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Weighed Down

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Midoriya has a lot of habits and mannerisms that Shinsou finds to be adorable. His mumbling is equal parts annoying and endearing, and Shinsou likes to watch his boyfriend train after classes. He likes that Midoriya plays with his fingers nervously before finally taking his hand (sometimes he feels bad for not showing mercy and just grabbing his hand instead, but the triumphant look on his face when he builds up the courage to do it is just too heartwarming) and he likes the way he blushes every time Shinsou calls him Freckles.

Most of all, he likes the way Midoriya sneaks glances at him when he wants to be laid on. He’s doing it now; Shinsou can tell from the way his skin pricks every couple of minutes with the feeling of eyes on him. He finishes up his final math problem and sets his homework aside to smile at Midoriya.
“Just ask already,” he says, exasperated.

Midoriya smiles sheepishly and says, “please?”

Shinsou rolls his eyes and pushes Midoriya back against the bed. He settles his weight on top of him, and Midoriya sighs contently.

“Rough day?” Shinsou asks, and Midoriya hums.

“Couldn’t turn my brain off,” he says.

Shinsou rubs his thumb along Midoriya’s cheek sympathetically. His boyfriend leans into the touch, and Shinsou smirks. Midoriya melts under affection; it’s rather cute.

“Human weighted blanket to the rescue,” he teases.

Midoriya’s face scrunches up in confusion.

“What? Is that what those are for?” he asks.

“Yes?” Shinsou says, hesitantly.

Midoriya covers his face with his hands and groans. Shinsou cackles and pulls his hands away.

“You didn’t know ,” Shinsou accuses, and Midoriya whines in embarrassment.

Shinsou laughs so hard he nearly rolls off of him, and Midoriya yanks him back into place.  

“Shut up, ” he says, but he’s laughing too. “I just thought I was weird . Who else do you know that likes to be crushed lovingly?”

Shinsou grins, and Midoriya covers his mouth with a silent warning, because he knows what’s coming.

“Well, you certainly are weird,” Shinsou says, distorted through Midoriya’s hand but still audible enough to make a noise of protest, “but not when it comes to this. It’s an anxiety thing. Deep pressure stimulation - works for people who deal with anxiety and sensory issues.”

Midoriya clicks his tongue and runs an absent-minded hand through Shinsou’s hair.

“Every time I think I’ve finally figured everything about my anxiety out, something else pops up,” he murmurs. “Guess I’ll have to research it… after our nap.”

Shinsou smiles up at him lazily.

“That obvious, Freckles?”

Midoriya blushes at the nickname on cue, but doesn’t back down.

“You look like you haven’t slept in a week,” he says, brutally honest.

Shinsou laughs and settles back onto Midoriya’s chest.

“Something like that.”