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A Smile like Sunshine

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“I helped capture Grindelwald once with a swooping evil, you know,” Newt Scamander said a little too casually as they strode down the long pathway between the fields. Lord Voldemort had been kind enough to allow Harry’s mentor to visit, though he might have reconsidered had he known just how irritating the man was.

“Really?” Harry perked up. “You never told me!”

Newt cast a side glance at Tom, hiding his narrowed gaze from Harry. “Yes, back in the states.”

“How fascinating,” Tom managed a smile. Honestly, if Scamander wasn’t Harry’s mentor…

“Would you like to hear the story?” Newt turned, favouring Harry with an indulgent smile. “It’s a story of good versus evil. Perhaps Lord Voldemort would also enjoy it.” His gaze flicked back to the Dark Lord and it was as close to a glare as a smile could be.

He wanted very much to sneer at the mere thought of Newt Scamander standing a chance against him, the greatest Dark Lord to rule Britain.

But then Harry turned his wide, happy eyes towards Tom. “Oh! My Lord, what do you think?” 

And really, what could Tom say other than - 

“I would be delighted to hear the tale,” his smile was strained and full of teeth.

Newt smirked.

Tom hid a scowl.

But Harry was beaming at him, so really, that was all that mattered.