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A Smile like Sunshine

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Tom’s eyes narrowed as he watched Harry throw his arms around the stranger - a handsome young man who returned the hug enthusiastically. His fingers twitched, itching for his wand. Harry was talking excitedly, arms waving. The stranger was smiling. Something dark and ugly squirmed its way into his heart and the Dark Lord suppressed a scowl.

“Harry,” he said as he strolled up behind his fiancé, reaching out and pulling him to his side, away from the other wizard. Green eyes peered up at him. “Hello, love,” Harry smiled and it was beautiful. Then he lifted himself onto his toes and pressed a kiss to Tom’s cheek.

The Dark Lord felt the darkness fade, melting away under Harry’s sweet touch. He kept his arm around Harry’s waist, though. It was quite comfortable where it was.

“Won’t you introduce me?” He glanced up at the stranger, who watched him bemusedly.

“Oh! Of course, this is Rolf. Rolf Scamander. Newt’s grandson. He’s going to be my best man. Rolf, meet the Dark Lord!”

“A pleasure,” Tom drawled.

“Likewise,” Rolf eyed him shrewdly.

“I was just telling Rolf that you let me choose a - um, one creature to invite to the wedding,” Harry beamed.

Rolf coughed, lips twitching. “Yes, very generous of you.”

Tom narrowed his eyes as they both glanced up at him, eyes wide and too-innocent. He just knew Harry was planning something...