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Resurrection of a Dead Heart

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Tomura had learned a lot about himself over the last year.


He has a habit of decaying things that get on his nerves. Honestly, that's fine, just don't annoy him and he won’t lash out at you. He has lost quite a few video game controllers that way. For a child his size, he’s gotten pretty decent at hand to hand. If someone tries to use his height against him he can just decay his way out. All for one, he notes is much more focused on hand to hand combat training. Where Sensei teaches him ways to creatively use his quirk, It sometimes feels like he has Tomura’s quirk too. But that can't be! Sensei doesn’t have his quirk. It’s impossible. But yet something lurks in the back of his mind. He can give and take quirks. What’s to say he doesn’t take his quirk while he sleeps? But he slaps that voice away. Sensei and All for One have saved him. He needs to stop believing his mind and focus on the facts in front of him.


Sometimes Sensei helps Tomura practice flexibility. While other days they sleep in and have pancake breakfast. Kurogiri has been absent most of the time, gathering research on a gaining popularity Hero over in America All-Fight or something. All Tomura notes is that his name is dumb and shouldn’t be a problem for a great guy like All for One. Maybe not Sensei, sensei is a bit of a softie. But don’t say that Tomura said that.


Today is a special day for Tomura.


Yup, it’s his 5th birthday. Sensei is taking him to the store to buy whatever games he wants. Currently, hand in hand with one of two worlds most dangerous criminals. The other being All for One, of course. Sensei had also said that it was celebrating their first year together. Kurogiri looked at him with pride. Although he wouldn’t say it out loud Tomura knew that Kurogiri was happy that his Villain family was happy.


That's all they could have ever wanted. Right? Things were great! Nothing bad would happen as long as Sensei was here. Nothing could topple the King of the Underworld.


“Sensei?” Tomura looks up at him, his eyes sparkling in the way a not villain toddler should be able too, “Can we get ice cream before we head home?” oops. Ah. Tomura did not mean to slip and call him that. Play it cool Tomura. He quickly glances out of his right eye to see Sensei look excited, Crap. He’s supposed to be the extra edgy one.


“Of course Young Tomura. This is all for you.” Sensei smiles warmly at him while they walk into the games store.


Tomura is fricken excited. He’s not allowed to say the F-bomb until he’s Kurogiri’s age and actively a villain. But whatever, He picks out the most violent games he can find.


That game with the torture scene? Yup.


That game about hunting people..what was it? Yup.


If sensei noticed him put in Viva Pinata, he didn’t mention it. Shut up voices in his head. It’s a good FREAKING game. Sensei buys it under the guise of for himself, and the other one is for him. They laugh at Tomura and ask him if he is old enough for this kind of game. THE NERVE. He scratches his neck in reply. Sensei even looks a little mad. These people are freaking annoying, they should just DISAPPEAR- and with that, his mood swing is over when Sensei holds his hand a little tighter.


“Of course” Sensei replies his smile turning into something of malice, “Are you aware of the fire in your back room?” The employee’s face turns white and he turns to check. Sensei grabs the back of the man’s shirt. Then breaks the cameras with a technological quirk, blocking the quirk sensors once they arrived. Since they only pick up on one active quirk per person. Sensei currently has mutation quirks on after all.


“Such a shame a villain attacked-” The mall fire alarm goes off “-that has a fire quirk.” Sensei’s smile turns poisonous. At times like these, Tomura has no idea who is in control, All for One? Sensei? He doesn’t know. Tomura goes around pocketing other things as well while he can vaguely hear their threats.


“Oh? Begging for your life now? After you insulted my boy? You can beg all you want. You’re going to hell.” Oooookay this is the part that Tomura usually zones out, mostly since Sensei got a new quirk. Vampirism. The more blood he drinks the stronger he gets. Though it gets kinda messy. So sensei usually drinks at night or when he’s mad...So Tomura assumes something the man did offend him. He’s too busy focusing on which other games to get. Tomura thinks he hears screaming outside but since there is currently a Nomu under the command of Kurogiri attacking the mall today, he pays no mind to it. It’s a fire Nomu with a strength that rivals that fire hero End-vore? He doesn’t remember the name of the hero. But he doesn’t care.


It’s Tomura’s Birthday after all.


“Shigaraki” Sensei calls him. Oh, that's right, his villain name is Shigaraki.


“Yes?” Tomura looks up at Sensei curiously looking at the man whos drenched in blood, he's barely awake.


“Would you like to do the honors?” Sensei looks over at him.


Tomura pauses, Sensei is allowing him to do direct villain work. His eyes gleamed in excitement. “As you wish.” Tomura filled with anxiety approaches the trembling man. Sensei had let him go, to drop on the floor, he's covered in blood at this point. Tomura can hear him begging, but he can't hear the words that are coming out of his mouth. All he can see is his father.


Very slowly and carefully Shigaraki takes off his gloves and approaches his father. Shigaraki lets himself smile wickedly and puts his hand on his face, the man screams. Then he turns to dust. All that remains is his hand. Sensei picks it up as Kurogiri opens a portal for them to return home. Shigaraki skips through the portal. He no longer feels crushed by his father he no longer feels anything bad.


Tomura feels good.


The mall incident raises awareness of monsters crawling in the dark since they didn’t capture the nomu, they have no idea what it is. It was perfect, scaring the other underground groups away while making sure that everyone is aware of their growing power. However, people believe each incident is different.


They have no idea how many Nomus they actually have. At this point, it is in the hundreds.


The mall incident is talked about for months on end, as well as the 100 casualties and failure on the heroes end.


The hero society is strained, for the time.


The actions at the mall, however, do not go unnoticed. A specific hero all the way in America takes note and begins preparing to return to Japan. For no one else could make such monsters.


To face the greatest evil.


All For one.