or Wendy. She is Jack's spirit."

"I-I'm WHAT!?" Elaina shrieked as her face flushed in embarrassment.

"Don't think anything of it." A man with hair that resembled an orange Autumn leaf in the middle of changing stepped for with amber eyes. He was dressed in orange, yellow, and red robes that wrapped around him tightly and had short sleeves. His pants were actually similar to Jacks, but they didn't have the leather straps around them. "My name is Falldeen. I'm the General of Fall...or Autumn depending on how you want to say it. Anyway, don't think much of it. We each have our own spirit. It just means an elemental that is linked to us, and we can tell that you're linked to him. It's almost like a sixth sense. We can tell which spirit is linked to which General. He needs you just as much as you need him."

'...where you're needed...' He Mother's words echoed in her head, and she slowly nodded her head. "Okay then. I think I understand."

"Good." A man came forward with Azure eyes and a gentle smile on his tanned face. His hair was a ruby red color with orange tips at the end, and he was dressed in a nice yellow dress shirt, an orange vest, and black dress pants. However, he didn't wear any shoes. She then noticed that the General of Fall didn't either. "My name is Silas, and I'm the General of Summer."

"Good to meet you both." Jack stated with a polite smile, and all Elaina could do was nod her head in agreement as she shifted a bit closer to him.

"Hello, I'm the General of Spring." A woman came forward with a polite grin. She had ivory skin, and was wearing a long green dress that had many different types of flowers on it embroidered into the pattern. The long sleeves just barely covered her whole hands while the top of the dress hung from her shoulders that were littered with freckles. Her eyes were a deep forest green, and although her hair was short and gently brushed against the tops of her shoulders, it held vibrant colors of green and pink. "My name is Senna."

"Pleasure to meet you." Jack bowed with a hand over his heart.

"My, such a gentleman!" Another voice called, and a woman wearing a silver grown atop long snow white hair stepped forward. Her eyes were a shade lighter than Jack's but her skin was also a shade darker. Her dress was similar to Elaina's, but it was light blue with snowflake patterns instead. "My name is Kala, and I am the Snow Queen. It's good to meet you, my General."

"Wait...I'm YOUR General? You're a Queen though!"

"Yes, and you are welcome in my domain anytime, but as it is, you are the General of Winter, and therefore the King and Embodiment of Winter. You see...I am merely a seasonal. You are BOTH a season and Elemental. That makes you far more powerful than I, and therefore, you are my General and King."

"Wow...I' to be a good General then."

"I know you'll be great. However, there is something you must know..." The Snow Queen trailed off as she heard the General of Summer clear his throat.

"Although we have control and rule over our other spirits, a lot of them don't get along with Winter the three of us will apologize in advance."

" you said that you all had other that like what Elaina is to me? And do I have other spirits I don't know about?"

"Any and all Seasonal or Elemental spirits with the power of Winter are at your command." Emily answered. "There are many, and you will no doubt meet them, but they will sense your power, and immediately know who you are. They won't challenge you, because they will know if they do, they have me to deal with."

"Got it." He chuckled out. "Alright, so My name is Jack Frost, and I am the General of Winter. A pleasure to meet all of you."

"Good, now let's eat. Afterwards, we can work on your training." Emily smiled and urged everyone to sit and grab whatever they wanted to eat.


"Alright, Jack..." Emily started as she stood ready for a sparring match against her newest General. "...look within you, and give me what you got. First to land a blow three times wins. First to get the other on their back wins too."

"Alright." He nodded as he clutched his staff tightly. "Am I allowed to have Wind help me?"

"Yes, she is a part of you."

"Wind!" Jack voiced joyfully, and instantly Elaina was by his side.

"Yes, Jack?" She questioned happily, eager to join in on the sparring match against her sister.

'Can you still hear my thoughts?'

'Yes!' She smiled with excitement, and as she looked over to Emily, she noticed that it seemed that only they could be heard with one another, because she wasn't reacting in any way.

'Good, lift me up into the air and turn invisible!'

"As you command, my General!" She laughed out and did as he asked, but also morphed into the wind itself. She lifted him up into the air, and watched proudly as he closed his eyes for a brief moment, likely looking inside himself, and he found it. Once he found it, he immediately started moving along the wind with the grace and fluidity of a snowflake, which was a stark contrast to his fumbling from earlier, and as he flew about, he started attacking Emily with energy bolts of ice, but it missed, so he flew lower, and was met with a vine erupting out of the ground. 'Watch out, Jack!'

'Got it!' He mentally told her with a slight chuckle as he evaded the large whipping vine. He then flew faster in the Wind that Elaina had become and he quickly got behind Emily, and froze the ground beneath her with the bottom of his staff. Then, he stepped back and shot more ice energy towards her. However, when she made to move, she slipped and landed on her back, quickly ending the match.

"Well then!" The Silas laughed out. "Looks like Mother has her work cut out for her!"

"It seems so!" Senna giggled. "And that's match!"

Emily laughed joyously as if she had just got done with a good game, and she nodded her head as she melted the ice before getting up to stand. Once she was steady on her feet she looked at Jack and gave another nod with a slight chuckle. "Oh, you are going to be interesting to train."

"I'll try my best to never be boring." He smirked.

"Somehow, I don't doubt that. You remind me a lot of Elaina." She smiled back at him. "So, now with that quick match ended, how about we head back inside and you get to know your fellow Generals some more."

"I would love that, but what about spreading winter. It's January 2nd...doesn't Winter still need to be spread?"

"Well, would you look at that?" Falldeen gasped in awe. "He already has the strong sense to spread his season. It took each of us at least a week to get the sense. You MUST be powerful."

"Thank you?" He tilted his head at his fellow General, but still couldn't shake the question. "Seriously though...what about it?"

"What do you think you should do about it?" Emily challenged with a knowing grin.

"I..." He trailed off, and felt a strong yet warm urge to look to the Snow Queen, and he knew what to say, but somehow, he also knew where to send her, which was strange, because he hasn't known anything aside from the pond, the Domain, and what he's been told by the people he's met. "Kala, can you spread Winter in North America?"

"It would be my honor, General." She breathed out as she gracefully bowed for a moment before vanishing in a quick blue light.

"Well, that's going to take some getting used to."

"If it makes you feel better..." Senna started. "...I'm still not used to it, and I've been a General for a little over two hundred years."

"It does actually...Thank you." With that being said, he continued his night getting to know his fellow Generals, and he enjoyed hearing their stories and advice.