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An Offering Worth Gold

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Dragons were a myth. Nothing more. A story whispered for hundreds of years and passed down between family and friends. The stories had been twisted, torn from the truth and screwed up until they were muddled and nothing but fake concoctions of the mind. The dragons spoken about were myths. True dragons, however, were not.

They weren’t lizards, they didn’t breathe fire or any crazy rubbish like that. They were human, or at least mostly so. You think humans come from apes? How silly. Of course they came from dragons. There were hints of it in their blood, the pack mentalities and social structures had translated over very well from olden times. Same as the love of pretty and shiny things and the need to prim and preen and groom. It was a silly habit but the originals had needed it. Needed to keep their scales pretty and wings in good shape. They were weird little habits to keep but not everything could be bred out of them.

There were only a handful or two left, centuries of being tested on and hunted. Hated. Being forced into hiding for so many years had left the species sparse and hidden away. Frustratingly so. While there were enough of them to congregate they had yet to look for each other. Yet to even search. Trapped in baron walls of the castles, caves and derelict dungeons they survive in, none of them seem to move away from the comfort of hundreds of years worth of collecting and hoarding. Apparently gold and shiny things were plenty company for a dragon without a mate. But they would feel the pull, the need for more. Life alone was not exactly their species way, typically. They make nests. They have packs. And the alphas…well soon they will need to go searching for an omega of their own. To let their species dwindle would be such a cruel fate to live. Sure being in hiding isn’t the most fun thing in the world but humans needed dragons whether they knew it or not. It’s time to find a pack.

Namjoon wouldn’t consider himself a particularly dominant male of his species. Sometimes he would dare to call himself a little passive, a little less dominant and more ‘take what he can get’. Which in the state of things is nothing. He gets nothing. But that’s ok, he assured himself many nights in a row because there’s nothing to get. For all he knows he’s the last and really is it worth the risk of stepping from his safety and hoard of gold, silk and and pretty little statues on the off chance there were others of his type in the world? They could be continents away even if there were others! He would have to admit though despite how little credit he gave himself as an alpha male that he could feel the pull. The need for a mate and pack of his own. This is what extinction feels like, he would muse to himself bitterly in his single hide-away. A tiny window peeking down onto the desolate woods below. Perfect for a single male. Not quite so perfect for a growing pack or making or nest or even, hell, raising young. His half-shattered tower lacks heat, protection and resources for a full and functioning nest. He wouldn’t be able to woo a ghost let alone a pretty little omega. A pretty, sweet little mate.

He had to leave.

Just like that the fear of not being up to par with the other potential alphas in the area was horrifyingly strong for the confused man. No warmth, no nest. No nest, no pack. No pack, no mate. No mate, no babies. No cuddles. No kisses and crooning into soft scales littering a pretty throat. Namjoon stood from his bed of woven and torn silks and golden threads to look through the stash of the prettiest of his collection at the foot of his bed. What would be the perfect offering? Gold? Certainly not, it had no worth in the world and really wasn’t that pretty. He would have to do a hell of a lot of polishing to make them any semblance of pretty really. He had a collection of pretty gems and diamonds along with some silver jewellery. The gems were nice, but what colour? He had heard many years ago omegas preferred offerings in their soul colour. The colour of their scales and wings. Namjoon had shoved a wide variety of stones, gems and a pendant or two into a red velvet pouch and had stuffed it into a leather satchel. It was dull unlike most of the things he hoarded but it was useful when carrying food back up the tower. He added a couple of rolled-up silk throws and a fur throw into a sack, perfect for an initial nest. Soft and warm and oddly homely though Namjoon would never consider his hide a home. It was somewhere to protect himself but nothing more.

He checked every room on his way down the crippling tower. There was a little safe room he had used to store the more plush collections and clothes but honestly he had no idea what would count as a good offering. Personality would determine what he could hand over. Clothes were pointless. There was a stuffed toy with a pretty purple bow around it’s throat. Namjoon didn’t care much for the bear since it was half singed and an eye had popped out so he took the bow, wrapping it neatly around his wrist before leaving further down the darkness of his castle. He had found enough to fill his two bags. A variety of offerings and nest necessities along with the odd gift for himself. Who knew how long it would take him and if he would ever find someone to give them to. Namjoon had to be realistic which equally meant trying to enjoy himself for as long as he could before he ultimately gave up. Namjoon had no patience for that which he could see no end to.

Seokjin was a dragon of finer tastes and finer things. He would class himself as one of the lucky few that had found safety in a very ideal location. A small, hidden stone cottage in the middle of the nowhere woods. Of course, that wasn’t its actual name but Jin had found that no-one ever entered the woods at all. He had lived there for what felt like centuries and never a visitor. Never even a bumbling, lost idiot searching for help and an escape from the dark and towering trees. He was lucky, he had to admit that much. His cottage was lovely, Jin often assumed it was why he considered himself such a domestic alpha male. He wasn’t the hoarding sort, he didn’t have room for it, so he adorned the walls with pretty gold photo frames filled with gems and glittery ornaments. He had old, gold encrusted rugs and had filled most surfaces with pretty decorations. It wasn’t clutter, thank you very much, it was pretty and homely and everything Jin had ever wanted. But it was small, he had pouted after the fifth or sixth attempt at shoving a nest of blankets into the corner of his bedroom. He couldn’t fit himself in it let alone a pack or even just a single mate. Although he was lucky enough that the fire kept the entire cottage warm and cozy it lacked any semblance of comfort. He had been surviving on a wooden bench as a sofa after his had caught on fire. He had blamed the fire-flu he had caught over a particularly rough winter.

Not nest material and he was sure somewhere there was someone to nest with. To make a pretty home with and to hatch a clutch or five with. There had to be, somewhere, an omega. He could feel it. The spring was clearing up into summer and with the heat and longer days brought with it the perfect time to search. He could cover more ground with longer days and the warm days ensured he would be able to keep his energy up. More food around and more crops to slip into his bag ready for his offering. He couldn’t offer much, his hide was simple and mostly empty. Not many gold and jewels in the middle of nowhere. But he had taken a few diamonds that he had pulled from a variety of muddy and scuffed jewellery along with some gold-threaded pillows. Perfect for a nest. He had found a pretty satin shirt or two and had rolled them up neatly. Male or female it would look good and depending on their soul colour the silver or black would go well either way. He couldn’t help the swell of pride in his chest as he left his sweet little hide for the final time. There had to be more of them out there in the world and Jin was sure they would be searching too. The shift into summer was perfect for mating and bonding. Sun was good for the skin, the wings, Jin had never really spent much time outside in fear of being found but now he didn’t care. He could let his wings stretch and breathe without a care because he was a dragon on a mission to find a mate. A pack. No human, animal or weather could stop him from accomplishing the one task he had ever trusted himself with.

Yoongi hated the heat. Autumn was perfect, sure the days were short but that gave him more dark. More time to sleep. Winter was rough, he always got sick and his tiny cave of a room was nothing short of horrific when the cold got in. Spring was fine. It was a little warmer and the heaps of rain assured him decent food but it was summer that he hated and the transition into the fated horror of a season was coming fast and furious. The past three nights Yoongi hadn’t even dared to make a fire for light due to a fear of overheating and dying in his sleep. Ok. It would take more than that to kill a dragon but if there was one thing Yoongi hated it was being too hot. His home, or so he assumed, used to be some kind of settlement hide. Possibly for olden-time bandits or runaways. It was mostly just a cave but had been left full of treasures and hides. Even a bed which frankly was all Yoongi needed. If dragons could hibernate he would do so year-round. No need for a mate. Or a pack. He could sleep his entire existence away. Alas dragons did not hibernate and he did need a mate and pack so he had to leave his pathetic hide eventually. He had heard there had been an egg a couple of centuries ago, the road beneath his cave brought with it a lot of talk and speculation. The egg, a sweet little promise had been left to incubate in, apparently the most ideal location.

A dragon pack in Busan had travelled all of the way to Seoul with a carrying omega. Their pack omega had been carrying an egg the entire duration of the journey only to leave it on its own in an abandoned hide. Yoongi had heard the hide had everything the egg would need to hatch and make it to mating age. The pack had thought of everything, Yoongi had to admit that much. If the egg did make it then Yoongi had to find whoever it was that emerged from it. There was another dragon somewhere and omega or not they could form a pack with enough time to try to find an omega by the winter. He had heard a wives tale a long time ago that the status of the unborn could be determined by the egg. Whether it was the colour or size or something else it was possible the egg left behind in Seoul was known to be an omega. There was a potential that the location the egg had been left was specific for whatever the dragon within would be. An alpha, those that were larger and often were the better hunters, foragers and seemingly those that had an inclination to hoard or omega who were able to produce and carry eggs, the nest builders and often the support of the pack. The omega was often in charge of the pack beside the head alpha. The alpha the omega picks to protect them, their young and the pack. Usually dictated by colour, size and the success of bonding determined by the preference to the offers given by the alphas of the group.

Yoongi had to find a good offering, a great offering. If he wanted to be the leader of a pack he had to find something no-one else could possibly have to offer. Nothing in his cave would be good enough so he had to hope he would find something on the way to Seoul.

Hoseok had always prided himself in his ability to blend in. He had been living the last few years travelling with a performing group. His scales had been brushed off as makeup as a part of his costume design and he had learned how to hide his wings by folding them against his back and wearing baggy shirts. It had worked for years. He was a dancer, a performer and artist. He loved his job and it meant he had more potential to meet other dragons. Sure in the several years he had been doing it he hadn’t met anyone else but he held on to hope. He was glad he worked for such eccentric people or else his ruse would have quickly been detected but whenever he asked to keep certain pretty jewellery that they find on their travels or anything pretty or expensive-looking the two others in his group would just hand it over so easily. Hoseok bet they thought he sold them on for a little extra money or something. He needed to find something perfect, if he ever needed to get a quick offering on the spot then it would have to be perfect. He collected anything even mildly shiny and had even kept hold of a small silver compact mirror someone at a show had left behind because it had emeralds and sapphires studded into the lid. Hoseok sometimes used it just to feel closer to his future mate.

Jimin would always be the first to admit he had a dark streak, nothing sinister but he just didn’t have much hope for his species. He had travelled the entirety of Korea in the darkness of night. He couldn’t go elsewhere to look, not only would he be obvious to pick out of a crowd but he knew even if he found another dragon he wouldn’t be able to communicate his needs. He wouldn’t be able to court them. He would rather hope someone found him even if the chances were slim. As much as Jimin wished it, it was clear time was running out. Summer was close and by the time it got to autumn there’d be no chance of searching for a pack or mate until the following late spring. The daylight had to be long enough to get plenty of searching done with good light and it had to be warm. Dragons preferred heat so if there was ever a chance to spot one it would be during warmer days. Jimin couldn’t risk another year without a pack. He was weak on his own, he couldn’t protect himself well enough and his food sources were on the pathetic side. He had to look one final time before the winter.

Taehyung had always loved the idea of showing the dragon species off to the world. He wasn’t completely out in the open and especially not with his wings out or anything quite as hectic as something that non-human but he made an effort. Showing off the hint of scales or the peak of fangs. The way his eyes could change colours from chocolate brown to pure black. He would flaunt them in his own way with fashion. His monochrome scales suited any colour so he was able to enjoy the finer choices of satin shirt or button-down. He could make choices that showed off the thick scales running up the side of his neck and over his left shoulder. He was proud of them and humans were becoming more accepting. He was sure soon dragons wouldn’t have to hide any more and if he could be a part of that acceptance and educating of humans then he couldn’t be prouder. He had grown his nails out, long nails were beautiful and he could colour them in gold and add little gems and he looked like a walking, talking, flying nest to make any omega swoon. Was it pretentious for him to call himself the offering to his omega? Probably. He did have plenty of gold and soft clothes he could also offer and lots of jewellery or even a cute silk tie he had bought in the next town over. Taehyung was pretty, he was a dragon! Why couldn’t he enjoy clothes that made him look even better? Surely any omega would love a powerful alpha that could give them the world and any glittery goods?


Jungkook had never believed much in fate. Living alone in a desolate mansion in the middle of no-where. It seemed to be to be an old inn, Jungkook had been told it had been abandoned a long time ago by an elder who had raised him. Packs weren’t allowed to stay with their young. Had to spread as many eggs as far as they could in the hopes as least one would survive. Elders were left with the eggs, if a human were to find their hiding place it was believed the elders had a better chance of helping both dragons survive whilst also making them expendable. If a young dragon had to flee it was the elders job to stay and fight. A means to an end. Jungkook had never found out what happened, what happened to his own designated carer, a sixty year old who was the father of his parents’ packs youngest alpha. Back in the day when there were more dragons the pack dynamics were much more complex. Now there was no such thing as a pack. It was too difficult and dangerous to look for others and parents had left any eggs or young once the humans began hunting them. Jungkook had always thought it would have been safer to stay in the large packs. Surely even if they were found the healthiest of the pack could have run off with the egg or younger members. Maybe he was just bitter about being left behind.

Jungkook had been left alone once he was old enough. He had been taught the basics, how to cook, clean, look after himself and groom himself. He had been taught about packs and his role as an omega. How to make a nest. It was his only purpose, it seemed, so every day he practised. He made and then re-made his nest littered with the softest of blankets and warmest pillows. He wasn’t a dragon who particularly favoured gold. Gold was useless. Jungkook would never understand why alphas chose useless things to hoard and offer omega. Surely Jungkook should be more impressed with something comfortable for the nest or good food to feed his pack? Personally, status of omega be damned, Jungkook loved things that smelled nice. Once in early summer Jungkook had gone out and collected a variety of flowers. His favourite was a small lavender plant he had grown from a single little branch. He had managed to grow so many of the plants he used it to make the nest more welcoming. Having something to smell made the house a lot less lonely and he found plants were much prettier than any gold or gem. They were useful too. Some could be eaten or turned into perfume. Jungkook had taught himself how to turn the plants into various useful items. The joys of living alone.

Jungkook had started to learn patterns in the world outside, times when he could leave his hide and find more things to pad out his poor excuse of a nest. He hated it. Hated having to hide and hated hiding what he was. He had to live alone with the fear that anyone could come and kill him. Rip his gorgeous rainbow of scales from his skin. Break the bones within his bat-like wings and pull them from his shoulder-blades. Surely they weren’t too different? He had seen humans prim and preen themselves even more than he did. Spring and summer were his favourites seasons, spring perfect was smelling the flowers outside and the creek nearby was always bustling with bugs and bees. Summer was nice and hot and his nest was always nice and cozy and warm when he returned to it once the evenings got cooler. He assumed he only disliked the colder months because he was on his own. No pack to cuddle with to stay warm. No-one to keep him safe when he fell ill. But it meant he was a strong omega. He would raise strong young. He would be able to protect his group and provide for them all well because he had done it for so many years on his own. He was an omega. Omegas weren’t special for anything other than rearing eggs into young, impressionable pups. He hated it.

It was a cool evening when he had stepped from his hide towards the creek. He had seen a strawberry plant several days ago and had finally found a pot big enough to start growing them. If he left it to nature he would never taste a berry from its leaves. He had crouched down, dark purple wings splayed out in the cool air to stretch them out. They were getting sore and the heat had started to weaken the leathery skin until it ached to unfold them. His throat and chest, littered with silver, black, purple and navy scales was on display in the moonlight. Jungkook couldn’t understand why he would bother staying fully dressed at all times. He lived alone in a part of the city in which few people came past. It was the very edge of the city leading into a thick and dense wooded area. He liked to let his skin breathe and out in the cool summer air his body seemed to hum. His body thrummed with excitement and freedom. Jungkook had planted the berries when he felt it, there was a heat behind him. Eyes on him. Something like electricity hung in the air and there was the sound of clothing being dropped. He couldn’t bring himself to look back. It could be a human. It could be another dragon. It could be someone dangerous either way. He sat stone still on the edge of the creek and watched the water anxiously as a dark wing shifted over his left shoulder and he stilled. Another of him. He wasn’t alone. It felt like a sick joke, a pathetic excuse to get his hopes up but he had been born for this very moment. It was the sound of crooning that caught the omega’s attention and he turned, wings fluttering in awe at the figure in front of his. Displayed much like Jungkook was with his shirt off and wings splayed out at full span but the alpha was stood silent with a bright awe within his warm eyes.

“Holy shit,” Jungkook whispered, he felt as if he’d been punched. As if his breath had left his chest with a swift kick. The alpha was stunning. He had pinned Jungkook with a dimpled grin and patted down the pockets of his jeans while the omega observed with bated breath. His first offering. His first gift. The alpha grinned after seemingly finding his offering and crouched silently onto one knee. His large wings hunched slightly to frame his body and with an eager grin presented the gift between two hands. Jungkook hadn’t expected it and burst into bright laughter at the opal-coloured shell currently in the clutches of a furious-looking red crab. It was too cute as the alpha stumbled in shock at the sight and flushed a bright pink that reached all the way up to the tips of his ears. Jungkook held his hands out anyway, giggling fondly as the shell was carefully pulled from the claws trying to snatch at long fingers. It was heart-warming, Jungkook had only ever imagined suave alphas that were huge and burly. Alphas that wouldn’t even give him an option in who he offered his nest to. He had imagined been forced onto, gold and gems and meaningless offerings thrown onto him. But the alpha was stumbling and a little all over the place. He had soft features and cute little dimples and honestly Jungkook would have second-guessed whether or not it was an omega or not if it wasn’t for the obvious difference in wing-span and the more obvious span of scales leading across their chest and small patches over the right hip and probably across their backs too. Omega didn’t need as many scales but they were typically more colourful. Jungkook used to have pink and even a little hint of teal in his scales when he was younger but he had determined his soul colour by the time he turned sixteen.

The alpha had finally deposited the pretty shell in his hand, crab nowhere to be found but more than likely settled in its new home in the creek when the alpha regarded him awkwardly.

”I…have a real offering. I just found that on a beach while looking for you. I mean. Anyone. But I’m glad it’s you. I mean, you’re cute and we have the same soul colour. Is that cheesy-”

”You’re rambling,” Jungkook chuckled lightly, turning the shell curiously in his hands before the top fell open. Inside was a small glass bead that was white with speckles of pink and red. Not quite a pearl but Jungkook loved it, it was equally as pretty and honestly the shell was a nice colour. He would take this over gold any day.

“I…I am. I just mean that that thing isn’t the offering I had intended to give you. So don’t be upset or anything. I have some nice stuff…whatever you need,” he urged and Jungkook pouted, turning the shell over in his hands.

”I like this…and the crab was cute. I don’t really know much about etiquette or pretty much whatever I should do right now…but I have a den?” Jungkook mumbled shyly. It seemed that there was no need for it though because the alpha grinned toothily with a nod and instantly bent over to collect the pot of strawberries. Jungkook gathered the shirt left in the grass and with a careful shake of his wings to remove any grass or dirt before gesturing towards the inn. The alpha stayed close, shifting nervously but otherwise attentive to their surroundings. Habit, Jungkook assumed. They both stepped into the inn together, Jungkook swapped the shirt for the pot and set it outside of the back door before turning to the alpha hopefully.

“I’m Namjoon. I realise…just following you in here is a bit stupid. You don’t even know who I am. It your home, your den and I just stormed in here. But I’m Namjoon,” the alpha urged softly and Jungkook may have silently swooned. Such a dork.

“Jungkook. How did you find me?” he mumbled wearily. Jungkook had heard horror stories of alphas stalking omegas. He wasn’t completely sure about whether or not the situation was safe but Namjoon seemed harmless. Sweet, even.

“I’ve been looking everywhere for another of us. I could smell you from a mile away…like spring and the ocean. It was just luck that I was here at the same time you were. I should ask…were you expecting others?” Namjoon frowned, gesturing to the double doors with a face pressed almost terrifyingly against the glass pane. Jungkook startled, recoiling at the sight in the time it took for Namjoon bare his teeth and storm forwards. Protective. Jungkook was almost thankful he was offered the chance to see this. Namjoon seemed like he was a good alpha and whoever was outside was putting up quite the fight. He stepped closer, glancing out from around the edge of the door to spot several more. Six whole alphas squabbling and fighting amongst each other in his garden. Jungkook somehow wasn’t too shocked, he imagined it was quite easy for desperate alphas to find omega by scent alone if close enough. It seemed everyone had had the same idea with summer newly started and winter only months away it was an urgent time for alphas to search for a pack. Jungkook was almost awed at the sheer amount of dragons suddenly in one spot.

“Hey!” Jungkook shouted over the din of scuffling and instantly all alphas jerked up, eyes on him in an instant. Jungkook had never been more anxious, never had so many eyes on him.

“if you intend on swarming an omegas den you had better be respectful about it! No fighting! Namjoon-hyung please get off of him,” Jungkook sighed softly, annoyance tapered off to warmth as the familiar alpha stumbled to his feet and shuffled apologetically by his side.

”Sorry Jungkookie…were you hurt?” he frowned, turning to Jungkook who only offered a soft smile back and shook his head.

“I’m ok, I certainly wouldn’t consider this a fight of all things. A little bickering if anything. Dare I ask if you’re all here for a pack?” Jungkook sighed and regarded each alpha in turn. It was a curious moment when all six nodded surely and in one fell swoop ducked into matching bows. All on their right knees with their hands out with their own offerings. Gold. Gems. Various items of silk and satin. Typical offerings. Jungkook scrunched his nose, turning pointedly to Namjoon who offered his own small dimpled smile. Namjoon had been lucky with his accidentally amazing offering and cute mess-up.

“Sorry…I have no use for gold or anything. I appreciate the sentiment but clearly you’re not alphas with forethought. How traditional. This comes from a time when gold and gems would buy important stuff,” Jungkook sighed, regarding one of them. A small alpha with deep emerald wings.

“If you want useful stuff…here,” he huffed and dug into his pocket and pulled out a small box. It was pretty, made of dark wood with gold engravings of symbols. Jungkook regarded the alpha cautiously before he opened the small gold latch. Inside was a variety of sewing materials. Spools of thread and small needles bundled together beneath a velvet pouch. Jungkook opened it, regarding the contents in awe. A bag of seeds.

“Found them after they fell out of a merchants bag at a farmers market. All produce too. I had a label of what seeds grew what but-” the alpha trailed off with a shrug and Jungkook had to give it to him. It was handy and the omega adored the feeling of velvet.

“I’m Jungkook,” the omega beamed warmly as an acceptance of the gift.

”Yoongi. And this is?” he had gestured to Namjoon who had offered his name proudly. Jungkook could understand that much. It would be hard for any of them to make quite the same impact as Namjoon had.

The next was a music box with a snake etched into the wood on the top lid. The music was light and slightly eerie but inside was a silver chain. Jungkook may not be a fan of gold but he wasn’t impartial to silver. He slid the chain over his head, grinning happily at the fit. It rested on the dip of his throat and for a moment Jungkook was horrified with how tight it felt but when he turned to Namjoon for his opinion the alpha regarded him in awe. Apparently silver went well with his scales. The alpha was called Taehyung but he had babbled about how ‘Tae, hyungie, TaeTae, Taehyungie’ were also options.

Jimin was next, soft and small with a hint of something in his eyes. It unsettled Jungkook slightly. Jimin had brought a roll of soft blankets. Perfect for the nest.

Hoseok, a charming and very sociable alpha had offered him a collection of various CD disks. Jungkook had to admit it was one luxury he allowed himself and Hoseok had rambled slightly about how he danced for years and if Jungkook ever wanted to learn he would be happy to teach him.

Seokjin was the oldest, tall and broad and much more like what Jungkook had expected. Turns out none of the alphas were typical. The alpha had offered a small golden, gem encrusted egg with a twinkle in his eye.

“Meeting you has been…egg-cellent,” he smirked and it was as if the pack had one mind. Everyone groaning in horror. Jimin had moved away to giggle into his hand and Namjoon, while seemingly not impressed had a dimple on show from where he was trying to hold back. Jungkook could forgive the slightly useless offering in wake of the entertainment. So he ushered everyone inside and out of the cool air, Namjoon had started the fire in the back of the lounge and suddenly Jungkook’s once empty house seemed to be bustling. So many alphas all in one place.

He didn’t need much coaxing, his entire life had been spent alone. Once Namjoon had sat down to talk to Seokjin about where he had learned that terrible humour Jungkook had followed close behind and shyly shuffled at the alphas feet. It took a moment but Namjoon glanced up curiously, brow raised with worry at the small blush and wide eyes that regarded him. So sweet. Jungkook could only offer a small grumble and gestured to where Namjoon’s lap was empty. No omega in it which frankly was terrible. The perfect lap to curl up on. Namjoon sat up, patting the space on his thighs and opened his arms willingly for Jungkook to curl up. This was what Jungkook had wanted. He didn’t want a forced pack just because their species was in trouble, he still had to pick good alphas. Alphas to take care of him and the nest. Namjoon was so warm, his chest wide and wings draping to shield Jungkook from any outsiders.


What was more perfect was when he woke up late into the night in a huge make-shift nest by the fire, curled up between Yoongi and Jimin who was all but clinging to Jungkook. Namjoon was just within touching distance, fully awake and watching the back door. It seemed Namjoon wasn’t one to just relax and shut down at night but somehow Jungkook appreciated it more. He felt protected.

“Joon-hyung?” he yawned and the alpha startled, wincing when Yoongi groaned in annoyance and kicked out at the jostling movement catching poor Jin in the ribs who retaliated sleepily with a swift but half-hearted slap to Yoongi’s knee. It took a moment for them to settle again but sure enough Yoongi grunted a tired apology and Jin turned his back on the edge of the nest to curl around Hoseok who purred back happily.

“You should sleep, love. It’s still late,” Namjoon urged tenderly and reached out to swipe the omega’s hair from his face. So comfortable. Jungkook craned his neck into the touch with a soft yawn and huffed. He didn’t want Namjoon staying awake all night, even Jungkook had given up on those sorts of nights once he realised no-one ever came close to the house.

”You need to go to sleep. It’s stupid o’clock. No-one comes anywhere near the house, come sleep,” Jungkook frowned and reached out to tug Namjoon closer, ignoring his soft arguments. Namjoon smelled good and even though Yoongi did too Jungkook just wanted Namjoon right now.

“Come to bed,” Jungkook whined urgently and pulled at Namjoon’s wrist who instantly relented and hushed him. Namjoon wasn’t much taller than Jungkook but wrapped around his back comfortingly. Nose pressed to Jungkook’s nape. Jungkook could feel Namjoon’s worry, the passive kisses he left to the hint of scales over Jungkook’s shoulder was enough of a hint. His fingers were restless too as they tapped a rhythm into the omega’s hip until Jungkook eventually linked their fingers together and sighed softly. It would take some getting used to.

By the time everyone woke up, it was mid-day but it seemed everyone was tense. Yoongi had snapped at Jimin and Taehyung three times in the space of an hour for being too rowdy. He had spat that they were alphas and should act as such. Jimin had just shrugged back and assured him that with six of them there was no need to take everything quite so seriously. It’ll be fine. They’re pack was nice and big and it was assumed that it was official. Jungkook had accepted the offerings and let them stay together for the night. But there was a final task necessary to complete before they could even consider building up their den and nest or even think about bonding as a pack. Who would protect the pack beside Jungkook? Who would he choose as his head alpha to bond to first?

It wasn’t any secret, they knew who it would be. But when Jungkook had sat on the sofa, all of them observing him anxiously as they waited for his verdict. He almost didn’t have the heart to choose. But they needed a strong, reliable force to watch over them and lead everyone to safety. Who could he trust to lead them? Love them? Who could Jungkook see raising the first clutch of young or protecting them from outsiders? Who made them feel safe? Pacifist that could break up fights and arguments and set things into perspective. Jungkook would have loved to have time with everyone to decide but ultimately they didn’t have the luxery of time or patience. He had to go off of instincts, something he was never very comfortable in doing. He didn’t trust himself to make toast some days let alone make huge pack-based decisions. But he had turned, hand out invitingly to a spot and Namjoon’s head jerked up at the offer. Of course it had been him. But he still couldn’t believe it even when their fingers linked together and he tugged the omega close enough for a swift and sweet kiss. It was enough for now. Now they had a den to prepare and a hell of a lot of bonding to catch up on. They had plenty of time now to make the large decisions so they could enjoy their first integrated year together bonding and trying to find a plan on how to make it through winter. Soon they would have to make a choice on whether they stayed in the human-heavy side of Seoul or move to somewhere secluded and safer. For now, Seoul would be fine. Hoseok and Taehyung had assured them that they were more than comfortable going out in public for necessities. By the time winter hit, they would have food for months and somewhere warm and cozy. They didn’t know much about each other. But they knew enough to be sure that they would survive. More than survive. They were going to live.


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