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Everyday Life of Teacher Ye Xiu

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*Knock knock*



Ye Xiu: "Come in."

Yu Wenzhou: "Good afternoon, Senior Ye Xiu."

Ye Xiu: "Mr. Yu? Aren't you supposed to be in your class right now?"

Yu Wenzhou: "It's a self-study class now. With my outstanding grade, it's not necessary for me to attend this class."

Yu Wenzhou: "Most importantly, why don't you call me Wenzhou? You used to do that all the time."

Ye Xiu: "That was when I was your senior here. Now I'm your teacher and you're my student. Customary is a must."

Yu Wenzhou: "At least call me Wenzhou when we're in this room? No one can hear us anyway."

Ye Xiu: "....If you insist, fine."

Ye Xiu: "What brings you here today, Wenzhou?"

Yu Wenzhou: "There is some part in Physics homework I don't understand and I hope senior can help me with it."

Ye Xiu: "Didn't you just say that your grade is outstanding?"

Yu Wenzhou: "I did, but no one is perfect. Even someone like me has things that he doesn't know too."

Yu Wenzhou: "......Your heart, for example."

Ye Xiu: "Huh? Did you say something?"

Yu Wenzhou: "Nothing."

Yu Wenzhou: "So, will you help me, please?"

Ye Xiu: "Sigh, I guess it's my duty as your teacher?"

Ye Xiu: "Very well, let me see it."








Yu Wenzhou: "As expected of Senior Ye Xiu, your teaching is easier to understand than Mr. Liu Hao's."

Ye Xiu: "Ha, don't ever let him hear that. He doesn't like me enough as it is."

Yu Wenzhou: "Don't worry, senior, even if I don't say anything, everyone including Mr. Liu Hao himself know that your teaching is superior."

Ye Xiu: "Pfft... Oops... No, as your teacher, I should reprimand you for talking behind your teacher's back."

Ye Xiu: "Wenzhou, talking behind someone's back is bad. So don't do it."

Yu Wenzhou: "Understood."

Ye Xiu: "So... You're done with your homework. Anything else I could help you with?"

Yu Wenzhou: "I'd like you to go to my house with me after school."

Ye Xiu: "Pardon me?"

Yu Wenzhou: "My mom wants to see you. Said she has something to ask you regarding my school life."

Ye Xiu: "But you're an exceptionally student in both your grade and behavior. What's there to talk about?"

Yu Wenzhou: "My thought exactly. But you know how parents are always worried about their children, right?"

Ye Xiu: "... Alright, I'll go. I have nothing to do after this anyway."

Ye Xiu: "The last period is almost end. Should we go now?"

Yu Wenzhou: "I'd love that. Sadly, I have to go to supermarket to do some groceries shopping first. Senior, you can wait here. After I'm done with grocery and put it at my house, I'll come back here."

Ye Xiu: "That sounds bothersome. How about I go with you to the supermarket and to your house next?"

Yu Wenzhou: "But I don't want to bother you..."

Ye Xiu: "Wenzhou, you're my junior and my student. I've never thought of you as a bother."

Ye Xiu: "Besides, it's better if I go with you to the grocery. That way, you can put them in my car's trunk."

Yu Wenzhou: "Then, thank you for your consideration, senior."

Ye Xiu: "No need, no need, let go!"

Ye Xiu: "Oh, I almost forget it, which supermarket are we going to?"

Yu Wenzhou: "ABC one."

Ye Xiu: "Isn't that really far? Why don't we go to the XYZ? It's closer!"

Yu Wenzhou: "That's because ABC has better quality goods in a similar price."

Ye Xiu: "I see. I finish packing my bag and locking my office. Let's go."

Yu Wenzhou: "Senior, how about we use the exit at the chemistry lab?"

Ye Xiu: "There is an exit around there?"

Yu Wenzhou: "It was built around the time you were in college. Naturally, you wouldn't know about it."

Yu Wenzhou: "Although it's a roundabout route to the parking lot, it's quite secluded. So no one will see us leaving."

Ye Xiu: "But why?"

Yu Wenzhou: "That's because I don't want to run into those annoying  guys and have them dragging us down. I don't want to make mom waiting too."

Ye Xiu: "Good call, but why did you have to hold my hand?"

Yu Wenzhou: "That's because I want to make sure that you won't walk into anything, like when you stubbed your foot at a desk two days ago."

Yu Wenzhou: "Senior Ye Xiu, you know that I care about you, right?"

Ye Xiu: "I know, I know."

Ye Xiu: "Wenzhou, thank you."

Yu Wenzhou: "It's my pleasure."

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*Knock knock*



Ye Xiu: "Come in."

Zhou Zekai: *Shyly nods his head*

Ye Xiu: "Good morning Mr. Zhou. What brings you here so early?"

Zhou Zekai: *Frowns cutely*

Ye Xiu: "Oh? You don't like the way I call you?"

Ye Xiu: "Well... It's you. I think we'll be fine."

Ye Xiu: "So, what brings you here today, Little Zhou?"

Zhou Zekai: *Beams dazzlingly*

Zhou Zekai: *Suddenly frowns again*

Ye Xiu: "Hm? You come here yesterday but I've already gone?"

Ye Xiu: "Yeah, I went to Wenzhou... I mean Mr. Yu, I went to Mr. Yu's house."

Zhou Zekai: *Frowns deeper*

Ye Xiu: "Why I went to his house? It's a house visit, I guess? His mother wants to talk with me."

Zhou Zekai: *Still frowns*

Ye Xiu: "What? I was deceived by him? That's impossible! Wenzhou... Mr. Yu won't do something like that."

Zhou Zekai: *Uncharacteristically sighs*

Zhou Zekai: *Shakes his head, then looks at Ye Xiu with very determined gaze*

Ye Xiu: "Hahaha! You will protect me if something bad happens?"

Ye Xiu: "Thank you Little Zhou. That's very gentleman of you!"

Ye Xiu: "But, really, nothing is going to happen! You're too paranoid."

Zhou Zekai: *Thins his lips, then sighs*

Ye Xiu: "C'mon Little Zhou, smiles! You look cuter smiling!"

Zhou Zekai: *Immediately smiles*

Ye Xiu: "That's more like it."

Ye Xiu: "Anyway, what brings you here so early today?"











Ye Xiu: "Today after school, you'll have a match against OOO school from GG district. And you want me to be there to cheer you?"

Ye Xiu: "Did I get it right?"

Zhou Zekai: *Nods*

Ye Xiu: "Not that I mind it, but, is this a teacher's duty too?"

Zhou Zekai: *Vigorously nods*

Ye Xiu: "Hmm... You're right. I suppose it's really teacher's duty to support his students in every way possible."

Ye Xiu: "Alright, I'll be there. But I have a meeting before that, so I might be late though."

Zhou Zekai: *Nods and smiles confidently*

Ye Xiu: "Haha, you'll surprise me with an overwhelming score once I get there?"

Ye Xiu: "Do you best, Little Zhou! If we win, I'll treat you and your teammates some ice cream."

Zhou Zekai: *Vigorously shakes his head and waves his hands in a disapproving manner*

Ye Xiu: "Oh, right, I forget that you're the only one who likes sweet."

Ye Xiu: "Should I take you guys to a fast food place instead?"

Zhou Zekai: *Shakes his head*

Zhou Zekai: *Points at himself then at Ye Xiu*

Ye Xiu: "Hmm? Your teammates can't go with us? But if it's only you and me, won't that be lonely?"

Zhou Zekai: *Shyly smiles at Ye Xiu*

Ye Xiu: "You won't feel lonely if I'm with you? My, my, Little Zhou! Aren't you a sweet boy!"

Zhou Zekai: *Shyly glances at Ye Xiu while blushing furiously*

Ye Xiu: "What? Not as sweet as me? Little Zhou stops being so cute! That's not fair!"

Zhou Zekai: *Tilts his head*

Ye Xiu: "Awwww you're so cute! Let's me pet you!"

Zhou Zekai: *Obediently lowers his head for Ye Xiu*

Ye Xiu: "What a good boy you are, Little Zhou!"

Ye Xiu: *Happily ruffles Zhou Zekai's hair*






Ye Xiu: "Oh, it's time for homeroom class now."

Ye Xiu: "Go back to your class, Little Zhou. I don't want to hear your homeroom teacher complaining about me being the reason why you're late."

Zhou Zekai: *Pouts sadly*

Ye Xiu: "Little Zhou, I can't be your homeroom teacher no matter how much you pout at me."

Ye Xiu: "Be a good boy and go to your class."

Zhou Zekai: *Nods sadly*

Ye Xiu: ".......How about I have lunch with you today?"

Zhou Zekai: *Suddenly brightens up and smiles so dazzlingly it almost blinds Ye Xiu*

Zhou Zekai: *Waves enthusiastically at Ye Xiu*

Ye Xiu: "Goodbye Little Zhou!"


















Ye Xiu: "He's very cute, isn't he?"

Wei Chen: ".....How the hell do you understand what he wants to say!?"  

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*Knock knock*



Ye Xiu: "Com-"

Huang Shaotian: "Old Yeeeeeeeeee!"

Ye Xiu: "e in....."

Huang Shaotian: "Old Ye Old Ye Old Ye Old Ye Old Ye is it true that you went to a date with captain shameless and that mute kid how can you do this to me I thought I'm your favorite junior and student but you never go on a date with me even once that's not fair Old Ye I think we should go on a date too how about watching movie together after school there is this movie about pets or something like that you'll definitely love them so go to a movie with me pretty please please please? I won't stop bothering you until you accept it!"

Ye Xiu: "Let's me say that greeting again, don't come in."

Ye Xiu: "Also, Wenzhou isn't shameless. Little Zhou isn't mute. You shouldn't throw mud at them like that."

Huang Shaotian: "Old Ye! Why are you so mean to me but spoil those brats! Not fair not fair not fair!"

Ye Xiu: "If you stop talking for at least five minutes, I'll consider being kinder to you."

Huang Shaotian: "...."

Ye Xiu: "..."

Huang Shaotian: ".............."

Huang Shaotian: "Ahhhhhhhhhhhh this is too suffering I can't do that are you trying to kill me Old Ye!"

Ye Xiu: "Sigh... If you can't shut up, at least lower your volume a bit, will you?"

Ye Xiu: "It's still quite early in the morning. I don't want to get a headache before teaching."

Ye Xiu: "Which reminds me, isn't your class the one I have to teach first today?"

Ye Xiu: "...Yep, it's your class. Don't tell me this is your plan to make me get a headache and cancel the class?'

Huang Shaotian: "Jeez, can't you see me in a good light for once? And if I don't want to I can just skip a class no need to do something as annoying as that."

Huang Shaotian: "Anyway, what about our date?"

Ye Xiu: "What date? Did I give you too many assignments that you lose your mind?"

Huang Shaotian: "C'mon Old Ye if you can do it with captain and that kid then why not me?"

Ye Xiu: "Because it's not a date. I went to Wenzhou's house for a talk with his mother. As for Little Zhou, I was just treating him ice cream for winning the match. That's all."

Huang Shaotian: "So you won't hang out with me?"

Ye Xiu: "Aren't we hanging out right now?"

Huang Shaotian: ".....Sigh, Old Ye, you really are...."

Huang Shaotian: "Forget it, actually, I'm here cuz I want some advice from you Old Ye."

Ye Xiu: "Oh? Then go ahead and tell me what bothers you."











Huang Shaotian: "So I'm secretly in love with this dude bu-"

Ye Xiu: "Dude? A man? Shaotian, you like men?"

Huang Shaotian: "............Will that make you uncomfortable?"

Ye Xiu: "Nope, I was just surprised. I've always seen you bothering Mucheng so I thought you like her."

Huang Shaotian: "WHAT!? Me and Sis Su!? That's even more impossible than me being quiet all day!"

Huang Shaotian: "Anyway, yeah there is this dude and I've been crushing on him for four years. I don't know how but he is so stupid and clueless when it comes to love and romance despite he is so smart in academic fields. I've been trying to hint him that I have a feeling for him but poor me nothing ever happens between us. I really run out of idea what to do with him."

Ye Xiu: "Well, first of all, does he like men? This is the most important thing to consider."

Huang Shaotian: "Not long ago, I learned that he is fine with it. Well, that what was he told me anyway..."

Ye Xiu: "That's good. You just pass the first step to win his heart. Next, go and confess to him."

Huang Shaotian: "What? Isn't that too hasty..."

Ye Xiu: "Nothing ever happens in those pitiful four years of yours, yet you still think that you're being too hasty?"

Huang Shaotian: ".........Well then."

Huang Shaotian: "I like you."

Ye Xiu: "I told you to confess to that person you like, not to me."

Huang Shaotian: "Well... I'm doing it right now..."

Ye Xiu: "What does he say?"

Huang Shaotian: "Dunno..... Why don't you tell me?"

Ye Xiu: "How can I tell you? You're supposed to be the one who tells me after you confess to your crush!"

Huang Shaotian: ".............................."

Ye Xiu: "?"

Huang Shaotian: "Never mind, just forget everything I said to you...."

Ye Xiu: "Alright, if that's what you want. I hope the day your crush understand your feeling comes to you soon then."

Huang Shaotian: "........................................................"

Huang Shaotian: "At this rate, that day will never come...."

Ye Xiu: "Did you say something?"

Huang Shaotian: "No.............."













Ye Xiu: "It's almost time for homeroom class now. You should go."

Huang Shaotian: "I know, I know."

Huang Shaotian: "..................."

Huang Shaotian: "Wait a sec...."

Ye Xiu: "Is something wrong?"

Huang Shaotian: "I just thought of a very very awesome idea!"

Huang Shaotian: "Old Ye why don't you come have lunch with me at the cafeteria today so I can show you who my crush is!"

Ye Xiu: "I'm a teacher. Just tell me a name."

Huang Shaotian: "Duh, there are almost five hundred students in our school! Like hell you'll remember them all!"

Ye Xiu: ".... Alright, I'll go with you."

Ye Xiu: "I'll wait for you here then. Once you finish your third period, just come here to pick me up."

Huang Shaotian: "Wonderful! You've already promised me so don't you dare go back on your words got it got it got it got it!"

Ye Xiu: "I promise, I promise."

Ye Xiu: "You seem very eager to have me meet your crush, aren't you?"

Huang Shaotian: "Of course I am!"

Huang Shaotian: "Although you technically have already seen my crush, every time you look into a mirror........"

Ye Xiu: "Shaotian, I'm not a psychic. I don't have a power to look into a mirror and see something in it like the evil queen in Snow White."

Huang Shaotian: "....................................."

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*Knock knock*




Ye Xiu: "Come in."

Wang Jiexi: "Good afternoon, senior."

Ye Xiu: "Mr. Wang? Shouldn't you be in class now?"

Wang Jiexi: "I finished the assignment early so Mr. Li allowed me to come here."

Ye Xiu: "Really? Well, what brings you here?"

Wang Jiexi: "Before that, you won't call me Big-Eyed Wang anymore?"

Ye Xiu: "I'm your teacher now. How can a teacher calls his students like that?"

Wang Jiexi: "I don't mind being called that."

Ye Xiu: "But I do. Teachers shouldn't do that."

Wang Jiexi: "Then call me by my name? Using Mr. is bit too distant for my taste."

Ye Xiu: "That's the point though. I'm no longer your senior so I should keep my distance to you guys."

Wang Jiexi: "Yet you go to Yu Wenzhou's house, go to a cafe with Zhou Zekai, and have lunch with Huang Shaotian?"

Ye Xiu: "These topics again? Do I have to print out my statement and put it at the notification board so everyone will stop asking about it?"

Ye Xiu: "I do that for Mr. Yu and Mr. Zhou because it's my duty as their teacher."

Ye Xiu: "As for Mr. Huang... Well, that's just him being himself and I can't shake him off."

Wang Jiexi: "....I see, my apologies then for misunderstanding you."

Ye Xiu: "If you get it then that's good."

Wang Jiexi: "But I still want you to call me by my name. Don't you think students and teachers should bond?"

Ye Xiu: "Sigh.... Alright, so what brings you here today, Jiexi?"












Wang Jiexi: "After school, I have to go pick Yingjie and Yifan up because my mother and Auntie Qiao are both busy."

Ye Xiu: "And?"

Wang Jiexi: "Why don't you go with me?"

Ye Xiu: "Why would I?"

Wang Jiexi: "Those kids, they miss you very much."

Wang Jiexi: "Don't you miss them?"

Ye Xiu: "I do, but I don't think it's appropriate for me to be seen with my student outside of the school without a good reason..."

Wang Jiexi: "Is helping them with their homeworks a good enough reason?"

Ye Xiu: "What?"

Wang Jiexi: "They want you to help them with their homework, especially Yifan. He is really attached to you."

Ye Xiu: "It's only some elementary level homeworks. Why don't you teach them yourself?"

Ye Xiu: "Besides, I'm your teacher, not their."

Wang Jiexi: "So you won't teach them just because you aren't their teacher?"

Ye Xiu: "Well... I mean..."

Wang Jiexi: "Excuse my rudeness, but, senior, when you decided to become a teacher, did you think that you'll only care about students in this school?"

Ye Xiu: "Umm... No... But...."

Wang Jiexi: "Senior Ye Xiu, aren't you the one who told me that you want to be a teacher who leads not only his students, but everyone to the right path?"

Ye Xiu: "............"

Ye Xiu: "............."

Ye Xiu: "............."

Ye Xiu: "Sigh.........."

Ye Xiu: "You're right, Jiexi. Thank you for reminding that to me."

Wang Jiexi: "So you'll go with me?"

Ye Xiu: "Yep, I do miss them after all."

Wang Jiexi: "Good, then after school, could you wait for me at the front gate?"

Ye Xiu: "Huh? Why don't we go to the parking lot? Are we not going to take my car?"

Wang Jiexi: "No, it's not that."

Wang Jiexi: "I have to drop by at the botanical club after school first. Both my club and your office are closer to the front gate, right?"

Wang Jiexi: "I'll meet you there and we can walk to the parking lot together."

Ye Xiu: "I see, alright, see you then!"

Wang Jiexi: "See you, senior."

Wang Jiexi: "I have to go now. It's almost time for the next period."

Wang Jiexi: "Goodbye for now, Senior Ye Xiu."

Ye Xiu: "Bye!"

















Ye Xiu: "Wait a sec, doesn't this mean that I have to go to his house?"

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*Knock knock*



Ye Xiu: "Come in."

Han Wenqing: "Ye Xiu."

Ye Xiu: "... I'm your teacher. Where is your courtesy?"

Han Wenqing: "A revenge for calling me Old Han when you were still a student."

Ye Xiu: "Hey, it's not my fault that you look older than me despite being two years younger."

Han Wenqing: "Then it's not my fault you look too young to be a teacher. It feels weird calling you Mr. Ye."

Ye Xiu: "Alright, alright, you win. Call me whatever you want."

Ye Xiu: "Anyway, shouldn't you be in your club now? Is Old Lin ok with the club president abandoning his duty?"

Han Wenqing: "I'm not you. I've already informed Mr. Lin about my absence for the club before coming here."

Ye Xiu: "Hey! Am I still your teacher!?"

Han Wenqing: "Then behave like one."

Ye Xiu: "Sigh, you're impossible, Old Han."

Ye Xiu: "Whatever, what brings you here today?"














Han Wenqing: "I want to hear your advice regarding my post-graduation choice."

Ye Xiu: "Shouldn't you talk with Old Wei your counselor?"

Han Wenqing: "He is unreliable."

Ye Xiu: "Ouch, that's hurt, you're right though."

Ye Xiu: "Still, you know that my advice isn't cheap, right?"

Han Wenqing: "I can treat you a dinner at your favorite restaurant."

Ye Xiu: "Oh, the one around the street corner, right? It's been a while since we go there!"

Ye Xiu: "Alright, deal! Go ahead and tell me your story!"

Han Wenqing: "After I graduate from college, I'm thinking about applying as this school PE teacher."

Ye Xiu: "Huh? That's surprising. You don't strike me as someone who wants to be a teacher."

Han Wenqing: "I'd be more surprised if you knew the reason behind my decision."

Ye Xiu: "?"

Han Wenqing: "Forget it. So, what do you think of my decision?"

Ye Xiu: "A solid choice. Old Feng would be happy to have another old face as the teacher here."

Ye Xiu: "Moreover, us teachers really need someone to discipline troublemaker kids. And you would be perfect for that job, with your scary face and all."

Han Wenqing: "What about you?"

Ye Xiu: "What's what about me?"

Han Wenqing: "What do you think of my decision?"

Ye Xiu: "Huh? I've already said it though? That Old Feng would be happy about it."

Han Wenqing: "What I mean is, what do you, as a fellow teacher, think of my decision?"

Ye Xiu: "I've already answered that too? That we'd love to have someone like you to take care of troublemaker kids."

Han Wenqing: ".........."

Ye Xiu: "?"

Han Wenqing: "Sigh....."

Han Wenqing: "Forget it. Let's just go to that restaurant."

Ye Xiu: "Now? Isn't it too early for dinner? I mean, the club is still going on?"

Han Wenqing: "Yes, now, while those guys are busy with their club."

Ye Xiu: "Do you worry that you can't pay for the meal if everyone joins us?"

Ye Xiu: "If that's the case, I can pay for it. I'm your teacher after all."

Ye Xiu: "So, want to wait for everyone first?"

Han Wenqing: "Ye Xiu.... You really are..."

Ye Xiu: "?"