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Resurrection of a Dead Heart

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Kurogiri scrambled to grab his things, tears of blue in his true forms eyes: his Foster family told him he had 5 minutes to pack and get lost. Kurogiri was devastated, his mist form that wraps around his frail body wavering at the thought of being homeless again, he couldn't go without food again. He couldn't stand the way his innards shook when he was in the cold pouring rain, he always got sick so easily, curse his weak body! Plus the loss of feeling in his legs when it was a hot summer, moving hurts a lot when the sun beats down on the pavement. Not again! Please not again! Kurogiri thinks, but he didn't have a choice did he? They seemed so happy to have him. They gave him food,  clothing, shelter and they genuinely cared! Then they throw him on the streets like the rest of them!


He guesses the rumors followed him here, he didn't mean to hurt them, his quirk acts out when he's scared. He's tired of it all. He's tired of being weak, he's tired of being scared, he's tired of being so alone. But all that doesn’t matter, right? They never really cared for his feelings. So he manages to pack his favorite clothing, he takes a heavy blanket too, for the winter. They never did tell him what he could and couldn't take after all. He scrambles for his emergency money, holding back his whimpering sobs. His chest hurts, and the pain is crippling, it's hard to move. It’s hard to breathe. Until he can't take it anymore and lets out a full sob at the thought of being alone again, crying always helps his pain, even if his tears are an ugly blue against his purple. He wished his mother was around a little longer, he wished his father understood, He wished he wasn’t alone.

"5 minutes are up, you hellspawn!!" His foster mother screamed from below "get the hell out of my house you demon!" Her footsteps creak loudly in the old house, he notes faintly that she probably has her shotgun with her. Last but not least he grabs the neck brace that belonged to his mother, she had a similar quirk too and he always took it with him. Even though Kurogiri loved her with his broken heart, he figures she shouldn't have had kids with her body that frail anyway, as that had passed onto him. With his brace in his arms and his bag on his back, he uses his quirk to open a portal inside and around his body to take him to his favorite place.


He comes here when he wanted to be alone, away from the people who hurt him. Away from the lies. On the bad side of town there's this alley he calls his. He hadn't been here in a long time since he thought the last foster parents would actually love him. How disappointing. He should stop getting his hopes up. After all the things he's seen he's not surprised that there is no love in this world, not since his mother died. This alley he calls home now, is a short dead end, with an old dumpster that’s locked shut. In this area, he has seen gangs, murder, rape, and no hero has ever come by to stop it. It's repulsive. How people can treat other people this way he doesn’t know. Perhaps he is a demon like everyone calls him. He finds that human bodies are repulsive. Their bodily fluids disgust him, he never really has needed to use the restroom, his body absorbs everything like a black hole. Nothing ever wasted, every little bit goes into keeping him alive. He finds their desires, their hopes, their dreams, and their greed to be repulsive. Humans are disgusting. Maybe if everyone thinks of him as a demon, something not human, he should start acting like one. A crooked smile crosses his frail weak body and the mist around his body responds licking up the alley walls around him.


Kurogiri speaks softly out loud for the first time all week "no one will ever step on me again" his mist dances around him in delight. He likes the idea of being in charge, no one will hurt him. No one can touch him. He walks down his alley to the dumpster and sits down next to it, the ground is cold and he shivers. Tears still run down his face, even after that declaration he wants to be loved. He wants to be held and told that everything's going to be okay. He wants to feel the warm touch of his mother, he wants to feel the warmth of being love. Even though the thought of hurting a human makes him sick to his stomach, he will defend himself from the cruel and needy. He decides that he should start prioritizing himself over the well beings of others.  He doesn’t need anyone, after all, there's only himself, and the memories of his mother.


At age 8 Kurogiri is homeless once again.