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Resurrection of a Dead Heart

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Kurogiri has been on the streets for about a month now, He’s glad that it’s still the warmer months. He’s been only buying food once a week, and only enough to just barely get him by, he’s thankful for hoarding all this money in advance. Even though his stomach growls with hunger and the pain from that makes him dizzy. But he thinks he can survive this he just needs to find a homeless shelter that will let him stay. Shouldn’t be too hard, maybe these adults will be mature, unlike everything he has encountered before. But he notes he shouldn't get his hopes up. After all, he only has himself now.


Time seems to fly Kurogiri notes, at least when he’s in the homeless shelter. It’s been about 2 weeks since his last mental check-in. He’s found one that doesn’t ask too many questions and still provides occasional food. Though he supposes the food makes his head spin and make his stomach hurt. Right after he eats it he feels very confused, and he has troubles figuring out where he was, Sometimes he blinks and wakes up in one of the beds at the shelter. When he asked about it they shrugged him off, no one else seems to mind, or notice. So maybe it was just him being sensitive again? It doesn’t matter at this point food is food. At least he’s got the shelter when he can’t stomach that awful food, or when it makes his stomach turn to the point where he must use that nasty human restroom and upchuck anything in his system, he can at least use the beds provided. His first clue, that something was wrong but he ignored for the sake of a roof over his head and a constant meal.


His second clue that something was wrong, was when he started to blackout the more food he ate there. He had a lot of missing memories over the last week and he was starting to get worried. He figured he should stop eating the food, and for a day or two, he did. His third clue was waking up on the floor next to his bed with bruises after eating for the first time in two days. But the final clue that really set him off, was when he put his head down to sleep after eating and waking up in the basement, covered in chains, surrounded by people. Kurogiri does his best to forget that he doesn’t want to remember. He ended up warping himself out of the chains, and when those people stopped him, his vision went red and they were gone. He supposes they left when his mist started to spin around the room. He ignored why he felt like he ate a holiday dinner. Certainly, Kurogiri didn’t notice the bleeding out half corpse left behind, or how the walls were tainted with a shiny new red coat as he exited the basement.


Kurogiri quickly grabbing the things by his bed left as fast as possible. It was the middle of the night, so it was cold. His feet ached with each step, but he couldn’t stop. The roof over his head wasn’t worth this. That was when he ran straight into a hero on patrol. Kurogiri was 8 years old, afraid and what did this hero do? He was told off for running without looking. The hero told him he should get back to his parents.


“I don’t have parents” Kurogiri weakly mumbled, he's sore, his feet hurt and he’s scared, was it wrong to reach out to a hero to get comfort?


“Oh? Little orphan boy doesn’t have any parents?” The smile the hero had on his face was less than friendly.  “That makes my job easier. One less little piece of shit mutant to look after. Why don’t you do everyone a favor, villain, Take a swan dive off the nearest roof and hope for a better life in the next one.” He wound back his fist, and Kurogiri blankly realizes that this man is against mutant people, before he gets punched square in the jaw and flown back into the trash as his world becomes dark again.


Kurogiri wakes the next morning, with only a black eye added to his family of fist-shaped bruises on his body. He does not remember why he left the shelter, but the thought of going back made his stomach turn. Maybe that’s why he doesn't feel hungry today? or the next day, or the next week.


For the first time since Kurogiri was abandoned, he sobbed with ugly blue tears, for he was all alone in this world full of pain.