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Now You're the Prettiest By Far

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As Casey stepped out into the elevator, everything about her first day working for the Aether Foundation felt off to a great start. Her new uniform fit her perfectly even without having been measured for it during the interview, everyone seemed friendly and caring, and the dizzying variety of Pokemon hanging around the area she was assigned to gave her a sense of something truly exciting. Casey stood lean, tall, and spry, dark skinned and with her hair cropped up close to her head but starting to grow out a little bit into an untamed wealth of curls after the last leg of her push for her degree got the better of most general life upkeep, and then she fell just as quickly into what was undoubtedly her dream first job.

With a degree in Pokemon care and a specialty in therapy and recovery, Casey saw the chance to work with abused Pokemon who were being rescued and re-socialized. Everything she was passionate about, this job offered her a chance to do. She landed a great starting position with the organization, and while she had aspirations of opening up her own rescue at some point, for now she could get plenty of experience with the Aether Foundation and the many Pokemon it dealt with. She straightened out her uniform a bit, nervously fidgeting with it in all ways, constantly nudging the hat on her head and trying to straighten out the miniskirt that came with it. Everything was going to be fine.

"You don't need to worry," said Wicke, the buxom, purple haired woman who promised to follow Casey around on her first few days and help her. Casey had figured it would be the other way around, that she'd be shadowing people and learning the ropes, but she was excited by the opportunity nonetheless, as the steady rise up to the Conservation Area presented Casey with a pretty imposing mess of a situation. "You're going to do fine. We've hired girls with less qualifications than you who have gone on to take great care of the Pokemon, and I knew from the moment I saw you that you were going to do the job perfectly."

The elevator reached the floor and the safety gates opened onto the Conservation Area, but when Casey had last been here everything was placid, during the visiting hours where the public could come look at the efforts of the organization, where the job interviews and the walkthroughs with wealthy donors happened. This was work hours now, and Casey found herself standing in the midst of what she could only describe as an orgy, with all the human staff in their white uniforms having indiscriminate and wild sex with Pokemon in all directions. The poor new girl stumbled back in surprise and panic, right into a softly laughing Wicke.

"Don't be afraid, I know it's a little abrupt, but this is really how this works." Wicke gave the girl a pat on the shoulder and some nudges forward, urging her out toward the room as she gave up to the excitement of an absolutely bizarre situation.

"I just didn't think it would be so out in the open like this." Casey blushed as she followed Wicke's lead, the older woman guiding the new employee toward her section. "Or so relentless. Is this really what happens?"

"For two hours every day, yes," Wicke said, guiding Casey toward a Stufful looking up eagerly at her. "I think this would be a good place to start. Have you had sex with Pokemon before, Casey?'

"A few times," the girl admitted, her blush deepening as she approached the Stufful slowly and carefully, all of her careful manner with abused Pokemon coming handy now as she made her slow move forward toward him. "Never... Never really like this before. Just experimenting with my family Rockruff, one time in college with a Marowak... This is a lot." Even as she said that, she settled down onto the rocks beside the curious bear Pokemon, who looked at her happily, eagerly. "Are you doing okay? Can I touch you?" She reached a hand slowly out toward Stufful, who gave some slow nods, allowing her to pet him. "You're really soft."

Stufful gave sweet noises of eager acceptance as he nuzzled up against Casey's hand, slowly drawing closer toward her. "Stufful has been recovering well, but he's still been skittish around unfamiliar faces," Wicke explained. "The fact he's warming up to you is why we thought you would be perfect for the job."

"He just likes affection," Casey said, getting a bit more hands-on with him. "And what can I give you, Stufful? Do you want to get closer?" She let her hands caress along his body more, and he began to shift into her lap, making sweet, happy noises that sent more colour through Casey's face as she realized what he wanted, and that she was going to be watched by Wicke while it happened. Her thighs spread apart, skirt riding up her dark thighs and her hand slowly reaching toward Stufful's cock. Panties were restricted from the uniform, making what she was about to do very easy as her skirt pushed a bit more and she guided Stufful in toward her waiting, warm pussy.

Stufful took some initiative then with sinking into Casey, his cock slowly easing its way into the snugness of a slick human pussy. Everything was very slow, very patient; Casey took her time with Stufful as her hands caressed slowly along his body and urged him along. "We can do this at your own pace boy, it's okay. Just nice and slow for me, exactly like this. It feels amazing." She spoke in low tones, not quite sultry, but sweet, supportive, soft. Casey had a good sense for when a Pokemon needed some sweetness to feel better, and Stufful definitely needed it. She had a keen sense for her need to be tender, and it was all of why she had entered the field of Pokemon treatment in the first place.

Every motion of Stufful's hips to ease into Casey's pussy was slow and considerate. This was all so very careful and controlled; he wasn't an aggressive boy, wasn't going to be rough with her, and in return Casey was nothing but gentle with him, patient and loving in the way that she caressed him, her legs remaining spread out and her manner controlled, composed. Sweetness and firmness showed off something adoring, something loving. It was a slow and sweet lust that she was steady in dealing with, encouraging Stufful to have her slowly, to play into the pleasure without anything too hasty or unexpected.

Wicke watched carefully from the side, nodding slowly to herself and taking some notes as she watched Casey's way of handling Stufful. She didn't say much as she observed, her focus entirely on Casey and evaluating the new girl in what she was doing, and so far, Wicke liked what she saw, and not only for the raw visual thrill of seeing a cute girl happily letting a Stufful climb onto her and thrust into her. A professional did not let such carnal sights get in the way of a strong, objective evaluation.

Stufful worked himself to a nice, quick orgasm, letting out cute, eager noises louder and louder as he went. A few erratic and speedy thrusts gave Casey a swell of something hot and exciting, making her moan loudly as she succumbed to her own swell of pleasure amid the feeling of Stufful cumming inside of her. She felt happy to take this all on, to give in to these immodest and sweet feelings, ending up spread out on the rock with Stufful slowly pulling out of her.

"You did very well," she said softly, giving him a few more pats. "Very good boy. We'll see each other again later, okay?" Stufful let out a happy noise, and Casey slipped away to straighten out her skirt and walk back to Wicke. "How'd I do?"

"We'll save that for your assessment after the shift," Wicke said, but did so with a smile and a tap of her pen against the notebook, not hiding that she was very pleased so far with what she was seeing. "Next up is going to be a Granbull who's been a bit tempestuous since he arrived. A lot of the veterans have had trouble getting him to open up but he does still need to get some relief to calm down, but if you can get him to go for it, we're going to have no reason to continue the evaluation, that will be all the success anyone needs to see from you."

With a steady nod, Casey followed after the assistant branch chief on her way to another part of the area, to a Granbull stomping around in a bit of a fit. He looked over at Casey with a scowl and a look that made her shiver a little, surprised by what the suddenness of his gaze and what she was dealing with now. As Casey tried to approach him, Granbull turned his head and crossed his arms. "It's okay, I'm here to help. My name is Casey, I'm new." She didn't let that stop her; in fact, she saw right through the act. He wanted attention by stomping around and being a bit of a brat, and Casey wasn't going to give him the kind of attention he wanted form that, but also wasn't going to be hands-off enough to leave him even more starved for attention.

Granbull didn't do anything, keeping away from her as she drew closer, although he did take some peeks with his eyes turning toward her again and again, looking at Casey and then quickly snapping back away from her, as immature and downright silly as could be. It was all fine by Casey though; she saw potential here, and she didn't let anything intimidate her as she slowly stalked on ever closer still.

"Here, if you don't want to face me, let's make this easier for you." Casey slipped down into a position on all fours, tugging her skirt up and facing away from Granbull. It was a different approach, and she felt confident in the motion as she stuck her perky butt up in the air. "You can just come over here and fuck your tensions out on me, I won't look at you. It's okay." Her hips swayed a little bit, teasing Granbull with the promise of a chance to fuck her in whatever way he wanted, which was designed to make sure he couldn't resist.

Granbull looked back to Casey and then hastily away again a few more times before he began to advance upon her, slowly lurching on toward her and opening up to the idea of getting at her. Everything came up very sudden, as he grabbed at her hips and pushed forward, his cock shoving into Casey from behind and showing off a raw kind of desperation that he was absolutely desperate to get into. Everything proved sudden and harsh, as his needs took hold of him and overwhelmed his entire self-defeating brat act, putting in its place a need for something that Casey was suddenly hot on the receiving end of.

"Ah, that's it!" she gasped, trembling under the pleasure as she felt deep strokes of his hips push forward, driving his cock into her pussy from behind and getting right to fucking her. Casey felt a swell of pride as he took to thrusting into her as hard as he could, making the most of this situation and proving what he could do, what he was desperate to open up to and embrace. "Go on boy, I can tell you're stressed, you can take it all out on me. It's okay, that's what I'm here for." She tried her best to keep her voice steady as each rough thrust into her waiting, snug hole felt overwhelming, giving Casey a lot to have to deal with, but she felt eager to accept all of it, happy to let these deep, hard shoves wear her down.

It was a pretty tense and hard fuck, but Casey was just happy to know Granbull was doing what he was supposed to do, knowing she had gotten through to him and that he was now happily thrusting away. His cock was considerably bigger than the diminutive Stufful's, properly filling and loosening her up in a way that had her excitedly taking on the pleasure and the attention of a whole lot more pleasure than she had been expecting. Every moan and show of accepting, aching need got to her as she let Granbull have his way with her, all of her nervousness about Pokemon sex and especially Pokemon sex this rough all just sort of gone. She was too absorbed by all of this excitement and relief to really stress about what was going on around it, and she gave herself up utterly to these needs and these focused, senseless throbs of pleasure.

Deep, reckless thrusts and eager grunts brought on a sense of a lot of pleasure that Casey couldn't deny herself, and also hit the spot of a Granbull who had spent a lot of time stomping about all by his lonesome, now feeling the kind of stress relief that gave him a bit of a reality check. Every thrust contributed to a deepening sense of acceptance and lust that had him losing himself, pounding on more erratic and more hot as he gave up completely to these feelings, and in the swelling, throbbing haze of this pleasure came something unbelievable.

All of the pleasure reached its absolute peak for Granbull, a long time coming as his hard-earned and much needed orgasm washed over him, his body shuddering awash with pleasure and hunger, the relief of these feelings getting to both of them now. As a backed up load of cum pumped into her needy hole, Casey let out eager cries of pleasure, feeling herself overwhelmed by this orgasmic rush of desire, her eyes looking up to a very happy and nodding Wicke who put her notepad away.

"You did a great job," Casey said, receiving a hard smack across her butt from Granbull, who hadn't yet dropped his attitude. He pulled out of her and stormed away, while Casey in turn stumbling up to her feet and looked toward Wicke. "But did I do a good job?"

"Oh yes, I think I've seen all I need to see with you. You're amazing for this job, Casey!" Wicke gave the girl a big hug. "You did amazing, I knew putting you in with him would show that. And now that I don't need to worry about how you'll perform... I think I can help you tackle this next one. And I think you'll need it." Wicke walked Casey over to the next Pokemon on her rotation, and it was definitely going to be one hell of a situation as the nervous girl found herself looking at a Tyrannitar standing over six and a half feet tall, absolutely massive and completely too much for her to handle.

"You're kidding me," she said nervously."

"He's not as mean as he looks," Wicke insisted. "He's a big old softie, really, but... Yes, the president does enjoy playing games like this sometimes. It's okay though; I'm here to help you, and together we will get through tending to him." Wicke smiled, tugging Casey by the hand toward Tyrannitar. The sight of two women approaching him already had him getting excited, and before Casey's eyes a big, throbbing cock stood in imposing glory in front of her, way more than Casey would have been able to handle herself.

That was what Wicke was here for. The more experienced woman tugged at her clothes, bringing out her plump breasts and wrapping them slowly around his cock. Steady motions up and down made Tyrannitar growl happily, as Casey tried to come in from above, her mouth opening up wide so she could press forward in pursuit of Tyrannitar's cock head, starting to lick at it as she joined Wicke in her service. It was easier said than done, as she found herself faced with quite the intimidating cock to try and have to handle, but Wicke's presence and confidence in her abilities counted for a lot in the way the new girl began to tend to him.

Tyrannitar let out rumbling noises of excitement and arousal as he felt the mouths all over his dick. He remained very hands off, every bit as calm and placid as Wicke said he was; he was actually kept by the Aether Foundation because of the worries of putting a gentle Tyrannitar back into a wild pack full of more territorial males. Casey could even get a read for some of that as she licked all over the head of his cock, receiving no pushes or prompting, no indication he was particularly impatient about the pleasure that pushed on and began to swell up out of control. There was a lot going on here and the pleasure was undeniable, incredible in the fervor and the heat that came with all of this, but that was what made it so exciting.

Casey sank into a nice steadiness as the depth of her focus and her lust became apparent. She worked with Wicke, growing oddly closer to the woman as they serviced his cock together, Wicke's breasts very steady in their motions up and down the shaft while the new girl did her best to go wild with the head, licking and kissing all over it, doing everything she could to make up for how limited she felt in her options to actually tend to it. There was a lot going on here, but she felt so eager to go into this mess and to come out the other side better for it.

A kind of better that, in this situation, could end only one way. Tyrannitar's throbbing, eager cock ached with greater intensity as the women drew closer to satisfying him, and the anticipation building within Casey for the chance to get this Pokemon off was a startling thing. She gave herself up completely to all of this, unafraid about the weird pulses of desire rushing through her, until one big primal growl had her tugging back in panic at Wicke's command. As Tyrannitar came, he did so all over both women, his cock splashing against their faces and making messes of both of them in equal measure and equal vigor, the whimpering heat and twisting desire that followed.

The big facial was a lot of shock all on its own, but Casey had hands tugging the back of her head, and she didn't fight the way Wicke pulled her in for a frenzied kiss, the woman's glasses askew on her face and blasted with cum. It was all so much, but the pleasure was undeniable, hot and aching with a pleasure she couldn't shy away from as she gave herself to all of it and held back no shame in the way she just melted under it all, a twisting mess who felt herself completely blown out of the water by her first day working at the Aether Foundation. It was a lot, and it was a lot in ways she hadn't been expecting.

But if less than an hour into her first shift she was already enjoying herself this much, Casey knew that she had indeed landed the dream job she hoped this would be.