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Resurrection of a Dead Heart

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Tomura has gotten into a new routine with this odd family. Not saying he’s part of it. But the best part is, he knows how to write his name. He no longer needs to chant his name when it's written just about everywhere in his room. In the morning he gets up takes a shower. Kurogiri usually gets up after, he goes and makes both of them breakfast, and occasionally leaving a plate for Sensei. Then after he goes for his turn in the shower and they both start their days. Kurogiri is teaching Tomura how to read and write. But Tomura has yet to meet his savior. The one who stopped his father from selling him, and brought him to a home that's not so cold. Kurogiri insists that he’s shy and nervous about meeting Tomura, and that's why he hasn't come out of hiding, but it has been two months.


Tomura doesn't feel anything positive anymore so he wonders if that is really the case. Could it be that Sensei was the one to purchase him? Could sensei be planning to make him sleep in a bug pit again? But he pushes those thoughts aside remembering what Kurogiri told him ‘You can come and go as you please’. Kurogiri told him that it's normal to feel nothing after what he went through. But all he feels is itchy. He can only feel his skin crawling when he wears tight clothing, so he ends up wearing a couple sizes bigger to alleviate that fact. He notices when he is annoyed that his neck becomes unbearably itchy and that causes him to scratch it. Kurogiri did get him some lotion to help with the itching and he usually puts it on his neck every morning.

Tomura does notice that he gets angry when something doesn’t go his way, like Kurogiri beating him at Go Fish, or when Kurogiri has to run the bar extra late and doesn’t wake up to make him breakfast. He doesn't know where to push his anger so he takes it out on things around him. Generally, the damage he causes is gone the next day, he guesses that it was Sensei who cleans up after him. Another reason to thank his savior he supposes.


Today however is the day that he will meet Sensei. Tomura will make sure of it, he has to thank his savior. So he will wait up at night for Sensei and come down when he arrives.


So that's what Tomura does. He waits and listens for Kurogiri to close the bar. He waits and listens for the sound of Kurogiri’s quirk and the heavy footsteps of someone he doesn’t know. Tomura quickly steps out of his room and closes the door. He turns down the hallway and creeps down the stairs. He peaks around the corner of the stairs and sees Kurogiri in a suit and tie talking with a 7ft man with black hair and gold eyes, that man is also wearing a suit.


“How is Young Tomura, Kurogiri?” Sensei asks


“He is doing well! He's really opening up! I hope you can meet him soon All For one.”


“Yes yes, We have been too nervous and…” he hesitates “We look too much like his father.” All for one replies. All for one? Who is All for one? Where is Sensei? All for one visibly relaxes, and his body begins to change, he grows horns and claws.


“Oh Sensei, it's nice to speak with you. What's the occasion?” Kurogiri speaks. Are they the same person?


“It seems we have a guest.” All for One/Sensei had spoken looking directly at Tomura. He motions for Tomura to come into the room. Tomura hesitates at being caught, shakily he enters the open bar.


“Tomura, what are you doing up?” Kurogiri sets down a thicker folder on the bar.


“I couldn’t sleep...hello mister Sensei?” Tomura hesitantly approaches the man sitting on the barstool. He flinches when Sensei gets off the stool and kneels down to get closer to eye level.


“It’s nice to finally meet face to face. Just to clear up the confusion, the one with horns and claws is me Sensei. The one without is All for One. okay?” Tomura nods his head looking only slightly up at Sensei to meet his eyes. Sensei’s eyes show so much emotion, with just their eye contact he can feel how much sensei cares about his well being.


Tomura finally decides to speak up, he bows in admiration “Thank you for saving my life Sensei and All for One.”


“I’m sorry the heroes weren’t the ones to save you.” Sensei says, “I’m sorry that Villains have shown you more compassion.”

Tomura thinks for a moment before replying “Villains are people too, and if that means I can become a person too, I want to stay with you.” Tomura looks nervously at the floor.


“Young Tomura, you can become whatever it is you desire. If you wish to be a hero-” All for one begins before Tomura interrupts him instantly, “I don’t want to be a hero! I want to be a Villain who can do anything and the world can't stop me!” Tomura meets Sensei’s eyes with a fiery passion.


The look in his eyes is Determination.


All for One smiles harshly in his mind, he would steer this child in his direction.


“If that is what you wish Young Tomura. I shall guide you as I have Kurogiri. You are welcome to stop at any time.”