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Sonic and the Master of Chaos

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Love, it's not just a desire. To our third hero, Amy Rose, it's a way of life. Constantly chasing the man of her dreams, never losing hope regardless of the fact that her dream boy always ran, this was Amy's lifestyle. She was Sonic the Hedgehog's top admirer and self-proclaimed future wife. Today, we can find Amy sitting on a bench in the city park in Metropolis, staring wishfully at the park's fountain. The rushing, blue water reminded her of Sonic's elegant blue fur rushing freely in the breeze as he zoomed past. Amy sighed. Her fantasy was interrupted by her best friend, Cream the Rabbit. "Amy? Are you okay?" the timid rabbit asked.

Amy awoke from her fantasy, still somewhat dazed by the thought of Sonic. "Huh? Cream? Oh, I'm sorry. I drifted off into my thoughts again…"

"Were you thinking about Sonic?" Cream inquired.

"Yeah," Amy sighed again. Her gaze drifted off into the distance.

Cream looked at her with concern. "Hey, I've got an idea. Let's go to my house and get some ice cream. That will cheer you up."

Cream's small pet Chao, Cheese, obviously concurred with delight. "Cho! Cho!" she exclaimed while flying rapidly in circles.

Amy managed a faint smile. "Yeah, I think I'd like that." The two friends walked down the city sidewalks until they reached Cream's vacation home, where she and her mother, Vanilla, were staying for a few weeks until after the fourth of July. When they arrived, Cream walked into the door and removed her shoes. Amy did the same, and they went inside

The two walked into the kitchen and found Vanilla talking with a family friend, Vector the Crocodile, ace detective of the Chaotix Detective Agency. Vector was exclaiming something that Amy couldn't quite make out, but once Amy and Cream opened the door to the kitchen, Vector and Vanilla were both immediately silent. Cream was the first to speak, "Mom, what's going on?"

Vanilla was hesitant. "It's nothing, Sweetie. Mr. Vector and I were just talking about a recent case of his."

Amy asked, "What case?"

Vanilla shakily replied, "I'm afraid it's top secret, and we can't tell—"

She was interrupted by Vector, "Now, Ms. Rabbit, we both know that these two are able to handle the truth." He addressed Amy and Cream. "I hate to be the one to tell this to you, but there's no point in trying to hide it. Dr. Eggman has been killed, and there's evidence to show that Sonic is the one responsible. My team and I are trying to find out more of the facts, but—" Amy slapped him harshly across the face.

Cream screamed, "Amy!"

Amy ignored her and proceeded to add insult to injury, "You idiot! What kind of detective are you? My Sonic is a hero! How could you even consider the thought that my Sonic might be responsible for such a horrible thing?"

Vector tried to explain, "Amy, I'm sorry, but the facts—"

He was interrupted by Amy again, "You want facts? I'll give you some facts! My Sonic is the most caring, compassionate, heroic, and pure-hearted person on the face of this or any other world! Even if it was Dr. Eggman, Sonic would never have killed him! There's your facts!"

Vector added, "Eggman could've forced him into it."

Amy said, "That's impossible! There's no way my Sonic would ever have done that! He would've found a way! I know he would've!" Amy took a minute to calm herself. "Come on, Cream!"

Cream stopped fidgeting her thumbs, and she replied, "Um, okay, Amy."

Vanilla said, "Hang on there, young lady. Just where do you think you're going?"

Amy answered for Cream, "We're going to clear my Sonic's good name."

Vanilla grew bold, "Absolutely not! I will not allow the two of you to go roaming the world unsupervised! There's far too much danger."

Vector nodded his head, "Ms. Rabbit is exactly right."

Vanilla looked at Vector, "Thank you, Mr. Vector."

Vector added, "Which is why I'm coming with you."

Vanilla looked at the crocodile who had just betrayed her, "What?"

Vector said, "I need to get some facts in order to solve this case once and for all. In order to do that, I need to find Sonic. Since Sonic is always on the move, it'd be nearly impossible for me to find him on my own, but Amy is like a living Sonic-tracker. No one is better suited for the job, and we need Cream's powers of flight in order to navigate the treacherous landscapes in which Sonic has undoubtedly placed himself."

Vanilla sighed, "Fine, I suppose if Vector is going, then it's alright for you to go find Sonic, but don't get into anything too dangerous, and make sure you're back by the fourth of July for our party."

Amy, Cream, and Vector all said simultaneously, "Yes ma'am!"